Leo Man Erogenous Zones All Women Should Know About

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you dating or seeing a luscious Leo man and wondering what you can do to give him the ultimate pleasure? Here is a list of a Leo man erogenous zones.

Are you dating or seeing a luscious Leo man and wondering where do Leos like to be touched? Look no further! I will give you all the information you need about Leo man erogenous zones and what you can do to give him the ultimate pleasure.

Perhaps you haven’t had sex with him and want a heads-up on the right spots for him.

Leo is a fire Zodiac sign associated with passion and creativity. With that in mind, he tends to be confident and assertive in bed. He enjoys being in charge and taking control.

Getting your Leo man turned on is not limited to the area below the belt, you know. Other parts of his body are also extremely sensitive to touch, vibration, and pressure. These regions are called erogenous zones! They contribute to the splendor of male sexual excitement since they have a lot of nerve endings.

Are you curious to know more about erogenous zones of a Leo man? Then be sure to keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about these guys in the bedroom!

What A Leo Likes In Bed — Basics

This man is all about his back and spine area. Leo rules the heart, the spine, and the back, so special attention needs to be given to these areas. It’s odd, I know, but trust me when I tell you that he absolutely loves massages, scratching, biting, and soft kissing. If you do any or all of these on his back, he’ll be done for.

Try gently grazing your nails down his neck, back, and just above his buttocks. This will turn him on very quickly and make him feel chills of desire. Don’t be surprised if you actually see these chills emerge in his skin.

You can even do this while he still has a t-shirt on. If you don’t have nails, you may want to try to go up under his shirt while you’re making out with him and gently rub up and down his spine with your fingertips.

Leo wants to feel wanted. Give him a reason to stick around and give you more of his time by showing him you care by doing something so simple as being gentle and touching his most vulnerable area of his body.

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Where Do Leo Men Like To Be Touched?

Having in mind that Leo rules the heart, spine, and back, these are the parts you should focus on. This is the body he adores being touched.

Touching and kissing these areas is very pleasurable for a Leo man. Ladies, remember that the chest, back, and shoulders are often sensitive and can be very arousing for a Leo man.

Also, Leo is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is located in the upper abdomen. Stimulating and touching this area will definitely help to increase his feelings of confidence and power and will turn him on.

Giving extra attention to the erogenous zone during foreplay can increase pleasure, encourage blood flow, and relax your Leo guy.

If you want to get him riled up, you need to touch him as much as possible. This will make him go crazy for you!

5 Most Arousing Leo Man Erogenous Zones All Women Should Know

1. Upper Back 

Leo men crave touch and intimacy. The upper back is a sensitive area for a Leo man. Leo men are ruled by the Sun, which is associated with strength and vitality, which is why they particularly like being touched in this area.

They especially like this area to be massaged and stimulated to increase pleasure and arousal. Offer to give him a massage. He won’t turn you down. You can even get creative and use some essential oils that will relax yet arouse him. Jasmine is a nice, fresh scent and stimulant, as is ylang-ylang. Rose oil is very nice, but clary sage will work well too.

Earth scents can also turn a Leo man on. You may actually want to ask him what his favorite scent is or what it does for him. Then keep that in your memory bank for when you plan to give him a massage.

2. Brain

He does have another one aside from his back that isn’t mentioned on any other website. This is his brain! You wouldn’t think it, but seriously, if you can stimulate his mind, he’s putty in your hands.

Talking dirty to him and telling him what you’d like for him to do to you will send him into a frenzy! He’ll hardly be able to contain himself. Especially if you text-tease him all day long. He’ll be ready to take you when he sees you.

You can try sending him a dirty text or two every day all week until you see him again. It will build up for him, so that when he’s with you, he’s going to want to pay up and give you what you asked him for.

It’s a good way of telling him what you like so that he knows exactly what to do and isn’t left trying to figure it out. It’s also a huge turn-on for him. Give him lots of sexual innuendo. He’ll eat it up and want to show you everything he’s got.

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3. His Nape Of The Neck 

This is also a sensitive erogenous area for a Leo man. He finds it pleasurable, and you need to put your fingers to action and gently massage it. Run your fingers through his hair, ending them in the back part of the neck where the hairline ends.

This is also a good way to relieve stress and tension your Leo may have accumulated during the day. Just place your hands on either side of his neck and apply gentle pressure with your fingers and your thumbs. This will make him extremely relaxed.

4. His Arms

When it comes to sexual and sensual pleasures, you should not forget about Leo’s arms. These areas are particularly responsive to touch and stimulation.

Touch his arms gently. This feeling will stimulate his senses and open him up to being a bit more intimate. Leo men are physical guys, and so they’ll welcome this type of action with him as it lets him know you want him.

Praise him and compliment him a lot. Leo men enjoy compliments! He can never get enough, so do this as often as you would like!

5. His Inner Thighs

This is a highly sensitive intimate area that brings pleasure and arousal to a Leo man. Touching his inner thighs can really get him going, especially because his inner thighs are the path to his package.

So ladies, move your fingers around his thighs, massage him gently, and work your magic!

Give him compliments while you are pressing your fingers together and rubbing your hand against his crotch. Doing these sexy things to make him feel good is something he will appreciate a lot.

The soft tissue surrounding his testicles is packed with nerve endings, so it is important to ask him how much pressure he prefers. You can also lightly trace your nails along his inner thighs. This will give him so much pleasure!

4 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life With A Leo Man

1. Play Flirty Games

Leo is a cheeseball. There’s no getting around it. It’s part of his charm though, so I know that you appreciate this side of him. He likes to mess around, hence his notorious boyish sense of humor. 

Due to Leo’s childish nature, we know that he is inclined to turn everything into a game. This can be frustrating when it’s your relationship on the line! Despite this, it’s important to utilize Leo’s natural tendencies. This is why playing games to improve your love life is a great bet, in my experience.

Leo’s also love love. This is why combining lighthearted games and romance is a great way to add some sauciness to your relationship. Sexy dice, couple’s truth or dare, and naked Twister are all great games that will speak to the childlike part of your Leo while inviting him to get more passionate about your relationship.

I suggest that you bring out the game when you’re bored to liven things up. It might also be a good way to break the tension after a fight. Another pro tip is to let Leo win sometimes! That opportunity to bolster his confidence will make him feel like celebrating with you, likely in a sexy way.

2. Make Sex A Topic Of Conversation

Ever get to the point with your Leo where sex is just flung to the wayside? No shame in that, it’s happened to the best of us. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t have you wondering how to make it a bigger focus in your relationship. 

Leos are ruled by the Sun, the most luminous body in our sky. As a result, they like to cast a light on things. What is hidden away from sight is not going to speak to them. They vibe a lot more with topics that don’t have an air of heaviness surrounding them. Light, bright, and bold is the Leo way of life. 

If you want your Leo to be more into sex, then remove the taboo. After sex, try telling Leo what you enjoyed in a coy way. Ask him what his favorite part of sex with you is. Ask him what thoughts he pleasures himself with. It can be strange at first, if this isn’t normal for the two of you. Once the stigma is broken down around the sex then Leo feels freer to let you know his scandalous desires!

Keep the focus on the positives of sex. Instead of telling Leo where he is failing, make it more about emphasizing what he’s great at. Ask that he take the same approach with you. When there is no fear of judgment the sexy convos can flow, and I’ll guarantee things are going to get spicier real quick, babe!

3. Assume The Best Of Him

In a relationship, you have 50% of the influence. You hold a huge stake here! Your approach to love is powerful, and can impact the passion that is flowing between you both. This is why it’s important to ensure there are no blocks between you and your Leo lover. Blocks arise when there is judgment between the partners. 

This is exactly why you need to ditch all of your assumptions about your Leo guy. Leo operates best when he is being seen for all of his goodness, not nitpicked for his flaws. Leo subconsciously views himself as a King and wants nothing more than adoration and to be seen for his positive qualities. Especially with you! 

My suggestion is to turn every negative thought about Leo on its head. Start paying attention to all of the negative things you assume you know about him. If you think he’s lazy, try thinking of him as a work in progress instead of a fixed object. He does have the power to rise to the occasion for you, but only if he’s bolstered by your support.

Remember, a Leo will match what your assumption of him is. He will shine as brightly as you believe he can. When he is enabled by his partner to be the best version of himself, he is feeling confident enough to sweep you off your feet. A Leo who feels the love is going to give it right back. You’ll find your love life heating up fast with this little internal exercise! 

4. Have Fun Dates As Often As Possible

Leo is ruled by the Sun, making him as impossible to ignore as that brilliant orb in the sky. As a result, Leo likes to be where the people are. They enjoy being the center of attention. In addition, they love to show off! It’s important to activate this aspect of the Leo to increase his loving engagements with you.

I always recommend that you and your Leo get out and be seen. He’ll love showing you off and you’ll feel like a queen with your king when you’re out on the town. Heavily frequented and popular spots are a good bet. Bars are a great place to bring a Leo since inhibitions are lowered and he can be in his fiery element. 

It’s also a good idea to consider where Leo could show off his skills. If your Leo is athletic, consider a rock-climbing wall where he can (literally) come out on top. Karaoke is a great bet as well, since every Leo has a diva inside of them. 

Leos usually have a soft spot for movies and theater too. Anything with a relatable hero is going to trip Leo’s trigger. Keep it fun, light, but… maybe a little over the top. Superhero movies were made for Leos!

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