Leo Man Not Ready For A Relationship (Most Common Leo Commitment Issues)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
A Leo man scared of commitment may be your worst nightmare. Why is your Leo man not ready for a relationship, and what can you do to get him to commit? Find out here.

A Leo man not ready for a relationship is something that can definitely happen, even though these guys are actually quite commitment orientated. However, sometimes their past will get in the way and make things difficult for them with women… 

Leo commitment issues can definitely arise when you start seeing a Leo man. He really likes attention and adoration so it may be difficult for him to settle on being with just one woman. Having his ego stroked is really important to him, he might feel going into a relationship will make it less. 

A Leo man scared of commitment may be caused by a variety of reasons, and usually, these reasons have nothing to do with you… Just because a Leo man doesn’t want a relationship doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. 

If you are interested in learning more about Leo men and why they sometimes struggle to commit, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Keep on reading to find out the reasons why a Leo man may not be ready for a relationship and what you can do to get him to commit!

Do Leos Have Commitment Issues?

Leos are from the Fixed sign family, which means that they actually really like commitment and stability in their life. They want to be able to rely on the things and people in their life so commitment isn’t usually an issue for them. 

However, all people can develop issues around commitment if they have somehow been traumatised perhaps by their childhood or previous relationship. But naturally, Leo men would rather be in a relationship than not. 

But one thing you need to remember about this fire Zodiac sign is that they have incredibly high standards. A Leo man isn’t going to commit himself to just anyone, he has a big list of things that he expects from his partner and if he doesn’t feel that you have it, he isn’t going to waste his or your time by going into a relationship he feels half sure about. 

Leo men are very confident in themselves, and because of that, they tend to put themselves first. Some may call it egotistical or narcissistic but they don’t see it that way. They just feel that they’re important. 

Sometimes that can mean being more important than others. He does what he wants, when he wants, and with whom he wants. This is something that can (and often does) get in the way of love.

Honestly, a Leo man is lots of fun and likes to be involved in the spotlight wherever he goes. He’s the life of the party, the guy everyone likes, and the one who people want to see again.

He’s talented in what he does and he knows it. He will not settle for anyone who doesn’t meet his criteria. Sometimes that means being single most of his life. He’s happier being single and you have to be something special to change his mind.

Are you the special one? Yes! Don’t waste any time, snag this King of the Jungle up before you lose him…

What Scares A Leo Man Away? 4 Reasons Why A Leo Man Doesn’t Want To Commit

1. Commitment Frightens Him

It may be tough to hear, but Leo men can be the most immature romantically of the zodiac. Being ruled by the 5th house, or children and pleasure, Leo men are naturally thrill seekers who enjoy childlike games.

In relationships, the Leo man’s playful nature adds color and charm to his dynamic sense of humor, loving smile, and flirtatious mannerisms. He is constantly trying to make you laugh and always wants to have a good time.

On the other hand, his childlike nature can also cause extreme immaturity and commitment issues in relationships. He feels like relationships are too serious and take away from his life of singlehood and fun.

Therefore, he would rather not invest himself emotionally and rather interact casually instead. Because of this, the Leo man may not be ready for a relationship, but remember, there is always another way.

Rather than taking a traditional approach to relationships, remind the Leo man that commitment doesn’t have to be boring. You can decide as a couple to keep things spontaneous and youthful.

One way is to always go out on dates together. Even if you are married and have been together for years, keep the relationship fresh and pledge to always try new things together.

2. His Insecurities Are Getting In The Way

Although they are known as the Lions of the zodiac, they are sensitive creatures. Leo men hide fierce emotions behind their thick skin.

One of Leo’s emotional setbacks comes from his passionate and sometimes controlling behaviors. His fixed nature pushes him to feel dominant and to be the center of attention at all times, and this sometimes affects how he treats his romantic partner.

Because a Leo man is so possessive, he feels insecure when he is not in control, and if this persists for too long, he will start to lose trust (in himself and you) and pull away emotionally.

When a Leo man feels insecure and pulls away, he lacks the confidence and trust to commit to a relationship. If this happens, you need to rebuild his trust and support a healthy balance of self-confidence. He needs to feel wanted and be involved in your life. 

If the Leo man lacks confidence for other reasons, such as finances or physical appearance, it is not your job to indulge in self-defeating behavior, but again, he needs to know he has your support.

Remember, Leo is the sign most associated with children, so think about the words “nurturance” and “empathy.” Let him know you’ll be there no matter what.

3. He Is Struggling To Get Over His Ex

One of the biggest challenges for Leo men is their self-esteem.

No one wants to hear the word ‘ex’ when they are reading about their partner or someone they love, but sometimes an ex is part of the package.

With Leo men, their devoted and loyal nature can sometimes make it impossible to commit to a relationship when they are still emotionally (and/or sexually) attached to someone else, especially an ex from the past.

Instinctively, you may want to start a fight and lay out an ultimatum, but that would quickly backfire, and he would walk away as fast as he could.

Rather than creating a scene or a toxic environment, be honest with the Leo man about your intentions and be clear that you will only accept him doing the same in return.

Most likely, it will take a fair amount of time for him to release the strong ties that bind him to his past. But eventually, with your help and, hopefully, your friendship, he will heal and readily move on.

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4. He Doesn’t Think You Are A Good Match

Another reason why a Leo man doesn’t want to commit to you is that he doesn’t think you’re the one or doesn’t feel the “spark” he expects to feel when he falls in love.

Basically, he hasn’t fallen in love with you, and he doesn’t want to waste his precious time by committing. The thing is, he really hasn’t given it a chance yet; he’s still hanging onto you and keeping the door open.

Keeping you hanging on by a thread isn’t a good thing for either of you. He may not even mean to, but he could be thinking you could be “Plan B” in case he cannot find someone better.

He likes you enough to keep you around, but not enough to commit. When he doesn’t give you his best, you need to evaluate whether he has you in this mode or if there is even a chance.

Most likely, this isn’t a good sign. You can try to lure him back in deeper, but if he isn’t in love with you and has even a tiny thought that you aren’t the one, he will keep up this ridiculous front.

Giving his all is only for a woman that he really feels is the one. In some cases, this could just require some time and you showing him that you ARE the one for him. It’s a 50/50 toss-up whether this will work.

You have to figure out if he’s worth the effort or not. That’s your decision to make. Is he giving you enough to keep you trying, or is he just keeping you around just because?

When A Leo Man Is Not Ready For A Relationship — Here’s What To Do

Just like anyone, if a Leo man is not ready for a relationship, he may not commit as quickly as you’d like. It doesn’t mean he won’t ever though. It just means that the timing is crucial.

If you really care for him and see there is something between you, then it may work best for you to just have more patience. He could be really focused on his job or something else in his life.

You cannot compete with that. He will choose to spend more time with you and further, the relationship when he feels the time is right and not a moment sooner.

If he rushes in, he will regret it and end up going cold on you. Pressuring him is not usually fruitful. A Leo man doesn’t want to be told what to do or be pushed into doing something he isn’t ready for.

There is also the possibility that he’s been really hurt before you, which leads him to try to be more careful. It will take time to mend his feelings and be open to love again. 

This is a rare sign, but it does happen. If this is the case then you’ll notice he has a hard time talking about it or anything about his past. He could close off until he’s ready to let you in.

Whatever his reason, timing is VERY important. Leo men have a tendency to dive in when they really like someone or think they’re in love. However that only applies if he’s open to it. 

If a Leo man isn’t ready for a committed relationship, then there isn’t really much you can do about it. Love needs the right timing and you cannot force it. 

How To Get A Leo Man To Commit

What have you learned about the Leo man’s refusal of commitment? I hope this has helped clear things up. Truthfully, most Leo men love to dive into a relationship with someone they really like.

If you’re going to get him to commit to you, then you’ve got to show him what qualities you possess that he will absolutely love. Be the woman he’s looking for. What are the qualities? He really likes women who are independent, intelligent, beautiful, attractive, personable, caring, attentive, and patient, but also adventurous and spontaneous.

These are all basics of what a Leo man is looking for in a woman. Leo men love attention! When they aren’t getting it, they get bored or put off thus making him not want to commit. 

He wants a woman smart enough to support him and all of his dreams, goals, and plans. You’ve got to prove that you’re his rock and his soul mate. If you can do this, then you may be able to get your Leo man to commit!

All that aside, if you can manage to get a Leo man interested in you, you can definitely win him over. It just takes a bit of effort and most of all; patience. I have total faith that you can tame this Lion!

FAQs On Leo Commitment Issues

My Leo Man Says He Is Not Ready For A Relationship — Does It Mean He Is Afraid Of Commitment?

Although some Leos might be afraid of commitment, most of them aren’t and actually really enjoy being in a relationship. When a Leo man is showing that he is afraid of committing, there is probably something else going on.

He might carry hurt from his past or feel unsure that this relationship is right for him. There can be many reasons why this is happening. Try to take a step back and not take his rejection too personally. You’re great!

Are Leos Slow To Fall In Love?

Most Leos really like the idea of falling in love and being in a romance. They will choose love over anything again and again. They are the type of person to fall head over heels without any doubt in their mind. 

Of course, some Leo men might be a little jaded because of previous experiences they may have had but this isn’t always the case. When a Leo leads from the heart they tend to be very open to falling in love.

Do Leo’s Lose Interest Quickly?

It really depends on Leo and what their intentions are when it comes to love. If he is in his player era, then the chances of a Leo man losing interest quickly are quite high. He clearly just wants to have fun and enjoy himself. 

But when a Leo man is in the mindset of commitment then he tends to be all in and do everything he can to keep the relationship exciting for both him and his partner. It really just depends on the circumstances. 

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