4 Ways to Get a Leo Man to Open Up to You

Are you in a new relationship with a Leo man and struggling to bridge the emotional gap? Take a look at these four tips for getting him to open up to you!

Are you in a new relationship with a Leo man and struggling to bridge the emotional gap? Take a look at these four tips for getting him to open up to you!

Leo men can be tough nuts to crack emotionally. If you’re dating a new Leo man and scratching your head over how to grow closer to him — without scaring him off — take a look at these four tips I’ve come up with in my years as a relationship astrologer working with women just like you!

4 Ways to Get a Leo Man to Open Up to You

1. Build a Friendship First

One of the most fundamental — and essential — ways to bridge Leo man’s emotional distance is to take the pressure off the relationship and establish a solid friendship first.

For example, if you have been repeatedly running into a brick wall trying to get the Leo man to commit or talk about the future, you may need to try a more easy-going approach. Focus on building a mental connection rather than a physical one.

Aside from creating comfort between you, it also builds trust.

Although Leo men are often called out for their flirtatious and playful nature, they are also sensitive, moody souls who can struggle with self-confidence. So being with someone who is an honest friend that they can trust means everything.

2. Let Go of Drama

When you put the words “relationship” and “drama” in a sentence together, expect a Leo man to run for the nearest exit!

Naturally, as a sign that rules theater and dramatic art, you would assume that the artistic Leo man would be turned on by a woman’s performance, but it is the total opposite.

If you have a tendency to bring drama to relationships in a negative way, this may be why you are having issues with emotional distance in the Leo man. 

Although you think your sarcastic comments or gossiping are flirtatious, the Leo man may think otherwise, so leave out the drama. If not, you may have a heated argument on your hands.

If you want to overcome the emotional distance between you, find healthy ways to bring passion and excitement to your relationship. Instead of arguing or asserting yourself in an aggressive manner, take a calm approach.

 If you need to address a sensitive subject, do it in a fair, kind, and no-BS kind of way. He won’t open up to you if he thinks you are not brave or honest enough to tell him how you really feel.

So before you send that angry text or call it quits, make sure you are being as grounded as possible. If you want a Leo man to open up to you, you have to learn how to chill.

3. Stay Positive — and Don’t Point Out His Flaws or Attack His Past

It’s no secret that the Leo man loves compliments, but what you may not know is that negative criticism can wound his ego and turn his warm heart ice-cold. 

When it comes to loving relationships, the Leo man’s passionate and playful nature responds best to positive words of affection. He wants to feel confident and secure in a relationship, and he wants to know that he makes his woman feel good.

One of the quickest ways to bridge the emotional distance you may be experiencing with a Leo man is to stop bringing up old memories, mistakes, and traumas from the past. 

This means he does not want to hear about your exes, and he does not want you to remind him of a wrong he committed two years or two days ago. He wants to be in the present.

If you want to experience a warm and loving side of the Leo man, you need to try being more kind and direct. Let go of the past. Instead of waiting for him to cater to you, cater to him.

Cook for him, surprise him with gifts, take him out on a date, and do the things that make his heart warm repetitively — and he will start to open up.

4. Keep the Relationship Fun

It may sound cliché when I say this, but a man grows distant when his relationships feel boring. When it comes to dating a Leo man, he needs consistent excitement and a change of scenery or you can expect him to go his own way.

If you are dating a Leo man and you feel he has become emotionally distant, make sure the fun, carefree, and playful energy has not left your relationship. Be direct and ask him if your relationship is satisfying his needs.

If he is still emotionally resistant when you directly ask him, take matters into your own hands. Ask yourself, are we still going on dates? Are we making space for laughter in spontaneity? Are we putting our love first?

If your answer is no to any one of these questions, it is probably one of the reasons he’s emotionally distant and not opening up. To make things right, start by inviting the fun back into your relationship. 

Go on a vacation, plan a romantic day, go paintballing, take a couple’s Tantric yoga class — do whatever you need to do to reignite the flame. Do not let your love burn out!

Because even if the Leo man says everything is fine, you can feel when he is emotionally withdrawn. A Leo man in love is a man in love like no other.

From his surprise grand displays of affection to his possessive and all-consuming desire for the woman he loves, there is nothing like being with a Leo man who is vulnerable and emotionally in tune. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know my top ways to bridge any emotional distance with a Leo man and how to help him open up, are you ready to improve your relationship?

Will you focus on building a friendship first, so you can move forward with a strong emotional foundation?

 Will you focus on letting go of any negative attitudes and approaching him in a non-romantic way?

Or will you focus on keeping your relationship fun and vibrant, living fully in the present so he feels emotionally secure? 

Just remember: no matter what route you take, be patient and consistent in your journey. The Leo man is worth the wait. 

Sending you all the luck of the Universe! 

Your friend and sister, 

Anna Kovach 

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