How to Make a Leo Man Chase You – Get Him Hooked in No Time!

What can you do to win the affections and adoration of a Leo man? Simple! Find out exactly how to make a Leo man chase you and keep you!

What can you do to win the affections and adoration of a Leo man? Simple! I have some methods that just may help you win him over. There are definitely some awesome ways of how to make a Leo chase you.

Win him over and make sure he stays with you for the long haul. You may want to keep reading to find out exactly what you can truly understand how to get a Leo man to chase you and keep you!

Be Your Authentic Beautiful Self

The Leo man wants a woman who is true to herself. He really isn’t into the type of woman who wants to look or be like anyone else. He does love a beautiful woman which includes inner beauty as well as surface.

The Leo man himself is typically someone who helps people which means he will far better appreciate a woman who is the same than a woman who is selfish and self serving. Show him how much you adore people and doing your part.

Do not ever try to be someone you are not around him. If he senses it, he will then question your integrity and motives which will make him run in the other direction instead of chasing you. Here are some interesting facts about Leo man that you need to know.

If you want him to chase you, you’ve got to show him how amazing you are, how giving you are, and how beautiful you are inside and out. Once you do that, he won’t be able to resist you.

This is one of the best ways of how to make a Leo chase you. He cannot resist a good woman filled with lots of outstanding qualities including beauty.

Be Interested In Him

How to Make a Leo Man Chase You (Again)

Clearly a Leo man wants to know that you are actually interested in him otherwise why would he waste his time? He wouldn’t! He wants to know that you are interested in him and want to get to know him.

When he knows that you like him and want to be in his life, he will be more interested in getting to know you. He will want to be around you, he’ll want to call you, and most certainly will want to chase you.

The Leo man is very romantic and so he’s the type that will send you flowers, gifts, candy, or something that is really sweet. He wants you to feel special and get in your good graces so you’ll want to spend time with him.

Also asking how he’s doing, what he’s been up to, etc will get his attention as well. It means that you’re interested in him and his life. That alone will make him want to know more about you.

Be Fun and Funny!

The Leo man loves a woman with a sense of humor that will get his jokes. He wants you to laugh and have a really good time when you’re with him. Show him you’re a good sport.

If you know some jokes then by all means, tell him. He’ll love that you’ve made the effort to do something he’d enjoy. He ultimately wants you to be really happy when you’re with him. Your smile means everything!

Part of the chasing process for him is to do things with you and for you that will make you feel like a million bucks. However, you’ve got to respond in a way that is cheerful, grateful, and that shows him you are interested.

If he doesn’t do it, suggest going to see a comedy movie or go to a comedy club together. These are things you can both do that will ensure a really fantastic time for the both of you and may bring you closer if you’re lucky.

Opening up and enjoying yourself is one fantastic ways of how to make a Leo chase you. He loves a charismatic woman.

Compliments and Support

How to make your leo man chase you

The Leo man loves to show adoration for his partner or potential partner. To get him headed in your direction though, you’ll need to show him how much you really dig him. Compliment him in any way that you can.

Don’t go overboard because he’ll sense that maybe you’re a little insincere. He wants to feel like you really mean it. Compliment him on his form of dress, the way he makes you feel, his smile, or anything that is authentic. This is just one of the things that you can do to win a Leo man.

Leo man wants to feel supported in whatever he does so when you’re trying to learn more about each other, be sure to ask him questions about what he does, what his goals are, and what he wants to accomplish in life.

Then share with him what your goals are and what you plan to do with your life. Talk to him about things that maybe you two can try together that will help you both. Inspire him and let him know you’ve got his back.

The more you are able to show him that you’re really into the things he wants or does, the more he’ll want to be around you which will make him reach out more in order to get time alone.

You can try to invite him to group activities to show him how you are around your friends as well. He wants to see you in your environment so that he can figure out what to do with you next time he wants to get together.

So now you have some good tools to work with to help you with how to get a Leo man to chase you.

Does Leo Man Like To Be Chased?

When you ask the question “does Leo man like to be chased?” I can tell you flat out no and I’ll tell you why. He’s kind of specific in his ways.

While the Leo man enjoys a woman flirting with him, he wants to be the “man” and so he prefers to be the one doing the chasing. If you try to chase him, it may turn him off and head for the hills.

Its best if you let him know you like him, flirt, compliment, etc but do not try to chase him. Let him make the moves and decisions. He’ll appreciate you more if he has to come after you.

Try to make yourself busy so that he sees you’re not sitting around all the time pining over him. He wants to be everything to you but not your entire universe.

He’s one of the Zodiac men that are alpha males. They want to be the main decision maker in the relationship and even when dating, he wants to choose when or where he sees you.

Letting him do this for you will give him confidence and it will let him know that you are the one for him. If he isn’t chasing you yet then you need to take these clues into account as to how to make a Leo man chase you.

You absolutely can do this. It’s not as difficult as it seems. Remember what love was like way back when. Men courted women and women let them take the lead. That’s where you have to be.

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The bottom line with the Leo man is that he wants to feel cared for, desired, adored, and appreciated as a man and partner. When you get that down then he will absolutely do everything possible to win you over and make you his.

It’s not hard to get a Leo man to chase you if he finds interest in you at the beginning. I’ve given you plenty of methods to use and all of them are quite effective. How to get a Leo man to chase you is all at your fingertips.

Leo men want praise, attention, affection, and want to feel like they’re making a difference in your life. They want to see you happy and fulfilled with them so they will go above and beyond to make that happen.

Show him how much you adore him and that you’ll do anything to make him happy as well. He’ll really appreciate it and will give you all the time in the world. Leo men are lovers and they are fantastic at showing a woman great love. Go for it! Let him know you like him and see where it goes.

If you want to better understand how to make a Leo man chase you, and how to keep him, click here and find out everything about your special Leo man.

Remember “does Leo man like to be chased” … NO. Let him do the chasing. If you follow all these instructions then you’ve learned how to make a Leo chase you.

Did you know that that delicious action actor Jason Statham is a Leo? Roar baby! He is HOT!

Are you a woman who got a Leo man to chase you? Give me some details!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

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