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5 Things You Should Know When Dating A Leo Man

Are you smitten with the Zodiac’s kitten? Of course, I’m talking about Leo, the regal lion in Astrology! He’s a pretty cool cat, but will you get scratched? 

I have witnessed several relationships with Leo men, and there are a few things that the partner never seems to see coming. I’ve got some great advice for those going into a relationship with Leo man. Spoiler – this is NOT for the faint of heart! 

5 Things You Should Know When Dating A Leo Man

1. He’s The Center Of Attention

Leo Man Center Of Attention

Not to state the obvious, but Leo men are all about all eyes on them! When you remember that Leo is the sign representing the concept of celebrity it makes total sense. 

Leos have a unique mental process which makes them feel as if their actions don’t ‘count’ unless someone is around to see it or hear about it. It keeps Leos seeking as much exposure as possible… more people to see him shine!

As his partner, he’ll be especially looking for your attention. He’ll go above and beyond to ensure that he is the number one guy in your life. One thing is for sure, if you aren’t giving this kitty enough love then you’ll find him performing tricks to earn it!

2. He’s A Classic Romantic

Dating A Romantic Leo Man

Leo is related to the fifth house of the Zodiac wheel, house of romantic relationships and dating. Not to mention that he is ruled by the Sun, the body of vitality, procreation, and motivation!

You can rest assured that the Leo man will be a vigorous and virile lover! He takes pride in his passion and zest for romance! He’s an epic flirt and he’ll absolutely sweep you off your feet with his hands tied behind his back. 

This is one of the greatest parts about being with a Leo. They are so fully engaged in the relationship that their enthusiasm becomes intoxicating! He wants nothing more than to be the Simba to your Nala and he’ll show you that he means that with his total commitment to you!

3. King Of The Pride

The Sun not only rules enthusiasm, it also rules children and procreation. This is present in the ferocity of his loyalty to his family! Consider that wild lions, some of the only cats who choose to stick together. Leos love to have a built in ‘pride’ that they can always turn to and protect.

They are some of the best dads in the Zodiac bar none! If you can picture a soccer dad with several “my child is an honor student” stickers on the back bumper, then you’re thinking of a Leo dad. He’ll be totally proud to brag about his family wherever he can!

You can rest assured that he’ll value any potential bond the two of you form. Once you’re in his inner circle, you’re there for life.

A Leo’s steadfast dedication to those that he holds close is something to admire. If you’re interested in having a family, there are few signs that could prove themselves to be better dads!

4. Classiness Turns Him On

When Dating A Leo Man Classy Woman

Leo has an eye for the finer things in life and may be fixated on “how the other half live” …the half at the top that is! In his mind, there is always time for him to become a part of the elite. 

His taste reflects his love of grandeur and you’ll pick up on this quickly. He’ll have the best of the best that he can afford – or perhaps what he can’t afford! 

He likes to dress in the best clothes that are at the height of style. He loves to engage in big soirees… bumping elbows with those who are more well to do than him is almost better than going to Disneyworld!

He can be overindulgent and this could have you pulling your mane out! His excess is something you’ll have to hash out with him, especially if you are a more grounded Earth sign. His desire to be part of the upper crust is one part of him that isn’t going away!

The good news is, if any sign is likely to make it above their station, Leo is one of them. So, if you’re partnered with a Leo there is a solid chance that he’ll recognize his dreams to elevate in society. 

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5. A One-Woman Guy

Leo is what are known as a fixed sign and all this means is that Leo is the type to stick to what they already know rather than change course abruptly or start something new. As a result, Leos are known to be steadfast but stubborn in relationships.

Once the Leo man find his lion queen he is there for the long haul. When she proves her loyalty then he is the definition of ride or die! It’s always nice to have a big scary cat around to protect you, and that’s what dating a Leo feels like!

I won’t delude you because I know how valuable your time is, sister. So, I’ll let you know that if you’re dating a Leo, they will likely be flirting with other women while they are out and about. Their need to feel charming and liked is so deep that they’ll end up hitting on others unintentionally.

The good news is, a Leo will not cross the line and physically cheat. Very few Leos can find it within themselves to cross their chosen pride/family in such a way. In that way, he’s totally devoted.

Leo Man: Just Add Reassurance!

A Leo who feels deflated is a sorry sight indeed… he will whine like no one you’ve ever seen! But there is an easy fix for these stormy moods… simply remind him that he’s the best! 

When he remembers that he’s the baddest cat on the block then he’ll realize that he’s far too important to be seen crying on the floor and he’ll be puffing his chest with the best of them once again. It’s a little funny how quickly they inflate when they’re fed some well worded compliments!

The Leo man is not low maintenance, and just like children they need a lot of TLC to shine their best. Always remember that the Leo man is a reflection of how much attention you’re giving him. Just like a plant, if they can’t bask in your admiration then you’ll find them getting sad and wilting. 

Are you dating a Leo man? What do you wish you would have known before getting into the relationship? Let me know down below in the comments!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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