7 Reasons Behind Leo Man Hot And Cold Behavior

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is your Leo man hot and cold? One day into you, and the next, not interested at all? It’s enough to give any girl whiplash – and plenty of insecurities!

You’ve set your sights on a Leo man, but you’ve noticed that he tends to blow hot and cold. You might be wondering why is your Leo man hot and cold. One day he is all over you, and the next he is not interested at all.

Well, a Leo man hot and cold behavior is enough to give any girl whiplash—and plenty of insecurities! When your normally warm and passionate Leo crush suddenly starts acting hot and cold, it can feel like you did something to make him like or love us less. We ladies do tend to shoulder that responsibility, but it’s usually not your fault.

The Leo man is a romantic, and he seldom goes hot and cold unless there is something serious going on. Yes, sometimes it’s you, but he’s also not often the type to mess with your head. A Leo man is looking for commitment, too.

Perhaps his ego is getting in the way, or perhaps he has family issues. Maybe it’s a new relationship that he’s still finding his footing with. Let’s explore some of the reasons together why a Leo man could be on and off, which can help you find some peace!

Leo Man Hot And Cold — Does He Like Playing Hot And Cold?

Leo is an affectionate partner who doesn’t intentionally play hot and cold games. He does enjoy the thrill of the chase and likes to have excitement in the relationship, but if your Leo man is acting hot and cold, this is because your behavior is leaving him with no choice.

You shouldn’t change who you are for anyone, but if you want to stay with him, be emotional, and have feelings, but contain them around him to a certain extent. Be calm and content around him. Don’t criticize or judge him.

Show him that you can live without him and that you are happy with your life. Compliment your Leo man on everything he does. Leo men don’t like drama, so you need to make this situation as light as possible. With this in mind, he will not act hot and cold.

Leo man is naturally positive and optimistic, and he really dislikes it when the woman he is with is negative and always tries to bring him down. Read more on what a Leo man likes and dislikes in a woman here.

Why Is Leo Man Hot And Cold — 7 Possible Reasons Why He Pulls Away

1. He’s Not Too Sure Of You Yet

Is this a brand-new relationship? Under six months, or even under a year? Sometimes, expectations can run very high. Too high, in fact. We girls may demand far too much than what someone is ready to give yet, putting pressure onto the relationship. 

Maybe your Leo needs a bit more time to be sure of you completely. After all – are you sure of him? If you look deep inside, maybe, you may also feel like you’re still figuring things out. That makes it natural to pull away and come back.

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2. He’s Still Getting Over His Past Relationship

Has your Leo man recently gone through a breakup or divorce? He could be mourning the loss of someone he really cared about, and that’s okay. That doesn’t mean he can’t love you, but it does mean he may need space. 

This also can be a real reason why you’re finding your Leo man is acting hot and cold. Getting over someone takes time, and he is likely the type of guy who really committed to his past partner. If there was a family involved, even more so.

3. His Ego Is Bruised

Leo men have very, very sensitive egos. These are guys who may talk a big talk, but at heart, they are very susceptible to criticism. Is there something you may have said, or have you rejected him in any way – without meaning to? 

It could be the smallest comment, but he really takes it to heart. He could even still be nursing a bruised ego from a past relationship, a problem at work, or in some other area. He may not even notice that he’s acting hot and cold. 

4. He’s Being Selfish

The truth is, ladies, Leo can be a pretty selfish Zodiac sign. He doesn’t mean to be, because he is also a very generous sign, too. However, when caught up in his shadow, this man will just never know or see that he’s affecting you in any way. 

He could just be so caught up in his own drama that he’s blowing hot and cold without even realizing it or how it makes you feel.

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5. He Doesn’t Know Where You Stand

Leo men like to have certainty in life. They are quite controlling in that way, and prefer to be the ones calling the shots. If he has no idea where you stand, or where the relationship is going, he could be acting in a way that is very unpredictable.

Maybe you’ve unconsciously – or consciously – signaled that you want to see where things go, or that you’re not interested in anything serious. Maybe you meant it when you said that, but also, maybe you didn’t because you just wanted him to feel relaxed.

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6. He Has Family Issues

Leo is a family sign. If he has kids, they are everything to him. you’ll have to accept that they will always have a place in his heart, more so than you could imagine. 

He also has a certain sense of loyalty to his parents and family of origin. If there are any issues here, such as illness, money problems or anything else, he will likely overreact to it. This can definitely make him blow hot and cold in the relationship. 

7. He’s Not Feeling The Romance

Along with Libra, Leo is the sign of romance and play. They are all about the “honeymoon phase,” and they love the whirlwind of meeting someone and falling in love. They ideally want to keep this phase right through the relationship, if they can. 

If they feel like the romance is missing, the Leo guy is much more likely to not be as consistent in your relationship. For example, are you going out on dates enough? Are you telling him you adore him? Are there gifts? Time together? 

If there’s too much stress, he can simply pull away and switch off.

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Leo Man Confuses Me With His Hot And Cold Behavior — What To Do?

If you ask yourself, ‘Why is my Leo man confusing me?’, you may be surprised to learn that this question needs to be answered by him. You should communicate directly with him and ask him to explain the reason for his behavior.

Explain that you don’t feel comfortable and are uncertain about his feelings and intentions, and ask him for clarification. An open and honest conversation may bring a fresh perspective to the table. Perhaps he is struggling with his own emotions, which is causing confusion and distress within you; therefore, it is important to express your concerns and contemplate your next move.

Prioritizing your emotional well-being is essential, so when your Leo man is sending you mixed signals, this is not something that you should encourage.

How To Handle A Leo Man When He Blows Hot And Cold

The best advice I can give from my years as a relationship astrologer is to simply give things some more time. Let him get comfortable, let yourself get comfortable, and just enjoy the ride!

Be there for him and find out what’s going on in his life without pushing his ego. There may be more to this than meets the eye!

Furthermore, he needs to feel adored, cherished, loved, and secure with you. If not, he will drift in and out of the relationship. Proving yourself to be loving and reliable will help in a huge way to bring him closer to you, but let him know, in a non-attacking way, that his behavior is making you feel rather uncared for.

Try and find out if there are problems he is dealing with, and give him your very best support. This will bring him that much closer to you and help him feel loved.

Try to create that sense of romance so that he can feel adored and come closer to you. When there’s more pleasure, he stays more committed and present with you.

How To Know When A Leo Man Is Playing You?

If you are wondering how to tell if a Leo man is playing you, there are signs you could notice. If he is inconsistent, if he is demonstrating hot and cold behavior, if he frequently cancels plans, then you can take this to mean he is not open to being in a relationship and is not trying to commit to any specific path in the relationship.

He may be trying to keep a door open for intimacy, but it seems he is setting the stage for not being in a serious relationship.

Also, if he is hesitant about his emotions or seems guarded about his intentions, he could be playing you, and you should learn to read such signals.

If he is not making an effort to be there for you or is overly flirtatious with other women, stop wasting your time because obviously he cannot reciprocate. In these situations, you should focus on someone who is willing to commit and who shares the same values as you.

FAQ on Leo Man Hot And Cold Behavior

Are you struggling to figure out what to do about your Leo man and how this will affect your relationship?

Well, luckily for you I have compiled a list of questions that might come up in your relationship. Hopefully, this can help you navigate the difficult times you might experience with your Leo man.

How Does A Leo Man Behave When In Love?

Why are Leos so hot?  It is because if Leo is in love with you, he will try to impress you. He will make time to be with you, include you in his plans, be pleasant, and show you it is fun to be around him. He’ll take a negative situation and turn it around right before your eyes.

He will show a certain level of affection to you because, when in love,  he would be interested in forming close bonds with you. He will want to be near you, he will want to talk to you, he will want to take you out. He wants you to feel comfortable and easygoing with him.

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How Do You Know If A Leo Man Isn’t Interested? 

Leo is a proud man, and he doesn’t like it when a woman tries to make him jealous by comparing him to another man. This will make him lose interest in you. Other than that, if he is making excuses not to be with you or if he is not affectionate, please note that he is not emotionally invested in this relationship.

If he becomes unkind or ever rude, it is a sure sign a Leo man is not interested anymore. If he is lacking consistency, you should not have high expectations for romance with him.

What To Do When A Leo Man Needs Space?

Give him space to process his emotions. He needs a lot of love and affection, but he also needs space to do his own thing. Don’t take it personally. It doesn’t have to mean he has lost interest in you. It simply means that he wants time for himself. Be patient. It may take time for him to feel ready to reconnect.

Also, you can use this valuable time to focus on yourself and on your needs. Reflect on your emotions, think about your actions, and what possibly you could do to improve yourself to emotionally straighten your relationship with him.

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Do Leo Men Play Mind Games?

Yes, Leos like to play games. They like to challenge others to see who will stick around.

The Leo man wants to get a reaction out of you; he is very aware of what buttons to push to make you mad. He can bring something up that upsets you or behave in a manner that annoys you. These are clear signs that he is playing mind games with you.

If he says he loves you one minute and the next minute says he hates you, if he purposely ignores you and dodges your calls, he leaves you wondering if he is actually into you.

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XOXO, Anna

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9 thoughts on “7 Reasons Behind Leo Man Hot And Cold Behavior

  1. I’ve been reading a lot of posts on this site and this is really true. Points 1 and 2 fit well. He is a widower and lost his wife just over a year and a half ago in a tragedy. I feel like we’re getting closer, and I want to show him that I’m there but without being too invasive. However he’s a public person and I’m not, but I feel like we have a lot of rapport, weird synchronicities happen. Sorry if I stretched too far, I love your work Anna

    1. Hi Mary!

      Thank you for sharing your experience! I think that you’re already handling things the right way and need to keep going with the flow. Spontaneity can be fun too! He’s still hurting and it will take him time to heal for sure. Take your time. There is no need to hurry. You guys have good chemistry and that counts for something. Take it as it comes and you just may have found your match! I wish you all the luck of the universe!

      1. Thank you for your time, it brought me peace. But as I told you the only problem is the fact that he is a public person and I am not, he knows a lot of people that makes me confused sometimes. I’ll keep trying and if everything works out I’ll come back here my friend… Gratitude

  2. My leo man and I broke up but he tells me one we are friends next day we are comman law and he is hot and cold iam trying to understand and I am a Gemini woman

    1. Hi Shelly Geislinger!

      Good grief he sounds like he’s giving you whiplash with all this back and forth. I think you should tell him that you don’t understand what he’s doing. Tell him to make a decision and stick with it. You do your best to stay stable so that he sees he has to do this himself. If you need more assistance, check out my guides on “Leo Man Secrets”. I wish you all the very best!

  3. Dear Anna, my husband is a Leo. I am a Capricorn. We had a lot of problems because he was too close with his friend (a woman). He still is. He does a lot of good things for her. We are still married but our physical part is gone. He told me he would like to feel attraction towards me but every time he sees me, he remebers our problems. He would like to feel I am “the one” again. He acts sad and worried, distant. He spends a lot of free time with me and our son, but he rarely goes aout with me alone. If I invite him to join me, sometimes he will, but he never does it first. He does things in a way he wants without showing an interest how do I feel about it. Sometimes he does really nice things for me, he buys me things I like. Small things. He told me he sees great changes in my behaviour, good ones, but he still does not “feel ut”. What is the future of our marriage?

    1. Hi Quince!

      Oh my gosh sweetheart. This guy is out of his mind. He’s using you as the excuse for his behavior. He’s making it your fault. That’s not a good thing. It takes two and his behavior is on him. Whatever your problems are… you either work through them together or he can just keep blaming you for the failure of the relationship. He’s all about himself is the bottom line here sweetheart. You deserve better and if he’s telling you he’s not into you while you’re married… You can try being “too busy” for him. Leo men miss when their woman isn’t paying them any attention. Act like all is well and you’re not worried. Spend lots of time out and about. Let him sweat it out. If he does still love you, he’ll make effort. If he doesn’t then you’ll have to consider letting him go. I wish you all the best sweetheart!

  4. Hi Anna – Yep – I can relate to 1 and 2. Yep – Too close to another woman. What I don’t like is that he’s was so sweet etc. Then boom he started to constantly mention my mistakes. Yes I was aware of the things I had forgotten but I don’t want to hear it constantly. Then he was intentionally instigating arguments. Saying I didn’t pray enough ? Yep – They make an excuse and make it your fault. I had to frequently apologize for things I never done just to keep the peace. He says I love you care about you want to marry you. Then he says I appreciate and respect you. But the truth is in the beginning he constantly talked about sex. Truth of the matter is I wanted to be friends first. Truth of the matter is I wanted more than sex or a fling. This man tells me I’m all talk when I feel he’s all talk. I feel like there’s such an awful double standard. Then one day he said that he was going to LA to spend time with another woman. Then he says contact her and ask her what docs we need ? I’m busy too but I’m not contacting another woman. What I don’t like is being blamed for his actions. He wants me to say sorry but he won’t. He says I’m an equal but then I feel like I’m not. It’s all so confusing.

  5. hi Anna. my boyfriend is a Leo. Im a Aquarius. we’ve been together since 2018. but we had the break-up arguements for 4 times in this 4 years. everytime we decided to started over again. We moved in together last year and everything went well i think…. i gave him so much freedom as he is the type who needs so much of owntime. however because of Covid my office made me to WFH. after around 7 months he complian about it said he want his space back! ALL OUT OF THE BLUE!! BTW most of the time he have some strange thought occoured in October. why always October!!!??? and now i packed some of my stuff and stay at my sis’s place and he didnt even ask me where i am. what should i do??

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