How To Ask A Leo Man Out (7 Effective Ways)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
I’m here to teach you how to ask a Leo man out on a date. Keep reading, take notes, and you’ll have your sunny, confident guy in no time!

Hello, my lovelies! I hope you are all doing amazingly well. When it comes to catching the attention of a Leo man and getting him to ask you out on a date, there are a few key strategies that can increase your chances of success.

You have no idea how often I hear from my readers that they are smitten by a charming Leo man but aren’t quite sure how to make him take the leap and ask them out. Fear not, my fabulous friends! I have some tried-and-true tips that will make you irresistible to your Leo crush and ensure that he’ll be asking you out on a date before you know it!

I promise you, getting a Leo man to fall for you is not as difficult as it might seem. This man is a lover of romance and grand gestures, so show him your confidence and playful charm.

So if you are dying to know how to get a Leo man to ask you out on a date, here are some tips to get his attention and make that happen. Keep reading to discover the secrets of capturing a Leo man’s heart and securing that coveted date.

Should I Ask A Leo Man Out?

I so often hear from my clients that they are hesitant to make the first move and ask a Leo man out on a date. And I can understand their hesitation. After all, it’s natural to wonder if it’s appropriate or if the Leo man might prefer to take the lead.

While it’s true that Leo men tend to appreciate pursuing and taking charge, don’t be afraid to take the initiative and ask him out if you are confident in your connection and feel a mutual attraction.

After all, a Leo man loves a confident and assertive partner who isn’t afraid to make bold moves. Taking charge and asking a Leo man out on a date can actually be an attractive quality to him.

It is never a bad idea to stand out from the crowd and show your Leo man that you are a go-getter who knows what she wants. So, yes, you can definitely take a leap of faith and ask a Leo man out on a date.

7 Effective Tips On How To Ask A Leo Man Out

When wanting to ask a Leo man out on a date, there are a couple of things you can do to increase your chances of success. Here are 7 effective tips to help you get that date with a Leo man:

Make Sure That You Look Amazing

The first tip to get a Leo man to ask you out on a date is to look amazing. Put effort into your appearance and make sure you look your best. Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and showcases your unique style.

The Leo man is drawn to people who exude style and confidence, so make sure you dress to impress. He is a guy who is always putting his best foot forward, so showing that you take pride in your appearance will definitely catch his attention and make him more likely to ask you out on a date.

Here’s more on what a Leo man likes and dislikes in a woman.

Compliment & Praise Him

Another effective tip on how to ask a Leo man out on a date is to compliment and praise him. The rumours are true, Leo men do have quite large egos. So, stroking his ego a little can go a long way in getting him to ask you out.

Let him know how impressed you are by his personality, achievements, and unique qualities. Show genuine interest in his passions and talents, and let him know that you admire his confidence and charisma.

When you show appreciation for a Leo man’s qualities and accomplishments, it boosts his ego and makes him feel valued. And it is so important for him to feel seen and validated, so showering him with genuine compliments will definitely make him more likely to ask you out on a date. Or boost your chances of him saying yes if you ask him out first.

Learn here how to compliment a Leo man (what he likes to hear from his partner).

Showcase Your Playful Charm

Showcasing your playful charm is another essential tip on how to get a Leo man to ask you out. This is a man who likes to have fun and be entertained. He is attracted to people who can match his energy and bring some excitement into his life.

So, let your fun and playful side shine when you’re around him. He’ll quickly become addicted to your sweet and playful personality, and it will make him want to spend more time with you. Engage in witty banter, tell funny jokes, and be spontaneous with your plans.

Suggesting fun activities or inviting him to join you in something adventurous can also show him that you’re someone who knows how to have a good time and isn’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Be A Massive Flirt!

When you are around your Leo man one thing is very important for you to remember, you need to be a massive flirt! Leos love to be the centre of attention and enjoys the thrill of flirtation. They really enjoy the back-and-forth banter and playful teasing that comes with flirting.

So, make sure to turn on the charm and flirt with him shamelessly. Make eye contact, give him playful compliments, and use your body language to show interest. Lean in closer when he talks, touch his arm or shoulder lightly during conversation, and smile often.

These subtle acts of flirtation will not only capture his attention, but they will also make him feel desired and pursued. This will increase the likelihood of him asking you out on a date.

Let Him Take The Lead

When you are around a Leo man, it’s important to let him take the lead. Allow him to be in control, make decisions, and take charge of the situation. This will appeal to his natural sense of dominance and make him feel like the alpha male.

By showing your trust and willingness to follow his lead, he will feel more confident and empowered to ask you out on a date. Additionally, make sure to give him subtle hints or create opportunities for him to ask you out.

For example, you can mention a new restaurant in town and how you’ve been wanting to try it. Or you can casually bring up a movie or event you’re interested in attending and mention that it would be fun to go together.

Be A High Value Woman

To get a Leo man to ask you out on a date, it’s crucial to embody and exude qualities of a high-value woman. He is looking for a woman who is confident, independent, and knows her worth. This means taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Engage in activities that make you feel happy and fulfilled, pursue your own goals and passions, and maintain a strong sense of self-worth. When you are self-contained and radiate a sense of authenticity and self-assurance, a Leo man will be drawn to your magnetic presence.

He will see you as a woman who brings value to his life and will be more inclined to ask you out on a date. What you can add to his life will be one of his main considerations in pursuing a romantic relationship with you.

Be A Source Of Support For Him

A Leo man appreciates a partner who can be there for him and support him in his endeavors. Show genuine interest in his goals, dreams, and hobbies. When you show him that you believe in his abilities and are supportive of his pursuits, he will perceive you as someone who adds value to his life.

It is very important for a Leo man to feel loyalty and support from the people closest in his life and when he is with someone who provides that, he is more likely to ask them out on a date.

He is more willing to consider you as a partner who will be there to lift him up and encourage him, both in good times and bad. By being a source of support for him, you increase the chances of him asking you out on a date. Be confident and show your admiration for his unique qualities and strengths, and that you are happy to be of support to him.

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What To Talk To A Leo Man On A Date (Questions To Ask)

It is so important knowing what to say and ask a Leo man on a date to keep the conversation engaging and interesting. Here are some questions to ask a Leo man on a date:

What are your passions and hobbies?

This question allows the Leo man to share his interests and passions, which will not only make him feel valued but also provide you with an insight into his exciting and dynamic personality. The more you get to know him and understand what he is passionate about, the more connected he will feel to you.

How do you like to be supported in your goals and dreams?

Asking this question demonstrates your willingness to support and be there for him. Knowing what he might need from you in terms of support will help you build a stronger connection and show him that you genuinely care about his success and happiness.

What is your favorite way to have fun and let loose?

This question allows you to uncover his preferred activities and how he likes to have fun. And fun is very important to a Leo man, especially in a romantic relationship. Showing genuine interest and enthusiasm for his idea of fun will make him feel comfortable and excited to spend more time with you.

What are your future plans and ambitions?

A Leo man usually has big plans for his life and asking about his future plans and ambitions will show that you are interested in his goals. It also gives you a chance to see if your own goals align and if there is potential for a future together.

What are your favorite qualities in a partner?

Asking about his favorite qualities in a partner allows you to understand what he values and desires in a relationship, and you can see if you measure up to his ideal partner criteria.

How To Ask A Leo Man Out Over Text

When asking a Leo man out over text, it’s important to be direct, confident, and playful.

He is someone who appreciates boldness and clear communication. Instead of beating around the bush, try sending a text like, “Hey [Leo’s name], I’ve had a great time talking to you and getting to know you. I was wondering if you’d like to grab dinner with me sometime? I know this great restaurant that I think you’ll enjoy.”

By asking for what you want in a straightforward and confident manner, you are giving the Leo man a clear invitation while also showing enthusiasm for spending time with him. Remember to stay true to yourself and be authentic in your approach.

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If Your Leo Man Pulls Away, DON’T Do This…

I’ve heard from so many of my clients that their Leo man is AMAZING when they are in person with him…

So charming, sweet, funny, and really connected!

But he can tend to pull away when you’re not with him.

It’s a super frustrating situation for any woman. And if you are like my other clients who have been through this, you’re probably feeling REALLY confused.

“Why is he so hot and cold through text?”

“Why does he back off when we aren’t together?”

And most importantly…

“What can I DO about this?”

First, I want to share the things you definitely should NOT do in this situation…

  1. Don’t get clingy or needy and ask him if something is wrong or beg to see him
  2. Don’t force closure if you’ve had some conflict. Wait until you can talk in person about important issues. Text can EASILY lead to miscommunication.
  3. Don’t assume that there IS a problem. He could just be really busy.
  4. Don’t let fear drive your actions. Assume the best and not the worst.
  5. Don’t chase him. Chase your dreams and goals instead.
  6. Don’t stalk him on social media. Give him space.
  7. Don’t get upset with him or freak out. This will only push him away.
  8. Don’t ignore him so he can “see what it feels like.”
  9. Don’t get needy, jealous, or beg for reassurance.

So what SHOULD you do instead?

  1. Take some time out to reflect on the situation and consider logical reasons for his actions.
  2. Date other men if you aren’t exclusive. Don’t lock yourself down with him if you aren’t yet in a committed relationship with him.
  3. Give him space and time with zero pressure. He might be overwhelmed with work or not be feeling well. 
  4. Focus on your own life. If you don’t have an epic life filled with hobbies and time with friends or family, you need to build that.

Your Leo man should be the sprinkles on the cupcake of your awesome life, not the cupcake itself.

  1. Let him reach out to you when he’s ready. Leo men like to lead. You need to let him do that!
  2. Be supportive. If you haven’t heard from him in a week (or a even day if you text every single day no matter what), ask if he’s okay. And offer to be supportive if he’s going through a challenging time.
  3. Communicate what your needs are, but avoid any blame or shame.
  4. When your Leo man comes back, welcome him lovingly with open arms. If you are angry, he’ll want to run.
  5. When you are in person, let him know (kindly) the things that make you feel valued and adored.

Text can be challenging, and I don’t want you to feel alone in this. I don’t want you to lie in bed unable to sleep because you are worried about why your Leo man is pulling away.

And there is no need for you to do that.

Especially when I can guide you on how to deeply connect with his heart through text messages…

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When you know SPECIFICALLY what to text him based on his astrology… 

He WON’T be pulling away anymore.

And you’ll never again have to worry about what to say to your lovely Leo man through text anymore.

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Sending you love, 

Anna x

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