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Leo Man In Bed – How To Please A Leo Man Sexually

What can you do to make a Leo man in bed feel satisfied sexually? What will make him want you again and again? Be sure to give him what he really wants so that he’ll treat you like a Goddess. Leo men in bed are incredibly sexy.

If you want him to be all you’ve ever wanted and desired then you’ve got to make sure your Leo man is well pleased with you in between the sheets. Keep reading for how to please a Leo man in the bedroom. Sex with Leo man is something you’ll never forget.

Tip #1 – How To Please A Leo Man In The Bedroom: Let Him Be In Control

Leo man wants you to feel comfortable and wonderful when you are with him and that includes being in the bedroom. While he wants to be the one calling the shots, he still wants you to have as much pleasure as he can give you.

It may sound odd that you would want to give him the control but he will respect boundaries and will never do anything that would humiliate you or make you feel uncomfortable with him. Leo men in bed are different.

He wants to give you the ultimate pleasure without you having to be the one doing all the work. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. He may tell you what to do but he will keep it reasonable. Sex with Leo man is hot!

The Leo man in bed wants to see you writhing in ecstasy that he’s giving to you. He wants to watch you and see how you feel in his arms or in his mouth. If you are the type of woman who normally wants control, this could be a problem.

This man definitely wants woman who will be a bit more submissive to him so he can pleasure her. He doesn’t desire control in order to torture you, hurt you, or make you feel humiliated so why not give in?

He simply wants to be the one giving you more pleasure than you’ve had in your life. It sounds like a fair sacrifice to me but what do I know? Giving him control sounds rather kinky and fun. This is exactly how to please a Leo man in the bedroom.

This is just one of the 3 tactics for how to drive a Leo man crazy in bed. Check out the other two tips that will help you raise your sex life up to a steamy notch!

Tip #2 – How To Please a Leo Man Sexually: Be Playful and Fun

How to Please a Leo Man Sexually - Leo Man In Bed

The Leo man certainly isn’t going to respond well to a woman who just lays there and expects him to do everything. Yes he wants to be in control but that doesn’t mean you should just lay there like a board.

Be playful, get into it, laugh, have fun, and enjoy what you’re doing with him. If you aren’t authentically enjoying it then something is wrong and perhaps you need to talk to him about it.

Otherwise, see this as a time you can totally let go and have an amazing time with your Leo man in bed. The more he sees you happy, laughing, and moaning with pleasure the more excited and fulfilled he will feel.

He wants to feel like “the man” when he’s with you. Knowing that what he’s doing with you or more specific to you that makes you filled with sheer ecstasy will make him feel he’s doing his job which makes his experience that much more thrilling.

Giving in to him allows him to see how much you adore him and how much you trust him to let him take the reins. If you really want to be in control sometimes, you can try to compromise with him. Sex with Leo man is a dance.

Explain to him what your needs are and perhaps if there is something you really want to do with him, he’ll be open to it as long as it’s something that doesn’t humiliate him in some way.

If it brings you extreme pleasure to do certain things to him and he’s comfortable with it, you two can find middle ground in which to take turns so that you both get the most out of your experience in the bedroom.

Yet another way how to drive a Leo man crazy in bed. Are you getting the picture now? You can totally do this better than anyone else. Shine in his world!

Tip #3  – How To Please a Leo Man Sexually: Boost His Confidence

How to Please a Leo Man Sexually

To get a Leo man to feel amazing in the bedroom, he’s got to feel confident with you in general. He wants nothing more than for you to feel the very best with him and he’ll do just about anything to get you there.

When you do have sex with him, be sure to compliment him on his techniques and the things he does very well. Give him a booster of self confidence. When he feels good about what he’s doing with you, he’ll give you more.

You might try romancing Leo man in bed. Be spontaneous with your affections. Try planning a nice home cooked dinner or take out if you are not someone who cooks well. Pick his favorite meal and make it happen.

Set up the dinner at the table with all the trimmings to make it look exceedingly romantic and beautiful. Place rose petals all over the bed and have warm scented candles burning. Sex with Leo man should be a memorable scene.

Vanilla is an excellent choice for most men. They really love the smell of baking cookies or cakes. It’s an inviting smell. Sandalwood is a good scent to use also. You pick something that appeals to your senses or you can find out what he digs.

Make the whole scene look as though it’s right out of a romance novel or movie. Have gentle love making type of music on. Wear your sexiest lingerie under a robe so that when you take it off, he’ll be floored.

Be sure to have your makeup and hair done. He prefers it when a woman looks like she just stepped out of a Playboy magazine. This is a way to be playful without taking control from him. Leo men in bed love suggestions.

You’re basically setting the mood and seducing him so that he will then be so appreciative and turned on that he will give you the night of your life. Truly he’ll realize how much you care and will want to show you how he feels.

As you can already tell, this is the last direction of how to drive a Leo man crazy in bed. You’ve got what it takes. I know you do!

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Leo man wants to feel like he’s the only man for you and that he’s the one that is going to give you all that you deserve. Let him feel it, let him feel confident in his love for you, and let him show you the world through his eyes.

He will not disappoint and he will do his very best to make sure that you’re having the ultimate experience with him. If you’re not feeling it, he will feel disappointed and feel he’s failed. Don’t let your Leo man feel like that… ever!

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Leo guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

Now you have a great list on how to please a Leo man in the bedroom. You have everything you need to be the star in your own sexy movie with him. Sex with Leo man is off the charts yummy.

By the way, did you know that sexy and talented actor Ben Affleck is a Leo man? Yep he sure is! Think about that next time you see him on the big screen. He’s definitely one of those Leo men in bed that likely drives a woman wild.

Have you pleased a Leo man in bed so well that he gave you the time of your life? What happened between you? Please tell me!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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