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Signs A Leo Man Is Not Interested – Observe Him in a Smart Way

It’s an embarrassing thing when you’re really hot for a Leo man and he ends up acting certain ways that indicate he’s not interested in you. Figure it out before you end up heartbroken or disappointed. Keep reading to learn the signs Leo man is not interested.

Leo in Jerk Mode

The Leo man is good to people he likes and especially a sweetheart to the woman he digs or wants to have a relationship with. When he’s around someone he isn’t interested in, he comes off very differently.

He will ignore you, he will treat you like you’re second rate, he will criticize you, and he will be very arrogant. He’ll act like he’s better than you are and that you’re wasting his time.

He will be selfish and make sure that you know that you aren’t important to him at all. He won’t have time for you, he won’t go out of his way to talk to you or answer you via call or text.

If you try to friend him on social media, he will either deny your request or he’ll accept it but never respond to you unless it’s to point out the flaws in a post you make or say something jerk like.

There are more signs that a Leo man doesn’t like you or isn’t interested and if he displays ANY of them or the ones I’ve mentioned so far, you probably should consider moving on and finding someone else as he’s not going to change.

Once a Leo man makes up his mind that he’s not interested in someone, there is very little you can do to change his decision. You’ll have to just accept what is and try to find someone else who will be a whole lot better to you.

When you are in a Leo’s Life But He Lost Interest

If you were already talking to or dating a Leo man and he suddenly seems cold, there is a need to worry. Below is a list of things you should look for that will indicate that he’s done and wanting out:

  1. Spends More Time Away

signs a Leo man is not interested

The Leo man wants to spend time with the woman he’s in love with or is interested in. When he loses interest, he starts pulling away and doesn’t go out of his way anymore to spend time with you.

He will stop calling you, stop answering your texts, and will for sure stop making plans with you. If he does make plans, he’ll flake out and you won’t hear back from him as to why. He just stands you up.

Spending more time away from you is indicative to a Leo man who is losing interest or already has. He will come up with a bunch of different reasons why he cannot hang out with you or go out.

  1. Aggressive Attitude Toward You

Some Leo men just act really pissy toward someone they don’t want to be around anymore. If he has lost interest in you but still has to be around you, he’ll act really negative or critical toward you.

He may pick fights with you so he can blame you for having caused his misery. He could come across as a bit narcissistic or tries to gaslight you. That means getting you to fight then telling you that you’re the one who is angry or crazy.

Leo man may make you feel low about yourself so that you have no choice but to let him go when he finally tells you it’s over. He won’t be a nice guy about this at all. If he’s being a jerk, it’s time to walk away from him.

  1. No Longer Cares About Your Opinions

The Leo man normally cares very much about his woman’s opinion but if he’s lost interest in you, your opinion means nothing to him. He will cut you down or will ignore you when you talk.

He basically acts like you’re bothering him when you talk or want to tell him anything including how your day was. Your thoughts or opinions are irrelevant to him and he’ll show you as much.

Where he once asked you how your day was, he will not only not ask anymore but when you go ahead to tell him, he’ll blow you off. You’ll notice him looking at his phone or doing something else other than looking at you.

  1. Selfish Attitude

signs a Leo man is not interested

Basically if he takes better care of himself and others than he does with you, he’s not into you anymore. If he buys himself dinner but doesn’t offer to pick you up anything, he isn’t interested in your needs or desires.

He will make it seem as though his life and his plans are far more important than yours. Everything will be more of a priority than you are. Truly this guy is a real piece of work when it comes to relationships.

He can either be a dream come true or he can be your worst nightmare. He’s your dream guy when he’s still interested in you. When he loses that interest, he acts like you’re a piece of dirt under his shoe.

Whatever he wants becomes the important factor. Your needs mean nothing and he doesn’t show any care or concern. He’ll also take on the stance of “what about me” even when it’s supposed to be about you.

The Gist of It All

Leo men are just horrible when they lose interest or never had any to begin with. They consider themselves to be quite important. They deserve the world and the only person that deserves his love is the woman he’s with.

However, if he decides she’s not the one, he will then revert to treating her like just some commoner that has no real meaning for him anymore. She then becomes second rate.

If you’re around a Leo that you like or you’ve been dating a guy that does this, it’s time to let go and move on with your life. Take care of yourself always!

If you want to better understand signs a Leo man is not interested and why is that, click here and learn everything about your special Leo guy.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

19 thoughts on “Signs A Leo Man Is Not Interested – Observe Him in a Smart Way

  1. My leo man tells me often he loves me but will miss days calling and texting me… I’ve broken up with him a few times but he reels me in with how much he loves me and I belong to him… I’m a Virgo and very straightforward with my feelings and intent… I just can’t seem to get my leo man to respond to my calls or texts as often as I’d like… I like need and respect space too but damn… He’ll go almost 30 days without talking to me if I let him but then I’ll make 1st contact and he’ll be all ears… He says he loves me… This doesn’t seem like love… Do I believe him? Or nah?

    1. Hi Anonymous!

      I think you need to be the honest Virgo that you are and tell him you need more than what you’re getting from him. Tell him it makes you feel that he doesn’t want a relationship with you when he goes spans of time without talking to you. He may love you but if he cannot give you what you ask for then you have to ask yourself if he’s really worth it or not. I hope this helps!

  2. I have exactly the same problem as you. We’ve seen each other 5 times but apart from planning dates, he doesn’t text first. I think he text me once before I went on holiday but apart from that… makes me feel anxious. First time I’ve dated a Leo and never had a guy not texting like this.

    1. Hi Chi!

      It sounds like your guy may not be as into it as you are. If he’s going that long without texting you first and acting like he’s really interested then he’s not yet convinced and basically is waiting to see what happens. I would open up and tell him that you really like him and would like something more. Tell him you’d like him to initiate more and to get together more often. If he cannot give that to you then you should probably find someone else. Leo men absolutely show lots of attention to someone they want to be with. Stand strong!

  3. Same!! I’m considering leaving him. I have some serious self respect issues, and now that I feel like I’m not receiving that respect, I am walking away from him. We got back together 3 weeks ago, and he hasn’t bothered to call me even once. He drops a text saying I love you just for the heck of it. We haven’t spoken at all, and that just shows how much efforts he wants to put into this relationship.

    1. Hi Somebody!

      Self respect is something you have to work on yourself. Stand on your own two feet and don’t let anyone mow you over. If you feel you’re not being respected by him then by all means tell him that! Don’t be afraid to tell him exactly what is what. Tell him you absolutely need more from him than this and anything less is unacceptable. He will either straighten up or he’ll tell you he’s just not that committed. Then you can decide what you want to do. Do what is right for you!

  4. I’m Sagittarius and I have been dating my leo guy for one year now,things were going well,within the year,till one day he just change,before he calls morning n night. But now once or he won’t call me if I send him text he will read n no response, and I’m worried is it that I have lost him, but he keeps bringing gifts to me any time he travels or we made love,can someone tells me what is going on please.

    1. Hi “I’m Cinderella”

      You need to tell him that you’ve noticed he’s changed and ask him why he has. He should tell you the reason why he’s acting differently so then you won’t have to guess anymore. Don’t allow yourself to sit around and try to figure it out or you will drive yourself crazy. Talk to him and get answers. Honesty and communication are VERY important.

  5. I love him
    Earlier we were good friends
    We used to talk to each other regularly But the time he get to know that i love him his behaviour change sometime he used to be with me friendly sometime he used to be so arrogant and now the time came that he dont even look at me
    I am not able to understand that what suddenly happened to him
    He was knowing that i love him but still he used to talk to me if i step first but the time now came that he dont look at me

    1. Hi Sagittarius!

      Just as I explained to Cinderella, you’ve got to open up and talk to him. Ask him questions. Tell him what you’ve noticed and ask him why he’s been acting this way. He should open up and tell you. You deserve to know what is going on and if he really cares for you then he should easily let you know how he is feeling and what he wants.

  6. My name is Danielle, I’ve been in a relationship with a Leo man for five. We have two children together. He doesn’t want me to talk to him about what is bothering me. He told me the other day that “he is tired of hearing it and said to me that I have God talk to him”. When I try to talk to him he always makes it about him. He puts himself before our kids. Something it looks like he doesn’t even know he is doing it. I quit my job when our three year old son broke his skull by a 12 year old. And he asks like I’m not working so he isn’t. We both agreed on this before I quit because he was making more money. It’s go on and on wants to only talk when he wants sex. Should I move on or try to get him to see we should try and make it work for our children.
    Thank you so much for your help

    1. Hi Danielledame!

      Making it about himself is normal for a Leo man. They are rather self aware and that’s a nice way of putting it. You should sit down with him and say, let’s talk in a different way this time. You tell me what is going on, what you feel, and what you want. Then you can talk about yours. Hopefully you can get on the same page then. If not then you may have to consider the possibility that you two aren’t meant for each other. You can also try counseling if he’s game but if he’s not, again, you will have to decide what is best for you. Children observe and if they see their parents unhappy, they will think this is normal for relationships and will repeat that pattern in their own. Be careful sweetheart!

  7. Hi, i was dating a loe man for one month and we only dated once but he kept texting me facetiming me, and I thought everything was going well untill he told me he couldn’t get that spark towards me! But then again I did keep asking him if he still wanted to see and speak to me and he did say yes! But then he realised he didn’t have that spark! He also did say he wants to stay in contact with me but right now he is not ready for a relationship… I am so confused can someone give me advice please

  8. Hi I’m an Aries who is 23 years old, I have been dating loe men for one month for the first 3 weeks he seemed so interesting and willing to get to know me wanted to see me so we went on a date and I have confirmed it with him if he still wanted to date me and carry on speaking which he said he is looking forward to get to know me more! So after this week he decided to tell me he is heart broken and still not ready for a rs and he hasn’t had that spark towards me whereas in the mean time he did say he wanted to keep in touch and still see me and want to get to know me more but in a friendly way! Which I was disappointed as I did confirm it with him so many times if he wanted to see me in that way and carry on speaking he made it look like he is not ready for a rs but I do know he hasn’t forgotten about his ex! So do I still stay in contact with him and stay friends or do I just cut the contact and not speak to him at all I need your help!!

  9. Soooooo i like this Leo guy at work. He knows and was cool about it. Recently, we were in an altercation. I kinda exposed him a little bit and he was pissed. So he unfollowed me on instagram. Its been a week now, i miss him and i can sense he misses me too! 😔

  10. Hi I am scorpion female I am daring a leo man is been two yrs now, but he seems to be not interested in me anymore,he s showing signs of not being interested… making love more often like we used to.pls help

  11. I’ve been seeing this leo for almost s year now. When it 1st started everything was amazing. He would wake up every mourning and text me 1st and tell me to have a good day and just lovey stuff. For the past couple weeks we have been arguing over petty stuff and he seems to not want anything to do with me. He will tell me to come over one day and when I tell him I’m on my way he will blow me off or come up with an argument that makes me not even want to see him so I don’t. I’ve confronted him several times about it but he just tells me what I want to hear to get me off his back. I do feel like i am being to clingy by asking him what his problem is all the time. I am an Aquarious and I do like it straight forward. Bottom line in I havnt herd from him in 3 days and idk if I should even try to contact him 1st
    He keeps making excuses when i want to see him b4 all this and now he has just blocked me on social media. Should I text or try to call him to make small talk or should I let him reach out to me.

  12. Um I’ve been with a leo man for maybe 2 months and everything was okay. But recently I’ve found out he’s moving to Colorado and he has been acting distant. He never really was good at texting back fast or anything but he used to write me these paragraphs and now we barely talk. He doesn’t ask to hang out anymore. Like he used to just show up😂 but now i have to basically beg him to. I’ve asked him what he wants. And he says me but i just don’t feel things are the same. And its causing me so much pain and i feel im losing him. And i really don’t want to.

  13. I hung out with a Leo male, slept together once ;took quick in my opinion. Then he just disappeared. Wouldn’t answer texts, other than one word responses etc. then I call him out and he says he just wants to be friend and doesn’t want an intimate bond and that I argue too much…? Now what? Did I sleep with him too quick & just was boring ? What gives?

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