Leo Man and Scorpio Woman in Bed: Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What are Leo man and Scorpio woman like when it comes to intimacy and sex? Here are some information regarding the Leo man and Scorpio woman in bed.

What are Leo man and Scorpio woman like when it comes to intimacy and sex? Are they a hit or do they need a bit of work? Should they bother or should they look elsewhere? Keep reading for some important information regarding the Leo man and Scorpio woman in bed.

Sexual Tension Between Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

From the start, these two are sexually attracted to each other. Leo is one of the most attractive signs of the males and Scorpio woman is one of the sexiest of the women’s signs.

That being said, from a physical stance, they will be enamored with each other right away. This is what initiates them to want to talk or be near each other. From there, they feel a tension that can be cut with a knife.

Both begin to want each other in the worst way. Leo is very physical and wants to get Scorpio lady into bed as soon as possible. Scorpio lady will want her super attractive Leo man to romance her.

She may not be as willing as he is to dive into bed but then again, if he can romance her enough then possibly the two may end up bed buddies rather quickly. It depends on each individual person.

Whether she will let him in right away or not, she will definitely want him. They will flirt like crazy with each other and set the pace of letting each other know that they are desired.

This can actually be quite fun for them both if they draw it out a bit. It helps things build and basically when the two finally do have sex; it will be quite explosive for them both.

Can Leo man and Scorpio woman be Friends with Benefits?

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

While the Scorpio woman has the reputation of being a very sexual woman, she does actually have some standards. She’s looking for someone she can cultivate a deep emotional and spiritual connection with.

She isn’t just looking for a layup like some may think. Scorpio is very sexy but she’s not necessarily a player. I’m not saying that all Scorpio women are the same though. There are variances according to moon sign or rising sign.

There may be some Scorpio women that have no trouble tumbling into bed with a sexy Leo man and not think twice. However, most Scorpio women will tie sex with emotions and therefore want to fall in love and have a relationship.

Can these two be just friends with benefits? Yes. If the Leo man finds a Scorpio woman who is a bit more open to having fun and no strings then they absolutely can have this type of setup.

Again, most Scorpio women won’t go for it but inevitably there are some that may very well want an uncomplicated situation by having a Leo friend that she occasionally is able to be sexually free with.

It’s a possibility but it’s not too common. Leo man doesn’t mind having a no strings attached situation but he too would rather find a woman to settle down with and have a real connection.

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Sexual Compatibility between Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

Leo Man Scorpio Woman Sexual Compatibility

As much as I’d love to tell you that this is the hottest couple there is, there are things that make their union a bit more complicated than that. They’re drawn to each other for sure however, they see things differently.

Scorpio woman is looking for a deeply spiritual connection and sharing her body is a very important experience for her. When she shares herself, she wants to know there is some return for it. She wants her soul mate, not just any guy.

When the Leo man has sex, he’s on an emotionally different level than the Scorpio woman. He cares for her but he doesn’t run as deeply as she is and this means they do not connect on that really deep level Scorpio woman craves.

Leo man is about adventure and having fun. This will be sort of at odds with Scorpio woman’s need to have a really deep bonding experience. He’ll try his best and will do what she asks but he does love to also take the lead.

When Scorpio woman tells Leo man what she needs, he’ll do whatever he can to try to match it but he will fall short because if he isn’t feeling the spiritual connection, he can’t possibly know what she needs.

They can have good sex for sure but it may not be as fulfilling for the Scorpio woman as it may be for the Leo man. He’ll enjoy the heck out of it but she will feel something is missing.

If she’s looking for fun or a fling then she doesn’t have to look very far. Leo man can fulfill that for her. If she wants something deep and meaningful however, she’ll have to keep her search on most likely.

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The Score for Leo Man and Scorpio Woman Sexually

While there is possibility between these two to have a hot time, they have to both be there mentally and emotionally which is hard to come by. Scorpio woman wants more than Leo man may be able to give.

However if the Leo man falls deeply in love with her then maybe he can give her the connection she’s looking for and can find the spiritual ties she wants. Otherwise she may not be satisfied with the sexual experience with Leo man.

When all these two are looking for is a roll in the hay to enjoy themselves, they’ll be really have a good time. Both are seductive, sexy, and romantic. If they want more than sex though, they’ll have to really work on it.

Hot mixture if it’s just for play. If it’s for more, it won’t be quite the fireworks they’re looking for but could become that way with time and effort from each of them.

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