Your Match: Leo Man Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
While the Leo man is filled with fire, Aquarius woman is a air sign. Here is Leo man and Aquarius woman love compatibility score. Keep reading...

While the Leo man is filled with fire, Aquarius woman is a air sign. She has the ability to either soothe his flames or to put his fire out. He has the ability to make her water boil or warm up at the very least. Leo man and Aquarius woman 2020 is important to take a look at.

These two make a hot match with lots of possibility and passion. They have plenty in common and would make a fantastic match up should they try to get a relationship started. Keep reading and find out what Leo man and Aquarius woman compatibility score is.

Chemistry, Leo Male and Aquarius Female

These two are drawn to each other very naturally due to their interests, intellectual pursuits, and of course, their amazing physical beauty. Both are talkative and social so they hit it off right away.

They’ll easily find each other at a bookstore, a wine tasting, a party, or some other celebration where a “meeting of the minds” get-together. They have lots in common and thus make it easy for them to connect.

These two would make excellent partners, lovers, and even creative business partners if they truly wanted to. They both have brilliant ideas. No doubt the Leo man will be very much pulled to the Aquarius woman’s ability to think outside the box.

These two can talk about anything and everything for hours on end. This is the type of couple that can be on the phone for hours talking about their lives, their day, or even just about ideas they have.

They’re both brilliant and can help each other with their careers or desires in life. Truly they get each other and support each other’s goals. This is a darned near perfect match if you ask me.

Sex will be fulfilling if they can take turns “taking the lead”. They both have enough passion to connect on a deeper level when they are intimate with one another.

These two have excellent chemistry and should be able to make a lasting relationship if they truly do want one. The Leo man and Aquarius woman compatibility is mind blowing fantastic.

Aquarius Woman, Who She Is

aquarius woman - Leo man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

The Aquarius woman is highly intelligent, sociable, loves adventure, loves excitement, and is able to come up with some of the most uniquely successful ideas the world has ever known.

She’s confident, she speaks her mind, and she’s slow to commit. The reason she is a bit slower is because she really loves her independence and isn’t sure about sharing it with anyone else.

She’ll be very picky about the partner she chooses as she wants to be able to be certain that the person she picked will be alright with her doing her own thing when she wants to. She doesn’t want to feel tied down.

When the Aquarius woman meets the Leo man, she realizes that he’s the guy she’s been looking for. He just “has it” and she wants it. He’s incredibly good looking, hot in the sack, loyal, and very social.

She may still hold back until she knows that her Leo guy will not give her grief about her personal freedom. There may still need to be some compromise but otherwise, she sees that he’s an amazing guy for her. Leo male and Aquarius female is quite a love bundle.

Leo Man, Who He Is

Leo man Aquarius woman are both quite brilliant, outgoing, full of enthusiasm, willing to try just about anything once, and excited about his future. He’s the king of the jungle so of course he feels the world is his oyster.

Though he may be full of life, he can be full of himself sometimes. However, he also is very good at just about anything he does which more than makes up for any cocky behavior he may display.

When he falls in love, he gives his lady his all. He wants to make her his queen and so he’ll treat her as such. He’s warm, giving, and really cares about what his lady thinks of him.

As the Leo man meets the Aquarius woman, he instantly seems to know that she’s going to be someone he wants to be with for a very long time, if not forever. This is an instant match and he knows it just as she does.

He’ll work hard to make sure that his Aquarius woman knows how much he loves her and how he longs to make sure she’s well taken care. She’s amazing at taking care of herself but she’ll appreciate his efforts as it’s a sweet gesture of love.

Leo Man Aquarius Woman Marriage

The list of reasons these two work is very long. The list of what doesn’t work is far shorter. Truly, these two are a fantastic pairing. In fact I think that this relationship is very much one that leads to marriage.

The Leo man Aquarius woman marriage is probably a Soulmate type of vibration that makes both of them happy for the rest of their lives. They connect intellectually, spiritually, sexually, and shared activities.

Happily, these two will agree on so many things they’ll actually rarely argue. They like the same types of activities so they’ll likely have no trouble deciding what they’re going to do when they spend time together.

Their life values may differ a little bit but they can still find middle ground in which to work from so it shouldn’t be too big of an ordeal for them. Emotionally these two seem to “get” one another.

Somehow they can communicate without even using words at times. They can read each other like a book. These two really are the couple that makes everyone either feel very inspired or very jealous.

Either way these two are a shiny happy couple that hardly ever has any issues that would break them apart. Once they find each other, it locks in somewhat quickly and they bond very tightly.

The Leo man and Aquarius woman compatibility is pretty solid with a few kinks that can be remedied quite simply.

Something else is that the Leo man Aquarius woman marriage is probably one of the tightest knit bonds there are between signs. If you’re an Aquarius woman, the Leo man is what you need.

Again, Leo male and Aquarius female make a union that has the capability to last a lifetime if the Leo man will let his Aquarius woman in. She will show him the world he’s always craved.

Leo Man Aquarius Woman In Bed

leo sign - Leo man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

The Leo man feels incredibly connected to his Aquarius lady. He admires her brains, her beauty, and her ideas about life. He feels that she’s what he’s always wanted in a woman.

Once the Leo man falls in love with the Aquarius woman, he will give her his all. He may be a little frustrated in the beginning because she’s not easy to get. She’s cautious and has to be sure that he’s not going to clip her wings.

He is willing to do just about anything necessary to prove to her that he can be trusted and that she can remain who she is. There may need to be a little compromise but nothing outlandish or difficult.

The Leo man Aquarius woman in bed matchup is definitely one that can stand the test of time once they truly connect. This couple is inspiring to most others.

In the bedroom, these two can create a beautiful experience. The Leo man will appreciate his Aquarius lady and form a very strong bond through sex and sharing emotional oneness.

Sure makes you think of the Leo man and Aquarius woman 2020 sexual experience doesn’t it? Keep diving in deeper my friends. Also the Leo man Aquarius woman marriage is all a glow with an incredible life ahead.

Leo Man with Aquarius Woman Problems

There aren’t very many serious issues between these two. However, there can be some snags that could create future issues if they don’t discuss, compromise, and move forward.

The Leo man may struggle with how much Aquarius woman wants time to herself. Aquarius woman loves her independence and freedom. She doesn’t like anyone trying to take it away from her.

She will fight to maintain her solitude when she can get it. Leo man will have to get over his insecurity in thinking she’s up to no good. Trust can be formed with these two but they will have to work at it.

He needs to understand that when she wants time to herself, she’s not using it to go betray him. She’s also not doing it to hurt him or punish him. Basically, he needs to not take it so personally.

Once they get this figured out, they should be able to work past any other tribulations that may pop up throughout their relationship together. They definitely have more going for them than not so they should be able to overcome anything.

Leo Man with Aquarius Woman Breakup

A potential deal breaker between the Leo man Aquarius woman is when she isn’t willing to give him more of her time. She may decide that what she is doing or wants is more important.

Her ignoring him or leaving him alone often will result in him possibly looking elsewhere for the attention he craves thus causing him to leave her for someone else. He wants lots of attention and needs to feel wanted.

Aquarius woman could potentially also decide that Leo man is too needy and decides her freedom is more important so she calls it quits. It’s not very likely either of them will get to this point but it IS possible.

If they do reach a point of break up, they will likely discuss with each other why this break up is happening and why it couldn’t be prevented. On that same note, they may discover what went wrong and how they can fix it.

A break up between these two isn’t very likely but in the event that it does happen, they could easily patch things up and find each other back together just like a flash of lightning.

Ultimately as long as they respect each other, the break up can be easily done with amicable feelings. They can also find that the problems they had can be fixed or worked on thus giving it another chance.

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Final Score

The final score with the Leo man Aquarius woman is exceedingly high. They’re just such a lovely couple that any negatives they may have, can have solutions that bring them great happiness.

When I think of the scoring being 1 to 10, I give them a very solid 9. They are not absolutely perfect as no two people are but these two could give any other couple a run for their money.

This pair can make outstanding life partners. They can also make incredible business partners if they can combine their ideas and implement action. Both are definitely about creating success and they both have the willpower to get it done.

When they unite, the Leo man and Aquarius woman compatibility is a darned near perfect fit for each other. They’re much alike and relate to each other very well. They’re also able to overcome any small issue that may come their way.

They aren’t likely to let things fester and get to the point of calling it quits. I’m not saying that none of them ever do but most of them don’t. Anything and everything is possible but these two do seem to have what it takes to make it last.

When you see inspiring couples that make you believe in love again, it may very well be a Leo man and Aquarius woman match. There are some terrific possibilities between these two.

They will likely have a successful marriage and be amazing parents to their future children should they decide to have some. They’ll both work hard and make sure their kids have the best life possible.

Aquarius woman will be nurturing and loving to her Leo man and to their children. She’ll be an excellent mother. Leo man will be an excellent father who will teach the kids how to be proud of themselves and how to work hard for success.

All in all, there isn’t much more I can say about this dynamic duo. They are what seem to be, “destined” to succeed in life and in love with each other. Compromise is the biggest tool they have in their emotional bank.

Once Leo male and Aquarius female talk and implement the compromises, they’ll have a dream life together that will only be enhanced by their desires to make their dreams a reality that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

The Leo man and Aquarius woman compatibility is the ideal match. Naturally there may be other factors involved as each person is different. They will have to truly take the time needed to fully get to know one another.

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Did you know that Justin Theroux (Leo) and Jennifer Anniston (Aquarius) were married from 2015 to 2017? They were a power couple for sure. It seems neither of them have remarried as of yet. Perhaps there is still a chance.

Are you an Aquarius woman in love with Leo man? Tell me how everything is working for you!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

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  1. COULDNTTTT AGREE ANYMORE WITH THIS !! I am an Aquarius Woman and the love of my life is a Leo Lol ! I honestly can say this is the best relationship of my life or the closest I have ever been I just feel it in my heart He’s the one for me.. I’ve been in this predicament before with a (Gemini) I got real close but after the break up when Gemini pursued me I wasn’t for it I didn’t give a shit I gave too much and got too little I was done playing . Fast forward now to my Leo ❤️ I absolutely love him and adore him as a friend as a person. I give and receive, although we did go through a break up For whatever reasons my crazy Aquarius mind can fathom but that space is just what I needed to realize I want this forever , my advice is Just Be strong minded and stay True to yourself ; I’ve noticed my Leo man has a very strong sense and way of thinking I’ve seen it with people he can sometimes make so much sense it causes you to question your own ? but as I am true to my self and move to my own Beat wich I’ve noticed he loves lol just keep originality And Fight For What you LOVE it was hard at first being vulnerable, putting myself out there but it is so worth it I wouldn’t give this relationship up for nothing in the world.. yes through the bad I still wouldn’t.when I tell you guys my relationship has rained ? more then gave rainbows ? I truly mean it But I Fought for it .. and the out come is sweet!
    My first love was a Sagittarius ♐️
    My second close to love was a Gemini ♊️ and I know what love is THIS is what I want is Leo ♌️

    1. Hi Santanadatbaby!

      Wonderful! I’m so glad you wrote in and shared your experience as an Aquarius woman with a Leo man. I am so glad you identify with the article. I’m also happy to hear of your relationship success. I wish you two a beautiful path ahead. If you need any more information on the Leo man, you should check out my books on Leo Man Secrets.

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