Leo Man Horoscope for July 2024

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you wondering how July is going to treat your Leo man? Check out the monthly horoscope predictions for a Leo man...

Welcome Sweethearts to the horoscope reading for your Leo man for July. Can you believe it? We have passed the solstice, we’re into July, and 2024 is simply motoring along. However, the flavor of this month is very different.

So far in the year, we’ve had quite a lot to process in terms of Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and also Neptune, but this month, it’s Pluto that is triggered, and several times, as Mercury, Venus, and the Sun enter Leo.

The energies are a lot more intense, feelings are stirred at a deep level and there’s a great opportunity for transformation, but sometimes the more thorny issues in relationships simmer below the surface.

Remember, with Pluto, all is not always what it seems. Sometimes what is essential is invisible, and you have to be intrepid, observant, and use your perceptive power to understand what’s really going on in your relationship.

So, this is a month to be savvy, to also be a little bit self-protective and wise. Let’s have a look in detail and try to understand how you should play the game with your Leo Man.

Here’s what the stars have in store for a Leo man this July…

Mercury enters Leo on the 3rd of July

Now, Mercury entering Leo would, at first glance, seem to indicate that he is going to be more communicative, chatty, eager to discuss things, and quite gung-ho about dating and online relationships.

However, because Mercury is going to be opposite Pluto as it enters Leo, there’s a decidedly different air. He can be quite serious, sometimes easily triggered, and he may even be more suspicious.

So, whether you’ve known him a long time or have recently begun dating, it’s very important to be transparent and open because sometimes the slightest thing can get his spidey senses going, and he may begin to feel a little insecure.

Sometimes this causes him to need to interrogate you. He’s keen to have the details and wants to understand exactly where he stands in the relationship. Sometimes his level of communication is a little bit intense and almost obsessive, so perhaps you want to spend a little bit of time apart, especially in the first week of this journey of Mercury through Leo.

It does get easier as the month goes on, so after the tense start, it should develop into a fun and humorous, playful month.

New Moon in Cancer – 5th July 

Now, for Leo, the New Moon in Cancer is a time to think, ponder, and gain a deeper understanding. This can actually be a time when he wants to spend a certain amount of time alone, and that could be in order to do spiritual things like meditate or contemplate, perhaps tune in to his higher self.

However, even if he’s not a particularly spiritually aware person, sometimes he just likes to go off on his own and allow thoughts or ideas to come to him.

This is certainly not a time when he wants to be feeling pressured or to have any ultimatums. You can’t really force him to make a decision right now. He has a lot of doubts, he questions everything, including himself, and sometimes he can feel unsure of what he really wants in a relationship or of what you want.

So, this is definitely a time when he is feeling a little bit at sea and just needs a lack of pressure and a little bit of time to sort through things in his head.

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Venus enters Leo on the 12th of July

This has a similar flavour to Mercury entering Leo, as while Venus entering Leo certainly represents a great time for relationships, affection, and your intimate life, everything reaches a fever pitch because it will be opposing Pluto, and therefore his more stubborn possessive streak shines through.

Now, this can bring out a very competitive and jealous side of Leo. So, whether you’re doing really well at your job or perhaps hanging out with your friends, he can be particularly envious. He may be more likely to pass comment on your life, be critical, or interfere in things that aren’t really his business.

So, you need to have your boundaries up now. You don’t want to be too cold; you want to definitely be loving and embrace the opportunities for greater depth of understanding, particularly in terms of your sex life, but you need to be aware that he is kind of self-centered and a little bit pushy, and therefore you need to understand where you end and he begins. That means positive use of boundaries and the word “no.”

Mars enters Gemini and Sun enters Leo on the 21st of July

Now, this represents quite a sociable time for your Leo Man. However, it is also an extremely ambitious and determined time when his more arrogant streak comes to the fore. So, what do you have to be careful of?

You have to know that right now he is going to be pretty focused. If there’s anything that needs to get done or that requires attention, there’s a good chance that he can achieve it. It’s a great time to overcome obstacles, but it’s also an important time to surround yourself with positive influences.

It’s important to be around friends who motivate you and share your passions and ideals in life. However, it’s very important for you both to steer clear of friends and family members who are interfering, toxic, or who tend to create friction in your relationship.

So, it’s all about who you associate with. If you associate with the right kind of people, your relationship or romance is enhanced; with the wrong kind of people, it can go pear-shaped very quickly.

Mercury enters Virgo – 26th of July

This placement means that he’ll be refocusing on the money side of life. It is quite an important transit for goals involving his business, and there is a certain amount of concentration required.

This is a great time for him to crunch the numbers and for maybe you guys to have some discussions about your priorities with spending or looking through catalogues, getting quotes, and trying to get bargains for those things that you really want to get for your home or perhaps a special holiday that you’re planning together.

Themes for a Leo Man this July 2024

Now, relationships are important to him this month, so are companionship, teamwork, and greater understanding, but he’s not always easy to get along with. The more stubborn, possessive, jealous, and competitive aspects of his personality are heightened.

These can make him more demanding in relationships, and sometimes they can make him more suspicious, and this can cause him to interrogate you or become a little bit insecure in the relationship, which can lead to more difficult behavior.

He needs reassurance, but you guys both need space because there are also times when he needs to contemplate, chill out, and work certain things out by himself. While he needs good advice right now, he doesn’t always take it, so it’s important not to crowd him in any way.

Magic Motto – “Sometimes love is loving our own space within love.”

Magic Text – “You’re my fire, my intensity, you fuel my desire for a more fulfilling and adventurous life.”


The moon waxes from the 5th to the 19th of the month, and this is the two week period of the New Moon and is most favorable for brand new goals, date nights, romance, and doing things for the first time. This is his launch pad where he can be entrepreneurial and take on new challenges.

The waxing phase is still good for self-improvement goals and addressing health issues. Physiotherapy and acupuncture or chiropractic care are helpful. A good time for new starts and jumping out of comfort zones. A suitable time to be individualistic and take full responsibility for himself and his emotions.

A great time for psychological renewal, affirmations, creative visualization, and gaining insight. This is a great time for artistic work. It’s also a good time for retreats and meditation. A time to deal with any repressed anger honestly. Dreams are more vivid and should be analyzed. Affirmations and positive thinking are very important.


This isn’t a good waxing period for marriage or getting engaged. You guys should be cautious of big decisions that affect your relationship during this period. It’s also not a good time for marriage counseling.

July 2024 Horoscope for a Leo Man

Week 1: Draw out the Juices 

With the New Moon in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces and sextile Mars in Taurus, this is actually a time when his ambitions are very important, yet he has to be incredibly skillful and perhaps even cunning in terms of getting things right with finances, his business, or dealing with clients.

Things need extra thought and perspective, and he cannot take anything for granted. So this does need to be a time of hard work, diligence, and also due diligence over any contracts or business matters.

Now, this is a great time to improve your sex and intimate life, but to do it, you need a lot of privacy. He tends to be a slow burner in love, so he needs a lot of time to just relax and unwind before the love juices truly flow.

Week 2: Why don’t you steal away? 

Now, this week is interesting. The Sun in Cancer trine Saturn and Mercury in Leo sextile Jupiter bring him a lot more optimism and playfulness. Some of the more tense and stressful energies are evaporating, and because Venus is sextile Neptune in Pisces, it’s a great time for escapism, your fantasy life, and even a short getaway.

This is definitely the best week for romance and date nights. However, whether you’re in a long-term or short-term relationship, you have to tread fairly carefully. Take his feelings seriously, be a good listener, and watch out for that ego, because if he is fragile in any way, he is easily triggered.

Week 3: Silver Lining 

Now, this is an interesting week because Mars will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus for the last time for another 80 years. So we have another kinda one-time-only aspect. This aspect has happened before in the last few years, but it’s a last-time offer, as it were, so what does it mean for Leo Man?

It means that he should pay strong attention to any opportunities that he has in terms of career because there may be some surprises, but these could serve as lucky breaks as not everything necessarily goes as planned, this could be in his career or in the plans you both have for your future going forward, but it’s important to remember that everything happens for a reason.

Even if there are some problems right now, there is a silver lining, and it all comes down to you guys keeping an open mind. So, encourage him to go with the flow, to take everything in his stride, and to remember to embrace that adventurous Leo spirit that he has.

This is his cue, once again, to be pioneering. He doesn’t want to be caught being stagnant, letting anything pass him by, because the more resistance he has to change, the more disruptions will really upset the apple cart, forcing him to understand his true potential.

Week 4: Take it On the Chin

This is a highly motivated week for a Leo man, nothing stands still, and yet that slightly stubborn, demanding side comes to the fore. He can be a little bit pushy and when he wants something; he can kind of steamroll you. So, when he gets a head of steam going, it’s really hard to stop him.

It’s important to speak to him before he makes up his mind because once he has made up his mind, he’s going to be impervious to reason. Now, this is a time when you guys need to think of any part of your relationship that is a little bit brittle because right now any issues in your relationship become more glaring as concerns and have to be dealt with.

So a certain amount of thick skin and bravery is needed to tackle your relationship and any problems. New relationships can often be quite tense right now as you lock horns and thorny issues come to the surface, but there’s no reason these can’t be worked through. See this as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship rather than an obstacle riddled week.


I think this is going to be a very productive month for your relationship with a Leo man, but it’s not without its difficulties. You have to be mindful and go along as if you are in a complicated game of chess because his mood changes quickly.

Sometimes he’s excitable, amorous, ambitious, and opinionated, while at other times he’s rather quiet, reflective, and confused, and if he has any issues with self-worth or self-esteem, he can be extremely jealous and controlling.

So you’ll get to know a lot about his psychological health, as if he is able to be assertive and positive in the relationship, that’s a good sign, but if he’s very jealous and controlling, you know that he’s still got a lot of work to do on himself, and that may be an issue for the relationship’s development.

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