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5 Turn-Offs That Make a Good Leo Man Leave a Great Woman

Leo guys can be quite a catch—just think of Jason Momoa! They’re warm, adoring, generous and some of the manliest men around! They’re also committed—but watch out for these five biggest turnoffs that could send him running!

Leo is the Zodiac sign of romance—these are the kind of guys that believe in everlasting love, and they actively seek a woman they can share their life with. They’re adoring and have the hugest of hearts. 

Sounds like the perfect man, right? 

So now that you have him—or plan to have him soon—how can you keep him around? You’re already a catch, of course, but every little bit helps when it comes to making that extra effort to make him happy. 

A Leo man does have very specific things that flick his switch off. If he’s invested in you, he’ll seldom walk away. However, there are a few traits that can drive even a devoted Leo away—or discourage him from taking that precious time to invest in your budding romance! 

5 Turn Offs That Make a Good Leo Man Leave A Great Woman

1. A Lack of Passion

As fire signs, Leo men are all about passion and romance! Whether they’ve been in a relationship for a one year or twenty, they will always seek and crave that warm connection. 

The thrill of feeling adored gets this man’s blood pumping. 

If he feels that there’s no more passion—physical or otherwise—a Leo man may leave a great woman. Even if you’re amazing in every other way, if there’s no hot-blooded energy, he’ll lose interest. 

To keep the passion alive, make sure you always make time for dating, for quality time together, and for physical connection. A Leo man needs to feel adored, and passion is always a sign that he and the relationship are cherished. 

Most importantly, make sure that you keep the physical chemistry alive! These guys have immense libidos, and for them, this is pure passion! 

2. He Feels Ignored

Leo Man Feels Ignored

Here’s the thing: a Leo man can be exceptionally demanding. He’s typically the type that must be in the spotlight at all times, and he needs to know that you have made him your number-one person.

Work can’t come before him, and neither can family (although he will love a wonderful mother, of course). When it’s time to give him attention, make sure that you make that your priority. 

If he feels like he’s being ignored or overlooked, this can be a huge turn-off for him. Sure, this can be frustrating and may even have you thinking that he’s got a pretty big ego (which he does), but when you give him attention, he blooms

His generous side comes out, and he will do anything for you. This really isn’t a small price to pay for a relationship that’s bound to pass the test of time!

3. Lack of Family Emphasis

A Leo man’s family is everything to him. His mom, his dad, his kids, and his extended family. Have you ever seen a lion in the wild? He’s surrounded by his females, his kids, and the rest of his sprawling family! 

For a Leo man, introducing you to his family means he intends to make you a permanent fixture in his life. And if you aren’t a family-orientated person, even if you’re a fabulous woman, he’ll probably be quite turned off. 

Make the effort to get to know his people, his tribe. It will mean the world to him. And don’t be scared to bring him into your own family, too. He’ll love that you include him and consider him to be that important. 

4. You’re More Strong-Willed Than Him

Turn Offs For A Leo Man

Leo men are the boss. Period. They are your typical masculine men, and they like to be the provider. This is both symbolic and physical, and they love a woman who’s happy to play along. 

That doesn’t mean that you can’t be strong and independent. Just make sure that you don’t try to dominate him or throw your weight around just for the sake of it because it’ll be a massive turn-off for him. 

Instead, focus your will onto work, your personal accomplishments, and your own goals, and let him think he’s running the show (even if you are the one who actually calls the shots!). There’s a fine art to this, which you’ll learn as you go along. 

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5. There’s No Commitment

Leo is a fixed sign in the Zodiac. Fixed signs are all about commitment and consistency, which translates to long-lasting relationships. 

If you’re blowing hot and cold and can’t make up your mind, it’ll drive him away faster than you can blink. In his mind, he’s chosen you, and you should choose him—simple as that. He won’t wait very long for you to make up your mind. 

Leos don’t do casual except in very rare circumstances. And no matter how great you are, they won’t stay for someone who just want to keep things “light and free.” 

And that concludes my list of the top five turn-offs that can make a Leo man potentially leave a great woman! 

However, ladies, never reinvent yourself to be with anyone, no matter how great you think he may be. It can be helpful to make a few little changes here and there so that you can keep the relationship alive, but never go against your core values and essential character

If he loves you—really loves you—he will accept who you are. Leo men have high standards and expectations, and they’ll respect a woman who has the same high standards and values, too. 

Find a way to meet in the middle. A Leo man can be stubborn, no doubt, but if he sees what a great woman you are, he will also strive to make adjustments. This is the essence of any good relationship! 

In my years as a relationship astrologer, working with countless women in love with Leos, I’ve found that what works best with a Leo man is making him feel wonderful. He’ll overlook a lot of qualities if he feels appreciated and cared for and valued. 

Have you fallen in love with a wonderful Leo man? Have you noticed what rubs him the wrong way? I’d love to hear your experiences—feel free to drop a comment in the box below. You’ll stay anonymous! 

If you want to know more about the fabulous but tricky Leo man, here’s my in-depth blog on just how these guys work:

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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