When A Leo Man Ignores Your Text — Here’s What To Do

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is your Leo man not texting back? Has he started pulling away, or even ghosting you? Here's what to do when a Leo man ignores your text...

Is your Leo man gone a bit cold? Has he started ignoring your texts, pulling away, or even ghosting you? So, what happens when a Leo man ignores your text all of a sudden? Let’s look at the reasons a Leo man might stop texting you and how to deal with the situation.

It’s strange when a Leo man ignores your text. It can feel like you were standing next to a roaring, warm hearth fire, and now, all of a sudden, you’re wondering why it’s so chilly. A Leo man not responding to texts comes off as a little fishy… Something must be going on.

Being the sign of romance, it’s unusual for a Leo man to pull away, as he’s usually the type of person to be larger than life, and always makes his presence known in your life!

He’s loud, proud, and warm, the type to commit and never let go. So, what’s the deal? Why is he behaving this way? And what can you do when a Leo man pulls away? 

Be sure to keep on reading to find out what to do when a Leo man ignores your text…

Why Is A Leo Man Not Responding To Texts? 4 Possible Reasons

1. He Needs More Validation

Leo men need loads of attention. Like, bucketloads. He needs to know he is the very center of your universe, and that he comes first in your list of priorities. He has a very big ego, but it simultaneously quite insecure. He needs to know that you are mad at him.

If he feels that he isn’t that center, your Leo man will very likely pull away, going quiet and cold. He hates to feel like he has to chase love! He wants to feel the height of romance at all times and know that you are super into him. 

If he feels that he needs to chase your affection and that you are only kind of into him, then it can turn him off and make him run away in a different direction. 

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2. He Has Family Obligations

Leo is the sign of children and family. If your Leo crush has a few kids of his own, they will be everything to him. Maybe they’re going through something tough and stressful as a family, which is the reason he’s gone quiet. 

His family will always be his priority, especially if he has kids of his own, but he is also very close to his parents and siblings. Whenever someone is in need, your Leo man will do whatever he can to come to the rescue. 

Don’t always take it personally if a Leo man isn’t paying attention to you, he may have some very important things he needs to deal with so try to give him a break if you can.

3. His Work Commitments Are Piling Up

This is a sign that works hard – very hard! Leo men are very committed to their careers, and when the going gets tough, the tough get going! A Leo man is built for success. He wants to do well in his life and achieve great things. 

There might be a lot going on at work at the moment and thus he is distracted and possibly overwhelmed by his workload. This may be the reason why your Leo man isn’t texting you back. He’ll get back to you eventually, so be sure to give him some space.

If your Leo man is not responding to texts, it very well could be that his career is taking up his time and attention. Try your best not to take this personally, instead be quite supportive. 

4. He Is Unsure Of Your Feelings

Loyalty is everything to the typical Leo man. When he gives of himself, he gives it all. He’s either all in or nothing at all. He expects his woman to have the same loyalty, and if she doesn’t, he will most likely pull away. 

The same goes if he doubts you have the same feelings for him. If you’re not warm, loving, and openly flattering and adoring him, he will pull away from you! A Leo man is the type of guy who is all or nothing. 

He isn’t someone who wants a lukewarm kind of love, he would much rather be alone. So if he is unsure of how you feel about him, he is definitely going to pull away and stop responding to your texts because he wants to know that you are all in.

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When A Leo Man Ignores Your Texts — Here’s What To Do

Send Him Flowers Or A Small Gift

One of the main love languages for a Leo man is the act of giving gifts. He tends to love spoiling the woman he adores, so reciprocating in a language that he understands will mean the absolute world to him! 

Send your Leo man an amazing gift of flowers with a card – do this publicly, where people will see him being spoiled and adored. He will lap up the attention, and feel absolutely loved. This is far better than any text you could ever dream of sending to him! Trust me on this one, ladies. 

A small gift could also work, something you know that he’s always wanted and talked about. And don’t worry – this man won’t find it stalker-ish of you! He’ll be so flattered that he can’t help himself but call or text you immediately!

Let Him Know What You Miss About Him

Be specific when you reach out to him via text. Tell him exactly what you miss about him in your life. Stroke his ego and make him feel special, cherished, and missed. Tell him it’s his arms around you, his wonderful way of telling stories, his sexiness and playfulness that you miss.  

Keep the focus on him – not on how he makes you feel. For example, saying to him you miss the dinners he used to take you too won’t make him feel special or valued for who he is. Reminding him that you miss his gifts will make him feel used. 

So, get detailed. Text him, and surprise him by telling him in no uncertain terms what he means to you!

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Give Him A Call

Giving this man a call, when you know he’s free, is not something you can do that will seem needy or pushy – trust me on that! Leo men love to hear your voice. Instantly saying you were thinking of him, coming off as easy-breezy, which will help him to feel special and loved. 

Of course, there is a line between chasing him and just chatting. This move does take some courage (and the right timing!) but he will know that courage, and respect you for it. Yes, Leo men like to be the Alpha male who does all the pursuing usually, but sometimes it’s good to know he’s wanted, too.

Let Him Know He’s On Your Mind 24/7

Without seeming like a stalker, let your Leo man know you are thinking of him. That he’s the only one for you. That he makes your world go around. You can text him something like “I went to the park at lunch today and remembered that amazing moment we shared together there.”

This will make him feel totally loved, validated, and seen. When a Leo man is seen and told how special he is, he responds warmly and instantly. This is a passionate man, remember!

Once he knows he’s the center of your universe, he will usually start coming back, ignoring you less, and feeling safer with you. After all, he is looking for something committed!

What To Do When A Leo Man Pulls Away Without Obvious Reasons

A Leo man pulling away can be an incredibly painful experience. These guys are so hot and passionate, so when he doesn’t act like this anymore it can be quite confusing. Try to not let it get you down!

A Leo man may be pulling away for a variety of reasons, so it is important that you don’t automatically assume that it is your fault because it very well might be due to circumstances beyond your control. 

Why a Leo man pulls away could be anything from him losing interest, to him being angry, to him even being embarrassed about something he said. You need to remember that his ego is very fragile, so sometimes you need to tread carefully with your Leo man. 

Another reason could be that he has fallen in love and is scared of his feelings. A Leo man pulls away when in love because he has trouble believing that what he has with you is true, so instead of enjoying the experience, he pulls away. 

All you can really do is try and show him your loyalty and that you aren’t going anywhere. Your Leo man needs to see that he can trust you and that you are a woman he can depend on. 

Leo Man Stopped Texting Me After We Slept Together — What Can I Do?

When a Leo man disappears after intimacy it can feel terrible. I can’t imagine what you are going through. There is nothing quite as hurtful as being vulnerable with a man and then never hearing from him again.

One thing you might have to accept is that it is possible that your Leo man is simply a player and this has been his intention all along. Good riddance I would say. The best course of action for you is to ignore him and pull your own energy back. 

The last thing you want to do is chase him and make him think that you are desperate for his attention. This will just make him run away even further. Be cool, because more often than not, men always come back around. 

If you act cool and like his actions don’t bother you then you are definitely going to perplex him and make him wonder why you aren’t chasing after him. However, I still don’t believe that this is a man you should be with. 

Being intimate with a man is a sacred act and if he doesn’t treat you like this then he definitely isn’t worth your time. Take it as a learning experience and try to recognize the red flags in the future to prevent yourself from getting hurt again. 

When A Leo Man Stops Talking — Does This Mean He Is Losing Interest?

It is very easy to assume that a Leo man has lost interest when he stops talking to you so much but this isn’t always necessarily the case. He may very well just feel a lot more comfortable and secure in the connection he has with you. 

This isn’t a bad thing, in fact, this shows that he has trust in you and feels satisfied with where the relationship is between the two of you. But of course, this isn’t always the case with every Leo man and yes, there is a possibility that your Leo man is losing interest. 

The best thing you can really do is just to lean back, and let him come to you. If he doesn’t, well then your answer is quite obvious.

FAQ On Leo Man Not Texting Back

My Leo Man Takes Forever To Text Back — Why Is That?

There could be various reasons why Leo men take forever to text back a woman. It can range from him being very busy at work, to yes, him not being very interested in you or in a relationship with you. 

It could also be that he is trying to make you addicted to him and this is why he keeps himself scarce and brief because he knows that you will end up liking him more if he isn’t always available. 

Do Leos Come Back After Ghosting?

Most men come back after ghosting, especially if the woman in question doesn’t chase after him either. If you play it cool and just continue to live your life to the fullest then your Leo man has no other option but to come back. 

Your Leo Man Will Text You Back Quickly If You Do This

It can be so frustrating to send your Leo man a text message and see “seen”… But then have no reply for hours or maybe even days.

Why in the world would he do this?

You might start feeling anxious or wondering if he even cares at ALL!

Unfortunately, a lot of dating advice written for men in general just WON’T work with a Leo. They are wired a bit differently than men of other sun signs.

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