What are the Leo Man’s Erogenous Zones?

Are you dating or seeing a luscious Leo man and wondering what you can do to give him the ultimate pleasure? Here is a list of a Leo man's erogenous zones.

Are you dating or seeing a luscious Leo man and wondering what you can do to give him the ultimate pleasure? Perhaps you haven’t had sex with him and want a heads up on the right spots for him. Keep reading for information on where Leo man’s erogenous zones are.

What He Likes

This man is all about his back and spine area. It’s odd I know but trust me when I tell you that he absolutely loves massages, scratching, biting, and soft kissing. If you do any or all of these on his back, he’ll be done for.

Try gently grazing your nails down his neck, back, and just above his buttocks. This will turn him on very quickly and will make him feel chills of desire. Don’t be surprised if you do actually see these chills emerge in his skin.

You can even do this while he still has a t-shirt on. If you don’t have nails, you may want to try to go up under his shirt while you’re making out with him and gently rub up and down his spine with your fingertips.

This feeling will stimulate his senses and open him up to being a bit more intimate. Leo men are physical guys and so they’ll welcome this type of action with him as it lets him know you want him.

Leo man wants to feel wanted. Give him a reason to stick around and give you more of his time by showing him intimately by something so simple as being gentle and touching his most vulnerable area of his body.

Another Approach

A good-looking man getting a back massage lying down - Leo man's erogenous zones

Since the Leo man’s erogenous zone is his back, you have to find ways to stimulate it. I mentioned two methods so far. Another one will be if he’s been working hard all week and mentions he has a sore back.

Offer to give him a massage. He won’t turn you down. You can even get creative and use some essential oils that will relax yet arouse him. Jasmine is a nice fresh sent and stimulant as is ylang-ylang. Rose oil is very nice but clary sage will work well too.

Earth scents also can turn a man on. You may actually want to ask him what his favorite scent is or what does it for him. Then keep that in your memory bank for when you plan to give him a massage.

Get yourself a bottle of the oil and give him a very soft and sensual massage for his back. He will be in heaven and will get very aroused to you. He’ll know that you care and he’ll feel attracted to your essence.

Start at the bottom of his spine near his buttocks. Then slowly work your way up using your palms and almost making circles with them on each side of the spine then in the middle. While you work your way up, it will absolutely relieve him and turn him on.

Using Kissing

Leo men love to kiss! That being said, you can implement kissing and/or nibbling his neck and back. While making out, you can start to wander by nibbling on his neck or maybe an earlobe.

If you’re bold, ask him to take his shirt off, if he doesn’t already have it off. In the event he’s not ready to have sex, you can just tell him, you want to touch him and that sex isn’t required.

It’s not likely he’ll turn you down though. Leo men love getting affection. He’ll be curious as to why you want to take his shirt off but he’ll comply. Have him lay on his stomach.

Once he does this, you will start at the top of his neck and behind his ears with gently kissing, licking, and nibbling. Then work your way down his back very slowly until you reach the bottom of his back near the top of his buttocks.

It’s highly likely he’s going to grab you and suddenly become very aggressive with you but it will be in a good way. He will be so entirely turned on that he will want to make you feel it.

I would venture to guess that you will be the most turned on you’ve ever been in your life when he just grabs you and takes you like the strong man he is. Even if you’re typically the type to take charge, stop and enjoy what he wants to give you.

The Leo man is very passionate and even though you initiated it with working on his erogenous zone, you will absolutely receive his response in dividends. This man wants to show you the ultimate pleasure.

He will do this because he wants it but also so that he’ll get really positive feedback from having given you his all.

The Other Leo Man’s Erogenous Zone

whispering to male ear - Leo man's erogenous zones

He does have another one aside from his back that isn’t mentioned on any other website. This is his brain! You wouldn’t think it but seriously though, if you can stimulate his mind, he’s putty in your hands.

Talking dirty to him and telling him what you’d like for him to do to you will send him into a frenzy! He’ll hardly be able to contain himself. Especially if you text tease him all day long. He’ll be ready to take you when he sees you.

You can try sending him a dirty text or two everyday all week long until you see him again. It will build up for him and so that when he’s with you, he’s going to want to pay up and give you what you asked him for.

It’s a good way of telling him what you like so that he knows exactly what to do and isn’t left trying to figure it out. It’s also a huge turn on for him. Give him lots of sexual innuendo. He’ll eat it up and want to show you everything he’s got.

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Leo guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

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