7 Things to Know When Dating a Divorced Leo Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer

Do you want to know what it’s like to date a divorced Leo man? All zodiacs can have a challenging time in new relationships after a divorce, but some may handle it better than others. More importantly, how should you handle the relationship in a way that will help it succeed? That’s where Astrology can be your best friend: 

Let’s face it – a lot of us will date a divorced man at some point of our lives. Divorce rates these days are so high that it’s a quite common and shared experience. However, it’s still somewhat new and questionable territory, so how can we figure out how to navigate it? 

Luckily, Leo men are not among the bitter ones. Yes, they can hold a grudge, and their egos can be very damaged by the “failure” of their previous marriage – especially if they weren’t the ones in control of the decision. 

However, Leo is the sign of love and family, which means that he really does believe in happy-ever-after. He might still be stinging if the divorce has been recent, however, go slowly and trust that he will come around

Plus, an upside is that Leo men seldom play games. They are warm, romantic, and honest, and when truly in love, they give it their all! It’s worth every moment of uncertainty when he eventually commits, so what else can you keep in mind to give this a fighting chance? 

7 Things to Know When Dating a Divorced Leo Man

1. He May Still Have Drama with His Ex

One thing you may have to come to terms with is that Leo men are proud and dramatic. They tend to experience emotions in a very big way, and they are unlikely to have had a peaceful, calm ending with their ex-wife. 

Many of them may even still engage in drama with their ex, pointing the finger at them – but they too play a part in it. This can get a little annoying, as you’d ideally like to be free of his ex. But this may just be a downside to an otherwise lovely relationship, so try not to let it get to you. 

Over time, as he becomes more comfortable and settles in with you, he’ll begin to let go of the drama and focus all his love and care on your relationship. So just be patient! 

2. His Children Always Come First

As much as you’d like to come first in your relationship with a Leo, unfortunately, if he has kids, they are the most important. Of course, you understand this if you have kids of your own, too. And even if you don’t, he will go through whatever drama he has to with his ex to make sure that his kids are well looked after. 

What makes this easier on you is the way he handles his children – Leo men make wonderful fathers, they are loving, devoted, and playful, and you may even find yourself loving life so much more with daddy Leo! It’s worth the occasional missed date night, or a cancellation of plans here and there. 

After all, you are hoping to build a life with him, which will make it so much more rewarding to become that special woman in his life who he trusts with his most beloved little humans! 

3. He Still Believes in Love

Dating A Divorced Leo Man Who Believes in Love

Even if his heart has been completely shattered, Leo always believes in true love. He really wants and trusts that happy endings are possible, and his positive bright and optimistic attitude will make you feel special, adored, and most of all, hopeful. 

This will come through in his small actions, such as buying you gifts, taking you on charming dates, and generally sweeping you off your feet. He’s always there, often very reliable, and wants to build a future with you. 

So, if you’re in the mood to play around, think again – this is not a sign that does well with casual relationships, although they may go through some trial and error. Ultimately, they want a queen to their king. 

4. He May Test Your Loyalty

Some Leo men have trust issues, especially if they were betrayed or rejected. This means that he could find it necessary to test your loyalty, to push you and see if you will respond to his tests. 

It could be shown through him asking to rely on you for something, and you being able to come through for him. Maybe it shows up as you needing to be on time for your dates, or to text back in a good amount of time without leaving him hanging. 

There are many small and big ways that he will see if you can be trusted for a serious relationship, if you plan to stay with him or run away. Leo men value loyalty above all else, and if you’re as devoted as he is, he will always try and make this relationship something that lasts forever. 

5. His Confidence Is Fragile

Believe it or not, the confidence of the Leo guy may not be as it seems, dispute strutting his proud, sunny nature. Very often these men have extremely fragile egos that need to hear frequent affirmations to feel good enough. 

This is especially true post-divorce, where he may have felt worn down by his marriage, as if nothing he ever did was seen as enough. Maybe his ex was a bully, or maybe she just didn’t appreciate him enough. 

Whatever the cause, your best bet is to build him up again. Show him that you think he is absolutely amazing, and that he should believe in himself again. This will help him feel closer to you and feel that he is good enough.  

6. He Needs Romance

dating a divorced leo man

As romantic as he is, the Leo man also needs to feel the romance from his partner. The romance may have died in his previous marriage, and may even have been a reason for their divorce! This is the sign of the “honeymoon period” and for a Leo guy, it should feel like that at all times! 

Give him flowers, take him on a date, and woo him. Give him gifts – he loves that – and say frisky things to him. Romance him and charm him, and watch him reciprocate – bigger and better! 

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7. He Expects a Lot from You

The truth is, the Leo man expects a lot from you. Not even necessary from you but from this relationship. He will want it to be much, much better than the last one, which might make hm seem hard and bossy about his needs and desires. 

This can cause you to feel the pressure, so try to show him that no relationship is perfect, but that the good things – if they are good enough – outweigh the negative. There is no such thing as perfect fairy-tale, after all! 

So, now it’s time to hear about your personal experiences! Have you, or are you, dating a divorced Leo man? Do you have any tips to share? Your comments are totally anonymous! 

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Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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