Dating a Leo Man – All the Ins and Outs

Are you dating a Leo man? What is this guy about and what is he like in a relationship? Here are some really helpful things for you to keep in mind...

Are you really curious about a really handsome Leo man that has gotten your attention? Perhaps he’s talking to you and you’re considering dating him or getting to know him better. What is this guy about and what is he like in a relationship? Here are some really helpful things for you to keep in mind when it comes to dating the Leo man.

Never a Boring Experience with a Leo Man

Being around a Leo man is bound to always be exciting and fun. He’s a really fun guy. He’s funny, smart, witty, and will charm whoever is around him. If you’re on a date with him, prepare to laugh a lot!

When you’re out with a Leo guy, he’ll be the life of the party and the attention getter of the whole room. Truly this guy stands out above all others. You can almost tell who is a Leo when you go to a party or gathering.

The one in the middle making everyone laugh is likely a Leo or a very insistent Gemini. Leo men are full of conversations and interesting things to consider. Intellectually driven, they can absolutely come up with anything to discuss.

The Leo man is built to be an entertainer and leader in any situation. Boredom is not in his itinerary. He’s thrilling to be with and around. As a woman, you’ll enjoy how playful he can be.

If the Leo man is interested in you, he’ll show you by including you in his jokes. Though he may make you the punch line, he’ll do so in a way that it will even make you laugh.

He isn’t doing it to insult you but rather to be playful and try to get you to smile when you’re around him. It’s almost like when men were kids and they used to throw rocks at girls.

They throw the rocks because they don’t know how to properly express their interest. Leo man is of course, a bit more mature. However, he’s still boyish with his charms.

As a woman, you’ll hardly be able to resist the charms of a warm Leo man who wants to show you a good time.

Leo Man as a Positive and Driving Force

Romantic cycling - Dating a Leo Man

The Leo man is often the guy that motivates everyone around him. As a boyfriend, he’s a wonderful person to have in your corner. He’ll be sure you are feeling secure in what you’re doing and are willing to make improvements.

He’ll help you to do whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish. He’s a very driven man and wants nothing more than to make sure he succeeds in life. As such, he’ll also want his partner to succeed as well.

He will stand by you and make sure that you are always feeling ready to get after it and leaving procrastination in the dust! While it’s true that sometimes he can be lazy, most of the time he is on fire.

He’s very optimistic and will make you feel as though anything in your life is absolutely possible. He’ll be your biggest fan or cheerleader. He’ll also be the co-pilot in your life if you let him.

The Leo man knows you have potential and he wants you to see that you do. Whatever goals or career intentions you have are absolutely be boosted up by the support of this genuine man.

Leo guy knows the importance of making sure that everything is taken care of. Though he appreciates an independent woman, he still wants to help her in any way that he can so that she can succeed with comfort.

Leo man also wants his partner to be happy with him. He is certain that if she realizes that he’s good for her, she’ll love him in return and give him all the adoration he seeks in life.

Sex with the Leo Man

The Leo man is very intense when it comes to sex. He’s a fiery guy in the sheets. He can be aggressive but as long as you don’t mind, you should be fulfilled in the passion he displays. This is something you need to remember if you are dating a Leo man.

What I mean by this is that he’s the type of guy that may very well want to be dominant, tie you up, take you against the shower wall, or just push the elevator button to stop to have a quickie out of nowhere.

He can be spontaneous and surely needs a woman that doesn’t mind being man handled from time to time. If she needs to stress her own dominance, she’ll have to find compromise and take turns.

Just as he’s exciting to be with outside of the bedroom, he’ll be quite exciting IN the bedroom as well. He has plenty of energy and can last for a long time typically. This is the type of guy that can probably have marathon style sex.

If you don’t know what that means, and/or are inexperienced with it, it’s sex that can last for hours on end. It is on and off but you basically just take a few small breaks to drink water and replenish your energy then go back to sex. Some are overnighters if you can hang with it.

On the flip side, there are times where he really wants to do what HE wants to do and can seem self serving or selfish in pleasure. Just make sure you tell him what you like. If you don’t speak up, there is no way for him to “get it”.

Also, if you aren’t one to get all wild, you can simply request he take it down a notch and if he truly loves you, he’ll abide by your wishes as he wants to make you happy.

It’s all about balance and the right partner will be able to tell him what she wants, how she wants it, and can compromise with what he also wants. She won’t have a problem taking turns and making sex thrilling for them both.

The Leo Man in Love

When the Leo man is in love, he is absolutely like a kid in a candy store. He will be head over heels and acting like a teenager that has fallen for the prettiest and most popular girl in school.

Leo dotes on her, wants to take her everywhere, and show her off to all his friends. He’s proud and wants everyone to know what woman he’s captured with his Leo charms.

While he’s in love, he’ll be very caring, attentive, and generous. This may change if he starts to feel as though the love he thought he felt isn’t really as strong as he thought it was.

It’s hard to maintain a Leo man’s interest. He requires lots of adoration and praise for the things he does. If he feels neglected or ignore, he may fall out of love and this would lead him to possibly leave his partner for someone new who seems better suited to his needs.

Leo man in love is unstoppable with romance. He’s the prince charming most women are looking for in their lives. He’s the type of guy that wants to buy things that his woman wants because it makes her happy.

He will absolutely want to take the woman he loves to be around his friends and family. He’ll also want to protect her and keep her safe at all times and at all costs.

These are signs you can tell that a Leo man is in love with you. He will want to make you laugh, make you feel happy, and make you feel very comfortable. If you’re going to be his queen, he wants to make sure you’re going to feel good about it.

Needs Validation from his Partner

Kiss Young Couple - Dating a Leo Man

Leo man loves to be in the lime light but he craves attention from his partner more than anyone else. Naturally she’s the closest person to his heart so he needs love from her.

Though Leo man is encouraging to others and is often a leader, he still needs a bit of encouragement himself from those he loves. It’s said that those who teach important lessons often need to learn that same lesson.

It’s the same as when he’s shares optimism with others, he needs others to share optimism with him. He can become very down about himself and be rather harsh with it.

The Leo man needs to really feel as though his partner is truly listening to him and understand where he is coming from. If he feels misunderstood or unloved, he may look elsewhere to find what he needs.

If you are both the busy type of people then dates will need to be scheduled so that you two can spend time together and showing one another appreciation. Your Leo man needs to feel your devotion and care for his well being as he cares for yours.

Though the courageous Leo man seems as though he doesn’t NEED anyone, he really and truly does. Leo needs love, words of optimism, and strength from his lady love to lift him up.

He Works Hard To Be Lazy

What does that crazy statement mean and what it has to do with dating a Leo man? It means he is a Leo which means he’s like a Lion. He will work hard to do everything he has to in order to create a stable and successful future with money.

Because he works so hard with his job/career, he will not want to do mundane things without motivation. He wants to lay around like that big ole jungle cat does.

Don’t get me wrong, he will absolutely love to travel and have a good time with his partner. However doing chores around the house and doing things that need to be done but he isn’t making money from, he will be lazy about it.

There is no doubt that this guy is the stereotypical guy that will want to relax on the couch with a beer to watch television or play a video game until bedtime throughout the week.

Gardening or mowing the lawn? Are you crazy? He’d rather hire someone to do those things for him. He’ll probably make very good money since he’s typically good at what he does so he likely can afford to pay someone.

He will be the same way with housework. If he’s living alone, he’ll hire a maid or let his mom come over and clean up for him. When he lives with his partner, she may take on the house chores because she’s tired of waiting on him to do it.

He’s not the best guy to hand a “honey do” list to. He will need coaxing or convincing. This often will mean bribing him. Perhaps you can offer him a full-body massage if he mows the lawn.

You may be able to promise certain things in the bedroom if he does the list you give for him to get accomplished over the weekend. If he isn’t inspired he won’t do anything at all.

Give him a reason to get up and do it and he’ll get it done. He won’t like it but if he has a prize that it worth of his time and efforts, he’ll go ahead and knock it out in effort to please you.

What He Doesn’t Want You to Know

Leo man would never want you to know that he’s stubborn, arrogant, avoids confrontation, and can be self centered. No one is perfect and neither is he. He will actually beat himself up more than anyone else.

In this regard, the Leo man resembles the Virgo man. He’s critical of himself and can drag himself through the mud. This is why he needs a woman who will help pick him up, dust him off, and remind him how fantastic he really is.

Leo man needs a woman that isn’t afraid to put him in his place when he needs it and shows him a great deal of love, patience, and understanding. A woman that balances out where he lacks will be the love of his life!

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Leo guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

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