Leo Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility: Is This A Good Match?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
A Leo man and a Cancer woman in a relationship is probably one of the most unique and interesting couples around. The two of you couldn’t be more different if you tried, you literally differ night and day!

A Leo man and a Cancer woman in a relationship is probably one of the most unique and interesting couples around. The two of you couldn’t be more different if you tried, you literally differ night and day!

Which is funny, because in Astrology, the Sun rules the sign of Leo, and the Moon rules Cancer. So, even the planets are making it quite clear that the two of you are very different people. But this is what makes this relationship so exciting.

There are so many opportunities for growth and learning when you get together with your Leo man. So, if you are keen to learn more about this interesting connection, then continue reading, and it might give you better insight on how to navigate this relationship.

Leo Man And Cancer Woman Emotional Connection

Leo Man And Cancer Woman Emotional Connection

A Leo man and Cancer woman have one big thing in common – both of you can get very emotional and passionate about your feelings. You definitely express it in a different way, but that mutual self-expression is there.

Cancer, you’re definitely the more sensitive, empathetic, and gentle one in this couple. Events affect you on an intuitive level, and you can’t help but get teary when you feel a little frustrated and upset.

Your Leo man has intense emotions as well. This is because he needs to roar like the Lion he is. He is definitely a lot more sensitive than he gives himself credit for, and needs a lot of confirmation and validation to feel safe in the relationship.

This is one aspect of the relationship that really needs no work. The two of you are great at giving one another the emotional support you both need as individuals. It is easy for the two of you to recognize the needs of the other.

Because you both like to please your partner, it’s quite easy to figure out what is the best way in which you can love and connect with your partner. You and your Leo man are intent on making this relationship work!

Leo Man And Cancer Communication Style

It wouldn’t be obvious from the outside looking in, but you Cancer, you and your Leo man are actually great at communicating. Because you’re both so in touch with your feelings, it makes it rather easy to express how you feel to one another.

Yes, the style in which you both communicate is very different. Cancer, you’re soft spoken, shy and gentle, while your Leo guy is strong, brave and bold, you can hear him from a mile away. 

It might take some time getting used to each other and the way you both relay what you are feeling or thinking, but the two of you are intuitive and intelligent enough to figure it out. 

Cancer, just a little push from me to you, don’t let your Leo man walk over you, though. His energy is extremely strong and powerful, and it can be quite easy for him to overpower any conversation.

Make sure that you stand your ground, and have him hear what you are trying to say. This part of the relationship will be a very good test for you, and the way you implement your boundaries. You deserve to be heard, don’t settle for anything less!

Leo Man And Cancer Woman Shared Values

Cancer, one might think that you and your Leo man are unlikely to have anything in common, but this is just not true! One of the greatest bonds you share is your need and desire for a strong connection with another human being.

Both of you deeply desire a strong, loving, and fulfilling relationship. You want to build something special with the person you are with and want a partnership that is going to stand the test of time. The two of you are looking for commitment and longevity.

Cancer, much like your Leo guy, you’re incredibly loyal and devoted to your relationships. Your romances and special relationship are always the number one priority in your life. So, the two of you can relax in the knowledge that when you commit, you really commit.

The two of you might have more in common than when you first realized!

Leo Man And Cancer Woman Intimacy Levels

Leo Man And Cancer Woman Intimacy

Sex is a vital part of any relationship, but it isn’t always an equal need between two people in a relationship. Your Leo man needs a lot of heavy petting to keep him interested. He loves sex and needs it more than the average guy.

It is a part of him that needs to be expressed, it is his pure and raw way of playing with his creative power. It makes him feel like he is on top of the world. So, it is really important for him to have a partner that can keep up with his needs.

This is where things get a little tricky. It is not like you don’t enjoy sex, Cancer. It is just that it has to be something really special to you, because getting intimate with someone isn’t something you like to do with just anyone.

You need a very strong emotional connection, and you need a good amount of trust to feel really comfortable in letting go with someone. Sex also isn’t something you like to do at the drop of a hat. There needs to be a lot of romance and a buildup for you to thoroughly enjoy it.

It is important for you to communicate with your Leo man about how you feel when it comes to getting physically intimate. I’m sure he’ll be up for the challenge, just make sure you stroke his ego and make him work for it, because trust me, he likes to win his lady over!

Leo Man And Cancer Woman Problem Areas

It is no surprise, when two people are as vastly different as you and your Leo man, conflicts are ready and waiting to happen. Cancer, you and your Leo are a bit of a mystery to one another. This is simultaneously puzzling, as well as a bit of a turn on.

Cancer, like I mentioned before, you’re shy, sensitive, emotional, and highly empathetic. You feel the world deeply around you. There is nothing your intuition doesn’t miss. You love to help, nurture, and take care of people. You feel it is your biggest purpose in life to make sure the people you love feel taken care of and safe. 

Your Leo guy couldn’t be more different if he tried. He loves to stand out from a crowd and draw all kinds of attention to himself. He’s warm, joyful, and extremely proud. And it is no secret, he really enjoys being admired. 

He likes to be center stage, and you like to be behind the scenes. You feel very uncomfortable when all eyes are on you, and he happens to thrive in these situations. Like I said, the two of you differ night and day. 

It can be hard to build a life together, when what both of you want is so fundamentally different from one another. Cancer, you’re exhausted at the thought of being in Leo’s shoes, and always having to be “on” and put up a performance for everyone to admire him.

And he is just flabbergasted that you’re willing to work so hard, and aren’t interested in an ounce of praise or admiration. Neither of you make sense to the other one, but this is the beauty of this relationship because you both possess qualities the other one lacks.

There is a lot you can both learn from this relationship and a bit of tension is never bad for a relationship, just make sure the two of you are always working on it. Communication and compromise are key in any kind of relationship, but especially when two individuals differ so massively.

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My Final Thoughts

Yes, this relationship is definitely going to be challenging at times, but all relationships are! Every successful romance has two people constantly working and willing to sacrifice in order to make the love work.

And this relationship is no different. All the differences you share is an opportunity for you both to learn and grow as individuals. Focus on the good parts you share, like your sense of loyalty and deep love for one another. These strengths will help you both through some of the more difficult times you’re going to face as a couple.

Are you a Cancer woman dating a Leo man? What is your relationship like with him and how did you end up getting together? I would love to hear the mysterious story behind your relationship, so please leave me a comment below!

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Wish you all the luck in the world!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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