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For the Ladies – How to Know if a Leo Man Loves You

Have you been dating a Leo man for awhile but are unsure what he may be feeling for you? Does he love you or is he just in “lust” with you? How to know if a Leo man loves you? Here are the signs for you to look for when a Leo man is truly feeling love for you.

Lots of Attention and Extensive Adoration

When the Leo man is in love, he acts like a teenager. He may write you cute texts, call you multiple times a day, or send you sweet gifts he knows you’ll enjoy. He’s a romantic at heart so expect to be swooned.

This is a man that will go above and beyond to show you how he feels. He’ll want to be with you more often, he’ll want to take out and show you off to the world, and he’ll introduce you to his family/friends.

Any opportunity to be with you, call you, or reach out in any other way is a way to show you how much he cares. He will try everything in the book to get you to laugh or feel comfortable with him.

He has no trouble being a total goofball with you because HE feels comfortable with you and wants you to know what you are the one. He’s a personable guy typically but in love, he’s that much more personable.

You’ll notice that he may write you songs, poems, send you flowers, or get you a gift. Not just any gift but something he KNOWS you will want or have already pointed out to him. He’ll remember the things you say you like.

Even after having been with him for awhile, you should notice him still trying to swoon you. If you’re not experiencing that, try talking to him about how you feel. Perhaps he has unresolved issues from the past.

Opens Up To You Because You’re His Rock

Lovely couple at home - How to Know if a Leo Man Loves You

When a Leo man feels he can trust you, he will open up to you about how things are going in his life, how his day went, how frustrated he is, or how happy he is. Whatever it may be, if you’re the woman he loves, he’s going to talk to you.

Have you noticed that when he’s had a bad day or even a good day, he calls you up and wants to talk about it? If so then you know he loves you and it’s not just a habit.

He has no trouble telling you anything that is going on with him at any time. He knows you’ll listen and that you’re the one person he wants to share his feelings with.

If he hasn’t told you he loves you yet but he’s opening up to you like this, you can be that the “I love you” is coming. He’s probably waiting for the right time and the right amount of romance to make it very special.

He wants to make sure that when he tells you, everything is nearly perfect. He wants it to be in the right setting, right music, right food, and the feeling of absolute amore.

If he often takes you to places like this or makes you feel like you’re a princess by telling you anything and everything on his mind, he is totally in love with you and the words are likely coming soon.

REALLY Misses you when you’re not with Him

Leo man will seem darned near obsessive when he’s in love. He cannot stand to be apart from his lady love. Even if he does like to have a little alone time, he will still be thinking of you the whole time.

A good example would be that he decides to go camping for a weekend alone. However, he ends up calling you or texting you multiple times. He’s in love with you and cannot get you off his mind. This is one of the best things you can do if you’re wondering on how to know if a Leo man loves you.

It’s almost a guarantee that the Leo man is yours and totally in love. He reaches out to you as much as possible and also feels the need to make sure you’re alright when he’s not around.

He’s protective and worried about your safety. He has to be in contact with you frequently when he’s in love with you. You’re the one person he cannot allow something to happen to.

Therefore he’s going to go out of his way to make sure he touches base with you daily, if not more. If he isn’t showing you this type of behavior then something may be wrong or maybe he’s not feeling it anymore. Talk to him, I can’t stress that enough!

Safety Concerns, Are you Alright?

beautiful couple in love tenderly embraces - How to Know if a Leo Man Loves You

The Leo man can be rather possessive and protective when he’s in love. If suddenly you notice that he asks you to text him every time you go somewhere or leave somewhere, he’s concerned with your safety.

He has to put his own mind at ease that you’re perfectly fine where you are and that you’re having a good time. If he gets the impression that you’re not, he’s going to come over. He’s in love with you and you’re a priority to him.

As long as you continue to give him the stream of adoration and gratefulness, he’ll continue to always be the man you’ve always dreamed of. These are signs of love from the mighty Leo lion!

He is looking for you to be his Queen and he’ll do anything for you. When you see him going out of his way to do just about anything you ask, he’s in love with you and there is no denying it.

Typically he will not wait too long before he will just go ahead and tell you so you probably won’t have to wait. If there is a delay it may simply be fear but it shouldn’t linger for an extended amount of time. You should KNOW fairly easily that he loves you.

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