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Will a Leo Man Come Back? This Is What You Can Expect

Is it possible to get a Leo man back after you two have broken up? Can he still love you and try to repair what went wrong? Anything is possible but it depends on where his heart was and where it is now. Will a Leo man come back? Maybe! Keep reading to find out more.

If The Love Was Strong

For a Leo man, love is the answer. If he wasn’t that into you or in love with you then he may not be so keen to come back. However, if you were a great love of his, then there is still hope.

The break up will always be a factor in this as well. Was it infidelity on your part or maybe on his? If cheating was involved, it may be rather complicated. Once trust is breached, he tends to pull back.

If you two broke up because you were too young or because you two rushed into things, there still could be a chance that you can talk and try to see if giving it another chance is optional.

Honesty is always going to be important. If you have feelings for him still and want to get him back, tell him the truth. Tell him that you’ve learned from what happened and you’d like to try again.

The more honest you are with him, the more chance he’ll give it another try. If he isn’t interested in doing so, he will probably tell you that he isn’t and will give you the reason why as well.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and tell him exactly what you’re feeling. If you don’t take the risk then you may not win the rewards. Rewards come from when you’re willing to stick your neck out.

Yes, there is a risk of failure too but how will you ever know if you don’t bring your feelings to the plate? You’ve got to take a chance and open up to him. Either he will bite and go back to you or he’ll tell you there is no way.

Telling Him How Amazing He Was

Will a Leo Man Come Back

Leo men always respond well when it comes to giving them compliments and telling them how you felt when you were with him. Telling him that you felt like a queen with him, he’ll be responsive.

If you tell him that he was the best you’ve ever had in bed or the most romantic man you’ve ever known, he may actually listen to you to see what else you have to say about him.

It sounds very vain I know. However, he really loves to be told how awesome he is, how good he is in bed, and how you felt like royalty when you were with him. Give him appreciation and adoration.

This often will win him over enough to him listening to what you have to say or what you have to propose and he may actually even consider what you want. Take the chance and tell him how fantastic he is in bed.

Do whatever it takes to make him feel really good. You can even send him a card that you took time to write something special inside for him. He’ll appreciate the effort.

Getting him a gift couldn’t hurt either honestly. If you know what he likes, get something you know he’ll enjoy. You’ve got to go above and beyond to show him how much you still love him.

Sometimes that’s all a Leo man wants is for you to tell him or prove to him how much you love him and want him in your life. If he’s still single, he’ll definitely consider taking you back or going back to you.

If You Hurt Him

In the event that you two broke up because you hurt his feelings, he will not be quite as responsive. You’ll have to really apologize in a heartfelt way. You have to prove to him just how sorry you are.

He’s not going to trust you quickly. He’s going to make you work for it. It’s not going to be easy but if you truly do still love him, you’ll do everything you can in order to regain his confidence in you and your love.

Leo man can hold grudges and so it’s important you don’t wait too long before you make amends with this guy. If you wait a long time, he may always remember how you hurt him and won’t want anything to do with you.

The chances of you making things alright depend on quickness. You don’t want his mind to fester unpleasant thoughts about you. Nip it in the bud as fast as you can… if you can.

There is no guarantee that he will ever forgive you or trust you again. If he does give you another chance, he’s going to still have it in the back of his mind and wondering if you will ever do it again, or worse.

Time can heal wounds but you will definitely have to prove that you are not going to do what you did again and that you really love him. Adore him, gift him, and show him how much you appreciate him.

Giving the Leo man love all the time may help you to win his adoration back. Again, there is no promise that he will actually forgive you and take you back or ask you back into his life.

He may say he forgives you but doesn’t want to go down that road again. Know that hurting him is a huge risk to take and it’s generally best not to even do it in the first place. Be very careful.

Leo man is strong and vigilant but he’s also someone who can get hurt and carry that baggage around the rest of his life. He’ll move on and typically very quickly as to win the affections of another.

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Leo guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

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