Leo Man Likes And Dislikes — What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So what does a Leo man want in a woman? What does a Leo man want in a relationship? Discover now what are Leo man likes and dislikes in a woman.

Leo man likes and dislikes can be impossible to follow. One minute a Leo man is acting hot, and the next minute a Leo man is acting cold. So what does a Leo man want in a woman? What does a Leo man want in a relationship? What kind of women do Leo men like?

If you’re curious to find out what a Leo man looks for in a woman, and what his needs and likes and dislikes are. Then continue reading to find out more! I am sure you’ll find this information extremely valuable!

Hello, my lovely ladies! You’ve got your eye on a Leo man? Well, I am not surprised. These passionate, and ferocious creatures have a way of making women fall for them in the most spectacular way.

Nothing about them is ordinary, these guys stand out from the crowd and they love it! A Leo man has to be in the spotlight, he craves admiration and attention from others, but especially from the ladies. This guy is romantic like no other, but he also has some impossible standards.

Please keep in mind that Leo men have a very specific love language that makes them pretty atypical to other males of the zodiac. If you’re ready to master his Love language and make him attracted to you like never before, make sure you get my Leo Love Language guide.

However, in this article, you’ll discover plenty of important things you need to know about your Leo man likes and dislikes in women and in relationships. So, let’s start!

Leo Man Likes And Dislikes — Basics

A Leo man likes beautiful and interesting people. He wants his crowd to make him look extra good. He’s definitely a guy who cares about appearances and knows the value of looking good.

He can be a bit of a snob and shallow in this way, but it is just who he is. He needs to find the people in his life attractive or interesting in general. He also values honesty and integrity. A Leo man likes it when a woman acts from the heart and wears it on his sleeve.

One very important thing a Leo man really dislikes is being ignored. He cannot stand it when someone gives him the cold shoulder. It really makes him feel quite uncomfortable and even angry at times.

He’s also a bit of an independent guy and really dislikes it when a woman tries to control him and tell him what to do. He wants to be the leader and feel like he is the one calling all of the shots.

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What Does A Leo Man Like In A Woman — A List Of Traits That Make Him Weak In The Knees

A Leo man has very high standards and knows exactly what he is looking for in a woman. He won’t back down until he finds the woman who can tick all of his boxes.

Curious to see what these traits are? Then continue reading and find out what a Leo man likes in a woman.

1. A Woman With Passion And Vigor

The Leo man himself is a real go-getter. He is driven to find success and make his way in the world. He wants notoriety with what he is good at and therefore will do everything in his power to achieve the success he wants.

That being said, he wants a woman who equals this type of passionate aggression when it comes to going after her goals and desires. He wants a woman who is putting forth effort in achieving her dreams.

The last thing he wants is a woman who is all talk but never does anything. He isn’t into the lounge lizard type or the couch surfer. Leo wants a woman who is active and who will be active in life with him.

He wants to feel the love for life pouring from his partner’s pores. The more passion she has about her life, the more he wants to be part of it. Leo man wants to share this feeling.

He likely isn’t into sharing the spotlight so he’ll probably want a woman who has a different type of career or goal than he does. It’s better for him to have his own thing while she has hers.

2. A Woman Who Makes Effort With Her Appearance

Leo man will always try to look his best so that he stands out in a crowd without even talking. Though when he does talk, he knows that everyone will be on pins and needles listening to him.

He is looking for a woman who also stands out a bit. Leo man doesn’t need a woman who looks and dresses like everyone else. Leo does like the latest fads and fashions but he wants a uniquely dressed woman.

I’m not saying you should wear a clown suit mind you. I’m just saying that I get something that looks really snazzy but a room full of other women isn’t wearing something similar.

Find something that is sexy but not overplayed. If you have your own unique style that catches men’s eyes, go with that! He’ll dig the effort you put in, especially if you design and sew your own clothing!

Make sure your hair is nice and neat looking like you just came out of a salon if possible. Having your make-up on point will be a real winner in his eyes as well. Looking like you stepped out of a fashion magazine will turn him on.

Leo men like to show their women off and so you’ll need to look as good as you can since he’s going to parade you around. He’s proud and wants others to covet what is his.

3. Leo Man Likes A Woman Who Is Loyal And Honest

Of course, Leo man is going to want a woman he can depend on. He wants to know that he never has to worry about you carrying on with another man, or woman for that matter.

He is the possessive and jealous type so it will be best to not do things that would ordinarily make him suspicious. If you have male friends, bring them around your guy so that he can get to know them.

Don’t ever go out with your guy friends alone or without him because then he will surely think things that he shouldn’t or doesn’t really have a reason to. Prove to him that you can be trusted.

Let him know where you’re going, when you’ll be back, and who you’ll be out with. If he happens to show up one night to check on you, don’t act surprised. Once he sees you’re where you said you would be, he’ll feel better about it.

Always be truthful with him. If you lie to him, he’ll figure it out and there will be consequences to this. If he ever feels he cannot trust you, he will either ignore you for a while or he’ll move on with someone else very quickly.

4. A Woman Who Enjoys Physical Intimacy

Leo men are very physical guys and like to have lots of sex. He needs a woman that can keep up with his desires and libido. He also wants lots of love and affection physically.

Kiss him a lot, hug him a lot, cuddle with him, and show him how much you cherish his presence. Show him appreciation for things he does for you by wrapping your arms around him and telling him how amazing he is.

Ultimately Leo man wants a woman who is beautiful, charismatic, driven, sexy, social, and will always show him how much she loves him. He wants to find his queen that will be at his side for always.

What A Leo Man Dislikes In A Woman? 5 Things He Doesn’t Tolerate In A Woman

Ever wondered what some red flags are for a Leo man? The things he cannot stand when a woman behaves in these ways? Keen to find out what a Leo man really doesn’t tolerate in a woman? Then keep on reading:

1. A Woman Who Is Controlling

A Leo man is a natural-born leader. He likes to have the last say and can be rather stubborn in that way. It just makes him feel super masculine being able to call the shots. It gives him a sense of power.

This is why he simply cannot stand a woman who tries to be controlling or tries to overpower him in any way. He hates the feeling of being emasculated or that you are wearing pants in the relationship.

A Leo man wants to be able to serve his Queen by being a King. He wants to be the decision maker and the one who can provide for you. So if you’re a little competitive and quite ambitious, you might want to reign this in just so that your Leo man doesn’t feel like he is losing control.

2. Leo Man Dislikes A Woman Who Plays Games

A Leo man takes love and relationships quite seriously. His romantic life is very important to him and when he is interested in a woman, he wants to be direct and clear about it. This is why he hates playing games and cannot stand when a woman plays games with him.

He wants to be with someone who can be mature, honest, and clear with what she wants from him. He doesn’t want to be manipulated into loving her. He especially hates it when she uses other men to make him feel jealous.

A Leo man wants to be able to be with a woman who can just be herself and doesn’t need to resort to all kinds of tactics to get him to like her. He can smell this behavior a mile away.

3. A Woman Who Ignores Him

A Leo man needs a lot of attention and admiration to really feel loved. And this is why it tends to hurt so much when he is with a woman who choses to ignore him when things go badly in the relationship or when she is trying to get him to do what she wants.

Nothing hurts more to a Leo man than being ignored. It makes him feel crazy and insane. It usually triggers deep feelings of insecurity within him, and a Leo man has quite a big ego, so feeling insecure can be very painful to him.

A Leo man will only think you are childish and immature if you ignore him, and if this is a behavior you resort to when the going gets tough. Ignoring a Leo man will only end up hurting you more because he is likely to leave you if you do this repeatedly.

4. A Woman Who Is Weak And Dishonest

A Leo man has a lot of integrity. He is one of the most faithful signs in the Zodiac, and cannot understand liars and cheaters at all. This is something he refuses to tolerate in his relationships.

Lying and cheating should be no-go in any relationship of course, but this is especially important to a Leo man. He wants to know that he can trust the person he is with. He needs to have absolute faith in her.

Cheating will not be tolerated by a Leo man. There will be no second chances if you mess this one up. He’ll never be able to trust you again, and trust is so important for a Leo.

5. Closed-Minded Personalities

Leo men are incredibly brave and courageous. These guys will always meet a challenge head-on. They can be very adventurous and love to experience different things, and they especially like to do this with a partner.

A Leo man will not be able to be with a woman who is closed-minded and not open to new things. This will irritate him greatly as he loves new experiences and wants to share this with his woman.

He needs to be with someone who has an open mind and isn’t afraid of taking a chance. Take a page out of your Leo man’s book and try to be more bold and more courageous.

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What A Leo Man Secretly Looks For In A Woman

A Leo man loves to love and romance, but he isn’t the type to just settle. He has very high standards he is looking out for in the one. This is a man who knows he deserves the best of the best in life. He wants to come out on top in everything, and won’t settle for anything less, and this includes his relationships.

A Leo man will never say no to a fling or a relationship with a woman he finds attractive, but this doesn’t always mean a Leo man is going to settle down with her. The woman an Leo man is going to marry has to be exquisite. She needs to fit into his life perfectly.

A woman a Leo man will gladly marry is someone who ticks all of his boxes. She needs to be attractive, ambitious, independent, loving, open, honest, and very loyal. Basically, a Leo man is looking for his Unicorn.

If you need some more tips on how to get a Leo man to marry you, check it out here.

There are many women a Leo man finds attractive and will happily date or sleep with. But when he meets the woman who fulfills all of his needs, he will settle down with her.

This woman needs to stand out from the crowd and leave an impression, but the most important thing is that she is herself. He wants to be with a woman who can comfortably be who is she 100% of the time.

Secretly, he’s hoping for a woman of these traits:

The Full Package

For a Leo man, nothing less than a woman who has it all will do. What I mean by this is a woman who looks gorgeous, is independent, optimistic, and passionate about life.

He wants a woman that will also be eye candy that he can take out for a night on the town. Leo men like to show off what they have and this includes their choice of women.

He needs a woman who is absolutely alright with dressing up and making him feel truly honored and lucky to have you on his arm. He wants other men to find you irresistible but knowing that you’re going home with him.

Ironically, he’s the jealous type. So, if he sees any men trying to talk to you while you’re out with him, he will react. He doesn’t want any men talking to you but he wants them looking so that they know you’re his.

Again, he is sort of old school. He loves to be a man, flaunt what he has, and make darned sure that no one tries to swoop in and take his prizes away from him. He will be this way with you.

Independent Lady

While Leo men can at times be possessive and jealous; he still wants a woman who has her own life. He likes to sometimes spend some time alone. To get this alone time; he’ll need a partner that will have her own activities.

When he starts to get serious about a woman; he’ll often want to spend more and more time with her. This will take away from some of his free time as well as hers. However; if both partners are alright with this; it works out well.

If the two of them are still trying to get to know each other though; he’ll expect that she goes and does her own thing with her own friends while he does his thing with his friends.

Finding his woman sitting around doing nothing will make him question whether or not she’s the right one. Active and doing her own thing is what will turn him on and make him want to be with her.

So if you are typically a recluse and don’t really do a whole lot; Leo may not be the best fit for you. If he has a moon that makes him more of a homebody; it could work out but you’ll need to know what his moon is to know for sure.


The Leo man is very sociable. In fact, he likes to spend a lot of time at functions, parties, meetings, or anything that involves being around other people. He needs a woman that not only understands this but will participate when possible.

If you’re the type of woman that is a bit reclusive, this man may not be the right one for you. He’ll find it disheartening that you don’t want to go out often and be around other people.

He thrives on the energy of crowds which makes him want to be part of it as often as possible. He desires a woman who is not only okay with it but encourages or inspires him to be all that he can be in these situations.

Perhaps if you don’t like going out as much as he does, you can at least find a happy medium and go out with him sometimes, as long as he can agree to stay home with you some nights or spend a quiet evening with just the two of you occasionally.


The Leo man wants a woman who doesn’t tell him everything about her life story up front. He wants to figure her out over time. It’s more exciting and like a game he can play for a while.

The less he knows about a woman from the get-go; the more into it he may be. He’ll take to a woman who can lay on the charm but hide things about herself so that he can work on trying to solve that puzzle over time.

The less he’s told while getting to know a woman; the better. Holding back will make him push forward which could then enrich and build a relationship with him.

A woman can dazzle him with her knowledge of all things that are enigmatic to him. It will be a complete turn-on for him to see a confident woman who knows her stuff talking to him about it.

Draw him in and then keep him guessing. He’ll absolutely take to it like a fish to water thus helping you reel him in.


I cannot stress this enough, ladies: a Leo man needs a woman who will pay him lots of attention and give him even more adoration. He thrives on it and he expects it from any partner he has.

He wants to know he’s appreciated, loved, and needed. Find ways to show him that he’s important to you. Give him small tasks to accomplish for you so that he feels needed and then give him thanks for everything he does for you.

Shower him in love, gifts, compliments, and anything you can that will make him feel like the King he is in your life. This is very important because gifts, compliments and affectionate surprises are his preferrable love language. (I’ve covered more on that topic in my new guide Leo Love Language – ask for the link in the comment section if you want to learn more)

Let him make most of the decisions as far as where to go on dates or what to do.

When he takes you to bed, let him take the lead. Though if you can get him to agree, you can switch up and alternate. This would likely be later on in the relationship to keep things spontaneous and exciting.

As long as you keep the romance alive between you two, you should be able to succeed with him. He is definitely looking for a partner that can do it all. She can work on her own goals, spend time with him, take care of business, and yet find time to be really affectionate with her Leo guy.

The Leo man’s marriage is a big deal and he’s going to want a wife that will make him feel as though he has everything he could ever want in life. She will stay positive always and give him lots of respect as well as loyalty.

Ultimately the Leo man is looking for a sexy lover who is smart, can hold her own, will let him lead, and will always keep the romance brewing.


With the Leo man; he isn’t too much into the humdrum of routine. He will prefer to keep things action-filled and spontaneous. This means he requires a woman who will also be unpredictable.

This unpredictability adds to the mysteriousness that a woman can have. Naturally, since he likes mystery; this is a total turn-on for him. Randomly doing things with him or for him will make him fall head over heels.

He is a bit of a free spirit and will desire a woman who is much like he is. He’s social and outgoing. A woman who closes herself off and wants to stay at home all the time will only drag him down.

Leo man wants a woman full of life, zest, sex appeal, and desire to live life to the fullest. This would be a woman that will randomly go sky diving with him or perhaps rock climbing.

He wants a partner who will get out and go with him anywhere at any time and any place. The more random it is; the more exciting it will be for he and his lady.

If you’re struggling to stay spontaneous with a Leo man, I strongly recommend checking out my 30-day Leo Man Love Challenge… It will set you on the right path with your hot Leo guy. 😉

She Needs To Enjoy Sex

Leo men are very sexual men. They are very physically driven which means that they want to be touching their woman as often as possible. This will include lots of cuddling, sex, and kissing.

If you’ve always wanted a man who will make out with you often; this is the guy. He loves touching a woman’s face and paying attention to her delicate yet sexy features.

He will often be very frisky and will want to be intimate. He’s looking for a partner that will be just as turned on as he is much of the time. This is another one of his “activities” that makes him feel happy.

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Fulfillment for a Leo man is to have a woman who will be active with him in all ways, maintain her independence but know when to spend time with him, and to be deliciously mysterious.

What Does A Leo Man Look For In A Relationship?

Dating a Leo man is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have as a woman. These guys are so romantic and love to be in a relationship. They’re the kind of guys who love making a woman feel special and adored.

However, Leo men have very high standards and it isn’t the easiest thing to make a Leo man commit to you. He needs all of his boxes ticked to be sure that he is settling down with the perfect woman for him.

So, what does a Leo man want in a relationship? What does a Leo man expect from a woman? These are all questions that might be going through your head when you have your eye on one of these special guys.

If you’re looking for the answer on how to make a Leo man commit to you, then I would suggest you keep on reading to find out all the secrets of what a Leo man needs in a relationship with a woman.

  • Alpha Standards — He wants to be the leader 
  • Loyalty & Commitment
  • Loving Affection

Alpha Standards — He Wants To Be The Leader

The Leo man is a lion and therefore, wants to be the head of the pack. So, what does a Leo man need from a woman in a relationship? He wants to take the lead in any relationship he’s in, and he desires to be the one at the head of the table.

Knowing this, he wants a woman who will be at his side. While he is looking for someone who is his equal, he still wants to be a little bit more in control. It makes him feel as though he’s being a real man to his lady love.

If you’re trying to form a bond or an even deeper relationship with a Leo man, as long as you understand that he wants to be the head of the relationship, then you may find success.

Though you may have some good ideas, you’ll have to suggest them to him in a way that he’ll think it’s his idea and that he’ll implement it. If you try to go over his head and do things, he will become upset.

It may vary, but most Leo men want to be the ones making the bigger salary. Again, it’s a being a man thing. Even if he only makes $1k more than you, it’s still more than you and that makes him feel better.

He doesn’t want to be better than you but he wants to be your man. This is the type of guy that is a bit like a caveman in his primitive urges. In his mind, he’s the ruler of the roost.

He Wants Loyalty And Commitment

Even when you’re only dating the Leo man and not yet serious, he will demand that you are loyal to him. Basically, you have to commit to him whether or not he’s committed to you.

It’s a double standard yes. He wants to know you’re all his and that no one else can have you or spend time with you. He can get jealous even with your friends so be careful.

His idea is that you’re all his even if he hasn’t told you that he’s all yours. He may still flirt with other ladies or even entertain the idea of someone else having the possibility of being the one for him.

You’ll need to ask him for exclusivity if that’s what you seek. If you do not, he may not give you what you want. Be forward and upfront with him. He needs to know you mean business and you’ll be all his if he’s all yours.

When there is no misunderstanding, a strong foundation can be built. He definitely needs to know and feel that you are loyal to him and that your heart is totally committed to his.

Feeling this confidence will help him to feel certain that the relationship is solid and has the capability to become more such as marriage or even living together for the future.

Wondering how to make a Leo man chase you? Check out my recent blogpost and get him hooked in no time!

Loving Affection

With the Leo man, he really loves to get out there and show the world who he is, what he can offer, and if he has a partner; show her off too. He will especially do this when he dates because he likes being a bit flamboyant.

When you are dating a Leo man, you’re going to want to show him lots of affection and adoration as I’ve mentioned in previous articles. He is an attention sponge and has to have someone who will supply him with plenty.

That being said, you’ll also need to be alright with going out quite often with your Leo guy. While you are out, you will want to show your affection for him, yes in public.

He wants everyone to know you’re his date or his lady. To make him feel good about being with you, you will want to grab his hand, maybe give him a nice smooch, or grope his bottom.

Being frisky with him in public will turn him on and make him feel like you really care about him. I know it sounds odd but this really does work. He loves doing things like this in front of other people. It makes him feel good about himself.

Leo man’s self-esteem is built on how other people see him and how they respond to him. He wants as much attention and focus as he can get from other people.

If he gets a new fancy watch, he shows it to everyone. His desire is that they’ll tell him how spectacular it is or indicate how awesome he is to be able to get such a watch.

Yes, it can seem rather shallow for sure but if you want to date a Leo man, you’ve got to accept this about him. He wants a woman that will be eye candy for other men but prove that you’re only his.

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The Type Of Woman A Leo Man Would Die For

What exactly is the Leo man looking for when he’s ready to date someone? What types of qualities attract him to be more than just friends?

If you’re trying to pin down a Leo guy that you’re interested in, here are some tips that let you know what kind of woman Leo man likes.

Beauty Inside And Outside

The Leo man typically gravitates to women who are gorgeous, take care of themselves, always looks her best, does her best, and is very intelligent. He wants a woman who can keep up with him and be his partner in life.

Leo men like women who carry themselves well and don’t allow anyone to treat them less than the goddesses that they are. She has confidence, does well at everything she tries, and keeps herself busy.

When I say look beautiful or gorgeous, I mean that you should look your very best. Make sure your hair is tidy, your makeup doesn’t look trashy, and that you have self-confidence.

He isn’t the one for women who look fake, wear too much makeup, or dress like they’re going nightclubbing when they’re going out to be active outdoors. She should always know the appropriate attire for the occasion.

Leo men love to go out and they certainly love having a woman that will complement him. He loves to show off and show off the sexy lady on his arm. He’s very social and if you’re not, you may not match with him.

You’ve got to be the type of woman that will always dress for the occasion knowing that he’s going to want to go out and have a good time. Be up for spontaneity and create a bit of it for yourself as well.

A Woman With Sexual Appeal

Leo men are sexual guys. They will definitely be looking for a woman that naturally oozes sexuality. I’m not talking about dressing up like a hooker to impress him, though.

I’m talking about keeping it classy but looking sexy. It will appeal to his manly side and draw him in for possibly getting to know you a bit better. Wearing something very sexy but classy will get his attention.

He wants to see some healthy legs and cleavage. He IS a guy after all and what guy doesn’t want to see a woman looking alluring in what she’s wearing? So if you’re going to meet him in a social setting such as a local club or bar, sex it up.

Graceful And Elegant

A Leo man can knows that he is a king. He is royalty. This is the type of guy who wants the best out of life and knows exactly what he deserves when it comes to work, play, and especially women.

A Leo man knows that he is a catch and that any woman who gets to be with him is incredibly lucky. This is why a Leo man will always be most attracted to women who are graceful and elegant.

There needs to be something really special about her. When she enters the room she needs to make heads turn. There is nothing that excites a Leo man more than being with a woman other people can’t stop staring at. This really boosts his confidence.

However, this isn’t all about looks, it is about the energy and the aura she carries with her that needs to stand out. A Leo man will find absolutely any woman attractive, short, tall, slim, curvy, blonde, or brunette.

It is her confidence that is the most important thing to him. He needs to know that she loves herself, because when she loves herself she can fully love him! He wants to be with someone who knows how to respect herself above everything.

The Leo man wants a woman who will be all about him yet still maintain her own self image. He wants her to be independent and able to handle her own life including finances.

He wants her to be strong, beautiful, and all for him. He wants her to be outgoing, social, and go out with him often. He does have high demands but if you really care for a Leo man, you won’t mind being this way.

Always be yourself, always tell the truth, and don’t be afraid to tell him if you disagree with him. Don’t let him walk on you or tell you what to do. He won’t respect you if you don’t stand up for yourself.

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8 thoughts on “Leo Man Likes And Dislikes — What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman?

  1. Great article. I don’t have to worry about how to attract my Leo man. He broke up with me nearly four weeks ago. He said he didn’t feel the same love for me as I did for him. He also said we weren’t compatible. I know wha5 I did wrong. Overthinking, anxiety, low self esteem, confidence .

    1. Hi Deb!

      I am so very sorry to hear your Leo guy broke it off. He must have noticed the difference and feelings and didn’t want to string you along. Leo does tend to know fairly quickly whether or not someone is right for them and want to move on fast. Try to work on yourself and find someone who is better matched for you. You can do this!

  2. I always attract Leo men.. now I’m on my fourth Leo man the 2nd and the 3rd one are still there for me… they can’t let go of me… I handle Leo men so perfectly lol it’s funny but true.. The secret to this men is give them their freedom don’t be too clingy they always come back. Both my 2nd and 3rd Leo men told me that they will not let go of me no matter what happens lol and they’re really true about these words.. Don’t ask them too many questions let them tell you anything and everything cause they’re fairly honest.. they want someone who is quiet and if you open your mouth be sure that you’re only talking about important things.. I am not very judgmental maybe that’s why they hang on me longer that expected.. I am Pisces by the way with Aries moon.. I don’t understand too but I attract these men so much and they keep me longer in their lives even though I know they’re flirts and see other women.. but still they stick with me.. I guess they feel comfortable with me and they don’t feel judged.. these men just let them be and they will treasure you.. they are honest, generous and very romantic and very sweet.. it’s hard to let them go too.. ☺️

    1. Hi Anne!

      There must be something in your chart that makes you be so attracted to Leo men. Perhaps your Mars is Leo or your 4th or 7th house is ruled by Leo. There is even that chance that you are supposed to learn a lesson from Leo somehow this lifetime. It might be worth it to have your chart looked at sometime. It would clue you in on what is going on. If you need more help, read my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  3. Hi Anne – I’m also very social, outgoing and have a big heart just like a Leo. I deal with men on a professional level. I was loyal, open and honest. I also high standards for myself. I do believe in full honesty. I was totally committed and would never lie and cheat. Someone told him that I lied when I didn’t. He wouldn’t say what he was talking about and thought I lie. I finally explained I forget and I don’t lie. Then he tried to get manipulative. I knew I had reached his dark side. He wanted me to communicate with him but he won’t communicate ? At that point I knew what he was gonna do. I understood his perspective because I also don’t like lying and cheating. The issue is that they don’t communicate and boom you’re out. He doesn’t like disrespect but he became disrespectful ? I immediately forgave him for his bad behavior and knew that wasn’t him.

  4. This article is spot on about a Leo man. I’ve been dating one for 2 years but we were best-friends 5 years before we started dating. I’m a Pisces ♓️ sun but Gemini moon. He tells me all the time that I’m his perfect match because I’m classy, elegant, intelligent, independent and strong. He also likes to show me off to all his friends and to the public. It finds it’s nice when men try to come and hit on me and I’m like I’m taken. But I will say this relationship can be tiring but thrilling at the same time. He is very moody somedays and is very hot and cold. But I’ve learned when to step back and give space and when to be there holding him when he falls.

  5. I think a lot of what a Leo man looks for in a woman is similar to what a Virgo woman looks for in a man. They both want someone who is intelligent, kind, and reliable.

    1. Dear Techylist,

      Virgo doesn’t find it necessary to be quite as social as the Leo man does. She’d rather do things alone with him that with a crowd. He’s alright with that to an extent but at some point, he wants to be around the crowd.
      Communication may be something that they’re able to easily implement but unless they’re willing to compromise, there may not be much else that can hold them together, so this is a challenging match after all, but things could work well with compatible Moon signs.
      Sending Love.

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