How To Make A Leo Man Obsessed With You (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
You’re hot for a sexy Leo man but aren’t sure what you can do to make him chase you? Keep reading for tips on how to make a Leo man obsessed with you.

When a Leo man likes you, it can feel like your whole life is on fire! So I am not surprised when I get women asking me how to make a Leo man obsessed with you.

A Leo man wants to have it his way right now. If a woman makes him wait to see her again, he will lose his temper. You need to know how to read him. One minute he can be cold, and the next he can be obsessed with you.

Leo men are very physically driven, and this can sometimes make them wonder. He’s built for loyalty, but when he lacks patience or loses interest, he’ll do what he wants no matter the consequence. This is why you need to act to make him yours!

So if you can’t get a Leo man off of your mind and want to have a permanent spot on his mind too, knowing how to make a Leo man obsessed with you is super important.

Luckily, it just takes a little time and a little astrological know-how! I’ve got six killer tips on how to get a Leo man obsessed with you in every way! Keep reading to find out how you can stay on the Leo man’s mind as much as he’s on yours.

6 Ways To Make A Leo Man Obsessed With You

1. Show Him Your Very Best

The Leo man wants to be with a woman who is strong, independent, and successful in whatever she does. That’s how he is, and so he is looking for someone who will be his perfect match.

You want to show him all your positive qualities and how amazing you truly are. Look your best, act your best, and let him see all the attributes that make you the outstanding woman you really are. This will make a Leo man totally obsessed with you.

Let him see your care for other people, care for your life path, and care for yourself. Again, you don’t want to come off as vain. Just be humble when you talk about all you do to make your world a better place.

Your intelligence will turn a Leo man on, as will your knowledge of how the world works, how your business works, and how well you’re able to handle things with a clear mind as well as a clear heart.

2. Be Strong & Independent

The Leo man is looking for a woman who will stand up for herself and not allow anyone to treat her like a doormat. She should be loving and giving, but have boundaries that no one is able to cross.

The Leo man’s dream woman will stand up to him as well. I’m not saying you should create conflict on purpose, but you shouldn’t let him push you around or dominate you either.

He won’t respect you if he is allowed to treat you as he wishes. A Leo man may try to test you by acting like a jerk. If you handle it with grace and tell him that it’s not acceptable behavior, he’ll respect you.

If you want to learn to make a Leo man obsessed, it is important not to be clingy or needy because he cannot stand women who feel the need to be glued to his side at all times. He loves a woman who has a life of her own and does her own thing.

This doesn’t mean you should blow him off for other stuff, but it’s alright if you make plans before he calls you up and asks you out. Simply tell him you’ve got plans but would be happy to do it another night.

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3. Be Spontaneous & Interesting

The Leo man loves to go out and be social quite often. He also isn’t one to plan things ahead too often that don’t involve work. That’s probably the only thing he carefully schedules or plans.

When it comes to love, it’s better to be a bit spontaneous. Show up at his place randomly with a gift to show him that you care. He’ll love it! Here, you can check out some perfect gifts for a Leo man.

You’ve got to be a bit mysterious and keep him on his toes. This makes things more exciting for him. He doesn’t like boredom when it comes to being with someone. The more fun you can make it for him, the more he’ll be into you.

Do things you know he loves to do, and perhaps find some new things that you two would like to try together. He’ll be floored by the fact that you actually take time to do things with consideration for him.

When you’re getting to know him, try not to reveal too much about yourself upfront. Let him get to know you over time. This helps keep him interested and engaged in wanting to know more about you.

4. Have Fun & Laugh With Him

When it comes to the Leo man, he really wants a woman who feels comfortable with him and also feels happy. He wants to know that he is making you feel good and that you appreciate him.

When you’re with him, laugh at his jokes, tell your own jokes, and just have a whole lot of fun with him. Let him see your joy, tell him how funny he is, and let him know you’re really comfortable with him around.

Whatever you can do to have a whole lot of adventure or fun will help you both get closer and will show your Leo guy that you’re not about to let him get bored with you.

He’s a great listener when he’s into you. You’ve got to return that favor, though. Be there when he needs to vent about his day or his week. Let him tell you all about what has been going on.

He will appreciate a woman who is a total rock for him when he feels things are a bit rattled. It’s easier for him to find solutions to his own problems when he’s able to talk to the right person. Be that person for him, and your Leo man will be completely obsessed with you!

5. Compliment Him A Lot

Speaking of greatness, recognize his greatness! Leo’s main goal in life is to go down as someone that everyone around him appreciates. He’s a person who fantasizes about going to his own funeral as a ghost to see what others have to say about him!

However, I think acknowledging his pros when he’s alive will get you farther in his eyes! He’s never going to reject a compliment, and he could eat them up all day.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the Sun is our ego. When A Leo man gets compliments, it boosts his self-perception. You build his self-esteem when you talk him up because he takes what you have to say to heart.

Here’s more on how to compliment a Leo man.

So, how do you make a Leo man obsessed with you? Recognize him in front of other people! This is going to feed his ego and make him crave more of those sweet, sweet compliments!

6. Play Hard To Get

If you want to make a Leo man totally obsessed with you, it’s important to not give him what he wants right away. Be a little coy by playing hot and cold with him!

Leos are associated with the fifth house of romance and games. He’s going to be most in his element when he’s challenged but never beaten. He’ll feel alive when he’s got a flirtation on the horizon.

So, if you really like the guy, don’t give him everything that he wants right up front. Act like you could give or take him for a while, but pepper in just enough bait that he won’t quit pursuing you!

Don’t be afraid to push his buttons a little by acting like you don’t want him. Nothing will put you deeper under his skin than that. But once you’re under his skin and on his mind, this is exactly the time to turn on the charm and give him a little more of what he wants. This is a powerful tool, so use it wisely!

How To Make A Leo Man Obsessed With You (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

With relationship compatibility, some Zodiac signs just fit better than others. And when dating a Leo man, this is especially true. These guys are pretty wild and independent and need an open-minded woman to keep up with them.

So are you curious about how to make a Leo man obsessed with you based on your Zodiac sign? Then check this out!

How To Make A Leo Man Obsess Over An Aries Woman

A Leo man and an Aries woman are both signified by fire, which is a symbol of energy, passion, and enthusiasm. They are both independent, spontaneous, and full of life, which makes them perfect for each other. 

They thrive on the unconventional and the unexpected, which makes them the perfect pair to come up with new and exciting ideas.  Leo and Aries make a great couple because they both crave freedom and adventure. 

They are risk takers, eager to try new things, which can be a source of excitement for them. They understand each other’s need for independence, and they are able to explore their relationship without the pressure of a label. 

These two can bounce ideas off of each other and keep each other motivated to pursue their dreams. It doesn’t take a lot to get the Leo man obsessed with an Aries woman.

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How To Make A Leo Man Obsess Over A Taurus Woman

A Leo man is more of a risk-taker, while a Taurus woman is more of a traditionalist type of person. Earth signs are famous for long-term planning and goals.

Her greatest joy is taking care of loved ones because this brings stability and mental security to her life. Taurus woman puts more significance on security, on material safety, than she does on emotional balance.

This can cause a lot of friction and misunderstandings since each sign will want to do things their own way. 

For this match to work out, compromise is necessary, and find a balance between their two styles. The Leo man craves attention and is eager to try new things while the Taurus woman is more methodical, taking their time to make decisions. 

This can be a difficult combination since their approaches to life are so different. They need to be willing to meet each other halfway and work together to create an environment of mutual understanding and respect.  

A Leo man may feel held back by the Taurus woman’s traditionalism while she may feel overwhelmed by his great plans. In order to make the relationship work, both signs need to be willing to understand and respect the other’s values and find a way to meet somewhere in the middle.

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How To Make A Leo Man Obsess Over A Gemini Woman

A Leo man is known for his free spirit and fast-paced life, whereas Gemini women are more social and cerebral. This can lead to clashing personalities but they can find common ground by compromising and learning to appreciate each other’s differences. 

Both Leo men and Gemini women are highly social and enjoy being out and about. They also both value their freedom and are more likely to compromise on their differences than other signs. If a Leo man and a Gemini woman can learn to understand each other’s needs, they can form a strong bond that will last through the highs and lows. 

Despite their different personalities, they can both be passionate and curious in the same way. Gemini woman is after mental challenges and is best suited with a partner with whom she can communicate openly. 

They both enjoy adventure and the thrill of discovering new things, and they can use this to find common ground. They both also appreciate the notion of freedom and can use this to create a bond that can help them get through difficult times.

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How To Make A Leo Man Obsess Over A Cancer Woman

A Leo man and a Cancer woman have one big thing in common – both of them can get very emotional and passionate about their feelings. They definitely express it in a different way, but that mutual self-expression is there.

The Leo man, on the other hand, often values their freedom and independence more than a committed, long-term relationship. As a result, a Cancer woman will feel left feeling unfulfilled and betrayed, while a Leo man can feel suffocated and trapped.

This can leave the Cancer woman feeling unfulfilled and resentful, leading to a breakdown in the relationship. This is due to the fact that a Cancer woman is deeply loyal and devoted to her relationships, so they often have difficulty understanding why their Leo partner can’t or won’t easily commit. 

They need to accept each other for their differences and learn to love each other unconditionally as there is actually quite a lot these two can learn from each other. The differences make it easy for them to obsess over each other.

How To Make A Leo Man Obsess Over A Leo Woman

Naturally, when two of the same signs are mixed, there are bound to be striking similarities that feel comfortable and easy to accept. Two fire signs, of course, create a bonfire of love and passion. Leo man with Leo woman soulmate match is definitely possible with these two. 

They also bring a lot of energy and excitement to the relationship, which helps them stay connected and focused on each other. Both Leo woman and Leo man are incredibly passionate, which means that they can get wrapped up in each other’s emotions very quickly. 

This can lead to them obsessing over each other and wanting to be together more often, even if it is only for a short time. They both also understand each other’s need for independence and space, which can make it easier for them to stay connected even when they are apart.

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How To Make A Leo Man Obsess Over A Virgo Woman

Both signs are strong individuals who appreciate beautiful people. Leo men love women who are strong, independent, and can hold their own. Sounds just like the Virgo woman doesn’t it?

The Virgo woman is attracted to the Leo man’s external beauty and his ability to be successful in anything he does. His charm helps stir things up between the two of them as well.

A Virgo woman isn’t going to hop in the sack with the Leo guy easily. It doesn’t matter how attractive he is, she has her standards and she’s going to stick with it. 

This can lead to a lot of misunderstandings, disagreements, and hurt feelings, and it can be hard for them to find a balance between the two. 

A Leo man can sometimes be too careless and impulsive, while a Virgo woman can be too rigid and cautious. It takes a lot of patience and understanding for them to be able to coexist harmoniously outside of the workplace. Just be patient if you want things to work out with him.

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How To Make A Leo Man Obsess Over A Libra Woman

Leo man and Libra woman can balance each other out which brings a healthy love that can triumph over any problem that may come up. They can teach each other important life lessons and grow from it. This relationship is rather enjoyable.

The Leo man will find the Libra woman filled with mystery, sexual energy, and charisma. They both have these things in common and are why they are highly drawn to one another.

A Libra woman has an outgoing, adventurous personality, while a Leo man is known for his proud and independent spirit. Both signs are kind and creative and often have a strong sense of justice. 

So while they may approach new experiences differently, they often find common ground in their shared qualities. It is very easy for a Leo man to obsess over a Libra woman as she has many of the qualities he admires in a woman.

Here’s more about Libra woman and Leo man compatibility.

How To Make A Leo Man Obsess Over A Scorpio Woman

So the Leo man and Scorpio woman’s initial attraction is likely due to their looks. Both are very sexy and seem to exude passionate sexuality. One will spot the other and be pulled straight to the other.

Leo will probably break the ice to get things started since he’s the outgoing type. He’ll be sucked into her sexual bubble just like any other man would. Can he resist such a hot potato?

Scorpio women do not trust anyone usually. That’s how they are born and that is how they self preserve. However, the Leo man’s immediate loyalty will make her feel comfortable so she’ll open up to him easier than most anyone.

The Leo man will easily feel comfortable around her as he’s not worried about having to censor himself or hold back. This is what initiates any type of relationship between the odd pairing.

Or your inflexibility may lead to misunderstandings and clashes between the two of you because Scorpios can become possessive and use manipulation tactics to try and get what they want, which only further drives your Leo man away.

What does a Leo man and Scorpio woman’s sexual compatibility look like? Find out here.

How To Make A Leo Man Obsess Over A Sagittarius Woman

The Leo man’s fire and the Sagittarius woman’s fire put together make a huge bonfire of love, understanding, and mutual passion. These two are born adventurers and love just about everything about each other.

They have problems like any other couple but they’re likely to be able to work through anything. A Leo man and a Sagittarius woman are soul mate material!

These two “get” each other on a deep intellectual level. They love to talk and will do so for many hours. Both love the sounds of each other’s voices as well as their own. This makes them quite a pair.

They look amazing together. It’s almost as though they were born to be with one another. Emotionally they connect well and find few problems that arise between them.

However, they should be mindful of their short tempers and tendency to have wandering eyes, as these could be potential deal-breakers if they plan to have a long-term relationship.

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How To Make A Leo Man Obsess Over A Capricorn Woman

A Capricorn woman’s disciplined and responsible attitude can help balance out the Leo man’s tendency to act without considering consequences. In contrast, a Leo man’s courageous spirit can help the Capricorn woman break out of her comfort zone and try new things.

Together, they can form a strong bond of mutual understanding and respect that can help them both to grow and learn. Since Capricorn women are more rational and analytical, their presence can help ground the Leo man who often lives in the moment.

It’s hard to figure out how these two would be drawn to one another other than perhaps they’re just physically attracted. Both are typically very attractive and stand out from most others.

This may be the one thing that makes them want to talk to each other and see what is there. When they do talk, they realize that they’re both rather brilliant and have the capacity to talk for hours on topics of mutual interest.

They’re both brainy and love to talk about things that stimulate their minds. This will make them wonder if there is more between them than this surface chatter. As it turns out, they also seem to have some life values that may match up nicely.

Learn more about a Leo man and a Capricorn woman compatibility here.

How To Make A Leo Man Obsess Over An Aquarius Woman

The Leo man and the Aquarius woman value freedom, and the idea of being tied down to a single person can be intimidating. They fear giving up the spontaneity of a single life and being stuck in a mundane routine.

Understanding that their fear is a result of this shared value helps them to feel more secure and ultimately leads to healthier and more successful relationships.  This fear of commitment is a result of both signs of wanting to maintain their freedom and the excitement of uncertainty.

Sex will be fulfilling if they can take turns “taking the lead”. They both have enough passion to connect on a deeper level when they are intimate with one another.

These two have excellent chemistry and should be able to make a lasting relationship if they truly do want one. The Leo man and Aquarius woman compatibility is mind blowing fantastic.

If you’re ready to understand more about how compatible are Leo men and Aquarius women, check out my brand new Leo Man & Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility Guide <<

How To Make A Leo Man Obsess Over A Pisces Woman

The Leo man tends to be independent and prefers to have a lot of freedom, while Pisces is very devoted and needs a lot of attention and security. This can cause tension between the two, as Leo may feel smothered while Pisces may feel neglected.

NEVER buy into impossibility. Anything is actually possible and if two people love each other enough, they can absolutely overcome any adversity they are faced with.

In the beginning, their attraction is based on surface feelings. However, when they start to talk, they find each other interesting because they’re so different. This can be a situation of opposites attract.

Leo tends to be independent and free-spirited, while a Pisces woman wants to be needed and feels like they are part of a team. This fundamental issue can be difficult to reconcile and often leads to the relationship ending.

If you’re ready to understand more about how compatible are Leo men and Pisces women, check out my brand new Leo Man & Pisces Woman Love Compatibility Guide <<

Things You Can Say To Make A Leo Man Crazy About You

Leo men love positive partners and friends. You’re in that loop, so make it obvious to him by showing you care. It will mean a lot to him. Leo men are pushovers when it comes to attention. Compliment him a lot! He needs your validation.

Say things that will make him appreciate your consideration. If he’s up for a promotion, tell him: “I just know they’ll love you and your talent! Good luck!” This enthusiasm is inspiring.

Tell him you feel safe and secure in his arms and that he makes you feel incredibly special. Admire his strength to face life challenges. Tell him you are grateful to have him in your life and that he is the sexiest man alive, and then watch his ego go up with pride!

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How Do You Know If Leo Man Is Obsessed With You? How Does He Show Interest?

Leos are totally fixated on those that are already popular. When a Leo man is obsessed with you, he can’t look away when someone popular and charismatic walks into the room! They see this person in a bright light, and they basically can do no wrong in the eyes of Leo.

If he walks tall, makes eye contact, makes power moves, and doesn’t take no for an answer, that means he is obsessed with you. When you walk into a room, just go in knowing that his eyes are on you, and they will be!

Leo is all about big, grand displays and compliments, so if he compliments you a lot, he is into you to the Moon and back!

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