How to Get a Leo Man to Commit – Step by Step Instructions

Want to know if you can make your Leo man commit? Follow these 5 rules and discover 8 signs he's ready to commit.

Hello, my lovely ladies! Many clients ask me about Leo men and how they can get this warm and loving guy to commit to them. Let’s face it, a Leo man is always going to be a catch. He is so sexy, am I right?

A lot of women who have done consultations with me have asked me about it.

Leo men and how they can make one of these roaring Leo theirs. Good news, ladies, Leo men are pretty good at commitment, it just takes the right woman to tame them. 

Have you ever wondered how to get a Leo man to commit? Especially when you notice a Leo man is slow to commit… I’ve heard it again and again from my clients, and I promise you, there is a way to make a Leo man commit to you because deep down he really wants love and affection. 

If this sounds like your problem, then you have definitely come to the right place! Keep on reading to find out how you can make a Leo man commit to you and have a relationship with you.

Leo Man – Commitment And His Ideal Woman

A Leo man definitely has a bit of a royal vibe to him, he has incredibly high standards and he will never settle for anything less than what he deserves. His right woman needs to tick all of the boxes. 

A Leo man is definitely attracted to beauty and a woman who seems to take really good care of herself. He is very attracted to a high-value woman who has a lot of self-respect. 

He also loves a woman who can have fun, is outgoing, and is open to trying new things with him. But when things get serious, a Leo man definitely needs someone who is loyal and faithful to him.

When a Leo man is just looking for fun and something casual he is more likely to date the party girl who can light up a room and bring excitement to his world. Just be sure to never outshine him because a Leo man loves being the center of attention. 

A woman a Leo man would commit to is someone who can be fun, definitely, but also someone who he can take seriously. He needs to be able to trust you and know that he can depend on you. Loyalty is a very big deal for him. At the end of the day, a Leo man is looking for a high-value woman who can stand by his side.

How to Get a Leo man To Commit? – 5 Rules To Follow

1. Show Him You’re The One For Him

I’ve given you a great idea of what the Leo man is looking for in a woman he wants to commit to or spend his life with. Now that you’ve got a good idea of what he wants, you’ve got to show him you’re worthy.

I know it sounds strange but showing the Leo man that you are worthy of his time and efforts will surely get him closer to committing himself to you. Let him see you’re the one he wants to be with.

Don’t go against to who you are though. If you try to pretend you’re this type of woman but aren’t, he will figure it out and you’ll fall flat on your face. He’ll not only see through it but he’ll also move on and not give you any more of his time.

2. Lots of Affection

When you’re able to spend time with your Leo guy, stroke his hair, his face, his arm, and make him feel really good about how you are with him. He’ll appreciate how tender and affectionate you are.

By giving him lots of physical attention, you’re showing him what your intentions are and he’ll really like it. Don’t get too sexual too fast though. If you do, he’ll dive in with you but it doesn’t always end up in commitment.

Leos are men that can maintain “friends with benefits” if he isn’t ready to commit but beware that if you do that, he isn’t likely to turn it from what it is into a commitment because he already has what he wants without strings.

Don’t sell yourself short by ever agreeing to such an arrangement. Have respect for yourself and for him by being true to yourself. Teasing him by whispering how sexy he is in his ear will win you brownie points though.

It’s alright to flirt like crazy with him as long as it isn’t to get him between the sheets. He’ll have no problem getting in bed with you but it may not go where you want it to and you end up brokenhearted. Take it slow and easy with him.

3. Do Thoughtful Things For Him

Another level of care includes doing things that make him feel special. You can easily do this by cooking home-cooked meals just for him. This is especially effective when you choose his favorite foods.

You can also bake him delicious treats. If you aren’t good at cooking or baking, you can surely find out where his favorite places are to eat and bring him some takeout unexpectedly.

Perhaps gifting him with something really unique or what he’s into will get his attention. He will love that you thought of him and he’ll really appreciate your affection.

Knowing that you actually genuinely care will make him care more for you and this shows him that you’re not only girlfriend material but also future wife material.

Lastly, Leo men do love their personal freedom. They’re not extreme like Aquarius men but they do like having some time on their own. You’ll need to be alright with that and show him that you too have a life.

This eases his worry about you being too needy or clingy. It also shows that it’s alright to have individual lives. He’ll appreciate you and his feelings should deepen. I hope this helps you win your lovely Leo man.

4. Be His Cheerleader

A Leo man is a very proud creature. His success is important to him and he likes being the center of attention in all aspects in life. Encouragement and support from a romantic partner is very important to him.

If you want your Leo man to commit to you, then you’re going to have to be his hype queen and give him all the loving support and encouragement you possibly can. He needs to feel like the brightest star in the Universe. 

His ego can get a little much at times, but your Leo needs it stroked, or else he gets very insecure and feels sorry for himself. And trust me, you don’t want a whiny insecure Leo man. 

Giving him positive feedback when he does something well will go very far and help the relationship strengthen. Give him lots of affection and tell him how amazing you think he is. 

He’ll start getting addicted to that positive reinforcement and want to be around you all of the time. Compliments go very far with a Leo man, but of course, remember to be genuine and real. You don’t want to gas him up.

5. Let Him Make The Decisions

A Leo man is built to be in charge. He is a natural leader and just loves telling people what to do. It gives him a feeling of control and makes him feel powerful. This man could never be a follower, he is a leader through and through. 

This definitely applies to all aspects of his life, including his romantic relationship with a woman. He wants to take the lead and be the one making the decisions. However, he doesn’t exactly like being with a wallflower either. 

He likes a strong woman who will speak her mind, so it is important to voice your opinion. But just know that ultimately your Leo will want to be the one making the decisions. 

A good course of action is to make him believe he is the one who came up with the ideas, but you secretly know you are the one who planted the seed. It is all about strategy girl!

If you’re not feeling entirely ready to do these steps alone, but you are 100% sure that you want to make him commit, then I suggest you take a look at my 30 day love challenge with a Leo man. It guides you each day to achieve just that, and much more.

8 Signs a Leo Man Is Ready To Commit

1. He’s Showering You with Gifts

One of the main love languages of the Leo man is the giving of gifts. He absolutely loves to splurge on his woman to demonstrate to her that he can provide for her and protect her. Yes, the Leo man is one of those who can be a little “me, big strong man!”

But you’ll soon see that this doesn’t come from a misguided sense of masculinity, but rather, a genuine desire to take care of you. And, if he’s showing that desire, well, you can be quite sure that he’s ready to take the next step. 

Of course, it never hurts to return the favor. He loves receiving just as much as he loves giving! 

2. He Proudly Shows You Off to His Family

Ladies – is he introducing you to his family? This is a sure sign that he wants to commit to you and take the relationship further. Family is absolutely everything to the Leo man – he just can’t live without them! Whether it’s his kids or his lovely mom, he is a dedicated son and father. 

He doesn’t welcome just any woman into his family, so be sure to receive this honor and get excited about it, this is something special! The doors of trust are swinging wide open, and he wants you to see who he is and where he comes from. 

3. He Talks About Having Kids Together

Even as a joke, if he starts talking about having children with you, he’s definitely ready to make a commitment to you. For some Leo men, babies are even more important than marriage! They are born to be dads, and they also make wonderful husbands. 

So, all those fantasies you may be having – get ready for them to come true. He would never bring the subject up, even in passing, if he hasn’t considered you to be a great mom to your children together – or even to his existing children. 

4. He Proves His Reliability and Loyalty

As a fixed sign in Astrology, Leo men are committed, consistent, and totally reliable. They’ll prove it to you by always being on time, showing up when they say they will, and texting you when they’ve promised to. 

It’s very rare that they don’t put their best foot forward in this way, and if they don’t, well, that could be a sign that they’re not that into you (unless, of course, they have some sort of work or family crisis going on). 

Remember, if he is showing you that he can be trusted, then you should match his actions to show him you also mean business and are serious! 

5. He’s the Ultimate Romantic

Did you know that Leo is the sign that rules romance? He is the master of grand gestures, and it’s not beyond him to take you up in a hot-air balloon and propose to you! He’ll do all that and more, and if he’s a wealthy Leo, expect the gestures to be even more luxurious! 

The more he wants to commit to you, the more romantic and flamboyant he will be – he does get lazy over time, so take advantage of this special phase. 

6. He Treats You Like a Queen

When a Leo man is in love with you and wants to commit to you, he will treat you like an absolute queen. Car doors are opened, chairs are pulled out, and the bills are picked up by him. He loves to be in that manly role, as it makes him also feel like a real king, capable of taking care of his lady. 

If he’s not treating you this way, then there’s definitely something up, because that’s not how he usually operates. It’s possible his self-esteem is crushed for some reason, so explore why you think he could be feeling this way. 

7. He Tells You His Insecurities

It sounds strange, but if the seemingly confident Leo guy shares his personal insecurities with you, it means that he’s actually ready to take that next step with you. That he trusts you enough to open up his real feelings to you. 

You may be quite surprised that he’s someone who feels this way, as he tends to come off as completely in control. But, in actual fact, he needs and thrives off of your approval and admiration. 

8. He Makes You Move in With Him

This may sound extreme, and perhaps obvious, but sharing homes is a very big deal for the Leo man. Other guys may have you move in, and then ask you to move out the very next month. Or, they move in with you and become parasites. 

This is not true for the home-loving Leo guy. To him, his home really is his palace and he would like a queen to share his throne. It can be scary to think about, but it’s the first step to making this relationship something very, very real (wedding bells, anyone?).

How to Keep Him Committed? 5 Reasons Leo Men Stay Committed

1. Be Their Biggest Hypeman

Leos are ruled by the radiant Sun in the sky, which instantly grabs the attention of everyone who is exposed to it. When you think about it this way, it’s easy to see why a Leo would desire a hypeman (or woman) around him… he always needs to feel big, bold, and bright!

You may get a little annoyed about stroking his ego all the time, but Leos really need this. Though it’s possible for a Leo to be self-sufficient, they really do need positive feedback from everyone around them, especially their partner. 

You need to get comfortable with finding things about the Leo to praise – even those that are obscure. This is going to seem like you’re amping up a child but the fifth house (highly associated with Leo) rules children, so it makes sense that these guys operate on kid logic a lot of the time.

Leos need extra affection because in their minds, actions, and triumphs just don’t count unless someone is around to see it or at least hear about it. So, when a Leo does something good, they’ll feel more valued if you point it out and let him know you saw and were impressed.

Compliments and noticing his achievements will keep your kitty purring by your side for years to come!

2. He’s The Leader

A Leo is going to excel when he is in charge. That’s where he’s in his element when all of the people he presides over are around to see all the great things he’s done!

In a relationship, this applies as well. He just isn’t cut out to be a follower, he’d much prefer to be the one followed. If he feels like he is the ‘head’ of the relationship, then he will appreciate being able to take credit for all of the great things that go on between the two of you!

So for you, this means that shrinking back some is the best way to keep the Leo feeling in control and on top. This isn’t going to work for all women, and it shouldn’t! But if you’re someone who naturally likes to be subtle and demure then this could be the ideal arrangement for you.

In addition, the Leo man will repay you with years of consistent loyalty as long as you treat him like the boss!

3. You Keep Things Light

Leos are notorious jokesters amongst the signs of the Zodiac. Laughter is just as good as overwhelming applause to the ears of the Leo man. Serious endeavors just aren’t where they shine. 

Under the cover of taboos and secrets, their light can’t radiate out. You’ll have a lot more luck with the Leo man who is free to be open about all of his experiences and to make light of them.

You’ll be more likely to keep the Leo man interested if he is free to feel lighthearted and breezy in front of as many people as possible. It’s also important that you make a big deal about laughing at all of his jokes since this is going to endear him to you more than before! 

Asking him to stay secretive and to reserve himself is never going to work for long. They are people pleasing in many ways, so they’ll at least give trying what you ask a shot for a while. But you can’t trap someone like a Leo away from their adoring public forever!

4. You’re Gorgeous

When talking about Leos, this one is a no-brainer. I often see Leos in relationships with women who are objectively out of their league! This is because the Leo man is a master of appearances and they have a gift for talking themselves up. 

A Leo needs to feel that they’re someone others would be jealous of. They appreciate the limelight partially because it gives them a chance to flex how great their lives are in comparison to everyone else’. 

Needless to say, the appearance of their partner needs to be nearly perfect. They need someone that will amp up their image and so, in that sense, it should be a huge compliment if a Leo wants to date you!

They’ll be interested in a woman who dresses well, maybe in designer clothes. She’ll be hot, hot, hot like the surface of the Sun itself! And she’ll be all of this and still be charming and funny. 

Do they have a high standard? Absolutely. But showing interest in self-care, exercise, and a healthy diet will keep the Leo interested in you because you’ll stay absolutely glowing, which is what the Leo is all about in a partner. 

5. You’re Loyal ‘Til The End

A Leo man is all about finding that woman who will remain by his side for life. He’s a fixed sign and so despite his social nature, he really has no issue staying monogamous. Fixed signs are uniquely suited to singular, long-term relationships. 

Because of this, his partner being disloyal would absolutely devastate him. Despite some of the higher maintenance parts of being partnered with a Leo, you won’t often find one who would themselves be prone to infidelity. 

A lion is loyal to his pride, and to make this cat happy you should prove time and time again that you’ll always stay loyal to them and their causes. 

This is going to look like you choosing him over other areas of life, verbally reminding him that you’re only there for him, and putting a lot of emphasis on him and what he wants.

He is going to read this as you being on his side over the side of anyone else’ and that’s exactly what he looks for in a partner. He desires a woman who can prove that even with the passage of time she will choose him. 

Leo Man Commitment Issues – Is He Too Slow To Commit? Is There Any Chance For You Two?

A Leo man is one of the most loyal signs in the Zodiac. This must be because he is a Fixed sign, and fixed signs are really loyal, determined, and have so much willpower. 

However, a Leo man has very very high standards and believes he deserves the best of the best. This is usually the reason why he is slow to commit to someone because he needs to figure out if the relationship could work in the long-term.

He doesn’t want to commit to something that might not work out for him. This would break his heart too much. He can actually be really sensitive and hates being disappointed in love.

A Leo man not ready for a relationship is usually caused by him having experienced heartbreak before and now he is cautious to go into something new because he doesn’t want to experience the hurt again.

If you find that your Leo man seems quite reluctant to commit to you, then this may very well be the reason for him being so apprehensive. You are going to have to work hard to show him that you are worth him opening his heart. 

It may be a slow process, but this can definitely turn into something beautiful if you believe in this connection and you have the patience and determination to build a strong relationship with him.

Explore more here about the reasons a Leo man might not want to commit.

Is your Leo man avoiding commitment?

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He could be afraid of losing his independence or getting hurt if he’s avoidant…

Or he could be seeking perfection and wanting to make sure you’re the perfect match if he’s anxious…

But in either case, it can leave you feeling confused and uncertain about the future of your relationship.

Understanding his thought process and emotional triggers is key to getting him to commit to you.

Thankfully, there is a simple system to truly understand how he ticks based on his astrology.

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Best of luck to you,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,


  • Hi,

    I am a libra women and I started dating an Leo man (obviously he is charming) and I as a women generally do not get attracted easily with all the mens.

    It’s been 1 month today and it’s going good as of now. He gives me time, talk to me, calls me on his own, wants to meet me and stuff like that. Also I want to mention 1 thing here that the moment I think of himself, either I get a call or msg from him so yes there’s surely a strong bond between us.

    He praises me often when he likes something in my dressing, in my looks or in my nature. And we both were quite easily attracted towards each other when we started talking to each other. We met on a matrimonial site as he was looking for marriage and so do I. But now he said that he is not ready for marriage as his first marriage was not successful and I am also divorced.

    I really see and I want my future with him because our nature, wants, needs and everything matches almost 95 percent.

    But at this point of time, it’s too early to ha r commitment from his side as it’s been only 1 month so I am waiting that something should come from his side with time.

    Just one thing which keeps running in my mind everyday is due to his nature of a Leo, he gets easily attracted towards beautiful women and obviously if I am his partner, then I will not tolerate this kind of a behaviour from him towards any other women and also in his past, he did it many times by having a committed partner along with some other women. But now in present when I am with him, I do not want him to look on any other women anytime. I want him to be only committed towards me and give our relation time so that we can know each other well.

    Also, he said that he will try to be loyal to me, but I guess in any relation if you like or feel for someone, then there are no chances of TRY.

    Please advise me on how to get his commitment, rest everything is fine in our relation .

    Awaiting for your response.

    • Hi Lipika!

      Leo doesn’t really have a “time frame” in which they commit. They go with their heart. Libra on the other hand, tend to be a bit more reserved and careful. That being said, if you are unsure of his intention or where he is at, ask him. Tell him how you feel about him and where you’d like things to go and see what he says to you. That way you get a good idea of where he is at with this and you can plan around it. If he wants to commit, he will. Generally speaking, you can make a Leo do anything he isn’t ready for but being straight with him will make him be honest with you. If you need more help, read my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

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