The Ultimate Guide To Dating A Leo Man — Everything You Need To Know

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you dating a Leo man? This guide provides expert tips and advice to help you win his heart. Don't miss out on your chance to build a lasting relationship with your Leo man.

There is something so sexy and appealing about a Leo man! If you’ve met one, then you know what I am talking about. These Leo men are so charming and know exactly how to make any woman gush with excitement. 

But it is essential to get to know this gentleman and understand who he is and what he is about if you really want to develop a strong bond with him. There are some things you NEED to know about the Leo man before you get involved with him. 

Are you curious to find out more about the Leo man? Then you have come to the right place as this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Leo man and what it is like to date him! Keep on reading to find out more.

Key Things To Know Before The First Date With A Leo Man

If you have ever been in a room with a Leo man, you would know! There is something so alluring about this gentleman! He knows how to draw attention to himself as he loves to be in the spotlight. 

However, he is extremely charming, so this is a spot he deserves to be in. He is personable, generous, and friendly, and lights up any room he enters! There is definitely a magnanimous quality to his personality which is no wonder he is so popular!

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When dating a Leo man you can expect the absolute best treatment ever. The sign of Leo rules the heart which makes this man extremely romantic as he knows how to love a woman like no other. 

He will do absolutely everything to lavish you with love, attention, and all the gifts you could ever imagine. When a Leo man dates, he pulls out all the stops and makes sure his woman knows exactly how he feels about her. 

This might be quite interesting for you to hear because I know Leo men have a reputation for being self-centered and solely focused on themselves. This is definitely an aspect of his personality, but when he likes someone, he will turn all of his attention onto her. 

This can make him difficult to understand, but I think this should only add to the allure of what it is like dating this man! He is a fixed fire sign, so the love he can bring is extremely intense, yet enduring!

The Sun is the Leo man’s ruling planet, which makes so much sense why he likes to be in the spotlight and why everyone seems to be drawn to him. He is definitely the center of the Universe. 

What Kind Of Women Do Leo Men Like?

There are certain traits a Leo man really likes in a woman. He is the type of man who really likes a traditionally feminine woman. He wants to be with a lady who always looks good and puts a lot of pride in her appearance. 

The thing you need to understand about a Leo man is that he cares deeply about the way people view him. His image means a lot to him and this is why he will be drawn to a woman who will make him feel like he can be in a power couple with her. 

He likes women who are doing something interesting with their lives… He isn’t interested in being with a wallflower, instead he wants to be with someone who can ignite him to achieve more in his life. 

This man needs someone who is going to stand behind him and be by his side no matter what. He wants a cheerleader and a woman he knows he can depend on!

What Leo Men (Actually) Want In A Relationship

If you haven’t realized this yet, but a Leo man considers himself quite the king. He seems himself as royalty and someone who deserves the best of the best so you can only imagine what he is like when he is in a relationship. 

He has very high standards and wants to be with a woman who can meet all of his needs, so trust me when I say that there are a lot! A Leo man needs a lot of attention as he loves to be the center of everything!

The spotlight is exactly where he believes he belongs! He craves this attention as he can actually sometimes feel quite insecure. This is why he needs a woman who can give him a nice boost when he feels down! Learn more on how to compliment a Leo man <<

Another thing that a Leo man really needs in his relationship is a woman he knows he can depend on because loyalty is probably one of the most important values in his life. 

He is a fixed sign, and for fixed signs, permanence and longevity are very important. He promises great loyalty and trust, but he needs to know that he will have this in return!

Security and safety in his relationship are extremely important to the Leo man and he won’t settle for anything less than this in his romantic relationships!

Leo Men Flirting Style — How Do They Flirt?

Having a Leo man flirt with you is probably one of the best experiences you can have as a woman. This guy seriously knows how to turn on the charm and make you feel like one million bucks!!!

He is a smooth talker, and having someone so magnanimous as himself give you attention will make you feel incredibly special and desired. A Leo man really knows how to make you feel wanted and adored. 

He will lavish you with compliments and give you so many gifts! Every time you go on a date with him you can expect him to bring you flowers and woo you with a candlelit dinner! 

He is quite a traditionalist and will take the very romantic approach to dating because he knows this really works! So if you like to be courted, then you have found the right guy for you!

Leo men have one of the most specific love languages of all zodiac signs. I covered his entire astrology love profile in my Leo Love Language guide. I suggest you get your copy if you really want to master his love language and finally connect with him in the right way.

The Early Stages Of Dating A Leo Man

The early stages of dating a Leo man feel like a dream because he will stop at nothing to really amp up the romance between the two of you! Here is more of what you can expect:

Romantic Date Ideas To Go To With A Leo Man

Dating a Leo man will blow you off your feet with the amount of romance and special thought he puts into every date with you! Why not return the favor by doing something special for him?

This is a man who likes to get dressed to the nines and have grand old time out on the town. You can plan a special night out where the two of you go on a fun date all dressed up with somewhere very fancy to go! He will love the luxury of it. 

This Leo man knows how to party hard, but he also likes to relax and enjoy himself so another great date idea is to take him to a beach restaurant or rooftop hotel with a pool and just have a nice day chilling next to the pool enjoying some cocktails. 

Relaxation and self-care are so important to a Leo man, so you might want to remember that a spa day can be a pretty special thing to do with your Leo man. He’ll love the thought you took to organize a massage for him.

Here’s more about what to talk to a Leo man on a date <<

Is Sleeping With Leo Man Too Soon A Mistake?

When it comes to sex and relationships, things tend to become a little too complicated. It is something everyone desires, but it is also important to play your cards right or you might find yourself fallen into the trap of a one night stand you didn’t intend for!

Essentially, choosing to sleep with someone is your own choice, but it is often best to wait it out and be sure that this is someone you want to share your sacred energy with. 

Some Leo men will want to continue dating you after you sleep with him, and others will take it as an opportunity to just use you for sex. This is why it is better to wait it out to make sure that you know exactly how you are truly feeling about him.

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3 Clear Signs A Leo Man Is Serious About You 

1. He Checks In On You Often

It is common for Leo men to call and text more frequently when they are serious about you. It is possible that he will start contacting you obsessively. This is a change of pace from his previously cool and confident way of communicating with you.

Leos usually call or text once in a while to check in or make plans. If he is serious about you, he will increase his contact with you. You’ll receive constant calls and texts from him.

When Leo men are serious about someone, they are tenacious and determined. Leo men want to make their relationship official by being a constant presence in your life.

2. He Talks About You To Others

Whenever a Leo man boasts about your accomplishments, he means business. Impressive women attract Leo men. It’s not uncommon for him to brag about his potential partner.

There is a chance that he will tell people about your career or your accomplishments.

When a Leo man is serious about a woman, he will give her attention and credit for her accomplishments. You’re the one he brags about when he thinks you’re the one.

You’ll hear Leo men brag about you to their family, friends, and colleagues when they fall in love with you. His goal is to let everyone know that he has found a woman who is exceptional. There is pride in his eyes when he sees you.

Leo men tend to brag about themselves a lot. You can tell he is falling in love when he starts bragging about you. 

3. He Wants To Spend His Free Time With You

You can tell that a Leo man is serious about you if he asks when he can see you again at the end of a date. Independent and self-reliant, Leo men strive to maintain their independence.

He’ll go through a phase of wanting to be with you all the time when he’s serious about you. 

He will make plans to see you every day when he first wants to show you he’s into you. You won’t want to take the chance that you’ll forget about him or lose interest in him.

When a Leo man is serious about the relationship, you will see more signs that he misses you. Within a few minutes of being gone, he will tell you that he is missing you. When he sees you again, he will act like an enthusiastic puppy. You excite him!

How To Make Progress In Dating A Leo Man?

Are things going a little slow between you and your Leo man? Well, there are a couple of things you can do to get him to take this relationship seriously and make the relationship progress at a faster pace. Check this out:

3 Dating Rules That Make Leo Men Chase You

1. Let Him Win

Whether you’re having a friendly debate or discussing the best route to take to get to a festival, or even if you’re playing a friendly game, let him win. It is in a Leo man nature to be ambitious and have success on his mind all the time. 

Let him be the hero, especially early in the relationship. It will make him feel strong and confident. He is a bit of a conqueror and needs to know that he has won his women. Besides, playing games with a Leo man is a lot of fun!

>> Check these 20 powerful and proven techniques to make a Leo man chase you.

2. Play Hard To Get

Speaking of games, one thing that drives a Leo man absolutely crazy is a woman who knows how to play hard to get. This makes him feel so excited and stimulalted in the courting phase. 

A Leo man loves it when a woman takes her time to respond to him or who isn’t always available at his beck and call! Give him a little bit of your magic and then back away. 

You want him to wonder what is going on in your mind and where you are. This creates attraction and makes him want to chase you in a very big way!

Here’s how to get a Leo man to ask you out on a date <<

3. Give Him All The Compliments

You have probably heard, but Leo men tend to have major egos! And there is nothing they love more than having their ego stroked. Nothing gives them a greater boost to their confidence than a compliment. 

Admiration goes a very long way for most Leo men. They love feeling adored and admired by their partner. They want to feel that feeling of desire from their partner as it makes them feel really good!

Learning how to compliment a Leo man will certainly get you in his good books! << Check out here what a Leo man likes to hear from a woman.

How To Make A Leo Man Respect You And Set Good Ground For Something Serious

A Leo man has very high standards for his relationship with a woman. His values are very important to him and he needs to know that his lady shares these similar values because this is the secret to success in a relationship for a Leo man. 

This is a man who wants to know that you can be loyal and serious toward him. A Leo man enjoys long-term relationships, but he isn’t going to give his heart to someone who is flaky or unsure about him. 

He wants something steady and to have the knowledge that he can depend on and rely on you in times of crisis. He also wants a woman who knows how to take care of herself. 

A Leo man wants you to take pride in your appearance, to have confidence in yourself, and to put yourself on a pedestal. A high-value and quality woman is something that a Leo man really respects. 

Casual Relationship With Leo Man

It is possible that some of my readers may be more interested in a casual relationship with their Leo man. Perhaps you aren’t really in the space to have a serious relationship, and would rather have a friends-with-benefits situation with your Leo man.

Here is what you can expect from a casual relationship with your Leo man:

3 Casual Dating Tips NOT To Get Hurt Or Attached

1. Be Detached

A casual relationship with a Leo man isn’t for everyone. Some women however may find this a lot easier to handle than others because they have mastered the art of detachment and can keep things casual. 

But if you have strong feelings for your Leo man, then this might not be the most advisable route to take… Ask yourself, would you be able to handle a casual relationship with him? Would you be okay with him seeing other women? 

This may be a good lesson for you in detachment and not letting yourself get too obsessive other a man. Especially if your attachment style leans a little more anxious, but this is definitely a decision you need to make yourself.

2. You Don’t Have To Get Jealous

One of the greatest benefits of having a casual relationship with your Leo man is the fact that you don’t have to get your feelings involved with him. This means that this decreases the chances of you getting jealous or too obsessed with him. 

Knowing that there is a boundary between the two of you can be really beneficial to keep your feelings at bay. You won’t let yourself fall for him too deeply because you know that the relationship is just casual. 

3. You Maintain Your Freedom

When you are in a casual relationship with your Leo man you get to keep your freedom and independence because he won’t be breathing down your neck wondering where you are or wanting to spend all his time with you. 

This means that if the casualness of the relationship becomes too intense you can always leave because there is nothing holding you to him. This is the point of having a casual relationship, you are free to leave when you need to. 

How To Avoid The Friends With Benefits Trap With A Leo Man

It is a different story when you are friends with benefits with a Leo man, but realize that you actually want more from the relationship with him. Perhaps you have realized that you have actually fallen for him. What a predicament, right?

There are definitely ways you can move through this and perhaps start considering you as someone he can seriously date, but be prepared because this is not an easy path to take. 

Because the Leo man is a fixed sign, this makes him incredibly stubborn and resistant to change. Once he has made his mind up about you, it will be difficult for him to see you any differently. 

You will need to start embodying the traits he wants to see in his ideal woman. Someone with confidence, self-respect, a feminine appearance, a woman who goes for her dreams and is extremely supportive. 

You need to emulate his dream girl, if you want things to change between the two of you, you are going to have to present yourself differently if you want to make a difference. 

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Dating A Leo Man

There are some mistakes women seem to make when dating a Leo man that can put him off in an instant. Here are some of a Leo man’s turn-offs you need to avoid when dating him:

1. You Act Like You Are Better Than Him

Condescension is a sure fire way to earn Leo’s wrath. Belittling him and pretending you are better than him is really a major turn-off for him. Because Leo can be both confident and insecure, the damage here is doubled. 

As a result, they see those who behave better than them as foolish, while also suffering a slight blow to their egos. The thing is, a Leo man wants to know he is the best, and if you aren’t treating him as such, it can be a big no-no. 

The truth of the matter is that they are not likely to be able to maintain a relationship with someone who doesn’t believe in them or support them. He will avoid you like the plague if he sees you doing this and realize that you aren’t the right woman for him. 

2. You Are Always Available

Despite Leo’s need for attention, they also don’t like to feel smothered and tied down, especially with someone new. Leo is an extroverted and social sign. The minute they feel like a relationship might distract them from the spotlight, they will start wondering if you’re the right person for them. 

Rather than shifting the whole dynamic, they’d rather be with someone who isn’t immediately clingy and doesn’t have a life of their own. Because they want to be with someone who can lead them on new and exciting adventures of their own.

You need to have your own life if you are dating a Leo man, because if you don’t you’ll quickly lose him!

3. You Are Closed-Minded

Leos are known for being adventurous, so if you don’t like trying new things and going out on a limb, they will quickly dismiss you as a potential love interest. In their quest for a partner, they hope to find someone who’s passionate enough to rise to the occasion in all their wild adventures. 

As optimists, they believe that anything is possible, so if you have negative energy and tell them they can’t or shouldn’t do what they want to do, they aren’t going to want to stay around you. 

It is important to them that no one brings them down, especially their romantic partner as a Leo man expects you to support him no matter what!

Pros And Cons Of Dating A Divorced Leo Man

Dating a divorced Leo man comes with its own set of challenges, but there is also quite a bit of positivity you can expect from being with him. Here are some of the pros and cons of dating a Leo man:

He Will Give Love A Second Chance

It doesn’t matter how badly Leo’s heart has been broken, he believes in true love no matter what. His positive, optimistic attitude will make you feel cherished, adored, and most importantly, hopeful. He really believes that happy endings are possible. 

It will show in his small actions, such as buying you gifts, taking you on charming dates and generally making you feel special. Aside from being always there for you, he’s often very reliable, and he wants to build a relationship with you in the future. 

In other words, if you’re in the mood to play around, think twice – this is not a sign that does well with casual relationships. To them, having a queen is the ultimate goal. 

He Is Incredibly Romantic 

While Leos are romantic by nature, they also need their partners to be romantic as well. He may have lost the romance in his previous marriage, which may have even led to their divorce! Leo guys should always feel like this during their “honeymoon period”! 

Woo him with flowers, a date, and a nice meal. Give your Leo man gifts – he loves that – and say frisky things to him. Be romantic to him and charm him, and he’ll reciprocate – and bigger and better than before!

He will always come to the table and then some when his lady treats him like gold, it just may take some time for him to open up and trust you. So just be patient, please!

He Comes With Drama From His Ex

It may take some time for you to adjust to the fact that Leo men are proud and dramatic by nature. There is a strong tendency for them to experience emotions very strongly, and they are unlikely to have had a peaceful, calm end to their marriage. 

Some may even engage in drama with their ex, pointing the finger at them, but they too are involved. You’d ideally like to be free of his ex, so this can get a bit annoying. However, this may just be a downside of an otherwise wonderful relationship, so try not to let it affect you too much. 

With time, he will let go of the drama and focus all his love and care on your relationship as he becomes more comfortable with you. You just need to be patient!

He Will Test You A Lot

There are some Leo men who have trust issues, especially if they have been betrayed or rejected. In other words, he may find it necessary to test your loyalty, to push you and to see if you will respond to him. 

You could demonstrate this by coming through for him when he asked for something. It may manifest as your ability to be on time for your dates, or your ability to reply to his texts in a timely manner. 

He will determine if you can be trusted for a serious relationship in many small and big ways, whether you intend to remain with him or leave. The Leo man values loyalty above all else, and if you’re as devoted to him as he is, this relationship will last forever.

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Dating An Older Leo Man

If you meet an older Leo man, you are definitely a lucky girl as this man has been around the block and knows exactly how to woo women in the perfect way. Expect some romance, but there are also a few challenges you need to be aware of:

The Perks And Traps Of Dating An Older Leo Man

An older Leo man sees age as just a number. His favorite thing about life is that he gets to enjoy it more now that he’s older and more established in his career. He has the money to spend on luxury and quality experiences. 

In addition to being generous, he will want you to join him on these adventures. The Leo man loves holidays, so perhaps you can spend a weekend together at the beach or explore an ancient city together. He has a way of opening up your world in a magnificent way!

But, the older Leo man is also extremely stubborn and set in his ways. It is going to be very difficult for him to adjust to your ways as he can often be rather uncompromising. 

You are likely going to be the one who has to adjust and be more flexible if you want this relationship to be successful. 

Secrets To Impress & Date An Older Leo Man

In their older years, Leo men tend to talk a lot and love good conversation. Having a great deal of creativity and the ability to talk about pretty much anything, older Leo men can navigate the world and learn from others. 

Their curiosity is what makes them so interesting and this is why the older Leo man loves to talk about books, movies, sports, politics, entertainment, conspiracies, you name it. 

You’ll want to impress him with your knowledge and what you understand about the world. Make his mind whirl with ideas. He enjoys good conversation and having a woman who can keep up with him.

Of course, a Leo man also really likes pretty things and this isn’t something that stops the older he gets. If you want to really impress your older Leo man then make sure that you are always dressed to the nines!

6 Pros And Cons Of Dating A Younger Leo Man

Younger Leo men are full of spritely energy and can add a lot of excitement to your life. Here are some of the pros and cons you need to consider when dating a younger Leo man:

A Younger Leo Man Is Smart, Kind, And Compassionate

In addition to being very smart, they have excellent leadership skills as well. There is a genuine sense of connection that can be made on a mental level and has the potential to lead to intellectual conversations with a younger Leo man that might surprise you! 

In the event that you have a bad day, this sign will do everything in their power to make you feel better as soon as possible. In addition to being kind and caring, they will do everything in their power to support you in any way they can, and sometimes they will even give you the best advice there is. 

A younger Leo man is wise beyond his years and has the enthusiasm to want to be optimistic and positive for you when things might be feeling a little difficult!

He Is Loving And Affectionate

It is common for younger Leo men to be very loving and affectionate towards their partners. Their positive energy is contagious, and they are a lot of fun to be around. Positive energy and enthusiasm are both present in the environment they create.  

There’s no need to beat around the bush with them, they’re loyal and honest. They’ll tell you what it is and how it is. There will be a lot of cuddles, long conversations, and lots of flirting since they love both mental and physical intimacy.

He Takes Control 

It is because of their positive attitude and willpower that they make great leaders. There is no failure or setback that can hold them back, and this applies to their relationships as well. 

It is important for them to never give up easily, and they will do everything in their power to overcome any obstacles. The reason for this is that they do not have a filter and they are not going to sugarcoat their words to you. 

Their brutal honesty is something you can always count on from them. There is no doubt that they have a great sense of humor and that they will definitely make you laugh and squeal with delight. 

He Is Very Stubborn

The problem with them is that they can be very rigid at times, and it is nearly impossible to change their minds. The problem with them is that they are too headstrong and stubborn for their own good. 

This quality makes him totally immovable at times. As the lion represents this sign, it has the characteristics of being possessive and egoistic. Often these people become very possessive of the people they care about and are unable to share their love and attention with others. 

The younger Leo man may fail to understand that there are other people in your life whom you care about and need to see. His stubbornness will make this very difficult for him to understand. Learn more about Leo man negative personality traits here <<

His Ego Is Fragile 

The younger Leo man won’t forgive you easily if you hurt his ego. You are walking on thin ice when it comes to their ego and when it comes to their ego, it is extremely fragile. 

There is no doubt that they love the attention they receive and they are not very willing to share the limelight with others. In other words, if you try to share their limelight, or if you do not give them your full, 100% attention, you will find yourself in big trouble. 

He needs to be the alpha and omega of your world, and if you do anything to make him feel any differently, he is going to feel quite hurt and upset. It is difficult for him to recover from this.

He Is Controlling

There is a tendency for them to be a little controlling, which may often seem as if they are trying to dominate you. In addition to being self-centered at times, they can also be overly concerned with being in the limelight and getting attention at times. 

As a result of their pride, they often tend to get defensive when arguing with others. It is difficult for them to accept or even hear that they have been wrong. A younger Leo man needs to feel like he has the power and this is why he displays so much control and possession over you.

Is your Leo man jealous or possessive? << check out here for the signs to look out for.

Dating A Leo Man Online

The modern world of dating looks very differently than it did a couple of years ago. Most people seem to meet each other online and have full-blown relationships without ever having met in person. 

You might wonder how your Leo man feels about online relationships and if you are ever going to meet him in person. Keep on reading to find out!

Dating A Leo Man Online And Long Distance — What To Expect?

A Leo man would much prefer to meet his beauty in person, but this traditionalist has had to adapt to the times much like everyone else. The lovely thing about meeting a Leo man online is that he’ll tell you that he is a Leo – no second-guessing!

This guy is proud and knows exactly who he is and what he wants out of life! This guy will probably leave quite the impression on all of his matches. He is the charmer and knows how to sweet-talk all the ladies online. 

A Leo man will take what he can get from his online dating experience, even if that means a casual one-night stand or perhaps even meeting the love of his life. He is open to the experience and all he expects is to have fun and enjoy himself!

The jury is probably out until you have actually met him in person and he can feel the vibes between the two of you. You need to remember that the Leo man likes to be in control so you can expect him to be the one that calls all of the shots!

Let him take the lead, you don’t want to emasculate him. So if he suggests a date, go for what he wants to do. He likes it when he can be in the leadership role of a courtship!

All you have to do to get him to ask you out in person is to give him many compliments and be sure to give him just enough attention. This is the secret to success in dating your Leo man online. 

3 Ways To Turn Online Text Matches With An Leo Man Into Offline Dates

So you have met a charming Leo man online, now how can you move this connection from existing online to actually meeting him in person? Here is how to sweep him off his feet:

1. Compliment Him

The easiest way to work yourself into the heart of the Lion is to give him as many compliments as you possibly can. A Leo man has a major ego and the better you make him feel, the more likely he is going to be to want to ask you out and be with you. 

Compliments work like magic on a Leo man. It is his deepest desire to be loved, adored, and admired and if you are constantly making him feel amazing there is no way he is just going to keep this connection online. He is going to want to meet you!

2. Make Him Laugh

You probably know that your Leo man has a great sense of humour and that he loves to laugh every chance he gets. When he finds himself a witty woman he can’t help but hold on to her. 

If you have funny jokes or memes up your sleeve then you should definitely share this with your Leo man because he totally adores it when a woman can make him feel good by making him laugh. 

This is one of the best ways to get your Leo man to open up and want to meet up with you in person! 

3. Pull Away When Necessary

If you have been chatting online with your Leo man for quite some time now and you have noticed that he just isn’t making the move to want to actually meet up in person, then it is important that you pull away and let him chase you. 

He can’t have his cake and eat it too. He needs to come to the table and show that he is serious about meeting you, or else what is the point in you keeping up the conversation?

This is totally unfair on you! So when you feel like you have waited long enough, then it might be worth it to be less available and make him work for it! This might spring him into action to get him to ask you out!

What does it mean when a leo man goes quiet? << check here for the possible reasons why your Leo man pulls away.

The Best Matches For A Leo Man — Who Is The Leo Man Most Compatible With?

As a general rule in Astrology, Fire signs like Leo are often best suited to fellow Fire signs like Sagittarius and Aries, or Air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. All these signs will offer a lot to the Leo man and drive him absolutely crazy!

However, he can make it work with any sign, it might just be a little more challenging and not flow as easily. But sometimes these are the best relationships that will help both Leo and his partner grow!

And, if you’d like to take a little quiz to see if you’re compatible, try out my compatibility quiz right here, just for fun!

So, What Is It Like Dating A Leo Man? — Final Thoughts

Dating a Leo man is an extremely rewarding experience for any woman. This guy is most certainly the full package. He has it all, from money, good looks, to a killer sense of humour. 

It also helps that he is incredibly loyal, honest, and very reliable. The Leo man makes a great romantic partner and he is able to add a lot of value to his ladies life. 

Being with him feels like an adventure! He always something fun planned, and although he has a slight penchant for the dramatic his intentions are always honourable and he just wants the best for everyone in his life. 

Whoever gets to date this charming man is a seriously lucky woman!

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  1. I have a crush on a leo guy.. but he never replies to my text quickly neither he is interested to talk much. What should i do??

    1. Hi Himaira!

      If he doesn’t know you have a crush on him then you may want to let him know that you like him otherwise he just sees you as a female friend and may not try to push it any further. Once you tell him you like him either he’ll pick up the pace or he’ll tell you he’s not into it. Either way you’ll get the answer you need to either hang in there or to move on. Wishing you the best!

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