What To Do When Your Leo Man Gets Mad At You – 4 Solutions

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What happens when you’ve said something or done something that has him fuming? Keep reading and find out what to do when your Leo man gets mad at you. 

 Leo men are known for having a bit of a temper at times. So what happens when you’ve said something or done something that has him fuming? I have some suggestions that you can try to see if you can get him calm and back into your arms. Keep reading and find out what to do when your Leo man gets mad at you.

  1. Give Him Time and Space

While this may sound like I’m suggesting that you walk away or break up, I’m simply suggesting that you leave the scene and go do something else. If he leaves, let him. Don’t ever try to keep him there when he’s angry.

A Leo paces like a Lion when he’s upset. He needs to get his head back on straight but he cannot do this if the person who pissed him off is still around him. So either he needs to leave or you do.

Give him a couple to a few hours to himself. Then try to call and ask if he’d like to talk about what happened. If he agrees then you can meet up and go ahead to discuss what may have gone wrong.

Don’t try to rush him to talk to you though. If he needs a full day or several days, give him whatever it is he needs. Whatever happened will determine just how upset he feels he should be or how much time he will require.

Again, you can simply message or call him to ask him when it’s alright to talk. If you’ve just begun dating, he’s going to need to figure out if the relationship is worth it. If you’ve been dating awhile then he’ll just simply need to re-evaluate things.

  1. Apologize Sincerely

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When you upset him, do not try to talk to him right away. If you can tell he’s visibly upset, you’ll need to take a step back. If he’s just slightly annoyed, it’s probably a good idea to catch it and say you’re sorry.

Maybe he takes something the wrong way and you need to set things straight. As long as he isn’t fuming, you can try to rectify the situation as quickly as possible so he doesn’t steam over it.

However, in the case that he’s really angry, you’re going to have to save the apology for later when he’s calmer. He’s likely not going to listen to anything you have to say if he’s snapped into a rage.

The last thing you want to do is push buttons or make him angry enough that he starts to have a violent reaction. Like I mentioned with the last step, leave or let him leave so the situation can cool down.

Talking will be important as will an apology but you need to make sure there is the right timing. If he’s really angry, it’s not time. If he’s just annoyed, go ahead and explain with an apology.

  1. Let Him Talk

While you really want to explain your side of things, it may just make the situation worse. Let him talk to you and tell you exactly how he feels about what happened so that he’s able to let some steam out.

Letting him get everything out will help him calm down faster. However, if he’s getting volatile, see number 1… get out of there or let him take off. He’s not going to vent properly when he’s too angry.

The last thing either of you wants is for things to become worse and sinking to name calling. Hurtful things will not solve a thing and for sure will not put either of you at ease in a difficult situation.

I would suggest that you let him cool off first then when he’s ready to talk to you again, ask him how he feels and what he feels that you two should do to fix the problem or find a happy middle ground.

Try to listen without offense. Remember, if you started this, it’s something you’ve got to fix by listening and then finding a solution together, as a couple. Don’t try to be a hero on your own.

  1. Tell Him How Much He Means To You

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Since this is a Leo man, you can appeal to his inner need for compliments. Telling him how much you care, how much you appreciate him, and what he does for you will make him feel good.

Feeling needed is important for him and he’s probably willing to drop some of his animosity when he realizes that you didn’t say what you said because you doubt him or feel he is inadequate.

If it’s something you did and he took offense, show him that you weren’t doing it to try to hurt him or make him angry. Tell him that you were doing it because at the time, you thought it was the right thing to do.

Admit to your error and make sure that you don’t do whatever it is again. Then go on to express how much you want to work things out with him. Tell him you care or you love him.

You may even slip in a “I’m sorry” card with a gift certificate for his favorite dessert place. I know it sounds corny but trust me, he’ll think it’s really sweet and see it as a gesture of apology.

All in all, Leo man can have quite a temper but while he has the ability to yell, he typically doesn’t do it for long. His anger doesn’t typically last long either unless it was something really bad.

These steps should help ensure that you’re able to get him to calm down and work it out. As long as there is an apology and the giving him some feeling of importance in your life, he’ll be willing to forgive.

The trick will be not allowing him to get upset too often. He may have some bad days and if he does, recognize them and let him cool down before you talk to him. You can avoid being his target by removing yourself from the situation with love.

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Leo guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

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