How to Get a Leo Man to Commit – Step by Step Instructions

You find yourself in love with a Leo man and want more out of him. Keep reading for some helpful steps on how to get a Leo man to commit.

You find yourself in love with a Leo man and want more out of him. What do you do to get him to finally commit to you? What can you do to inspire him to want to be closer? Keep reading for some helpful steps on how to get a Leo man to commit.

What a Leo Man is Looking for in a Woman

To know whether or not you’re someone the Leo man would commit to, you probably need to know what he’s looking for when it comes to having a girlfriend or even marriage.

Leo men love beautiful women but not just women who appear beautiful but ARE beautiful. That means being someone who cares about people, loves life, and is passionate about what she does.

Having a beautiful soul is something that a Leo man is very drawn to. Always look your best and present your best personality wise as well. Be sweet, charming, flirt with him a lot, and touch him as often as you can.

He wants a woman who has her act together and looks fantastic doing it. This is the type of woman he wants to take out and show off to the world. He will also want to bring her around friends and family when he feels good about her.

Leo men love getting lots of adoration and attention. You had better be on top of your game in this department because this is what can make or break a possible commitment with the Leo guy.

If you slack of don’t show him appreciation for everything he does for you (he will do a lot), he will drop you like a hot cake. He doesn’t have time to waste on someone who doesn’t pump him up daily.

What I mean but pump up is giving him support, giving him affirmation, patting him on the back, inspiring him, and letting him know how important he is to you. When you can show him all of this, he’ll feel better about making you his queen.

Though he wants to feel somewhat needed by you, he doesn’t want you to be needy. There is a difference between needing him in your life versus needing him to do everything for you or constantly be at your side.

He will already spend a lot of time with the woman he is falling for or really wants to be with. However, he doesn’t want to be glued to any woman’s hip either. That’s needy and he doesn’t like it.

Things You Can Do To Get Him To Commitment

How to Get a Leo Man to Commit

  1. Show Him You’re The One For Him

I’ve given you a great idea of what the Leo man is looking for in a woman he wants to commit to or spend his life with. Now that you’ve got a good idea of what he wants, you’ve got to show him you’re worthy.

I know it sounds strange but showing the Leo man that you are worthy of his time and efforts will surely get him closer to committing himself to you. Let him see you’re the one he wants to be with.

Don’t go against to who you are though. If you try to pretend you’re this type of woman but aren’t, he will figure it out and you’ll fall flat on your face. He’ll not only see through it but he’ll also move on and not give you any more of his time.

  1. Lots of Affection

When you’re able to spend time with your Leo guy, stroke his hair, his face, his arm, and make him feel really good about how you are with him. He’ll appreciate how tender and affectionate you are.

By giving him lots of physical attention, you’re showing him what your intentions are and he’ll really like it. Don’t get too sexual too fast though. If you do, he’ll dive in with you but it doesn’t always end up in commitment.

Leos are men that can maintain “friends with benefits” if he isn’t ready to commit but beware that if you do that, he isn’t likely to turn it from what it is into a commitment because he already has what he wants without strings.

Don’t sell yourself short by ever agreeing to such an arrangement. Have respect for yourself and for him by being true to yourself. Teasing him by whispering how sexy he is in his ear will win you brownie points though.

It’s alright to flirt like crazy with him as long as it isn’t to get him between the sheets. He’ll have no problem getting in bed with you but it may not go where you want it to and you end up broken hearted. Take it slow and easy with him.

  1. Do Thoughtful Things For Him

How to Get a Leo Man to Commit

Another level of care includes doing things that make him feel special. You can easily do this by cooking home cooked meals just for him. This is especially effective when you choose his favorite foods.

You can also bake him delicious treats. If you aren’t good at cooking or baking, you can surely find out where his favorite places are to eat and bring him some takeout unexpectedly.

Perhaps gifting him with something really unique or what he’s into will get his attention. He will love that you thought of him and he’ll really appreciate your affection.

Knowing that you actually genuinely care will make him care more for you and this shows him that you’re not only girlfriend material but also future wife material.

Lastly, Leo men do love their personal freedom. They’re not extreme like Aquarius man but they do like having some time on their own. You’ll need to be alright with that and show him that you too, have a life.

This eases his worry about you being too needy or clingy. It also shows that it’s alright to have individual lives. He’ll appreciate you and his feelings should deepen. I hope this helps you win your lovely Leo man.

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2 thoughts on “How to Get a Leo Man to Commit – Step by Step Instructions

  1. Hi,

    I am a libra women and I started dating an Leo man (obviously he is charming) and I as a women generally do not get attracted easily with all the mens.

    It’s been 1 month today and it’s going good as of now. He gives me time, talk to me, calls me on his own, wants to meet me and stuff like that. Also I want to mention 1 thing here that the moment I think of himself, either I get a call or msg from him so yes there’s surely a strong bond between us.

    He praises me often when he likes something in my dressing, in my looks or in my nature. And we both were quite easily attracted towards each other when we started talking to each other. We met on a matrimonial site as he was looking for marriage and so do I. But now he said that he is not ready for marriage as his first marriage was not successful and I am also divorced.

    I really see and I want my future with him because our nature, wants, needs and everything matches almost 95 percent.

    But at this point of time, it’s too early to ha r commitment from his side as it’s been only 1 month so I am waiting that something should come from his side with time.

    Just one thing which keeps running in my mind everyday is due to his nature of a Leo, he gets easily attracted towards beautiful women and obviously if I am his partner, then I will not tolerate this kind of a behaviour from him towards any other women and also in his past, he did it many times by having a committed partner along with some other women. But now in present when I am with him, I do not want him to look on any other women anytime. I want him to be only committed towards me and give our relation time so that we can know each other well.

    Also, he said that he will try to be loyal to me, but I guess in any relation if you like or feel for someone, then there are no chances of TRY.

    Please advise me on how to get his commitment, rest everything is fine in our relation .

    Awaiting for your response.

    1. Hi Lipika!

      Leo doesn’t really have a “time frame” in which they commit. They go with their heart. Libra on the other hand, tend to be a bit more reserved and careful. That being said, if you are unsure of his intention or where he is at, ask him. Tell him how you feel about him and where you’d like things to go and see what he says to you. That way you get a good idea of where he is at with this and you can plan around it. If he wants to commit, he will. Generally speaking, you can make a Leo do anything he isn’t ready for but being straight with him will make him be honest with you. If you need more help, read my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

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