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5 Things That Make A Leo Man Obsess Over You

If you can’t get a Leo man off of your mind and want to have a permanent spot on his mind too, it can be hard to know where to start! 

Luckily, it just takes a little time and a little Astrological know-how! I’ve got five killer tips that will make the Leo man totally obsessed with you in every way! Keep reading to find out how you can stay on the Leo man’s mind as much as he’s on yours.

5 Things That Make A Leo Man Obsess Over You

1. Popularity

Leo Man Obsessed Over You

This one is pretty obvious if you know anything about Leos! Not only are Leos more likely to be popular themselves, but they are totally fixated on those that are already popular. Listen to a Leo talk and you’ll notice the number of times they namedrop celebrities in regular conversation! 

Leos can’t look away when someone popular and charismatic walks into the room! They’re like a kitten staring at a Christmas bulb. They see this person in a bright light, and they basically can do no wrong in the eyes of the Leo. 

How do you portray popularity you ask? Walk tall, make eye contact, make power moves, and don’t take no for an answer. When you walk into a room, just go in knowing that all eyes are on you and they will be! Anything to portray that air of confidence is going to at least make people believe you are well liked. 

The Leo very much wants to be that ray of sunshine that everyone flocks to, so when you act like you already are that, they’ll be chomping at the bit to get a piece of that energy. By associating with popular people (aka: you!) part of them believes that this reflects on their character too. 

2. Flexing!

The Leo is all about big, grand displays and compliments. This is why you can often find him casually referencing all of his achievements and everything he does that’s mildly interesting! He thinks that every tv show he watches is the best one and that every song he saves to his playlists are all pure gold.

Leo won’t pay much attention to you unless you have a similar energy. In his mind, why would anyone hide their accomplishments? If you’re not flaunting your achievements then you must not have any! 

So, this is one sign you can be a little cocky around. Go ahead, tell him about how you were a student ambassador to Australia, or the time you won first place in the chili cookoff, or your amazing makeup skills. He’ll be impressed and he’ll wonder why he didn’t know about all of this before! 

You may find him treating you a little different after you start telling him everything you’ve done. He’ll realize that you’re talented and that you have something to offer. He’ll soften up a little and he might become a tiny bit obsessed with you. After all, greatness recognizes greatness, right?

3. Feeding Him Compliments

Feeding a Leo Man With Compliments

Speaking of greatness recognizing greatness… recognize his greatness! A Leo’s main goal in life is to go down as someone that everyone around him appreciated. He’s totally the type of person who fantasizes about going to his own funeral as a ghost to see what others have to say about him! However, I think acknowledging his pros when he’s alive will get you farther in his eyes! 

He’s never going to reject a compliment and he could eat them up all day. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the Sun is our ego. When he gets compliments, it gasses up his self-perception. You build his self-esteem when you talk him up because he takes what you have to say to heart. 

If you want some bonus points when complimenting a Leo, recognize him in front of other people! If you work with him, tell him in front of others what you appreciate about him and how well he does at his job. This is going to feed his ego and make him crave more of those sweet, sweet compliments! 

4. Playing Hard to Get

If you want to make a Leo man totally obsessed with you, it’s important to not give him what he wants right away. Be a little coy by playing hot and cold with him! 

Leos are associated with the fifth house of romance and games. He’s going to be most in his element when he’s challenged but never beaten. He’ll feel alive when he’s got a flirtationship on the horizon and he’s having fun playing the game of love with her!

Leo men are fire signs, so they do enjoy a challenge. However, they don’t want to admit defeat either! So, if you really like the guy then don’t give him everything that he wants right up front. Act like you could give or take him for a while, but pepper in just enough bait that he won’t quit pursuing you! 

This is my ultimate tip to never get off the mind of the Leo. He might even find himself frustrated with you for a while, but being on his mind at all is better than not at all! Besides, once you start teasing him more, he is going to turn that frustration into passion very quickly! 

Don’t be afraid to push his buttons a little by acting like you don’t want him. NOTHING will put you deeper under his skin than that. But once you’re under his skin and on his mind, this is exactly the time to turn on the charm and give him a little more of what he wants. This is a powerful tool, so use it wisely!

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5. Embracing You Inner Party Animal

A Leo won’t be able to last long with the type of girl who stays in every Saturday night reading. He’ll totally brag about his smart girlfriend when he’s out at the club, but he’ll be wishing you were there to show off yourself instead!

He cares deeply about what others think, so he’s going to want to bring you to any event that’s full of people with peepers to see you with. If a Leo is dating you then he definitely thinks you’ve got a hot bod (he’s too vain to be with someone he doesn’t think it attractive beyond belief). So, flaunt what your momma gave you because your Leo man wants to put you on display for all to see!

It’s not only about being seen with you though. He wants to have fun with you and his idea of fun is a party or a social gathering. Make it a priority to go out, be seen, and have fun with your Leo man. He’ll appreciate you being around for him and he’ll have his eyes on you and only you in a sea of other girls – and I know you want to experience that feeling! 

Are you dating a Leo guy? What do you do that makes him totally obsessed with you? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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