7 Reasons Why Women Fall in Love for Leo Men

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
It’s not hard for women to fall in love for a charming, handsome and accomplished leo man. He loves his family, and is one of the most masculine guys.

Falling in love with a Leo man? It’s not hard! This charming, handsome, accomplished, and warm man is one in a million. He loves his woman, loves his family, and is one of the most masculine guys out there. Read on for more lovable traits of the Leo man! 

There are a few signs that just seem to always be in a relationship—signs that love to be committed, that love long-term love. One of those signs is Leo

Leo is a “fixed” sign, meaning that these guys are consistent, stable, and security-seeking. In addition, Leo is also a fire sign, which gives them that passion and sense of adventure that some other fixed signs don’t have. 

Leo men are also family guys, and they often stay extremely loyal to their “pack”—just like a lion in the wild.

It’s easy to fall in love with his good qualities—so much so that you accept his less desirable traits. His pride, occasional arrogance, drama, and even his need to be in control don’t seem so bad when you look at all the wonderful things!

7 Reasons Why Women Fall in Love for Leo Men

1. He’s Just So Confident!

The Sun, which rules Leo, is the center of our solar system, as well as our own, personal center. So people with their Sun in Leo just tend to be that much more self-assured in life. 

And there’s nothing quite as attractive as confidence! Even more attractive than good looks or charisma is the ability to believe in yourself. When a Leo man walks into a room, he commands it. 

He just naturally draws attention with his booming voice and air of self-assurance. It’s no wonder so many women get weak at the knees for this sign! 

2. He’s a Man’s Man

Leo is the quintessential guy. Yes, he likes good hair products (it’s his “mane,” after all!), he grooms himself, and he might look in the mirror more often than most. However, he also will be the type of guy to pick up the bill, enjoy biking with the boys, and toss back a few beers every now and then. 

He’s the sort of man who will pick you up and kiss you hard. He loves being in charge, and protecting his woman comes naturally to him. 

He appreciates your femininity and inspires you to be even more feminine so his natural masculinity can shine through. 

3. He Loves Romance

Did you know that Leo is one of the signs that rules romance? This is because the sign of Leo is associated with the fifth house in Astrology, which rules the dating, romance, passion, and sexuality. 

These are pretty great topics to have associated with your man’s sign, right? 

It’s no wonder that the Leo man is known for loving romance and passion. He enjoys being together and sharing experiences and affection with you, and it’s likely he makes grand gestures to wiggle his way into your heart! 

4. He Wants to Protect You

Leo is an ultra-protective sign. This is one man who guards his people closely, whether it’s his mom, his kids, or his partner. 

How does protecting you look? It means standing up for you, fighting for you, and making sure you are never in danger. He will make sure you are safe inside after a date, he’ll take your side in any conflict, and he’ll want to provide for you down the line. 

This is one man who doesn’t mind being the breadwinner in the relationship. He easily assumes his masculine role in a traditional sense, letting you do as you please. Swooning yet? 

5. He’s a Family Man

Like I just mentioned, Leo is one of those signs that will always, always put family first. That is rare in the modern world!

You can look forward to special moments with family when you’re with a Leo man. Spending time with the kids, his mom, your family, your extended family, or his siblings is the name of the game. 

You never need worry about neglecting the people you really care about when you are with this sign. 

If you’re wondering, yes, many Leo men want to have kids. So if you are in the same frame of mind, you’ll be head over heels for him in no time! 

6. He’s Totally Loyal and Dedicated

When you get together with a Leo man, you’ll find out soon that his biggest strength is his loyalty. 

Once he has your back, he has it forever, and there is very little that can make him change that. You’ll have to consistently push him away or treat him badly for him to give up on you – he’s not that easily discouraged! 

You’ll never need to worry about cheating with a Leo man. Yes, he loves attention, but he will never betray you. This is a rare, treasurable quality, so remember to pinch yourself every day! He will wholly dedicate himself to you, the relationship and being a better partner to you.

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7. He’s an Achiever

Leo men want to be the best they can be. Yes , they have their lazy side, too, but overall, this is one guy that is geared to do better, go higher. He’s often a manager of some kind, loving to be in charge of his own business and destiny. 

Leo is also not a sign that plays small by any means. He’s a go-getter, and a Leo will seldom be the type of guy who doesn’t have big dreams. Of course, he does want to be better than everyone, so be prepared for a bit of competition coming your way! 

This ambition is not just isolated to career matters but also to relationships and life in general. He will always strive to have the best and be the best. There’s just nothing as attractive as a man who achieves, is there? 

Are you absolutely crazy about your Leo guy? What qualities do you love the most about him? Is it his warmth? His confidence? His loyalty? Or is it his desire to protect and provide for you? I truly enjoy hearing your stories and anecdotes! And, you will always remain completely anonymous! Feel free to share your insights in the comments section below. 

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