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Your Match: Leo man and Libra Woman Compatibility

The Leo man being fire and the Libra woman being air, she knows how to either make his flames burn higher in love or how to soothe the savage beast with cooling wind.

These two may just balance each other out which brings a healthy love that can triumph over any problem that may come up. They can teach each other important life lessons and grow from it. This relationship is rather enjoyable. Keep reading and find out what planets say about Leo man and Libra woman compatibility.


There absolutely is no denying how sexually attracted Leo man and Libra woman are with each other. There is tension that is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. Libra woman loves beauty and she’ll find Leo man to be rather delicious.

The Leo man will find the Libra woman filled with mystery, sexual energy, and charisma. They both have these things in common and are why they are highly drawn to one another.

Leo man and Libra woman in bed are a hot item and make each other very excited being near one another intimately. They bring each other great joy.

Looking past the initial sexual attraction, they begin talking and find that they have many things in common which helps them to actually start a fiery relationship.

Eventually they begin to really teach each other important life values that they perhaps didn’t know before. They will create and maintain a sense of balance which is something Libra women looks for in a love relationship.

Leo is loyal and stable which is something Libra woman really wants in order to feel safe and secure. He will feel that she’s intellectually charged and this will turn him on beyond measure.

These two respect one another and share in responsibility within their relationship. This is a “grown up” type of love relationship. It feels mature and it will help them to grow as people both as a couple and separately as individuals.

The other thing is that the Leo man Libra woman problems really aren’t anything big and can be pushed through quite easily. They really complement each other and enjoy spending time.

Libra Woman, Who She Is

Libra zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Leo man and Libra Woman Compatibility

The Libra woman is sophisticated with great style. She wants to wear the best of everything and look amazing at all times. She knows that even if she’s only going to the grocery store, she may run into someone who knows her.

Libra women won’t take the risk of looking drab. She’s highly intelligent and motivated in her life. She aims to be as successful as she can and to know all the right people who are in the same field she happens to be working in.

A Libra woman knows how to blend well in social situations and loves to be around lots of other people. When she falls in love, she falls deeply. However, to her potential mate, she may seem indecisive.

When a Libra woman meets a man, she second guesses herself and what she feels. She over analyzes everything and can cause confusion within her relationship. She will no doubt cause a bit of confusion with her Leo man.

She’ll be super drawn in to him by his devilishly handsome look and sexual prowess. However, she’ll then wonder if she’s being too shallow and whether or not this is the real deal. Eventually she figures out that it IS.

Leo Man, Who He Is

The Leo man is always doing his best to succeed in his career and in his life. He takes great pride in everything he does. He looks for the one woman that will get where he is coming from and praise him for it.

The Leo man wants to be the breadwinner type that commands attention wherever he goes. The lady at his side will need to either be on board with this or she’ll at the very least, need to be supportive.

He feels that being social is very important to success in life and in business. He’ll want to get out and about as often as possible. You may meet the right people who help you boost your career or motivation up.

When Leo man meets Libra woman, a soul mate relationship emerges. These two seem to understand each other with high amounts of respect and true attraction. They have no trouble going out together often.

They love showing each other off for one. These two also love meeting new people who can help them raise their status in their social circle. Leo man will adore what the Libra woman can provide for him.

What Works Between Leo Man and Libra Woman

What seems to be one of the best things that the Leo man and Libra woman couple shares is their emotions. They somehow know how to balance and work with each other.

A Libra woman won’t go out of her way to insult her Leo man or criticize him. In fact, she appreciates him and understands where he’s coming from. He will also understand that she can be indecisive at times and he doesn’t mind helping her.

The level of respect here is very high and this allows the two to easily open up to each other and talk about their feelings. They aren’t typically going to be too entirely moody around each other.

Between these two will be a steady calmness in which both of them can rely. In fact, the Leo man and Libra woman marriage should be a rather smooth sail for them.

Their capacity to talk about important issues or talk about any disagreements they may have is very stable. Neither of them flies off the handle and assumes anything. They can talk steadily and productively.

They’re also very sexually compatible. Their time between the sheets will be enjoyable and fulfilling for the both of them. They seem to know what each other want and are able to meet their needs.

Life values between these two are fairly similar. On the things that may be different, they’re likely to find some middle ground or compromise that will work for them in order to proceed with their life plans or goals.

The Leo man and Libra woman family will be a happy one once they decide to have children. There isn’t much that plagues or troubles this beautiful and level headed couple.

Leo Man And Libra Woman In Bed

Leo sign with birth date - Leo man and Libra Woman Compatibility

Leo man and Libra woman in bed are really two firecrackers together. They are sultry and passionate. The two cannot keep their hands off each other.

At first sight, Leo man is very drawn in to how insanely sexy the Libra woman is. He cannot keep his eyes off her and wants to pursue her. He can feel that she may be what he’s looking for.

When he starts talking to her, he learns how smart she is and how driven for success she is with her life. He can appreciate her lust for life and her desire to be at the top of her career/business.

She has tenacity and passion in life that matches his own which makes him desire her in a way that he doesn’t with other signs. From the get go, they seem to just easily “get” each other.

She impresses him with her charms and her flirty ways. However, when he sees her flirty ways around others, it may rouse his suspicions and jealousy. She’ll need to be very careful how she talks or interacts with others.

Sexually speaking, these two are scorching hot. Libra woman doesn’t mind at all that Leo man takes the lead. She’s not always sure what or how to take the approach and so it brings her comfort that he’s on it.

Leo man is turned on by his Libra woman with all her sexual reciprocity. They mesh well and sex is typically very satisfying for the both of them, though Libra woman will need to speak up from time to time if she wishes to change things up in order to maintain excitement.

The bottom line is that Leo man and Libra woman in bed are pretty hot together. They can have the most gratifying sex life together as two people can have. I give them thumbs up!

Leo Man Libra Woman Problems

Leo man Libra woman problems are far and few. Their worst issue would be regarding trust. Libra woman has a hard time trusting and it takes her time to fully feel she can open up to her Leo man.

Leo man will open up to his Libra woman but he will take issue with how incredibly flirty she can be when they’re out socializing. They both really do love to be social but he may find himself getting angry sometimes with how she is around other guys.

She doesn’t mean to be that flirty really. She’s very nice and she wants to get what she wants in life and so she’s accustomed to using her charms in order to enhance her situation or status in life.

This stays with her and can come across as the wrong type of flirting which is where Leo man will hold issue. He will think she is either trying to make him jealous on purpose or he won’t like her even being too friendly with other men.

These two need to really learn how to trust each other better. She needs to tone it down when she’s out with others and he needs to understand that she’s not flirting for the sake of getting in bed with someone else.

It’s a delicate balance that will have to be worked on for these two in order to survive the problems that the lack of trust could cause. Other than this, they really do work well in other areas of their lives.

There is a potential for them to vary or be at odds on the shared activities they have in life. Leo may be a bit sportier and Libra woman may be a bit more intellectually stimulated.

They could have very different interests that cause them to spend time apart from time to time. It’s not a problem if both can agree to allow each other space to do these things.

However, if they do not trust one another, this could cause yet another rift if they are not careful in their approach. They need to discuss their needs and desires together so they can find some middle ground.

Leo Man with Libra Woman Breakup

The likely candidate for breaking this couple up would be the Leo man. Libra woman may understand that it needs to happen and she should go ahead and let him know when she’s questioning things.

However, Libra woman can be rather indecisive and could have a hard time actually making that final call that would end the relationship. She’ll mull it over and be convinced it’s the right thing but then will change her mind again thus pushing her back to square one.

Leo man is more about making choices and taking action. If he knows his Libra woman is unhappy or that it’s just not working for the two of them, he’ll let her know it by talking to her.

The Leo man Libra woman problems aren’t really that bad typically but when they are and they must part, they will understand the reason why.

The good news is, these two are more than likely able to talk it all over and break up amicably. They may remain friends for many years or they could even potentially find a way to get back together.

Break up is very low between the Leo man and Libra woman. They’re just too good together. However, trust IS an issue so if either of them breaks that trust, it would be a deal breaker for them both.

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Final Score

There is so much good to say about the Leo man and Libra woman that it’s hard to find the bad. In scoring this match on a scale from 1 to 10, I give them a nice 7.5. They will have to work on it but as long as they talk, they should make it.

Leo man Libra woman problems are nearly non-existent so these two are good to go with all they can offer each other.

Trust can be a huge issue if they don’t learn to understand each other’s communication techniques when it comes to other people. They’re both outgoing and will have fun getting out there together.

They will want to show each other off and revel in the love that they have between them. This makes this coupling a wonderful match. Just some minor tweaking and this duo can make a love that lasts a lifetime.

They should be honest with each other from the get go and maintain that honesty through and through. Talking is easy for them and so is relating to one another. As long as Leo man and Libra woman trust each other, they can dominate the world together!

The Leo man and Libra woman in bed are a united force to be reckoned with. They definitely become exceedingly close and be the couple that make other couples jealous.

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Leo guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

One last thing interesting thing I’d like to share with you is: did you know that gorgeous and tasty actor Jason Momoa is a Leo man? I don’t know how long his marriage will last with wife actress Lisa Bonet will last.

Astrologically they’re not too compatible. Maybe one of you lovely ladies still has hope to snag him up!

Are you a Libra woman who has found her Leo man’s weaknesses with her? Tell me all about your compatibility!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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