7 Surefire Signs A Leo Man Has Lost Interest

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
When a Leo man loses interest, he starts pulling away and doesn’t go out of his way anymore to spend time with you. Here are signs a Leo man has lost interest <<

There are certain signs a Leo man has lost interest in you, but perhaps some of these signs are not always that clear. Although the Leo man is strong and powerful he is also very friendly, and this can make you feel confused and unsure of where you stand with him. 

A Leo man not interested isn’t always the easiest thing to pick up and this is because it is very important for him to be liked. He wants to be popular and have a good reputation and this is why he tends to be friendly with EVERYONE!

Do you fear that your Leo man has lost interest in you? But how can you be sure… Keep on reading to find out 7 surefire signs a Leo man has lost interest in you…

When A Leo Man Loses Interest

When a Leo man doesn’t care anymore it can feel particularly painful… This guy is without a doubt one of the best lovers out there. He is extremely romantic and caring, so when that energy slips away it can sting a lot!

The Leo man is someone who takes things to extremes. There is no middle ground with him, he is an all-or-nothing type of guy. So when he loves you, you definitely know because he put a lot of love and attention on you. 

And when he stops caring, it can feel really heartbreaking because all of that adoration he once invested in you is simply gone! You’ll notice the Leo man inconsistent in his ways. 

He is a fixed sign so he is known to be reliable and dependable and when he isn’t something is going on here that you need to pay attention to. Your Leo man acts interested and then disappears is another one of those red flags that might have you worried. 

These are all very valid points that are important to note when you can feel your Leo man pulling away. But why is this happening? Let’s explore this more!

Why Is My Leo Man Losing Interest — 4 Possible Reasons

He Met Someone Else

The trouble with dating someone as charming and desirable as your Leo man is that he is very popular, especially amongst the ladies. And for him meeting someone new happens quite effortlessly. 

People are drawn to the Leo man for a reason, there is no doubt about it! So, if he meets someone else, this might be the reason why he has lost interest in you. However, you shouldn’t take this personally at all!

If he is so easily distracted by someone else, it is very possible that he wasn’t the right guy for you anyway. Just don’t compare yourself to this other woman as this will only cause you pain!

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You Are Not Letting Him Chase You

The Leo man is one of the more masculine signs of the Zodiac. He is definitely a leader and very much a conqueror. He wants to pursue you and win you over. This is part of the excitement of dating for him. 

However, if you are always available to him and always reaching out to him then you aren’t allowing him to pursue you. You are making things too easy for him and this makes it difficult for him to be attracted to put the effort into winning you over. 

If you have been going hard trying to get him, it is important to take a step back and recognize what you are doing. You need to let your Leo man chase you. He wants to win you over as this is a lot more fun for him than you putting in all the work. Be in your feminine and allow yourself to receive. 

You Are Too Clingy

Leo men love attention and adoration. They love to be admired and desired by others. This makes them feel excited and like they are truly being loved for who they are as a person. 

However, even Leo men need space and if you have been acting too clingy and too keen you could very well be putting him off. You’ll notice that if you take a step back that he might come running back to you. 

It is important that you focus on yourself and your own needs as well. If you make your life about him you are only going to put him off and push him away, be careful of that!

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He Doesn’t Want To Commit

Although a Leo man loves stability, he also loves to have fun and sometimes he just wants to be a single guy and enjoy this freedom. If he isn’t ready to commit, then believe him. 

Give him the space to allow exploration and adventure. If you put pressure on him to commit to you when he doesn’t feel ready, he is going to feel very turned off, and remember how this made him feel. 

Cut your losses and find someone who wants what you want, it is much easier this way!

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7 Obvious Signs A Leo Man Has Lost Interest

How do you know if a Leo man is no longer interested is something you might be wondering? Sometimes the signs aren’t very obvious, so you might mislook them. Here is a list for you to be just sure:

1. You Never See Him Anymore

The Leo man wants to spend time with the woman he’s in love with or is interested in. When he loses interest, he starts pulling away and doesn’t go out of his way anymore to spend time with you.

He will stop calling you, stop answering your texts, and will for sure stop making plans with you. If he does make plans, he’ll flake out and you won’t hear back from him as to why. He just stands you up.

Spending more time away from you is indicative to a Leo man who is losing interest or already has. He will come up with a bunch of different reasons why he cannot hang out with you or go out.

Learn more about the possible reasons why a Leo man pulls away <<

2. Leo Man Acts More Agressively

Some Leo men just act really pissy toward someone they don’t want to be around anymore. If he has lost interest in you but still has to be around you, he’ll act really negative or critical toward you.

He may pick fights with you so he can blame you for having caused his misery. He could come across as a bit narcissistic or tries to gaslight you. That means getting you to fight then telling you that you’re the one who is angry or crazy.

Leo man may make you feel low about yourself so that you have no choice but to let him go when he finally tells you it’s over. He won’t be a nice guy about this at all. If he’s being a jerk, it’s time to walk away from him.

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3. Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter To Him

The Leo man normally cares very much about his woman’s opinion but if he’s lost interest in you, your opinion means nothing to him. He will cut you down or will ignore you when you talk.

He basically acts like you’re bothering him when you talk or want to tell him anything including how your day was. Your thoughts or opinions are irrelevant to him and he’ll show you as much.

Where he once asked you how your day was, he will not only not ask anymore but when you go ahead to tell him, he’ll blow you off. You’ll notice him looking at his phone or doing something else other than looking at you.

4. Leo Man Is Acting More Selfishly

Basically, if he takes better care of himself and others than he does with you, he’s not into you anymore. If he buys himself dinner but doesn’t offer to pick you up anything, he isn’t interested in your needs or desires.

He will make it seem as though his life and his plans are far more important than yours. Everything will be more of a priority than you are. Truly this guy is a real piece of work when it comes to relationships.

He can either be a dream come true or he can be your worst nightmare. He’s your dream guy when he’s still interested in you. When he loses that interest, he acts like you’re a piece of dirt under his shoe.

Whatever he wants becomes an important factor. Your needs mean nothing and he doesn’t show any care or concern. He’ll also take on the stance of “what about me” even when it’s supposed to be about you.

5. Leo Man Never Initiates Contact

Have you noticed that when you hear from your Leo man it is because you’re the one who initiated contact first? If a Leo man never initiates contact anymore it is probably because he has lost interest in you. 

Maybe you’ve been too keen and pursuing him too much so he feels like he has no space to woo you because you have totally taken the fun out of it. If you lean back and stop contacting him first, see what happens. 

If you never hear from him again, then it is probably an important sign you need to pay attention to. Cut your losses and focus on yourself. All the attention you put on him, put on yourself and see what happens.

If you’re in a situation where your Leo man is no longer contacting you and you’re feeling lost and unsure of what to do, I strongly recommend my 30-day Leo Man Love Challenge. This program is designed to give you all the tools you need to bring back the passion and connection in your relationship. Start your journey today!

6. When A Leo Man Cancels Plans

The nice thing about a Leo man you need to remember is that he is pretty sturdy and reliable. You can count on him to keep his word and to show up when he says he will!

However, if you notice your Leo man repeatedly cancels plans or never reschedules after he cancels then it is probably a big sign to consider that he has lost interest, unfortunately!

When a Leo man cancels plans it is often an indication that his interest is waning because this is the type of man who will move mountains to see you. You’re clearly not his priority, unfortunately!

7. Leo Man’s Energy Is Different

A Leo man is a very exciting energy to be around. He is enthusiastic and excitable. Especially when he is having a romantic connection with a woman, he will go above and beyond to please her and give her the fairytale. 

However, if you notice his energy and enthusiasm start to dwindle it is usually a sign that he is losing interest. Is he not making the same kind of effort anymore? Perhaps you have been acting ungrateful and not appreciating the effort he has been putting into you. 

It could also be that he is stressed from work or life circumstances. What you can do is to is to give him some space to figure it out, but if things don’t change, you might have to accept that he has lost interest!

How Long Can A Leo Man Go Without Talking To You?

One thing you have got to admire about a Leo man is that he is incredibly willful and stubborn. When he puts his mind to something, he WILL achieve it, it is one of those things he is naturally good at. 

However, you may notice this say determination and stubbornness when he stonewalls you in communication. If you notice him being very quiet, he can probably continue like this for quite a while… 

He is definitely not going to be the first person to break no contact, so if he’s not talking to you after an argument or disagreement, he will probably wait for you to break the ice. 

He can go very long without talking to you. In this way he is very stubborn, however, this only really happens after a disagreement. He needs to win and will do anything to achieve this.

Leo Man Acts Interested Then Disappears — What Should You Do?

When a Leo man acts interested and then disappears it can be incredibly frustrating and confusing. There might be something you have done to put him off, or there might be some life stuff happening that has him distracted. 

One of the best ways to get his attention again is to show that his behavior doesn’t affect you at all. The thing you need to remember about the Leo man is that he has a very big ego, and if he isn’t getting the attention he is used to getting from you, it can drive him crazy.

He expects you to chase after him, but actually if you just lean back and actually ignore him you are going to drive him crazy. He won’t understand why you aren’t acting the way he expects you to.

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FAQ On Leo Man Losing Interest

What Makes A Leo Man Lose Interest?

A Leo man can lose interest for a variety of reasons. He might realize that the two of you are incompatible, he might meet someone else, or he might just not be that keen on a relationship right now. Try not to take it personally and don’t let it affect your self-esteem!

My Leo Man Is Not Asking Me Out Anymore Should I Be Worried?

If your Leo man is not asking you out anymore, you should definitely be worried. This means that you might not be that much of a priority to him anymore. Is this a conversation you can have with him?

It is possible that you might have hurt his ego in some way and this is the reason why he is acting so funny suddenly. See if you can figure things out with him and if there is something you can do to improve your relationship with him. 

If he isn’t willing to speak to you about this, then it might be the time to cut your losses and find a man who is willing to work through things with you. 

Leo Man Not Responding To Calls — Is He Losing Interest Or Just Busy?

The Leo man has quite a busy life, so it would make sense that he wouldn’t always be available when you are looking for him. However, if you notice that he is stonewalling you or not getting back to you for days, something might be up. 

It might be that he is losing interest in you and instead of being honest, he is avoiding you unfortunately. Stop reaching out for a few days and see what happens. 

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41 thoughts on “7 Surefire Signs A Leo Man Has Lost Interest

  1. My leo man tells me often he loves me but will miss days calling and texting me… I’ve broken up with him a few times but he reels me in with how much he loves me and I belong to him… I’m a Virgo and very straightforward with my feelings and intent… I just can’t seem to get my leo man to respond to my calls or texts as often as I’d like… I like need and respect space too but damn… He’ll go almost 30 days without talking to me if I let him but then I’ll make 1st contact and he’ll be all ears… He says he loves me… This doesn’t seem like love… Do I believe him? Or nah?

    1. Hi Anonymous!

      I think you need to be the honest Virgo that you are and tell him you need more than what you’re getting from him. Tell him it makes you feel that he doesn’t want a relationship with you when he goes spans of time without talking to you. He may love you but if he cannot give you what you ask for then you have to ask yourself if he’s really worth it or not. I hope this helps!

  2. I have exactly the same problem as you. We’ve seen each other 5 times but apart from planning dates, he doesn’t text first. I think he text me once before I went on holiday but apart from that… makes me feel anxious. First time I’ve dated a Leo and never had a guy not texting like this.

    1. Hi Chi!

      It sounds like your guy may not be as into it as you are. If he’s going that long without texting you first and acting like he’s really interested then he’s not yet convinced and basically is waiting to see what happens. I would open up and tell him that you really like him and would like something more. Tell him you’d like him to initiate more and to get together more often. If he cannot give that to you then you should probably find someone else. Leo men absolutely show lots of attention to someone they want to be with. Stand strong!

  3. Same!! I’m considering leaving him. I have some serious self respect issues, and now that I feel like I’m not receiving that respect, I am walking away from him. We got back together 3 weeks ago, and he hasn’t bothered to call me even once. He drops a text saying I love you just for the heck of it. We haven’t spoken at all, and that just shows how much efforts he wants to put into this relationship.

    1. Hi Somebody!

      Self respect is something you have to work on yourself. Stand on your own two feet and don’t let anyone mow you over. If you feel you’re not being respected by him then by all means tell him that! Don’t be afraid to tell him exactly what is what. Tell him you absolutely need more from him than this and anything less is unacceptable. He will either straighten up or he’ll tell you he’s just not that committed. Then you can decide what you want to do. Do what is right for you!

  4. I’m Sagittarius and I have been dating my leo guy for one year now,things were going well,within the year,till one day he just change,before he calls morning n night. But now once or he won’t call me if I send him text he will read n no response, and I’m worried is it that I have lost him, but he keeps bringing gifts to me any time he travels or we made love,can someone tells me what is going on please.

    1. Hi “I’m Cinderella”

      You need to tell him that you’ve noticed he’s changed and ask him why he has. He should tell you the reason why he’s acting differently so then you won’t have to guess anymore. Don’t allow yourself to sit around and try to figure it out or you will drive yourself crazy. Talk to him and get answers. Honesty and communication are VERY important.

  5. I love him
    Earlier we were good friends
    We used to talk to each other regularly But the time he get to know that i love him his behaviour change sometime he used to be with me friendly sometime he used to be so arrogant and now the time came that he dont even look at me
    I am not able to understand that what suddenly happened to him
    He was knowing that i love him but still he used to talk to me if i step first but the time now came that he dont look at me

    1. Hi Sagittarius!

      Just as I explained to Cinderella, you’ve got to open up and talk to him. Ask him questions. Tell him what you’ve noticed and ask him why he’s been acting this way. He should open up and tell you. You deserve to know what is going on and if he really cares for you then he should easily let you know how he is feeling and what he wants.

  6. My name is Danielle, I’ve been in a relationship with a Leo man for five. We have two children together. He doesn’t want me to talk to him about what is bothering me. He told me the other day that “he is tired of hearing it and said to me that I have God talk to him”. When I try to talk to him he always makes it about him. He puts himself before our kids. Something it looks like he doesn’t even know he is doing it. I quit my job when our three year old son broke his skull by a 12 year old. And he asks like I’m not working so he isn’t. We both agreed on this before I quit because he was making more money. It’s go on and on wants to only talk when he wants sex. Should I move on or try to get him to see we should try and make it work for our children.
    Thank you so much for your help

    1. Hi Danielledame!

      Making it about himself is normal for a Leo man. They are rather self aware and that’s a nice way of putting it. You should sit down with him and say, let’s talk in a different way this time. You tell me what is going on, what you feel, and what you want. Then you can talk about yours. Hopefully you can get on the same page then. If not then you may have to consider the possibility that you two aren’t meant for each other. You can also try counseling if he’s game but if he’s not, again, you will have to decide what is best for you. Children observe and if they see their parents unhappy, they will think this is normal for relationships and will repeat that pattern in their own. Be careful sweetheart!

      1. Hi
        I got hooked by a Leo divorcee online dating and he initially told me he wanted to meet. We took our community action offline phoning and texting. We both have had insecurity issues projecting on the other to sort through and I believe we’re ok now. He woukd phone me up to 4 times a day while I worked and if I’ve thought he’s cheating or talking to other women he attentively assures me he isn’t saying I’m the only one he talks to. He explained from the start that having to run his company solo and it’s current issues makes it hard to arrange a meet they way he wants to impress me. I have waited now for 4.5mths and our calls now lack the strong banter so I bluntly told him he was as cold as the seafood he sells and that I honestly don’t get that he’s keen on me. He said he’d take that as a compliment because he has some expensive stock.🤷🏻‍♀️ Like he is painfully adorable with humour that makes me laugh so how can I stay cranky with him? I asked if he still wants to meet me he said yes. He calls me from the road telling me his days hiccups that put him behind. He repeatedly says ‘well I call you don’t I?’ I told him anyone can call but give recognition that he values me, that he’s attracted to me. He replied ‘Marsha Marsha Marsha well ok my darling’ 🤣 He said he has to be careful what he says to me as I’m sensitive (duh I’m a Cancerian). What I struggle with is he has told me all about the model looking beauties he’s dated in his life and to be honest they treated him like dirt. BUT he gave them everything like a pushover even asking them to move in with him. So why is somebody as devoted and treating him respectfully such as I get nothing? And I told him this too and he just laughs when I say he busts a grind for a dog but not somebody worthy like me. He won’t tell me his full name because he says I could get his credit card details so I said nor will I then. A lot of game playing. When I ignore his calls he rings or texts laughing that I’m being manipulating which he likes. But if he’s in the wrong he apologises profusely call after call and oh my God his deep charismatic voice is orgasmic alone that my brain turns to mush and I fumble my words. My gf says we have the most magical banter she’s ever seen in her lifetime and that we’re like a married couple with our quarrels. He was speechless when I promised I’d try my hardest to get on top of my issues to makes this work and out of respect for his jealousy I deleted my dating account. He has stopped accusing me of seeing other men particularly younger ones. So what now? Help me wayfind his throwing all the dating rules out the window.

        1. Hi Anna

          I just wanted to add to my previous essay (sorry) that my Leo man on learning that I’m currently I’ll said he’d call me in a few days. If he cares shouldn’t he call me the next day or text to see if I’m ok? Well he hasn’t contacted me at all and it’s been a week where I’m backing off. I feel disrespected and I’m seriously contemplating hiring a PI for peace of mind of who he is! I want his name, confirmation of where he lives and works, what his relationship status is and photos to compare to the one photo he swears is him. Nearly 5mths without meeting he should be kissing my feet having shown him devotion and taking our dating (if you can call it that) seriously. Anna am I wrong here? He makes my head spin and my friends can’t work him out either. It’s time he chased me and I told him I want to feel valued. Not caring about my health doesn’t make me feel valued right now. I’ve tried your tips and here I am alone still.

  7. Hi, i was dating a loe man for one month and we only dated once but he kept texting me facetiming me, and I thought everything was going well untill he told me he couldn’t get that spark towards me! But then again I did keep asking him if he still wanted to see and speak to me and he did say yes! But then he realised he didn’t have that spark! He also did say he wants to stay in contact with me but right now he is not ready for a relationship… I am so confused can someone give me advice please

    1. Hi Heartbroken!

      I find it difficult to find a spark via online anyway. I think he’s said that as an excuse not to get closer to you. He wants to be friends but nothing more because he wants to continue looking around. That’s the truth of the matter. When a Leo is into someone, he lets her know it and he doesn’t ask her to stick around if he doesn’t “feel” it. Makes no sense. I’m sorry you went through this. If you’d like to learn more about Leo man, you should check out my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  8. Hi I’m an Aries who is 23 years old, I have been dating loe men for one month for the first 3 weeks he seemed so interesting and willing to get to know me wanted to see me so we went on a date and I have confirmed it with him if he still wanted to date me and carry on speaking which he said he is looking forward to get to know me more! So after this week he decided to tell me he is heart broken and still not ready for a rs and he hasn’t had that spark towards me whereas in the mean time he did say he wanted to keep in touch and still see me and want to get to know me more but in a friendly way! Which I was disappointed as I did confirm it with him so many times if he wanted to see me in that way and carry on speaking he made it look like he is not ready for a rs but I do know he hasn’t forgotten about his ex! So do I still stay in contact with him and stay friends or do I just cut the contact and not speak to him at all I need your help!!

    1. Hi Aries baby!

      I am so sorry he did this to you. It sounds like narcissistic Leo who wants all your attention even if he breaks it off with you. He wants to stay friends so you’ll still give him attention. Not cool at all. Not all Leo men are this way though darling.You drop him and keep moving forward with your life. You’ll find someone who wants what you do. If you’d like to learn more about Leo man, you should check out my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  9. Soooooo i like this Leo guy at work. He knows and was cool about it. Recently, we were in an altercation. I kinda exposed him a little bit and he was pissed. So he unfollowed me on instagram. Its been a week now, i miss him and i can sense he misses me too! ?

    1. Hi Kiki!

      If he got pissed and removed you, he can get un-pissed and follow you again. Tell him you didn’t mean to piss him off and you’d like to start again then give him some sort of sweet compliment that he’ll eat up. It’s not impossible to connect again. If you’d like to learn more about Leo man, you should check out my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  10. Hi I am scorpion female I am daring a leo man is been two yrs now, but he seems to be not interested in me anymore,he s showing signs of not being interested…..like making love more often like we used to.pls help

    1. Hi Candice!

      Either he’s become bored of he’s just not feeling it anymore. You should try to spice things up and bring your relationship to a fresh level. Try new things with him. Look back at how you two were when you met and try to recapture that by doing the same types of dates and making things exciting again. If you’d like to learn more about Leo man, you should check out my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  11. I’ve been seeing this leo for almost s year now. When it 1st started everything was amazing. He would wake up every mourning and text me 1st and tell me to have a good day and just lovey stuff. For the past couple weeks we have been arguing over petty stuff and he seems to not want anything to do with me. He will tell me to come over one day and when I tell him I’m on my way he will blow me off or come up with an argument that makes me not even want to see him so I don’t. I’ve confronted him several times about it but he just tells me what I want to hear to get me off his back. I do feel like i am being to clingy by asking him what his problem is all the time. I am an Aquarious and I do like it straight forward. Bottom line in I havnt herd from him in 3 days and idk if I should even try to contact him 1st
    He keeps making excuses when i want to see him b4 all this and now he has just blocked me on social media. Should I text or try to call him to make small talk or should I let him reach out to me.

    1. Hi Anne!

      You’ve got to sit down with him and say “look, I don’t want to keep beating this to death but I need to get this out and know so that I can move forward”. Then tell him what it is you feel about what is going on. Then ask him if you two can compromise to get things back to what they were before you started arguing. He may agree but then he may decide he’s tired of things being tense and not being adoring like they were awhile ago. Blocking him on social media may be his way of telling you he’s done also. Try what I mentioned and see where he goes with it. If you’d like to learn more about Leo man, you should check out my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  12. Um I’ve been with a leo man for maybe 2 months and everything was okay. But recently I’ve found out he’s moving to Colorado and he has been acting distant. He never really was good at texting back fast or anything but he used to write me these paragraphs and now we barely talk. He doesn’t ask to hang out anymore. Like he used to just show up? but now i have to basically beg him to. I’ve asked him what he wants. And he says me but i just don’t feel things are the same. And its causing me so much pain and i feel im losing him. And i really don’t want to.

    1. Hi Molly!

      Alright, next time you talk to him say “I really miss how things were before when we were spending more time and talking more. Can we get back to that?” and see what he says to you about it. He may think that the relationship won’t work as well once he moves. It’s possible but you’ve got to ask him first to find out what may be on his mind. If you’d like to learn more about Leo man, you should check out my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  13. I hung out with a Leo male, slept together once ;took quick in my opinion. Then he just disappeared. Wouldn’t answer texts, other than one word responses etc. then I call him out and he says he just wants to be friend and doesn’t want an intimate bond and that I argue too much…? Now what? Did I sleep with him too quick & just was boring ? What gives?

    1. Hi Beth!

      Welp, you called it yourself. You slept with him too quickly and he decided that it was just a fling. He’s pretty much being as honest as he can by saying he only wants to be friends. I don’t think his decision was simply because you two went to fast. It takes two. I think it was more that he could sense you wanted more from him than just sex alone and if he knows he doesn’t want a relationship then he doesn’t want to get tied up with you. If you’d like to learn more about Leo man, you should check out my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  14. First, please forgive the book I’ve written. I’m just so at a loss. My Leo guy and I first met on an online dating site. I’m a scorpio. We both said we were interested in finding “the one.” His gf (very manipulative and insecure) broke up with him 2 years prior. He said he’d been healing and was now ready to find someone. After the first phone conversation, in late June, he began being very flirtatious and complimenting me repeatedly. I returned the compliments and tried to let him know (as well as a more evolved scorpio can) just how impressed I was with everything I had learned about him. He’s a hard worker, started his own metal works business, a dedicated single dad, plays the guitar (self-taught) and a great singer to boot. attractive ove bombing me. I also let him know just how hot he is. He said the same about me. We have so much in common – financial goals, love of music etc. He likes that I’m so down-to-earth, not stuck up. He told me how him talking to me made him immediately feel relaxed. He said it felt as though we’d known each other for some time already. I agreed. By the end of the first week, he was regularly telling me that he missed me. He even asked if it was weird to miss someone you haven’t met in person lol. I kept trying to slow things down on my side. I told him that I didn’t want us to get ahead of ourselves. He was already saying I was everything he wanted.

    On our first date. July 4th, I cooked for him at his place. He tried to get me to see him 2 weeks earlier. The July 4th date almost didn’t happen because after communicating for a week and a half, he barely texted and no calls. A couple days before the date, he didn’t even respond to questions I texted him concerning the meal that I was to cook. I knew his business had been suffering (Covid), so I tried to be understanding and compassionate. I sent him a text telling him if he needed space, then I understood. The night I was supposed to arrive at his place, July 3rd, I didn’t go since I hadn’t heard from him. Late that night he messaged me apologizing. He acknowledged he was going through some things. He told me he had hoped to see my car at his place when he arrived home from work. I went the next day. It was great. I had already agreed to stay the weekend, but with him on the couch. Yeah right, I was fooling myself. He was irresistible AF. His daughter was returning home Sunday the 5th. He told me that I didn’t have to leave. He earned to introduce me to her. That happened. When I was leaving, I heard him tell his father that I would be back. He said he’d call. The next day, he texted that his cell had been reconnected and he’d call later. No word for two weeks. I had left dishes at his place, at his urging. He said I could get them when I “hopefully” returned the next weekend. I didn’t because he hadn’t been in touch. When I finally showed up the 2 weeks later, he again apologized. He hadn’t been able to find his phone and believed he’d packed it in his daughter’s belongings when she left to visit mom. I was skeptical at first, but on the face he gives out a no-bs vibe. At the same time, a lot is hard to believe. His daughter did have the phone, btw. Still, he could have done the FB messenger thing like he did when his phone was disconnected. He said there was no excuse for not contacting me and that he’d thought about me every day. He told me he barely reads his text messages.

    I stayed the weekend. Repeat. He was going to call. Never did. Never texted. Never responded to my texts, which was no more than 4 over another 2 week period. One was the day before his birthday, Aug 5th, and another text on his birthday (after no answer when I called). No response. The day after, I sent him a long text explaining that I didn’t think he was ready or just not that into me. Something he denied earlier and actually said he really liked me. I told him how he was a great guy but I had to back off. I told him I wanted to be friends, if possible. I also reiterated that I meant the offer I had made to help him if he needed it (with his 9 yr old daughter). He has no one who he can depend on to help. His mom is an abusive narcissist hot mess and his little girl’s mom does very little, including visitation. Although he maintains contact and iis never more than 15 minutes away, his daughter is home alone during the day. I sent him another message through Facebook messenger asking him if it would be safe to leave his birthday gift (expensive) on his front porch. I got a regular in under 5 minutes. He asked “What gift. There’s nothing on the porch.” I told him I hadn’t left it and asked if he had seen the text messages I sent to his phone earlier in the week. He said he hadn’t. I said ok and just asked again about leaving it on his porch or if I should wait until he’s home. No response. The next night, I asked him to call. Nothing. Tonight, I sent a message(FB) saying I hope he was doing ok and I’d get the gift to him during the week. I asked if he was interested in the other gift that I had originally planned, which was to make dinner or take him out to dinner. Any other guy, I would have been long gone by now, but I’m aware of the Leo-Scorpio dynamics. I’ve also been trying to show him that I want to be here for him. When I showed up at his place unannounced before, he became very affectionate and began hugging me and asking if I was going to stay. He seemed so tired, mentally and physically. He prior relationships began with women who just never left his place after one date (daughters mom included). He didn’t try to make them leave. I don’t knew if he’s just not ready, not interested, or just use to aggressive women asserting themselves into his life and making their own place in it. His mim is very dominant and was abusive with his dad (physically, mentally, even financially). She was a housewife. He said he thinks that’s why he never made the women leave because, from the example provided in his life, men took care of women. I like this guy. I feel the connection when we’re together, but it seems there is nothing else to be done.

    1. Correction: After meeting his daughter, he told her, not his father (deceased), that I would be returning. Also, I meant two of his prior long-term relationships started after a date (one met online) and the women returning to his place and, essentially, never leaving. Truly. He met his daughter’s mom online. She came over after a date and never left. She didn’t work. He didn’t ask her to leave. The relationship that ended 2 years ago was similar, except she worked. She would return to his place after getting off work. She was, according to him, head over heels in love with him from day one. She outearned him with a six-figure yearly salary and showered him with gifts. She was very insecure though and constantly checking up on him. She eventually broke up with him after an rather insignificant petty argument (according to him). Again, sorry for so many details, I can be really thorough and yes, obsessive (Scorpio here lol).

      1. Hi Kimberly!

        It does sound like your Leo guy wants to be the aggressor. It’s his nature to take charge and be a man. When he doesn’t get allowed to do that, he seems to not be the guy you’d like to be with. Scorpio is kind of emotional for a Leo man but it can still work. You just have to be positive and use a tender edge with him. Get him to chase you instead of the other way around. If you’d like to learn more about Leo man, check out my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  15. Hi,
    I am a Pisces been in a 2 month relationship with a Divorced Leo man who has a 12year old live in son. The first month everything was great a lot communication. Everything went fast in our relationship. I fell for him fast. We had a misunderstanding about 3 weeks ago (where he ghosted me for 5 days, then came back). He future plans with me all the time since the beginning of the relationship. A week ago I had a small procedure. He came over 4 days ago and hung out but was acting a bit weird. He is Still amazed of how comfortable he is with me and pulls back at the same time. (He hasn’t been in a relationship in the last 8 years, he’s said only done hookups ) I called him the following day crying because I had pain, we talked a bit and I have not heard from him since. I don’t understand. He won’t pickup my calls or text me back. It’s been 3 days now. I haven’t reached out to him again in the last 2 days. I’m confused, I see him on social media but won’t reach out to me.

    1. Hi Confused!

      Well darn. Something must have happened that he’s not ready to discuss. It may be personal on his end or something going on in his life. I wouldn’t throw in the towel just over a few days. He may be busy with something or there are things going on. I think that when he does talk to you, he will explain what happened. Text him saying “Miss you, hope all is well” then leave it. He’ll reach out when he’s ready. If you’d like to learn more about Leo man, check out my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  16. A leo man in love and out of it are two different people. I’m an Aquarius and he’s Leo. Let me tell you… when we first got to know each other he was all over the place, it was too much and I was always pushing him back never showing my own emotions (I’m a cold person since I learned from a young age that showing emotions was not acceptable). And he was the kind of guy that would open car doors for you, carry your stuff, get spontaneous gift (oh… leos love to spoil their loved ones with gifts) but we were too young and hurt each other and he did some stuff to get my attenchon or seek attenchon elsewhrer… we broke up a couple of times and got back together but with each time it got worse. Now we live together and have everything people dream about but we are no longer in love. After over 10 years of being together the relationship got cold.
    Little things he did before, he doesn’t do it because ”you never like it anyway”, there are always excuses and gaslighting to everything. Also, he would rather talk with his friends for hours and hours than do something together with me. We no speech with each other as he never listens to what i have to say and blames me for everything. He got mentally and physically abusive and i had to leave the house because of him and then he tried to commit suicide because of it. Guess what. that was my foult too :)))
    A leo man is super interesting and sexy, he will make you feel special but once the realationshipgoes sour… it wont get better. ever.

    1. Hi SadAqua!

      Yikes, I’m sorry to hear that things went badly. You’re right… once they decide it’s done, they aren’t the nicest guys anymore. Not all Leo men have the same hang ups as this guy. I hope you haven’t closed your heart off to Leo. If you’d like to learn more about Leo man, check out my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  17. Hey please help me im a scorpio woman and I’ve been with leo since 1 and half year, he approached to me first that he have feelings for me and it was real struggle for him to get me in the starting but after sometime we both got into a relationship then after 1 month he left because he came here just to attend wedding. He knew our path was different and i was afraid of distance but we got into a long distance relationship it’s been 1 year now and 2nd year started also everything was going amazing and he planned to see future with me, he spoke to his mom that he wanna get marry me. And since starting he was in tensed because of not getting jobs and getting rejected so many times and i was always there for him. Now its been 4 month he’s suddenly changing i mean not opening himself with me and distancing himself from me and talking too often. Whenever i ask him did something happen to you, i did something? He say he’s tired and exhausted i thought of me so i asked him openly are you tired of me? He said no he feel really exhausted from life. So his job was new to him i understand everything from his perspective and trying to adjust myself so that he will be fine. And on the second hand my family want me to get married specially my dad and they are looking for a guy. He already spoke to his mom about us but his mom didn’t have a talk yet with my mom. Many times I’ve asked him please just tell your mom to give answer to my mom if she accept me or not. That thing is not happening only but ik and i have seen that he have spoke to his mom many times to have a talk with my mom but his mom is telling i will do later she’s not even telling that if her answer is yes or no. Still i kept patience in everything. Didn’t bother him because he was already into things. It’s been 4 month he’s not giving me time but texting me and telling me about his days and how’s his work going etc and telling me to takecare of myself . Somehow he’s making me confuse also that he want to be with me or not I’m trying to make things alright because he don’t even smile now idk why i feel bad.. Few days back i was mad on him i disrespected him with words because he just came online and went off saying me good night. I wanted to talk to him but he don’t have time that made me mad. So for 15 days he didn’t text me. I completely understand it was my fault i misbehaved with him even though I’m feeling like he left me when i needed him. I called him that night he didn’t came online. So after 15 days i text him that (Im so sorry) he send me a big paragraph which was filled with confusion actually I’m not exactly getting his point that he want breakup or he want sometime or something wrong with his family. He’s saying he have already took that decision he want to spend his life with me this things are affecting both of them maybe its good but it’s not the right time and he want to grow more in my life and he’s feeling like he’s taking away something from me which nobody ever took it from him and he said he really want me to be a strong woman not like others girls who will get issue in making my own life decisions because of having attachments and then he said takecare of yourself because one day it will be someone’s property. I’m really confused then i wanted to talk to him on call but he’s telling to talk on text only please he said please. And saying call will be not happening and saying that write down the things as I’ve wrote down on text, so i texted him that “I wont force u to call or anything just know that I’ll be their for u everytime, just call me whenever u feel like to talk its better if you will come soon.”
    He didn’t replied yet he have seen it.. What should i do? Wait for him or move on by telling him everything that have been hurting me since a past month and end up? Please tell me plzz
    We are in a long distance relationship ? plz tell me what should i do I’ve been crying since too long.. His best friend was telling me he’s going through stressful day and his job is giving him stress and it’s hard for him to work. That’s why i went to him back and apologizes. Tell me pLz he didn’t said me that how hard his work is because maybe he feel like i’ll be worried

    1. I would give him space and let him miss you a bit so that he actually will reach out. If he doesn’t then he’s lost it and not much will change it. I think you should tell him what you are feeling yes. If he doesn’t know then he needs to whether he comes back around or not. I wouldn’t make him feel bad about it just tell him in a way he’ll pay attention. “I really miss you and it’s been so hard when you’re not around”. That type of thing. Don’t say “You never do this”. That will feel accusatory. If none of this works then you will have to think about letting him go. For more help, check out my series “Leo Man Secrets”.

      1. I’m an aqua (30) and the man I’m seeing a Leo (50).
        He’s a super busy man and we would talk here and there over social media for about 2 months. Nothing deep just little flirty messages here and there. Finally I decided to go on a date with him and he swept me off my feet.
        Right after the date he told me how he couldn’t stop thinking of me and I felt the same way towards him and would tell him (even though I am an aqua I love hard and am very sweet on him. He’s actually a sweetheart so it’s not hard to not compliment him.)
        He’s never been the best texter and I always assumed it was because of his age. His text are very straight forward and to the point, but he does respond to me very quickly which I like.
        The part that confuses me is he hasn’t made any plans to see me since our one date. I’ve called him out several times and he says of course I want to see you I’m just busy.
        I’m a firm believer in, “you make time for the people you want to see.”

        So let me know what you think, should I leave this guy alone and move on?

  18. I seem to have a very similar situation with the Leo man. He and I came together while married to other people. We both have a high sex drive which was one of the things that drew me closer to him. We also work together but during different shifts. In the beginning, he and I spent a lot of time together and sneaking around the job every chance we got. This went on for a year. In the meantime, things between our spouses were complicated and edgy. He and spent time at hotels, at my expense, had meals sometimes at each other’s expense. However, towards the end of the year he decided that that would be the year he was gonna make a change for himself. This was also the year that he was making plans to leave his wife. I had no intentions on leaving mine at the moment. I on the other hand was so excited , flirtatious with him and giddy that I inadvertently shared my affair with someone I thought I trusted at work and it spread somewhat throughout the office. Needless to say he was not happy about it, but he and I never talked about his anger about it. He and I continued to have even hotter passionate sex together. He introduced me to a world of kink and bring out that side of me that my own spouse was not able to tap into. Sometime later, he became a little distant towards me. When i asked him what is wrong or how his day is, he replies with one word answers. He used to tell me how things were at home with his family, but now his respinse is that it is personal and not really wanting to talk about it with me. However he started to develop slight feelings towards another person at office and he told me about it. I instantly felt in my hurt that I lost him to her or will lose him to her. I have asked him in many different ways why he and I are not an item any more or to please let me know what to do. His responses were usually, he doesn’t know or that he has no answer for me at this time. A part of me want to let him go or at least block him from my phone, but I miss him, his touches, his caresses, our talks and laughs. I am so heart broken from this because I allowed myself to fall for him and now he has his eyes set on another. He refuses to just say what I want to hear so I can delete him out of my life, somehow I am hoping and wishing

  19. Part 2:
    Did I mention that I am a Libra with a Virgo cusp. My love languages are physical touch and communication. In the beginning my Leo person was doing thatand was consistent. Now I am the one texts first, asks how he is doing, continues ti show that I care and even signs off with an I love you. who When I love, I love hard don’t trust too many people with my heart. At times I feel lost emotionally, other times I feel as though he is dangling me on a string and keeping his options open. Even though I know I have a spouse at home, this Leo man is the only person who allowed me to be me sexually and free with it. I know that I will never be the same again after this. I do not want to be bitter and hate him or wish him bad, but I want him to hurt and suffer the emotional pain he has inflicted on me, when I did nothing to deserve this. I did my best to be his outlet when things got rocky at home. And this is how he repays me, by dating someone else at the job, and has become distant towards me. Secretly I think he is emotionally unavailable and uses great sex to cover it up.

    1. Hi Sherellee!

      I am so very sorry to hear that you fell so hard for someone who had no intention of committing to you. He can’t commit to anyone because he has someone already. He figured also that since you are with someone else, he doesn’t have to commit. He saw this as a friend with benefit type of thing even if he never admitted that. That’s crappy in his part. He may have also been excited in the beginning because it was taboo and something new. Now that it’s been going on for a bit, he started to lose that excitement and newness. Now he’s already looking elsewhere. My guess is that he may have not been truthful with you regarding his home life. He has no intention on having a full blown relationship with you. Again, I am SO sorry to read this because you deserve so much more sweetheart. You should probably let go and put focus on your marriage or focus on getting out of your marriage if you’re not satisfied. Take care of yourself please! Sending you all the love in the world!

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