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8 Secrets To A Happy Marriage With A Leo Man

Has your Leo husband started backing away from you a little? Are you afraid you might lose him?

Maybe you’re trying to ensure that when you marry your Leo man, you will be able to keep him happy. Or are you newly married and want to know how best to make him feel in love and passionate always?

I want to share with you the eight secrets to a happy marriage with a Leo man. Keep reading to learn what you need to know so that you will be able to have a forever love with your Leo!

8 Secrets To A Happy Marriage With A Leo Man

1. Be His Support System

One of the reasons that a Leo man married you is because he felt that you were someone that would support his goals, aspirations, and dreams. You back up all of his ideas and plans (no matter how unconventional).

You must keep this up in your marriage. He will expect you to always have his back when he’s planning something or trying to reach goals that are important to him.

It’s not that you have to agree with him so much, but you do have to show your support in whatever he decides to do.

You can tell him your viewpoint, but ultimately, he wants you to say that you’ll be there for him no matter what he does. This is a very important secret to a happy marriage with a Leo man.

2. Keep Your Independence After Marriage

Secrets To Happy Marriage With Leo Man

When you married your Leo man, you were probably independent, driven, and loving your own life. You cannot lose that!

The Leo man wants to focus on success and is very much passionate about doing all that he can to achieve said success.

He wants you to do the same thing with your passions and hobbies. Keep yourself busy so that you aren’t clinging to him. That’s the last thing he is looking for is a clingy wife.

Even if he does want lots of attention, he doesn’t want you stuck to his side 24/7. He also doesn’t want you giving up time with friends or the things you love for his sake.

He will see this as a character flaw and could potentially become cold toward you, so please be careful. Maintain the flow you had when you got married.

3. Give Him Your Attention & Time

Yes, I did just say keep your independence, but you’ve also got to ensure you have some time to give your Leo. He loved how much affection you gave him in the beginning.

If you two just got married, then chances are that you haven’t strayed from the duty of giving him what he needs. Just know he will always expect this from you and when you don’t do it, he may seek out someone else that will.

He needs someone to lift him when he’s down. Try inspiring him with your own actions. The Leo man needs a confident and passionate partner.

You always want to make your Leo feel like he’s a top priority in your life. Don’t make him your whole life, but make sure he feels important. He’ll appreciate it greatly.

Compliment him daily if you can, because that goes a long way with this guy and that is one of the biggest secrets to a happy marriage with a Leo man.  Never forget his need for your attention and adoration.

4. Keep A Warm & Cozy Home

Happy Marriage With Leo Man

The Leo man wants to come home to his Queen and his Kingdom. This means that you should do your best to make his home the place he wants to be.

Make the home you share a place of refuge and relaxation. Have nice warm scents forever filling in your home. Get some of those plug-ins for oils or wax and keep it on.

Vanilla works universally, for just about everyone. Your Leo man will likely not be any different. Perhaps he’s mentioned smells that he really likes. Get some oils, wax, or sprays that have this particular scent.

Cook for him when you get the chance. Have dinner waiting for him once in a while to make him feel special. He’ll go crazy for this. It’s a way of expressing love to him.

You can bake his favorite treat also. If you aren’t much of a baker though, that’s alright. Find out what his favorite dessert is and go get some to keep out on the table for him.

5. Be His Friend & Confidant

Aside from being his wife and life partner, he wants you to forge a fantastic friendship bond as well. He wants to sit down with you and have delectable conversations.

He married an intelligent woman, didn’t he?! Talk to him like you’d talk to another of your best friends. World news, local news, science, history, or whatever it is that piques the interest of you both.

Sit down with a couple of beers and your Leo man and ask him how things have been going with him. He’ll be so thrilled that you asked. It shows how much you care about him.

Tell him some jokes or some stories. Keep him intrigued with conversation. You won’t regret it, I promise you!

The Leo man wants to stay stimulated by you and be able to talk to you about anything in the world.

6. Be Social As Often As You Can

Being Social With A Leo Man

Your Leo man is a very social creature unless he has a strong sign in his chart that makes him more of a homebody. That’s not impossible. If he has Taurus in a big way, he may want to stay put.

Most Leo men love to go out and be around people. They want to be the life of the party. They ARE the life of the party, without even trying. He will also want you to be there with him.

Leo guys want to show their lady off and look good in the public eye. Make sure you always look like a million bucks when you go out. He worries about what others see.

Impressions are a big deal to the Leo man. Even if you aren’t typically the type to dress up much, you will have to bend to make him happy in this way.

Make sure it’s like a compromise between you two. You will get dolled up and go out with him if he will stay home a few nights a week watching movies and cuddling.

7. Surprise Your Leo Man With Gifts

Your Leo man loves receiving gifts, especially from you! Get creative and find something that you know he’ll go crazy for.

You can also surprise him with a romantic weekend getaway. He’ll be shocked and will give you lots of romance back. Leo is pretty good at it, after all.

Leo likes the very best of everything. When you go to pick him out a gift, make sure it matches his personality and taste.

He’ll be disappointed when you give him something he’s not into. Try leaning toward gifts that suit him and make him feel or look good. He’ll be far more appreciative.

8. Lots Of Time Between The Sheets

Secrets For A Happy Marriage With A Leo Man

To have a happy marriage with a Leo man, you’ve got to be physically active with him both in and out of the bedroom. He loves sex and wants as much as he can get.

He’s a fire sign, and those fire signs have that flame in their pants. Their libido is fairly high, and they’re usually pretty kinky as well!

Be open to playing with your Leo man and giving him serious pleasure. He’ll return the favor when he truly loves you.

If you can swing it, give him a sensual massage. This man will lose his mind in the best way! You can also give him a spa day so that you can spend the whole evening lovemaking.

Be the best lover he’s ever had. Your care and attention will make him feel like the king he aspires to be.

Secure A Love That Lasts Forever With Your Leo Husband

Do you want your Leo to stay with you forever? Of course, you do!

I’ve given you tips to work with but I do have more for you if you want the help.

I want you to have the best marriage you possibly can have with your Leo man.

Does he leave you wondering whether or not you’ve made a mistake?

Has he started to go quiet or pull away?

All is not lost!

Whether you’re trying to make your marriage better or you’re just trying to keep your Leo man, there are some things I want you to know.

Click here to learn all about how to keep a forever burning love with Leo. <<

Hang onto your Leo by doing what is necessary.

I wish you all the luck in the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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