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Leo Man Acting Distant – What Could Be Wrong?

Is your Leo man suddenly very quiet, unresponsive to your advances, or just downright out of it? Why would a Leo man abruptly go silent? Here are some possibilities he may not be talking or sharing with you. Continue reading and find out why is your Leo man acting distant.

Bad Day or Week Maybe

If the Leo guy is having a hard time dealing with something going on in his life, he’ll often go quiet. He doesn’t want to go off the rails on a tirade. If he isn’t too close to you, he’s not going to want to open up to you about it.

Only when a Leo feels he can absolutely trust in his partner will he open up and discuss what is going on and why he’s having a hard time. He would want anyone to see him as weak or unable to handle things.

He certainly wouldn’t want a lady he’s interested in to think he can’t handle a bad day so he’ll just go quiet and try to work things out on his own. This can sometimes mean ignoring texts or calls.

If it’s only hours or days, try not to take it too personally. He needs a little space here and there to take care of his own issues. It’s a very normal thing and likely if it’s not you that’s the problem, he’ll end up letting you know when he is ready.

Sometimes he can be dealing with some crappy work situations that he just doesn’t want to discuss. He may also have family problems and doesn’t want to open up about it because he’s not that serious with you yet.

Remember that only when you’re in a committed relationship with him will he be alright with discussing family matters. Then again, he may not want to burden you with it either. So just cut him a little slack if he’s suddenly “out of sorts”.

He will talk to you when or if he’s ready and you shouldn’t worry about it. Only when it becomes longer periods and he’s not talking to you should you consider worrying about it being something relative to you. So, don’t worry if a Leo man is acting distant right away. Be patient.

He May Not Be “Feeling It” Anymore

Young couple quarreling outdoors - Leo Man Acting Distant

When he’s not feeling what he wants excitement wise with someone anymore, he’ll sometimes withdraw to think it over. He needs to decide if he’s willing to try to make it work or if he wants to just move on.

Leo men are very notorious for moving on and finding other sources of excitement. Some will actually cheat because they aren’t yet ready to let go of their partner but they’re seeking out what they feel they’re missing.

If the excitement or newness fades for him, he may find himself questioning if this is the relationship for him. This is actually not uncommon. The woman he will stay with and be loyal to will be the one that gives him a steady stream of what he wants.

It does seem rather shallow but unless a Leo man is 100% committed to you, there is that off chance that his silence may be because he’s thinking of moving on or he has already but without letting you know.

If you feel this could be the case, you’ll need to just go ahead and ask him so you can get closure you need to move on yourself. Otherwise you’ll torture yourself wondering if you did something wrong. You don’t deserve that.

Get your answers and then go ahead about your own life if he doesn’t feel the relationship is worth it anymore. There is no need to lower your standards to be what he desires.

His Feelings Are Hurt, His Pride is Wounded

Whether it was you or someone else, the Leo guy could be withdrawing because he took a hit to his ego or pride. This would mean someone told him he’s not all that or that he’s not as good as he thinks he is.

This may have been you in an argument or it may have been someone else that he thought he could rely on. When the Leo’s pride is tampered with, he will pull back and will retreat.

If it was you who wounded him, you’re going to have to apologize and tell him that you still care deeply for him. This will work if you didn’t really mean it. If you tell him that with insincerity though, he’ll read you like a book and he’ll break it off.

In the case that it was someone else who wounded him, you can work your magic by building him back up. Tell him that person doesn’t know what they’re talking about and that he’s a wonderful man.

Tell him and show him how much you appreciate his worth. He’ll pick himself back up off the floor and get back to his normal self. It’s easier when it’s other people because he trusts you more.

He Wants Out

Portrait of young woman and man outdoor on street having relationship problems - Leo Man Acting Distant

If the Leo man sees that things are not going to work out with you the way he thought they would or hoped they would, he will become icy and pull back. It’s his way of letting you know what is on the way.

In fact, he will normally just go ahead and call it off if he knows for sure that you’re not what he’s looking for. Take him at face value if he says this to you because he’s being truthful.

Can you show him that he’s wrong? You can try via luring him back with compliments but if he still feels a void somehow, there may be nothing you can to do change that.

Ultimately when your Leo guy goes silent, give him some time first. Let him sort his feelings out. It may be nothing to do with you and he’ll talk when he’s ready. If it does have something to do with you, he’ll let you know or he’ll stop talking altogether.

Watch for the signs and do your best to be supportive. If he’s done, it may be time to move on.

For those of you that aren’t sure why is a Leo man acting distant, I recommend my new book called Leo Man Secrets. Click here and find out everything about you special Leo man.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

7 thoughts on “Leo Man Acting Distant – What Could Be Wrong?

  1. Libralove813
    I am so confused by this Leo Sun/Libra Moon guy. Took 2 months of us texting for him to finally ask me out. He has 2 jobs so work takes up his life 6 days of the week. Usually he gets home around 7p-8p.
    We had fun text conversations. Then when we hung out first time it was great conversation for 3hrs. No pressure. He likes to ask a lot of relationship type questions and wants to build a relationship off of a solid friendship…
    He says he needs a lot of attention and affection so I give it and he’s surprised bc women he’s dated waits for him and he doesn’t like that… I give attention but he doesn’t seem affected. I told him and he says that’s the farthest from the truth. He says I’m special to him and something about me scares him/makes him nervous…

    Well last Wed we end up sleeping together. I text him Thurs about nice time I had he thanked me and said he’d respond later bc he was slammed at work. He didn’t get to it. Friday he sends me good morning gif and we exchange a couple of texts but not the usual banter and laughs we do. He also says he’s never been late to work and he had been late every drop last week (I hung out with him 2x).

    So Fri sat I give him space to work and rest and don’t text him, he doesn’t text either. Sun nothing from him so I send txt just saying thinking about you hope you are well. He says everything is everything..wth… and hope I had a good weekend. Today I heard nothing. I text him and he responded and we chatted a little. I told him I missed chatting with him and he “loved” my comment but that’s it and he told me goodnight beautiful. He used to text me good morning but not lately. He responds but doesn’t initiate.
    What’s up with him? Should I give him attention or space?

    1. Hi Libra Love!

      It sounds like his Libra moon has a huge influence on his ability to date. Indecisive and taking a longer time than more Leo men would. Yes, starting with friendship is something important for him. It also sounds like he’s a bit overwhelmed due to his busy schedule which depletes his energy or willpower to hang out. I’d ask him flat out what is going on. Tell him how you feel about this when it happens and that it’s confusing you as to where you two stand. Tell him you don’t mind taking it slow but it would be really nice to hear from him a bit more than just short handed responses. Don’t be afraid to open up!

  2. My name is Laquisha I been with leo man for a year his mom became sick and was told she had breast cancer ok he always use to talk about his mom saying he got a feeling she not going live long he stays in t j.g e house with his mom and dad a week ago he just stop texting me calling me and coming see me I ask him did I do anything wrong he said no so I ask wats wrong I even ask is there someone else he says no and he tied of me accusing him he says he been worrying about his mom I love him so much I been in tears cause I have to reach out to him blow his phone up to get him to respond he says he going come see me never does he use to talk about sex alot know he dont what should I do I dont want to think negative wat should I do he says we still together he still love and miss me but action show different

    1. Hi Laquisha!

      I think he’s having a hard time dealing with other things in his life. The mother having cancer definitely puts a damper on his life I’m sure. He’s not himself right now due to everything and is likely why he’s being the way he is. He needs your support and loyalty so try not to accuse him of anything. Tell him you’re there for him if he wants to talk as you still care for him. Tell him you’d like to hear a least a little more from him but you understand that he needs a bit of space to work through his current life circumstances. That should prove to him that you’re there for him and that you care. Hope this helps!

  3. My boyfriend is a leo and was not in a relationship with anyone for over 8yrs, he is a rare breed leo i suppose, he is 42yrs old and i am 37yrs old.. He is good looking and very charming, he just is not at all like any leo i’ve known over the years and nothing like leo’s i’ve dated and been with in the past.. He likes being alone and has a fervent passion for music and film, especially jazz and north african music and films from the time periods (1930-1990), he is nothing like any man i’ve ever met, kind, charming, his family is very close to one another and he doesn’t have any children and was never married which i find hard to believe, cause he is so great with children, especially his niece and nephew who are both 10 and 11, who he babysits for his sister, when they are away quite often, he works from home 75% of the time and is a Sound Designer for film and tv. He is Always giving whenever he has extra money or even when he has no money to give, and lives by the motto of less is more when it comes to material possessions. He was born in canada, maybe that is why is so different from any man i’ve ever dated, i was suspicious he was hiding his true nature but after 2yrs i’ve found nothing, he does not hide anything from me and is open when i ask questions about his past.

    I would suggest anyone who is with a leo to understand that all attributes to Leo’s and most signs can be completely wrong in suspicions, get to know your leo better and do not judge them without knowing the facts about everything, if they are not communicative, then try and find out why, my leo loves to communicate whether happy or in despair, he stresses to me all the time, be honest and do not lie to me, he says the truth does not hurt me, i like the truth, it cannot burn me or freeze me, its disappointing he tells me when its bad news or hurtful in nature but it hurts him more when i try and change the narration of the truth. Just be honest with your leo and if they act as if they do not want to be pushed, nudge umm a bit.

    Hope this helps all those in love with a leo, my leo is born on july 27th 1977 and i would not give up on a leo when they go silent, they enjoy being alone at times and need to be alone i assume to focus on what they truly enjoy (there work or downtime pleasures), if there partner is not into what they immerse themselves in.

    Good Luck

  4. I’ve been talking to this Leo guy for about a month now. However we have talked in the past on and off for about the last year but we always ended up with different people as in I was in a relationship and whenever the relationship was on rocky terms and we would break up constantly me and him will talk. He moved to a different city for college that was only a couple hours away from our hometown and when he came back for Christmas break we hung out and then stop talking, as usual. However, we started talking again and for the last month it’s been going great. We hung out, he invited me to hang out with his friends, it was all good, actually great. We talked as usual for about a week after, but now it’s becoming dry and not the same as usual. I’m not sure why, everything seemed fine. We were supposed to hang out twice since then, and he’s the one who asked to, but then he has flaked both times. He apologizes, he still texts me goodmorning, but I’m confused as to what happen. I don’t know what to do.

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