How To Attract A Leo Man In A Long Distance Relationship

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
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Hello, my loves! A Leo man long distance relationship is tough and can weigh really heavily on your soul. I can only imagine what you are going through. Being away from your Leo man can leave you feeling frustrated, lonely, and longing for his love and attention.

You have no idea how often I hear from my clients asking for advice on how to attract and keep a Leo man interested in a long-distance relationship. Long-distance relationships are becoming more and more common, but luckily our digital world can really support keeping the spark alive, even from miles away.

Knowing how to win a Leo man from a distance might feel like a daunting task, but trust me, there are ways to make him smitten despite the physical distance between you.

Are you ready to take on the journey of how to attract a Leo man in a long-distance relationship? Then you have come to the right place. Let me help you discover some strategies and tips to captivate your Leo man’s heart even from afar. You won’t regret it!

Can Leo Men Do Long Distance Relationships?

Leo men are absolutely amazing! These men are proud, loyal, and yes, very committed. They might be a little fiery and passionate, but once they have made their mind up to commit to a long-distance relationship, they can make it work.

They have the perseverance and resilience that comes with being a fixed Zodiac sign. Nothing is too much of a challenge for a Leo man when it comes to love and relationships.

The only niggle that might come in the way is his love for attention and admiration, and sometimes giving this to him can be a challenge when the two of you are so far apart!

How To Attract A Leo Man In A Long Distance Relationship (4 Ways To Win A Leo Man From Distance)

There are some straightforward yet highly effective strategies you can use to attract a Leo man in a long-distance relationship. Here are 4 of them:

The Visual Connection

A Leo man is a man who appreciates visuals. He loves to see and be seen. And it is imperative that you remember this if you want to keep his attraction. Therefore, scheduling regular video calls, sending selfies and snippets of your daily life can really create a sense of closeness with your Leo man.

This will undoubtedly keep the spark alive as he is regularly reminded of your presence and can visually connect with you, even from a distance. He is a man who appreciates aesthetics, and being able to see you through video calls or pictures will make him feel connected and satisfied.

Of course, he needs a platform on which he is admired and adored. He needs to show himself off and get all the attention from you! This is what will keep him hooked, even when you aren’t physically together.

Your Confident Independence

One thing that will always be true about a Leo man is his love for confidence and independence in a woman. He finds this very sexy! It really gets him going when a woman knows how to be self-assured. She should be independent and have her own interests, hobbies, and goals, especially when he is far away!

He can find this very attractive when you show your Leo man that you are thriving despite not being near him. But just be sure you continue to reassure him of your commitment and loyalty because his ego is very fragile, and it might become an issue if you are not giving him enough attention.

However, share your achievements and successes with him, as this will show him your strengths and capabilities. Engaging in activities that make you happy and fulfilled will further attract him to you and solidify his admiration for your independence.

Just the fact that you know how to take care of yourself and you are capable of handling challenges on your own will really stand out to him and make him recognize what a fantastic partner you are to him!

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Keep The Romance Alive

Romance is of the utmost importance to a Leo man. Did you know that romance is often most closely associated with the sign of Leo? This is a man who likes it passionately and hotly!

He likes feeling loved and treasured, so it is crucial that you put in the effort to keep the romance alive. As a suggestion, you could set up online date nights, perhaps once a week, where you could both prepare a meal together and then enjoy it over a video call.

Another option is to watch a movie simultaneously and have a virtual movie date, complete with popcorn and cuddling up in blankets. I know it is not the same as being in person, but this could definitely keep the spark alive!

You could also send him some gifts or write him a handwritten letter expressing your love for him. This tangible reminder of you will speak deeply to his heart and give him all the theatrics he is looking for in a romantic connection.

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Show Him Your Generous Spirit

Leos are ruled by the Sun. The Sun on a bright day is impossible to ignore. The world eats up its rays with gratitude. This is precisely how Leo wishes to be perceived and cared for. Leos that aren’t prioritized in a relationship will wilt.

To make a long-distance relationship with Leo work, they need plenty of time and attention throughout the day. They should never be ignored! Leo will appreciate the time and energy that you’re putting into your relationship with them.

And don’t worry—Leo prioritizes those who prioritize him. This means that you can expect to get back what you give in a relationship with a Leo. They’ll be as open and generous with you as you are with them.

Consider making times in the day that you use to call the Leo. Try scheduling texts for him while they work to brighten up his day. Try a nightly bedtime video call—anything to signal to Leo that he’s your biggest priority.

How Often Should You Text A Leo Man In A Long Distance Relationship?

A Leo man might proclaim himself to be the king of resilience and independence, but there is a side to him that can be very fragile, and he likely needs a lot more attention than you realize.

Admiration is a big deal to him, and he is constantly looking for that affirmation and validation from his partner. And this is why texting him quite often is probably the best approach to take in a long-distance relationship with a Leo man.

Of course, you don’t want to harass him and constantly bombard him with messages, but sending him regular texts throughout the day to let him know you’re thinking of him and appreciate him will go a long way in keeping his interest and making him feel loved and valued in the long-distance relationship.

If you are afraid of coming across too needy then you can let him set the pace and the frequency. You could even ask him what he would prefer in terms of communication.

Because he is a fixed sign, he quite likes routine, so establishing some rhythm and schedule for texting will be beneficial. This might even give him a feeling of security and assurance in the connection with you.

Remember to make sure your messages are warm and personal. And don’t ever forget about stroking his ego. Many compliments and affirmations will be needed!

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If Your Leo Man Pulls Away, DON’T Do This…

I’ve heard from so many of my clients that their Leo man is AMAZING when they are in person with him…

So charming, sweet, funny, and really connected!

But he can tend to pull away when you’re not with him.

It’s a super frustrating situation for any woman. And if you are like my other clients who have been through this, you’re probably feeling REALLY confused.

“Why is he so hot and cold through text?”

“Why does he back off when we aren’t together?”

And most importantly…

“What can I DO about this?”

First, I want to share the things you definitely should NOT do in this situation…

  1. Don’t get clingy or needy and ask him if something is wrong or beg to see him
  2. Don’t force closure if you’ve had some conflict. Wait until you can talk in person about important issues. Text can EASILY lead to miscommunication.
  3. Don’t assume that there IS a problem. He could just be really busy.
  4. Don’t let fear drive your actions. Assume the best and not the worst.
  5. Don’t chase him. Chase your dreams and goals instead.
  6. Don’t ignore him so he can “see what it feels like.”

So what SHOULD you do instead?

  1. Take some time out to reflect on the situation and consider logical reasons for his actions.
  2. Date other men if you aren’t exclusive. Don’t lock yourself down with him if you aren’t yet in a committed relationship with him.
  3. Give him space and time with zero pressure. He might be overwhelmed with work or not be feeling well. 
  4. Focus on your own life. If you don’t have an epic life filled with hobbies and time with friends or family, you need to build that.

Your Leo man should be the sprinkles on the cupcake of your awesome life, not the cupcake itself.

  1. Let him reach out to you when he’s ready. Leo men like to lead. You need to let him do that!
  2. Be supportive. If you haven’t heard from him in a week (or a even day if you text every single day no matter what), ask if he’s okay. And offer to be supportive if he’s going through a challenging time.
  3. Communicate what your needs are, but avoid any blame or shame.
  4. When your Leo man comes back, welcome him lovingly with open arms. If you are angry, he’ll want to run.
  5. When you are in person, let him know (kindly) the things that make you feel valued and adored.

Text can be challenging, and I don’t want you to feel alone in this.

I don’t want you to lie in bed unable to sleep because you are worried about why your Leo man is pulling away.

And there is no need for you to do that.

Especially when I can guide you on how to connect with his heart through text messages deeply…

Because when you know SPECIFICALLY what to text him based on his astrology… 

He WON’T be pulling away anymore.

And you’ll never again have to worry about what to say to your lovely Leo man through text anymore.

Click here to see what I mean…

And your Leo man will never pull away again.

Sending you love, 

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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