How To Keep A Leo Man Happy And Interested (9 Effective Ways)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What you have to do in order to keep a Leo man interested? Here are a few ways you can try if you wonder how to keep a Leo man happy and interested.

Hello, my lovely ladies! You’ve got your eye on a Leo man? Well, I am not surprised. These passionate and ferocious creatures have a way of making women fall for them in the most spectacular way. But how can you keep a Leo man happy and interested in you?

Nothing about them is ordinary; these guys stand out from the crowd, and they love it! A Leo man has to be in the spotlight; he craves admiration and attention from others, but especially from the ladies. This guy is romantic like no other, but he also has some impossible standards.

Always remember that he is a sexy and fiery Leo man, and you know that you’d like to hold onto him and create more of a connection with him. What do you have to do in order to keep him interested in you?

If you’re curious to find out how to keep a Leo man happy and interested, I might give you some tips so that you can lure him in and keep him attached to you. Continue reading to find out more!

How To Keep A Leo Man Happy (5 Easy Ways)

Many of my clients ask me the question of how to keep a Leo man interested, especially after the honeymoon phase when all the passion and excitement might dwindle.

First thing you need to be aware of is that for your love to be the true, one-and-only kind of love, you need to go through some ups and downs in your relationships. Actually, scientific research shows there are 3 stages all long-lasting relationships go through: the romantic (or the honeymoon phase), the insecure and readjusting phase, and the mature love phase.

If you’ve just got out of your honeymoon phase, you definitely shouldn’t give up. The crucial and the determining factor of whether your relationship will succeed is exactly the shaky period where there are a lot of doubts.

Don’t you worry, we are going to go through all the ways you can keep a Leo man happy and interested in you, no matter in which relationship stage you’re currently in.

1. Make Him Feel Important

A Leo man wants to feel as though he’s taking care of his lady love. If you’re developing a relationship with your Leo man, show him how important he is to you. Do things that will let him see that you adore him.

Naturally, you can do this by giving him adoration and compliments. When he does things for you, give him thanks but also give him some extra kisses and hugs to go with it. He wants to feel appreciated.

When he feels appreciated, he’ll absolutely feel important to you and that is what will win him over. If you’ve already been working at doing this, keep doing it! If you stop, he’ll feel less important and possibly want to move on.

Keep him plugged in with you by making sure that he knows that he is very important to you and that you don’t want to be without him. This will give him the motivation to stay in your life.

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2. Make Your Leo Man Feel Needed

The Leo man wants to feel needed. He wants to feel important in your life, which I already mentioned. However, he wants to feel that there is a reason that you want him in your life.

It’s important for him to feel as though you’re his damsel in distress from time to time. Don’t make it dramatic or anything – just simple things will make him feel as though you need him.

Asking him for advice is one way to go about this. Another is by asking him to help you rotate the tires on your car, change your oil, or something that you could get done at a shop or through hired help but you’d rather him do it.

If he’s coming over, call him up and ask him if he’d pick up your favorite dessert or beverage on his way. He’ll be more than happy to do this for you as long as you’re grateful when he arrives with it.

You’ve got to give him thanks and positive feedback when he does things for you. It shows him that you appreciate what he does for you and it inspires him to keep doing things that make you feel good.

This will make him feel needed and thus, he won’t want to give up on you and your love.

3. Give Your Leo Man Lots Of Attention To Keep Him Interested

The Leo man is one who needs lots of attention and affection. When you’re with him, give him lots of kisses, hugs, snuggles, and anything you can to show him how much you care.

He’s a very physical guy and naturally, he will not turn down sex with you. However, he will take the other forms of adoration as well. This includes telling how incredible he is and how good he makes you feel.

Telling him how wonderful he makes your life or how much easier your life is with him in it will make him feel very loved. Even simple compliments on his looks, hair, smile, physique, clothes, etc. will do the trick as well.

He wants to be noticed – and he wants to be noticed that much more by his partner. Everyone is willing to throw him a compliment when they meet or see him because he’s a magnet for it.

It means more coming from you as his partner though. If you want to hang onto him, make sure you’re giving him healthy doses of this type of affection every chance you get. Don’t let the romance and excitement fade between you two.

I know how hard it can be to maintain levels of affection in a relationship with a Leo man… Sometimes you’re not just feeling like thinking about him and showering him with affection at all.

4. Show Your Leo Man Your Ambitions

When a Leo man decides you’re the One, he is drawn to the passion or desire you show in your life about something you want to accomplish. Perhaps you’re on a special career path or are working on a project that will change your life.

Whatever it is that you’re excited about in your life, let him see your excitement. What a Leo man is looking for in a woman is someone who will do her very best to get everything out of her existence.

Never give up on your dreams and aspirations if you are looking to impress a Leo man. The more you try to achieve and the more excited you are about it, the more he’ll be excited for you. This keeps him optimistic and hopeful for all you can do for yourself.

It also makes him want to embrace you with great joy so that you can both achieve great things together as well as individually. Leo men typically aren’t into lazy women without goals driving them.

Don’t let your goals out of your sight! Just because you’re working on settling down with a man doesn’t mean you should give up on what you want in life. If you do, it will backfire. You’ll lose sight of your prize, and he’ll decide you’re not a prize anymore either.

Keep pushing yourself forward and keep the excitement you started your goals or plans with. Maintaining that fresh and happy approach will motivate and inspire your Leo guy.

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5. Spoiling Him With Gifts Will Make Your Leo Man Happy

Still not sure how to keep a Leo man interested in a relationship? Leo men like the finer things in life. They’re always looking for the best of the best when it comes to clothing, accessories, holidays, or dining out. He likes his life to be luxurious and enjoys the best money can buy.

This is a man who has great taste! The Leo man likes it when the woman in his life spoils him with beautiful things. It makes him feel truly loved and cared for. If you shower him with gifts, he will be yours forever.

Even if it is something small (because, of course, not all of us have big budgets to blow), he will really appreciate it because he does indeed recognize that it is often the thought that counts most when it comes to gift-giving.

As long as you make your Leo man feel like the king he knows he is, then he will remain interested in you. All you have to do is make him feel like he is worth it all, and he will repay you with loyalty and devotion. Count yourself lucky, girl!

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4 More Tips On How To Keep A Leo Man Interested In A Relationship

6. Plan Fun Activities With Him

Once you finally get the Leo man you’ve wanted, you’ll need to keep him interested so that he doesn’t quickly decide to move on and find someone else. What can you do?

You’re going to want to do things that make him find it fun to be with you. Excitement is something he needs and craves. You might find some great success in planning fun excursions.

Even if all you can manage is a weekend getaway, planning somewhere that is really fun and perhaps risky such as skydiving, bungee jumping, zip lining, or anything outdoors will spark his childlike side.

When you bring out his inner child, he’ll be all too willing to do anything for you. Playing with him is fun and it’s good for your own inner child to come out and have lots of enjoyment as well.

If it’s not possible to even take a trip, you can try to plan something that you’ve both never done before in the town you live in or perhaps the next town over. That will allow you to have a “day” getaway and return home.

Even getting a really nice hotel room for a night might be something that would make you both feel good and help you both to refresh yourself as well as your bedroom skills.

7. Let Him Take The Lead

If you are still wondering how to keep a Leo man hooked, one of the proven ways is to let him take the lead. I’m not saying you have to always be a demure and passive type of woman. If you’re independent and used to calling the shots for yourself, you can let him get away with planning things or taking the lead occasionally.

There are ways of letting him think that it’s his idea when, actually, you planted a seed gently in his mind, letting him know what you want to do. Suggesting something in passing is normally how it works.

If he’s up for a weekend adventure, you might suggest it to him and then let him plan it rather than you. This makes him feel more like a man and that he’s doing what he does best, which is taking care of you.

Letting him feel like he’s the one in control will make him feel really good about himself and therefore grateful to you for being such a tremendous woman and letting him be who he is.

Whatever you do, though, don’t ever try to tie him down or control him. He may dish it out, but he doesn’t take it well and is likely to break it off if he feels that you’re trying to take the lead.

8. Be His Closest Friend

The Leo man tends to want to be with a woman who he can tell anything to. Be that woman! Let him tell you anything and everything. You can’t get upset about his honesty though.

You’ve got to take it with a grain of salt, show him that you’re a pillar of strength, and that you’ve got his back. Marriages where the partners are best friends tend to last a lot longer than those who are not like that.

He wants to be able to confide in you and trust that you won’t go talk to everyone else about what he’s told you. Show him you’re someone he can rely on when he needs to vent or just to talk about anything.

Do what any best friend would do. Let him tell you his feelings, his thoughts, and his ideas. He may want to tell you everything that happened if he had a bad day as well. Be that shoulder he wants to lay his head on.

When he feels confident, he feels happy and when he feels happy, he tends to stick with the person he’s committed to.

9. Show Excitement In The Bedroom

The Leo man is physical, so it’s not a surprise that he would prefer a woman who is really exciting in bed. Think of new and fresh ways to approach him in the bedroom, but remember, let him take the lead.

You can give him some really good ideas of what to do. You can bring in costumes, toys, handcuffs, etc. Just lay them out on the bed and let him do what he feels excited enough to do.

It’s a tricky thing to implement something you want to try and get Leo man on board. Suggestions are usually the best way to go about it so that if he chooses to give it a shot, he’ll think it was his plan and it excites him more.

Be sure that when you’re doing various sexual things with your Leo guy, you’re also giving him compliments on the things he does right. He probably wants feedback after every single time you do anything.

Even when he doesn’t do his best, you can still give him a positive nudge so that next time won’t be quite as bad. Tell him you’d really like it if he did whatever it is you want.

Ultimately, the Leo man wants to be the guy you expect him to be. He wants to be strong; he wants to provide you with lots of love, adoration, protection, and support. Therefore, he expects the same from you.

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How Often Should You Text A Leo Man To Keep Him Interested?

To keep your Leo man interested, you should text him quite often, actually. You don’t necessarily have to text him all day, every day, but three times a day will do the trick. You want to make sure he knows he’s on your mind every day.

Not only will your texts capture his attention, but they will also ignite his passion and make him crave more of your presence in his life. But it is crucial to understand exactly what you need to say to him to get his heart to melt.

When sending texts to a Leo man, it is crucial to appeal to his ego and showcase your admiration for his unique qualities and charisma. You need to understand how his mind works and what truly resonates with him.

Leo men are known for their confidence and love for attention, so receiving texts from you on a regular basis will capture his attention and keep him interested.

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How Does A Leo Man Show Interest In A Woman?

If a Leo man is interested in you, he will go above and beyond to show you how he feels. He’ll want to be with you more often; he’ll want to take you out and show you off to the world; and he’ll introduce you to his family and friends.

Any opportunity to be with you, call you, or reach out in any other way is a way to show you how much he cares. He will try everything in the book to get you to laugh or feel comfortable with him.

He has no trouble being a total goofball with you because he feels comfortable with you and wants you to know that you are “the one.”

When you’re getting lots of attention from him, this is how you tell if he is falling for you. He doesn’t do this with just anyone. When a Leo man is interested in you, he’s pretty open about it.

The 14 Words That Give Instant Youth To Your Relationship With A Leo Man…

Have you ever heard of a 14-word elixir that can rejuvenate relationships with a Leo man and grant eternal love?

Just as communication is the most important aspect of a relationship, one of the most important aspects of communication is knowing how to overcome disagreements and misunderstandings.

I knew many women who tragically failed with Leo guys just because they underestimated the importance of talks.

Some didn’t talk with them enough and some talked too much… Others talked just enough, but they said a few wrong things here and there which made their lovers sulk and brood.

Let me tell you, you never want to leave a Leo guy sulk because of something that you said.

It’s best to resolve any such conflict ASAP because his negativity could expand until one day he just snaps and decides that you’re not the one for him and that it’s all over.

The worst part is that 9 out of 10 times with a Leo, women are not even aware that they’ve said something wrong… or missed saying something that he expected them to say.

He doesn’t give off any signals when he’s hurt or disappointed.

Instead he usually just becomes quiet… but women never notice it. Even if they do, they never realize what to do in time.

That’s why whenever a disagreement occurs, it’s best to diffuse it with 14 words that could save your relationship.

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