Your Match: Leo Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Leo man and Leo woman have similar value systems and this make it easy for them to stay interested in one another. Keep reading for more information.

Naturally when two of the same sign are mixed, there are bound to be striking similarities that feel comfortable and easy to accept. Two fire signs of course, create a bonfire of love and passion. Leo man with Leo woman soul mate match is definitely possible with these two. Keep reading to find out what else there is to know about these kindred spirits and what planets say about Leo man and Leo woman love compatibility.


What draws these two together will for sure be beauty. They will spot each other out with little to no effort because they are “the same” in spirit. This makes them radiate an energy that is undeniable and impossible to refuse.

One will move across the room to the other as though there is a magnet pulling them there. It’s almost like they cannot help it. The initial attraction is just the beginning though.

Once they start really talking, they realize that they truly “get” each other. They are both highly intellectual and into the same types of discussions. Leo man and Leo woman have similar value systems and this make it easy for them to stay interested in one another.

They start dating and it just seems as though it’s completely natural. Being so close to one another will fuel their fire but it can also cause a disruption from time to time if they aren’t cautious.

With this couple, there is very little that they cannot overcome if they truly love one another. Arguments may be heated but they will quickly fade as they cannot seem to stay angry at each other.

Sex could be somewhat tricky though if they don’t learn to fully respect each other. They need to grasp the importance of not taking their partner for granted. As long as they can find this loyalty in each other, sex can become quite fulfilling.

Leo Woman, Who She Is

Leo zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Leo Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

The gorgeous Leo woman knows that she’s valuable and is not willing to accept anyone into her life that isn’t going to acknowledge it. Just like her male counterpart, she’s confident in her abilities in life.

She is also likely confident in how she looks or presents herself. She’ll always look her best, always wear her best, and always on point when she has discussions with anyone.

This is the type of woman that you cannot help but notice when you encounter her. She cannot be ignored and you cannot help yourself but to entangle yourself into a deep conversation with her.

As much as she is always on fire with her zest for life and success, she’ll get pulled into a Leo man’s lair quite easily. He is someone that matches her desires and as such, she cannot resist him or his swagger.

The Leo woman will easily fall for the Leo man. In fact a Leo man with Leo woman marriage is highly likely once these two form a strong bond for the long haul. They’ll no doubt form a beautiful and functional family.

Leo Man, Who He Is

Leo man is always motivated to get up and get after it. He’ll work hard at obtaining success in his life in all areas. He doesn’t accept defeat and he doesn’t like taking “no” for an answer.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a creepy rapist or anything. When he wants something, he knows how persuasive to be in order to get what he desires. Leo will respect his date always and so you don’t need to be concerned with your safety.

Leo is quite dazzling and will likely be able to get you to roll and tumble into the bed with little to no effort. He is amazingly sexy and debonair to be certain. It’s hard to say no to someone who looks like he does.

He’s also very charismatic. All people tend to love this guy which is why he makes it into the spotlight so very easily. When the Leo man meets the Leo woman, he feels he’s finally met his match.

It’s all too easy to talk about life goals, passion, and other areas of interest with her and so he is instantly comfortable with her. He will likely easily trust in her very quickly as well thus allowing them to form quite a bond.

What Works Between Leo Man and Leo Woman

There is very little that doesn’t work for these two. They are so much alike, it’s hard to imagine why they wouldn’t get along. They’re interested in the same life values typically.

Leo man and Leo woman are also both highly intellectual individuals that have the willpower to go after what they want. They aren’t day dreamers. They are go get those dreams type of people.

Work/Career is always a priority for them and can easily make them both workaholics. However, this may not be a problem for them as a couple because they “get” each other.

They are both outgoing and love to be in the light of wherever they are at. Both are funny, courageous, and possess magnetism. Everyone will be drawn to this couple and wish they could be like them.

The trust is easy for these two to maintain. Emotionally, these two are amazing. The Leo man and Leo woman communicate very well. They also love the same types of exciting activities.

Communication is mostly intact but they will still need to establish what will work well for them and stick to it. At the beginning they should draw a line in the sand and understand how things will function for the two of them.

Once they do this, they’ll be able to talk about anything of significance and be able to get past any problem they may have arisen in their lives.

What Leo Man Thinks of Leo Woman, Especially In Bed

leo - Leo zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Leo Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Leo man is smitten like a kitten with his Leo queen. He is completely pulled in by her lioness charms. He thinks she’s amazing and the love of his life. As far as sexually, there may be a bit of compromise that has to happen.

She’s passionate but their approach to the bedroom could be a little different. There seems to be a little bit of disconnect on the value they place on each other. If it’s too superficial, it may not shake, rattle, and roll like it should.

Sex may be a drab experience if they do not show each other the adoration and respect they both deserve. This is something that can be discussed and can definitely work past.

He may feel sometimes that she doesn’t appreciate him enough or that she’s trying to steal his lime light. He needs to realize that this is something they have to share if they’re going to be together.

Both of them seek success in life. This is what draws them together but if they find they are competing in some way, they may actually feel a little resentful. Again, a little discussion about such things can help squash any issue that comes up.

Ultimately if he talks to her the way he should, he knows that this woman is destined to be his Queen of the jungle while he takes his spot as her King.

Leo Man with Leo Woman Problems

The Leo man and Leo woman match can be a bit problematic if they do not talk to each other the way they should. They could start to see a power struggle should they not feel each other the way it’s mean to be.

These two are so much alike that they could bump heads and cause each other unnecessary turmoil. The biggest obstacle they could have between each other is sexually.

Though they’re very much attracted to each other but they may have different needs individually. Leo folk are very proud and have a tendency to not admit their weakness or their desires.

When it comes to sex, they want to think they’re the best there is and that’s the way it is. However, if they aren’t getting what they need because they aren’t fessing up, they will suffer in feeling unfulfilled.

The two need to talk to each other and tell each other what they need in the bedroom. They also need to open up and try new things so that things do not get stale. That is a risk that neither wants to mess around with.

The last thing that they really want to do is let things get boring in the bedroom. Then they may find themselves soliciting attention from other people outside their relationship which can just cause more harm.

Leo Man with Leo Woman Breakup

The temper between these two when angry can be rather fierce. They are both lions and you can imagine what that looks like. You’ve probably seen on TV when Lions interact with each other.

Typically the woman takes the lead and tells the male lion off. That’s not too much different than the Leo man and woman. The Leo man is rough and tumble in his words but the Leo woman will win the battle.

When it comes to breaking it off, the Leo woman will likely be the one who decides to end it. However, Leo man is capable of calling it off as well. Whatever the case may be, it probably won’t be an amicable break.

They will both have some words of choice for each other that won’t be pleasant and so when they leave one another, there will not be a very pleasant feel to it. However, they could eventually work it out if they’re able to sit down and talk.

It’s possible that they miss each other and understand that they do not actually want to be apart because they make an incredible match. All they really need to do is calmly talk things over and they could save themselves from a horrible breakup.

It will greatly depend on how each feels for the other. In the case that there is a very deep connection, their love will likely pull them back together. If it doesn’t then it’s because one has decided to move on and find someone else.

Final Score

These two really are a fantastic match. Honestly the Leo man with Leo woman pair is something to behold. In the scoring system of 1 to 10, I give these two a solid 8.

They have what it takes provided they really and truly open up to each other. Being hard headed or prideful will not help either of them. Understanding that they can open up will help them fully enjoy what the relationship has to offer them both.

Sex may be the biggest problem they face but as long as they can be honest with each other, drop their pride, and fully disclose their intimate needs, they’ll be able to work past the problem with ease.

In fact, they have the capability of having a beautiful Leo man and Leo woman marriage. Just as with any couple, communication can make or break them. They have to really open up.

Leo can be an all or nothing sign. The “my way or the highway” attitude can get them into trouble. Compromise has to happen or it won’t survive the blast of difficulty that may lie ahead.

The two are very strong personalities but that’s alright. Talking things through will help them get each other’s needs and understand how they think better. Together, they are unstoppable.

Surely if they ever decided to start a business together, they will succeed provided they put their egos off to the side. They need to understand that they’re in it together, not competing.

Helping each other to succeed will be beautiful to behold. If they try to compete though, they will fail miserably and could cause each other some heavy heartbreak.

Letting their love shine and grow will allow them to both do their best in life as partners and as individuals. After all, watching two Leos in bloom is certainly an amazing experience to witness.

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