Leo Man And Taurus Woman – The Real Potential Of The Relationship

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How do Leo men and Taurus women get along? What is the real potential of this relationship? Are you a match made in heaven – or is this a relationship doomed to fail? Here’s the truth about your passionate connection:  

How do Leo men and Taurus women get along? What is the real potential of this relationship? Are you a match made in heaven – or is this a relationship doomed to fail? Here’s the truth about your passionate connection:  

Is your Leo guy the one for you? Is your relationship one that can stand the test of time? What do you have in common – and what do you need to watch out for? Are you great communicators, and do you share common values? 

These, and more, are important questions to ask yourselves when starting out, and the truth is that Leo men and Taurus women have great potential! You are both “fixed signs,” which make you consistent and reliable, but most of all, committed

You also share a very romantic streak, which can be the basis of your relationship together. There’s no shortage of love here! 

Sure, you have your stubborn sides, and it’s often a question of who gets the remote (or chooses the restaurant, where to live and so on), but at the end of the day you adore each other.

Here’s how you’re going to communicate, how intimate you will get, and some other important common areas that can shed some light on your bond and help you be the best you can be for each other: 

Leo Man And Taurus Woman Emotional Connection

Leo Man And Taurus Woman Emotional Connection

Do you and your Leo guy have a strong emotional connection? We all want to feel safe, secure and emotionally understood, right? 

You tend to both need a lot of romance, so that is something that forms a strong emotional bond in your relationship! You love being with someone who is equally as eager as you are to invest in passion and love. On this level, you are totally connected.

You’ll find, Taurus, that your Leo man is more easily able to express themselves emotionally than you are – they’re just a lot more dramatic and passionate. This may be overwhelming for you at times, when all you need is peace and quiet! 

For example, Leo men are not afraid of confrontation, whereas you’d prefer things to stay drama-free. In this way, your emotional connection can sometimes suffer, and it’s important that you understand each other’s need for expression as well as harmony. 

Leo Man And Taurus Woman Communication

Leo Man And Taurus Woman Communication

Communication is the foundation of any relationship. In fact, you could even say that it’s the most important part of a relationship! Without being able to talk, you don’t have very much going for you as a pair.

So, do you and your Leo fella talk nicely? Well, Taurus, you’re the type of lady that doesn’t do drama, and so your way of communicating is often very harmonious, calm, and patient. You seldom kick up a fuss and you’re not a shouter! 

This really helps, as your Leo guy is the one that’s a bit of a drama queen! He’s a fire sign, after all, and he can come off as aggressive at times. Your patience and no-drama attitude can either settle him or ruffle his feathers! 

He’ll soon see, Taurus, that you’re not the person he can be heated with, and although it’s frustrating, this does prevent conflict in the long run.

In fact, the greater danger to your relationship is your shared stubbornness – when you both believe you’re right, there is no budging you, and there’s just no winning on each side! Practice being adaptable, and you’ll find your communication is that much smoother. 

Leo Man And Taurus Woman Common Values

It’s said that common values form a very important foundation in a relationship. That you can disagree about smaller things, but when it comes to beliefs, politics, education, and important topics such as family, you need to be – mostly – on the same page! 

So, what do your signs share in common? Where can you meet, understand and agree? 

One thing you will agree on is commitment. Both of you value this quality in a relationship, which means that you will most likely share views on marriage, for example. You’ll both also likely want to have a solid home and start a family

This is particularly important for your Leo man, Taurus, which you may be rather happy to hear about! Home is a huge value for you, and you deeply value the stability family life offers. 

However, you may not share all your values, as you are both stubborn people. If, for example, your Leo guy is religious and you’re not, Taurus, there is no way in the world that you will change your mind, particularly if he tries to make you! 

Your values are integral to your identity, Taurus, and they make you who you are. If they ever do change, it’ll be your choice, and only yours. This may be hard for a dominant Leo man to accept, and may cause a rift between you. 

He will have to accept that your strong values are probably a big part of what attracted him to you, and why he admires you so much! Sure, he’s not calling the shots, but your strength and integrity can be a major attractor for him. 

So, Taurus, it’s likely that you may share some important values, like commitment, home and family, but some other topics may be harder for you to agree on. Your job is to try and meet in the middle, and compromise – which Is not always easy! 

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Leo Man And Taurus Woman Intimacy

Intimacy! Chemistry! Isn’t that what makes us fall in love in the first place? So how do you and your Leo fella match up in when it comes to the closeness and physical connection between the two of you? 

Well, it’s passionate, to say the least! Both of you are very sensual types, and you love to express your feelings through touch and affection. This naturally brings you very close together and makes you feel intimate.

In fact, cuddling feels just as good as everything else, and builds a sense of trust between ether two of you. Your Leo man will love that fact that all you want to do is wrap your arms round him and hold him tight! 

You’ll find, Taurus, that your Leo man is a lot more sensitive than you ever thought, and a lot more vulnerable, too! When he falls in love and really trusts someone, he gives all of himself, which is key for intimacy. This is an all-or-nothing kind of guy! 

As for you, Taurus, it takes a great deal of time and patience for you to open up, but when you do, you are also all-in. Your shared commitment builds safety and security which in turn, builds intimacy! 

In conclusion, Leo men and Taurus women can be a great match, and there are lots of areas where you can really connect! Yes, your stubbornness can be your downfall, but your enduring love for each other overcomes this quality.

Make romance the foundation of your relationship, as well as physical affection and commitment, and you’ll find that your relationship really can stand the test of time! 

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