Ignoring A Leo Man: Will He Come Back If You Ignore Him?

No matter what you may be going through with your Leo guy, ignoring a Leo man is not going to be the answer. Keep reading for more information.

Whether you’re trying to win the heart of the courageous and luscious Leo man or you’re trying to get him to come back to you after a squabble, should you ever really ignore him? Should you stop ignoring a Leo man? Keep reading to find out information that just may help you.

Explaining Leo’s Thought Process

Leo men love and desire to have lots of attention. If he does something that isn’t nice or unsavory, the worst thing you can probably do is ignore him. While he may ignore you when he’s upset, he will not take kindly to it going the other direction.

No matter what you may be going through with your Leo guy, ignoring him is not going to be the answer. He thrives on attention and adoration. When you’re not giving it to him, he will try to punish you, flirt with other women, or even possibly cheat.

It’s not wise to take the route of giving him his “own medicine” when it comes to the silent treatment. This may actually push him to do things he wouldn’t otherwise do and you’ll regret it.

Leo man wants to hear how wonderful he is, he wants to feel useful, complimented, and appreciated. If he isn’t feeling any of these things from the woman he loves, he will flee the scene.

Some of them will seek out attention from other women to satisfy what their partner isn’t giving them and some will simply close themselves off from their mate, while some will just walk away entirely.

Dangerous Game

Young couple in quarrel sitting on bench in park - Ignoring a Leo Man

If you think ignoring your Leo man will win his attentions, you’re very wrong. This is a risk that is probably best not taken. Leo man will turn on you if he feels that he’s not getting the attention he deserves from you.

He isn’t one of the guys that will come chase after you when you give him the cold shoulder. He’ll just figure you don’t really want him anymore and he’ll move on. Leo men are notorious for moving on very quickly with someone new.

He knows he can get all the attention he wants from the various female friends he likely already has. Leo men can walk into a bar and demand the attention of many females in the vicinity.

You neglect to give him attention intentionally will get you brokenhearted. He doesn’t have the stomach for it and isn’t going to chase you. He’s going to say “alright then” and continue forward.

If you think that the game of ignoring him or acting as though he doesn’t exist will win his love, think again. Don’t do it! Seriously, Leo doesn’t operate that way and will drop you quicker than you can say “sorry”.

The Basics

If you are feeling ignored by your Leo man or he’s not giving you what you want; speak up and tell him. It may feel like it’s a difficult task to undertake but it’s better to tell him than not to.

If you’re angry with him, tell him why you’re angry and explain how it hurt you. Never go with things unsaid because he won’t understand and you’ll end up carrying painful baggage that was unnecessary.

When the Leo man has no idea you’re upset, he’ll have no idea how he screwed up or how he can fix it. You’ve got to be honest with him. Besides, Leo looks for a woman who will build a bond with him and that includes being open.

Leo man is a flirty guy sometimes. If he oversteps his flirtiness and it hurts your feelings, tell him! Don’t hold it back and give him the silent treatment. You think he’s a flirt now? Wait until you ignore him.

He is a man but he does have the right to know why you have a beef with him. In the case of him just not chasing after you enough, maybe he’s lost interest or doesn’t feel the way he did.

If it’s at the beginning and you’re trying to get a Leo man more into you or committing to you, ignoring him isn’t going to help. It’s going to solidify why he doesn’t want to be with you and will move on.

Leo won’t think twice about jumping out of a relationship he thinks is too toxic, too restrictive, or he isn’t getting what he ultimately needs. Think about that for a minute.

When you ignore him, he feels like a child that isn’t getting nurtured and so he’ll try to find that nurturing somewhere else. This could lead him into the arms of another woman.

Surely that isn’t what you want right?! Don’t do it. I implore you. Do NOT ignore your Leo man or you will regret it. He’s not nice about it and he will not play this game with you.

Be Prepared

Breakup of a couple with bad guy and sad girlfriend - Ignoring a Leo Man

If you decide to ignore him despite the warnings I’m giving you, be prepared for him to walk away from you for good. I cannot say this any clearer or nicer. He doesn’t like to be pushed off to the side.

He will move on and he may go ahead and find another woman that is willing to give him what he wants then you’ll have no chance of getting him back. Ignoring his calls, texts, or blowing him off will make him want to dump you.

Be very careful how you talk to him, how you treat him, and how you react to the things he does or says. If he’s doing something wrong, talk to him about it. Don’t leave him hanging.

Tell him exactly what you’re missing, what you need, what you want, and what he isn’t providing for you. If he’s a true Leo man that loves you, he’ll do whatever he can to fix it and make you appreciative of his love again.

He isn’t one to be a quitter but if he gets ignored, that’s his deal breaker. Watch out!

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Leo guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

  • Thank you so much for this info. I’m currently going through a very rough situation with a Leo! My situation is a very sensitive one and he is conflicted to be with me. He has said to go on life without him because of our “situation”. We both want each other but he feels bad for me and how I will be “able to do certain things” to be with him in the future.We have strong feelings for each other.He is conflicted with his feelings and our situation to be together.
    I want him back in my life despite on my end situation and want a life with him !!
    I know our future would be wonderful and happy. I’m sad and heartbroken over him not in my life right now!! -Heather Wallace

    • Hi Heather Wallace!

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having a troublesome situation with your Leo guy. It sounds as though he’s confused and not really set one way or the other. This is actually good news because it could mean that there is still hope as he hasn’t totally given up. Though, I wouldn’t ignore him anymore. I’d reach out and try the friendship route and see if you cannot get back in there with time and patience.

      • I was in a long distance relationship with Leo man. After 6 months he lost interest due to distance and ofcourse my trust issues. And this is the second time he has broken up with me. Will no contact rule work to get him back? He wrote me a 6 paragraph email saying he still love me however this distance and Corona virus making him feel hopeless and see no light at the end of the tunnel. Please help what should I do to get him back. He said he has to break up while still in love as he can’t cope in a long distance relationship.

        • Hi Celine!

          Well since you two have already broken up twice, I don’t know if the no contact rule will work in this case. You can certainly try though. Better to try than not. You might find success. Leo men like lots of attention and when they aren’t getting it, they miss the person who was giving it to them. It’s kind of an ego thing and is a lifeline. If he truly cares for you then this method would work. It’s a gamble but hey… try it. If you need more tips, please check out my series “Leo Man Secrets”.

  • I wasn’t expecting this article to be like this. But a leo man or any other man is not the last resort and nobody should be trying to desperately be someone their not or fawn over someone if it’s not in their character. if we wants to go, PLEASE go!

    • Hi nikki!

      I’m not sure what you thought the article would be like. Leo men are all about themselves. They do love people and humanity but when it comes to their personal lives, they want what they want and how they want it. People need to learn to compromise. No one has to particularly change but they do have to find middle ground in order to make things flow. Communication has to be there or it won’t work. That goes for all relationships, not just for Leo men. I hope this helps!

      • People always say communication but if you don’t comprehend then it’s not going to work. Leo’s are definitely all about themselves and never want to compromise let alone meet in the middle. They are one of the most selfish and cold signs I’ve ever met man wise. It’s thier way or the highway and they most definitely love public attention. You can give them all the attention in the works and they will still look for it publicly. Honestly I think they make better friends than a significant other.

  • I really like my Leo, we’re compatible and the sex is amazing but he’s fresh out of a serious relationship and probably emotionally unavailable. I’m Taurus… How do I balance my possessiveness in a casual situation? It’s like either I’m doing too much and feeling neglected myself or not enough and driving him away??‍♀️

    • Hi NeNe!

      Well if you two are compatible and everything looks really good between you then just take your time. Take it nice and slow and with the time that passes, it will reveal whether or not you two will work out for the long term. No need to hurry things along. Don’t neglect yourself though honey. You need attention too.

  • I like this leo guy and he knows how I feel but he’s been hurt and won’t let me in. He operates as he’s interested but he’s saying he’s too dark etc. but we always come back to each other. He told me he’s really to fall but when I asked if it could be me he’s said he doesn’t know. I know Leo’s like pursuing and praising but every time I pursue he shuts off. He’s really perfect magnetic force of a man and I never felt this way before, I am also usually the first one to dip but there’s something so spevial about him, but he won’t tell me to go, instead he hides. Is this worth it, what should I do?

    • Hi Lele!

      Yes normally it takes for a Leo man to have been badly burned for him to not want to let someone new in. The good news is though, when you’re patient with him, he’ll eventually let his walls down. Just take care of you, do what you need to do and let him come around when he’s finally really ready. He’ll show you with his actions and not just words. Hang in there! If you need more help, read my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  • Hi am Nia I think I have accused my leo man of cheating I’ve apologize but he has only seen my mssg but has not answered any,what could be the reason, wondering now if he’s gonna leave

    • Hi Nia!

      He shouldn’t be reacting that badly unless maybe he did cheat and doesn’t know what to say to you. People make mistakes and if your accusation was a mistake, he should be willing to forgive you unless you’ve done it before. Now you’re going to have to wait to see how he responds to your apology. There is more you need to learn about Leo man. If you need more help, read my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  • I’ve been dating and having sex with this leo guy for a month now. When we were still chatting back then he said he is interested in me. When we finally get to date the first time he said “What are we?” . He seemed like he wants to have a relationship with me. But after dating several times he seems distant. Lately it’s been going worse, his reasons are he fell asleep, he’s been busy doing his stuff, or whatever. He returns my messages after hoooouuurs. HELP ME. I think Im getting attached and i dont know what to do.. I dont know if Im just overreacting because I’m already attached to this leo guy, or that he’s just really busy just like what he says.

    • Hi Andrea!

      Hmm.. it sounds like you need to directly ask him. Tell him how you’re feeling and tell him that it feels as though he’s been pulling back. If he says that he’s just busy then you’re going to have to take his word for it. Tell him you miss how you two were before but that if he’s busy that you understand. You’ll have to have patience and wait for him to make time. He will make time if he truly cares for you! If you need more help, read my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

      • Hi Anna , not sure if i can get a response …but anyway am facing a situation with a Leo guy ..he’s my senior, ( I’m 16 ) he’s always guided me , care about me and even got me a chocolate during National girlfriend day .He keep coming close to me and as month passes, i’ve developed strong feeling towards him & so I confessed to him…He didn’t reject but say his priority is putting focus on his final year end exam but we continue texting & interecting with each other consistently..air drop each other and he say stuff like ILY..
        Then one day he told me that he had changed his mobile number , One day I happened to discover it was a fake number and asked him about it..He admitted and say he didn’t know why he did it so I take the chance to ask if he has any feeling for me , he replied ” No ” and everyt he say or did are not genuine, he just only enjoyed my company & attention but he requested if we can put all these unhappiness behind & go back as before ..I never agreed nor disagree therefore he continued coming to me and so we continued as usual..
        Until last week, 19 October 2022 , he confronted me that I went out having fun enjoying with BOYS ( but they are my classmates , a mixture of girls n boys ) while he’s at home preparing for his final year exam..I asked what he actually want from me,he replied ” I want you to wait for me cause I just need some time..” I’ve told him, I’ve given him enough time & chance to be sure of his feeling but he continued telling me that he has no feeling for me not once but twice so I end up saying he will meet someone better…and our conver end..

        Today 25 October 2022 , we had another talk because I’ve found out of his interaction with a girl ( she likes him way before me but been rejected by him many times and he even told me how much he despised her last time )

        He admitted they have been interacting since Aug 2022 after his birthday when she wished him a HBD..I asked if he likes her , ” I fancy her, our rs is both way but we are only in a talking stage rn ” therefore I asked him why still ask me to wait and say he just need more time..He replied he was confused at that time but he feel that we have been taking too long..? He came since the starts of 2022 but we only started closer during April 2022…He say he enjoyed all the stuff that the other girl did ( this girl will go to his class to wait for him eventhough he rejected her & everyone in school knew she likes him )
        He say all his friend dl her , finding her annoying therefore he use me as a cover since the start so that his friend won’t find out that he actually enjoyed what this girl did..Our conver end up with him.saying ” I guess this is the end ” …

        I felt so confised as I sincerely able to feel that this guy do have feeling for me but I have no idea what went wrong & why he choose this way to hurt me…

        I’m hurt and disappointed but I do not know what to do ?? Should I go to him again ? Continue have hope on him ? ( he’s very active in looking at my ig )

        He has a best best bubby whom we are close too , I feel like telling him about what he did to me otherwise I felt so used ??

        Please help !!!

  • Hi Anna,
    Thank you so much for the useful content.
    I am not in a relationship with the Leo man I am asking for. We are colleagues and we see each other for a couple of minutes once or twice per week when he is passing by certain area in the office.
    Recently he started to flirt intensely with his eyes but never started talking to me, just saying Hello.
    I didn’t answer to his greeting once as I was talking to someone else, and next time he didn’t say anything and just passed by me.
    He is the one to greet me always.
    I don’t know what to do and if he is interested at all. I don’t know if I should start a conversation or he is just bored and the intense eye contacts we a couple of times were just an occasional thing for him.
    Thank you for your advice on this situation.

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