14 Clear Signs A Leo Man Likes You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you crushing on a Leo man but aren’t sure if he likes you back? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 14 signs a Leo man likes you!

Hello, my lovely ladies! There are times that we just know when a man likes us, but then there are times when their behaviour is so confusing that it is difficult to make sense of things. This is why it is important to know the signs a Leo man secretly likes you.

A Leo man crushing on you should make it fairly obvious, but sometimes Leo men can be a little more introverted than expected. Sure, their personalities are often larger than life, but when it comes to matters of the heart, they tend to tread carefully and be a little shy.

Do you want to know the signs a Leo man has a crush on you? Then you have come to the right place! Keep on reading to find out 14 clear signs a Leo man likes you.

How Does A Leo Man Show Interest In A Woman?

When a Leo man likes a woman, he shows it in a very affectionate and playful manner. This is a man who is very romantic, he enjoys being in love and being flirty and fun. He is someone who will give you his undying attention.

He will devote a lot of his free time to her, and she will feel like one of the biggest priorities in his life. She will often hear from him either through personal phone calls, or text messages throughout the day.

He is the type of man who will make a lot of effort with her. She will KNOW that he is interested in her. Even if he is a shyer Leo man, he will still be affectionate and excited by her to give her a lot of attention.

It is important to him that she is totally aware of the way he feels. A Leo man isn’t the type of guy to play coy or hard to get. When he wants something or someone, he will go out and get it, no matter what.

7 Clear Signs A Leo Man Has A Crush On You

1. He Flirts… A LOT

So, here’s the scoop… Leos are not the hardest sign to read when it comes to romance because they are usually TOTALLY dopey over someone at any given time! They are the most obvious signs when it comes to love and romance – hands down. 

Leos are associated heavily with the fifth house of flirtation and romance. He has a childlike enthusiasm for all things lovey-dovey and warm and snuggly. They are cheesy and wonderful in love. A Leo man won’t hesitate to let you know that he has a crush on you!

If you’re the object of a Leo man’s desire then you’re likely going to be well aware. And if you are still having trouble seeing, then others will be able to tell you straight up, “Hey, you know he’s totally crushing on you right?”

One thing I could see happening is reading their flirtation with you as facetious or just for a joke. And if it’s over the top and doesn’t seem genuine then it might be. However, if they are leaning in and talking in low tones, about their romantic nature or asking you about yours in such a way, there is a good chance that they are into you!

2. He Is Curious About You

Sometimes Leo men tend to have quite large egos, they are very self-interested at best of times. You’ll notice they tend to be quite boastful and like to list off their achievements. But, it is a different story when a Leo man has a crush on you.

Chances are pretty good that your Leo man likes you when he asks you a bunch of questions about you. His being curious about you means that he finds you quite fascinating and exciting.

He clearly likes getting to know you and what you find interesting in life. And you’ll know it is genuine because he keeps asking questions and diving deeper into who you are and everything you are about. This is one of the signs a Leo man secretly likes you without coming out and admitting it.

3. He Talks You Up Publicly

Leos are defined by who they are crushing on and they won’t hesitate to make them out to be the greatest in the world. This is just because they truly believe that their crush is the best there is! 

Leos put everything that they are out on display. They aren’t interested in hiding any part of them. They are ruled by the Sun, so think of them like that. They have no shadows and no hidden self because they bring their full, unadulterated light into every room they walk into. They dilute themselves down for no one. 

Now, this also means that they won’t hide anything about themselves, including who they’re crushing on. So, they will talk about you a lot, romantically or just as a person. They will never be the sort of lover to put you in a corner. 

Everyone will be able to tell if a Leo likes you. There is no question. They are as subtle as a fireworks show when it comes to who they’re crushing on. So, if you hear mention that Leo was talking about you and singing your praises even when you weren’t around there is a great chance that he’s got some major feelings for you! 

4. He Puts You On A Pedestal

The Leo man believes that what he’s interested in is top quality. There is no room for discussion. If he likes Friends, he doesn’t want to hear that it sucks and that How I Met Your Mother was better. Nope, Friends is the top pick, period – and if someone else doesn’t think that then they’re wrong! 

This logic extends to his romantic interests as well. He believes that since his taste is superior, indeed, the people he likes are also superior. He’s a total blessing in this way (if he likes you). You will feel like an absolute princess when you’re with the Leo man because he won’t stop until you do!

If you notice Leo alluding to the idea that you’re about the best person that there is, no one else can compare, you’re the top dog, and all that jazz then you can bet that he’s got a thing for you. He thinks you’re the literal greatest person to walk on the planet and he feels lucky to bask in your glow.

If a Leo man is your biggest hype man and he doesn’t care who knows it then chances are that he wants to be more than that… he wants to be your man, period. 

5. He Wants To Take You Out More Often

The Leo man is often the center of attention wherever he goes. When he’s in love with a woman, he will want her to be with him so he can show the world who his lady is.

He will try to get her to go out with him more often to be in the public eye. It makes him feel confident, it makes him feel worthy, and it makes him feel as though his woman really cares about his needs.

Having a woman by his side wherever he goes prompts him to feel like a king. As long as you are classy and behave yourself when you’re out with him, then he’ll always be proud to have you on his arm.

It’s also sort of a territory type of thing where he takes you to his regular spots so that everyone knows who his woman is and won’t mess with her. A Leo man is rather possessive with the woman he loves.

Check here what a Leo man likes and dislikes in a woman.

6. He Becomes More Protective Of You

When a Leo man is falling in love with you, one way he will show interest is by protecting you and making sure that you’re always safe. He may even go so far as to offer to drive you where you want to go.

He wants to protect that which is his. If you are his lady, he will make sure that no one is going to mess with you. This is where the whole public display of love comes into play.

Again, he may ask you to text him when you get home or to where you’re going. He may ask you where you’re going, with whom, and when you’ll be leaving. If you aren’t living together, this may seem odd but it’s a protection thing with him.

He has to know you’re safe and that he doesn’t have to worry about anyone trying to hurt you, mess with you, or harm you in any way. He probably won’t be keen on you doing anything alone.

Showing such signs of wanting to protect you also shows you that a Leo man likes you and wants you to always be his. It can be aggravating sometimes but it can also be rather endearing to have such protection in your corner.

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7. He Shows You Romantic Gestures

When a Leo man likes you, he will go out of his way to show you his interest. He will do anything to make you laugh or smile. He wants to see you happy and pleased with him.

He will likely buy you gifts, take you on romantic dates, bring you flowers, and just be a true gentleman. He will want to spend more time with you so that he can adore you. When a Leo man kisses you softly, it means he is falling hard. 

He will expect you to do the same with him also so if you really care for him, you better show him some appreciation for all he does to try to show you how much he feels for you.

He may want to take you shopping to pick out clothes to go on a romantic vacation with him. He really wants to give you the very best of everything. When he’s in love, he’s very generous.

He will often call you, text you, or post very adoring things on your social media to let you know you’re in his thoughts. He doesn’t like to wait though so try to answer as quickly as you can.

You should always acknowledge things he’s done for you and be thankful. He does it because he wants you to understand that he’s there for you and that he will gladly sacrifice time to make you feel special.

4 More Signs A Leo Man (Secretly) Likes You

8. He Wants Your Approval

There is a misconception that Leo men are brimming with confidence, but in actual fact, these guys can be pretty insecure. Especially when they have a secret crush on a woman. When a Leo man likes a woman, he wants her reassurance and a lot of it. 

He will want your attention all of the time. If he thinks that you are giving attention to someone else it can make him feel insecure and like you don’t like him back. He will act a little bit like a puppy and want your constant approval.

He will send you texts asking you how you feel about him, or he may even hide his insecurity behind a very cocky message like “You’re thinking about me right now, aren’t you?” He basically just wants you to reassure him.

Here’s more on how to compliment a Leo man.

9. He Gets Jealous Over Your Male Relationships

If you didn’t know, Leo men are from the fixed sign family. This means that they really like stability and consistency which can be very positive for being in a relationship, but on the negative side, it also means that Leos can be quite jealous and possessive

You may notice this when you decide to spend time with some of your male friends, or perhaps you and your Leo man are only just in the dating phase and he finds out that you are also seeing other people.

His jealousy will be quite apparent as it is difficult for him to hide. He wants to be your one and only option and he wants you to only spend all of your time with him. He might not be straightforward with you that he doesn’t like this and become very sulky so keep a close eye on this.

10. He Wants You To Meet His Friends And Family

A Leo man is one of the biggest social butterflies in the Zodiac. He likes to be around people and the bonds and relationships he has means the world to him. He is likely very proud of the people he has in his life. 

When a Leo man secretly likes you, he will definitely want you to meet his friends and family. The reason for this is, he wants their approval and have them see what they think of you. Getting the family and friends test is huge!

This means he is probably really into you and thinks the world of you, but he first needs the approval of his nearest and dearest before he can take it to the next level with you. This definitely means business.

11. He Shows Off In Front Of You

When a Leo man secretly likes you, he will do absolutely anything to get her attention. Remember he is quite prideful and he loves attention and admiration, so when he has feelings for you, he is going to lay it on thick.

He just loves the spotlight and he will want to look like his absolute best when he is around you. He wants you to think he is amazing and impressive. You see? Your opinion of him clearly means a lot to him.

He might brag about something, or show you one of his special skills. No matter what it is, all he wants to know is if your attention is on him. This is all that matters to him, he wants you to like him back as much as he likes you! 

Obvious Signs A Leo Man Is Secretly Attracted To You

12. He Gives You Everything You Desire

A Leo man will spend lots of time getting to know you by asking tons of questions. He will find out what your heart desires and he’ll try to give it to you as best as he can within reason. If he knows you adore daisies, he’ll make sure he brings you some next time he takes you out on a date. If you really love dark chocolate, he’ll stock up on all you can eat.

He pays attention to things that matter to you and will do everything to make sure that you experience the things you feel interested in. He’ll gladly take you on a trip to your dream destination if it’s within his financial realm of possibility.

Your Leo man wants to make you happy and see you smiling just for him. Again, you really have to show him appreciation and do thoughtful things back for him so that he feels that you really care for him.

Don’t be surprised when he surprises you randomly with something beautiful you had talked to him about previously. He loves to surprise you and make you laugh or cry tears of joy.

13. He Is Drawn To You

Have you noticed that your Leo man tends to gravitate towards you? You may be in a room of a bunch of people, but he will always choose to speak to you and spend special one on one time together. 

A Leo man does this when he likes you. He is the type of guy who always knows what he wants, and he won’t let anything get in the way of it. He believes he deserves everything he desires, and if he is interested in you, he is going to show it. 

When a Leo man is attracted to you, he is going to try to spend us much time with you as possible. Even the shyest Leo men aren’t very subtle and he’ll make it fairly obvious that he is into you by spending us much time around you as he can. 

14. He Gives You An Intense Stare

A Leo man is a world-class seducer. He knows which moves to pull to make women weak at the knees. It will become very clear to you that this man has skills when he stares into your eyes and makes you believe you are the only woman in the world. 

If he can’t get his eyes on you and keeps his gaze intensely, then chances are good that he is very interested in you. He is acting like a lion with its prey when you are around. He is showing you who is boss. 

He will know that he has you in the palm of his hands when you are the first one to look away. He makes things obvious enough to make you understand that he is interested in you, but this might be the only move he pulls as to confuse you and make you want him more.

How To Tell If A Leo Man Likes You — FAQs

What Does It Mean When A Leo Man Stares At You?

When a Leo man stares at you, there is clearly some interest going on with him regarding you. There is clearly an attraction he feels towards you and it is possible that he feels intrigued by you and wants to get closer to you.

He might be staring at you in the hopes of getting closer to you, or he might want you to make the first move. Go and say hi to him, you never know what that could lead to!

How Do You Tell A Leo Man Is Serious About You?

It is pretty easy to tell when a Leo man is serious about you because these guys like relationships! They have no problem committing to a woman. A Leo man will make all the right moves and make you understand that you are the woman for him.

He will court you, give you attention, introduce you to his friends and family, and make you understand how important you are to him. When it comes to matters of the heart, a Leo man tends to take matters quite seriously.

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Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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10 thoughts on “14 Clear Signs A Leo Man Likes You

  1. I’m dating a leo man He’s quite broken sometimes he’s a leo and other times who are . He was in a relationship for 12yrs and just this past a couple of years started back up talking then things went bad and he’s block her number I’m dont know what she did to him but he’s not a true leo

    1. Hi Melissa!

      Well if he’s not a true Leo then he has a really strong moon sign most likely. What some people do not know is that people’s moon sign and rising sign play a huge role in their personalities. It might be good to find out what your Leo man is. That may help you get a better understanding of his train of thinking. Also you can ask him what happened with her and he should be able to tell you quite honestly. I wish you the best sweetheart!

  2. he have big crush on me, asked where is good place for a date.. i said no matter where, as long im with him.. he telling me many times he loves me

    1. Hi Máret Taija Katerina Koskenkari-Saksa!

      I am so happy to hear that things are working well with your Leo man. It’s important when he’s showing you all the right signs and you’re able to see them. Knowing is half the battle but it sounds like things are wonderful between you. If you ever need more direction, check out my books on Leo Man Secrets. Blessings!

    1. Hi Precious!

      My pleasure in helping you to figure your Leo man out. Yes, get to know him as much as you can. Aside from my articles, I do have books that would be very useful for you getting to know him even better. Check out my Leo Man Secrets books sometime. I think you’ll find some really amazing tips that will help you navigate with your Leo guy. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  3. Anna my Leo guy has a Virgo moon sign. We live in different states so we only see each other a couple times a month for about 3 to 4 days at a time. He’s rarely loose, or lets his guard down to show you how he truly feels. He usually has to be a little buzzed for you to get the truth out of him about how he really fells about you. Then he’ll tell you everything lol. However when he’s just going about day to day he is fun… he’ll call several times a day, he’ll verbally tell you you’re always on my mind so I never get to really miss you and that he cares a great deal. Haven’t been able to get the big 4 letter word out of him yet in over 18 months. Somehow I think it’s linked to his past and the way he was socialize based on all our conversations. He keeps me confused! ??

    1. Hi Tee!

      Yes a Leo with a Virgo moon will be a bit more guarded and careful with his heart. He’ll be more private as well. What you’re telling me is of no surprise with the combination. Well if he’s telling you verbally that you’re on his mind then this is good! That’s the Leo side being open to you. If he doesn’t get time to miss you then give him that time. Don’t always be available for him. Let him chase you as it will excite him and make him appreciate you more. Give it a try! You can also check out my books on Leo Man Secrets.

  4. My Leo is NOT romantic at all, we been together over 2 years and last time we had intercourse was New Years 2020. He is very sarcastic at times and emotionally detached. He has been used n hurt a lot. He is not empathetic nor sympathetic and very out spoken. Me being a Gemini find it hard at times because I’m a touchy feely person and desire attention

    1. Hi Julia!

      Oh no! I’m sorry to hear your Leo guy isn’t romantic. He must have a prominent sign in his chart that makes him less amorous than a regular Leo would be. He may have a strong earth sign as his moon, rising sign or ruling his 4th and 7th houses. That could make him less expressive and less likely to be romantic. I be he is in his own way though. Tell him your needs though. He needs to know or he won’t know to give it to you. You can also check out my books Leo Man Secrets for more tips on how to understand him better!

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