Leo Man In Bed — What Does A Leo Man Like Sexually?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What can you do to make a Leo man feel satisfied in bed? What will make him want you again and again? Keep reading for how to please a Leo man sexually.

A Leo man is a wild cat in bed! They absolutely love sex and often have a really high sex drive. These romantic beasts certainly know what they are doing in the bedroom.

A Leo man likes what he likes and he knows what he wants. But how can you arouse a Leo man sexually? What do you need to do to please a Leo man in bed?

These are all the questions that might come up for you when you take things to the next level with your Leo guy. He is such an incredible lover, and it must be so important for you to make sure that he is pleased.

This man is a catch, and if he is unsatisfied in the bedroom, then he is definitely going to go running. So, be sure to give him what he really wants so that he’ll treat you like a Goddess.

If you want your Leo guy to be all you’ve ever wanted and desired then you’ve got to make sure your Leo man is well pleased with you in between the sheets.

Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about Leo man in bed! Trust me, you’ll want to stick it out until the end because sex with a Leo man is an experience you’ll never forget!

Leo Man In Bed: What Does A Leo Man Like Sexually?

A Leo man wants you to feel comfortable and wonderful when you are with him, and that includes when you’re together between the sheets.

He wants to give you the ultimate pleasure without you having to be the one doing all the work. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. He may tell you what to do but he will keep it reasonable. Sex with a Leo man is fiery hot!

This man will respect boundaries and will never do anything that would humiliate you or make you feel uncomfortable with him.

A Leo man in bed likes to see you writhing in ecstasy from what he’s giving you. He wants to watch you and see how you feel in his arms or his mouth. If you are the type of woman who normally wants control, this could be a problem.

A Leo man wants a woman who will be a bit more submissive to him so he can pleasure her. He doesn’t desire control in order to torture you, hurt you, or make you feel humiliated, so why not give in?

How To Please A Leo Man Sexually (3 Ways To Arouse A Leo Man)

Be Playful And Fun

The Leo man certainly isn’t going to respond well to a woman who just lays there and expects him to do everything. Yes, he wants to be in control, but that doesn’t mean you should just lay there like a board.

Be playful, get into it, laugh, have fun, and enjoy what you’re doing with him. If you aren’t authentically enjoying it then something is wrong and perhaps you need to talk to him about it.

Otherwise, see this as a time you can totally let go and have an amazing time with your Leo man in bed. The more he sees you happy, laughing, and moaning with pleasure, the more excited and fulfilled he will feel.

He wants to feel like “the man” when he’s with you. Knowing that what he’s doing with you makes you filled with sheer ecstasy will make him feel he’s doing his job, which makes his experience that much more thrilling.

Giving in to him allows him to see how much you adore him and how much you trust him to let him take the reins. If you want to be in control sometimes, you can compromise with him. Sex with a Leo man is a dance.

Explain to him what your needs are and perhaps if there is something you really want to do with him, he’ll be open to it as long as it’s something that doesn’t humiliate him in some way.

If it brings you extreme pleasure to do certain things to him and he’s comfortable with it, you two can find a middle ground in which to take turns so that you both get the most out of your experience in the bedroom.

Yet another way to drive a Leo man crazy in bed. Are you getting the picture now? You can totally do this better than anyone else!

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Boost His Confidence

To get a Leo man to feel amazing in the bedroom, he’s got to feel confident with you in general. He wants nothing more than for you to feel the very best with him and he’ll do just about anything to get you there.

When you do have sex with a Leo man, be sure to compliment him on his techniques and the things he does very well. Give him a self-confidence boost. When he feels good about what he’s doing with you, he’ll give you more.

Here’s how to compliment a Leo man (what he likes to hear) <<

You might try romancing your Leo man in bed. Be spontaneous with your affections. Try placing rose petals all over the bed and have warm-scented candles burning. Sex with your Leo guy should be a memorable scene.

Make the whole scene look as though it’s right out of a romance novel or movie. Have gentle love-making type of music on. Wear your sexiest lingerie under a robe so that when you take it off, he’ll be floored.

Be sure to have your makeup and hair done. A Leo man prefers it when a woman looks like she just stepped out of a Playboy magazine. This is a way to be playful without taking control from him. Leo men in bed love suggestions and seduction.

You’re basically setting the mood and seducing him so that he will then be so appreciative and turned on that he will give you the night of your life. Truly he’ll realize how much you care and will want to show you how he feels.

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Make Him Feel Special

One of the things that turns a Leo man on is feeling like he’s special to his lady. He longs to please her and make her happy. He wants to be the one that makes her feel like life is amazing with him.

I’ve mentioned giving him compliments, and feedback, and doing sexy things to make him feel good. The other part of this is gifting him to show him how you feel. This can include some sex toys, of course.

Also, you can get him something you know that he’ll love to share with you in the bedroom. Bring in a nice bottle of wine or champagne. You can pour some into your belly button and let him suck it out or vice versa.

Giving him this type of adoration will always get you tons more affection from him. Try it out!

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How To Talk Dirty To A Leo Man

When talking dirty to a Leo man, you have to praise him because he is naturally dominant and likes to take charge of any situation. A Leo man is a verbal type of guy and when he gives it to you, you had better give him some sound feedback.

He wants to hear how good he is at making you feel like a woman. He wants to hear how sexy he is, how hung he is, how his touch makes you feel, and how much you want to have him inside you.

I know this sounds shallow, but it does work with a Leo man. The more info you appear, the more he’ll want to discover about you. Leo lives on attention and when you’re willing to tell him how amazing he is, he’s all ears.

When talking dirty to him, you must be intimate and passionate with him and express your sexuality, and he will please you like no other.

Put his hand on your leg while you lean in and tell him something in his ear like: “You look devilishly handsome tonight”. He’ll be mind-blown and will think “Wow this woman is possibly as hot as it gets”.

Touch his hand, his shoulder, his hair, his face, and say things that are passionately driven. Tell him how sexy his eyes are or how much you love the way his hair is styled.

A Leo man wants to feel like the most wanted man on the planet. If you can do that, you’re “in” and can win him into the bedroom and possibly into your life for the long haul.

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Sending you love,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. You are absolutely correct! My leo man is all about pleasuring me. He loves to see that i feel good. He is very romantic and he definitely is a turn on! He says ” just the thought of you turns me on”. I guess I’m in huh??? He is wonderful and full of ideas for romance and sex. I love it!!!!

    1. Hi Tiffany!

      I’m glad you identify with my article on Leo man’s sexual desires. I’m thrilled to know that things are going so well between you two as well. Tell him, tell him all of it! I’m happy you found a good one sweetheart. If you’d like to learn more about the Leo man, check out my books on Leo Man Secrets!

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