Leo Man Breakup — What Happens If Things End?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Perhaps you’ve thought of breaking it off but not sure how he will react. Keep reading for all the ins and outs of the Leo man breakup.

If you’re involved with a Leo man and feeling like he may break things off, here are some things that you definitely need to know. And, in case you were wondering about breaking up with a Leo man and what to expect, let’s face it, Leo man breakup is never easy.

Perhaps you are not sure how he will react. I will walk you through his break up phases such as rejection, embarrassment, abandonment and how to cope with those.

Leo men are an interesting bunch—they are confident, charismatic, ambitious and driven. Leo man is good at what he does and he knows it. He flaunts his abilities and talents because, why not? He is beautiful on the exterior and fierce on the interior.

However, what pushes a Leo man to break up with someone? What are the signs a Leo man wants to break up? These are just some of the questions you might be asking yourself if you are dating a Leo man and feel a level of uncertainty about him at the moment.

You might notice him acting a little strangely around you. And all signs might be indicating that he no longer wants to be with you. Or, has your Leo man broken up with you and are you wondering will he come back after a breakup?

Keep reading for all the ins and outs of the Leo man breakup. It will help you with why he would break it off, how he reacts when broken up with, and if he’s the type that may take you back once things have gone badly already.

Breaking Up With A Leo Man — How To Break Up With A Leo Man?

Breaking up with a Leo man can be an emotional and challenging experience, and the result may depend on the severity of the situation that involves you both. Generally speaking, you can expect your feelings to experience a range of feelings such as sadness, anger, confusion, relief, and guilt.

You may also experience changes in your social circles, doing daily stuff and personal identity. It is important to remember that healing and moving forward is possible, and seeking support from friends and family is mandatory.

Each person’s pain is unique as well as reactions to break up. This is all normal and memories of the past will dominate your thoughts. These mental reactions are expected and you should not worry as it will take you to your recovery.

On the other hand, Leo man is  known for loyalty and confidence, and he can be very sensitive when he is hurt. He may react in various ways depending on the situation—he may feel angry, cold, emotionally detached.

He may also become more critical or demanding, as a way of reasserting his dominance or masking his vulnerability. 

When A Leo Man Breaks Up With You

There are a few reasons why a Leo man would break up with you, but all of them more or less involve breaking his pride in half. If anything happens that makes him feel less than himself and less than amazing, he will consider calling it quits.

Keep in mind that he is an ego driven type of man and so he thinks about what’s best for him and thus what he perceives best for “all”. That may not be the case though but it’s what he thinks.

This could make him commit some terrible mistakes that he doesn’t know how to rectify or even try to fix. He is embarrassed and may just want to move on.

5 Most Common Reasons Why A Leo Man Breaks Up

  • He Isn’t Getting Enough Adoration

Leo man lives on the attention he gets and he expects his partner to live up to the role of giving him the most attention of anyone else in his life. This is not hard for a while but at some point it becomes taxing and somewhat annoying for some women.

You would figure that things would calm down a bit after the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship but he will still expect you to stay the same in giving him compliments and adoration.

When you don’t he’s ready to give you the ax and send you packing. He may even just go ahead and find what he wants elsewhere and then dump you for someone else.

  • When He Feels Rejected

Perhaps you’ve decided to do your own thing on a more frequent basis and without him glued to your hip. He is alright with it happening sometimes but on a continual basis will make him feel rejected.

Though you may not be rejecting him, he’ll see it that way because he doesn’t know how to accept that his partner has a life outside of him and it’s healthy. Feeling rejected will again, cause him to want to end things.

It may also send him into the arms of someone who is giving him attention or showing interest in him. It makes him feel whole again. He is always seeking out adoration wherever he can get it.

  • You Are Being Too Judgemental

When a Leo man dumps you it is because he doesn’t like to be criticized… EVER. If you tell him how he can do something better or point out his flaws, he will take it very personally and you’ll have a roaring lion at your heels.

If you embarrass him in front of friends or family, he will want to distance himself from you. Remember, these things are wounding his pride and that is not something that he allows.

This type of thing will cause him to ice you out and start spending lots more time away from you and eventually ends with the relationship stopping. This may not lead him to cheat but it will cause him to feel you’re disrespectful and he won’t allow for that. He will say goodbye.

  • You Are Not Being There For Him

Leo man wants a woman who is loyal to him and will be there when he needs her. He wants to be able to vent about his day or anything that went badly. He needs a great listener and someone who cares.

While you may not be one for solutions, you can at the very least, listen to him and let him talk. This will make him feel better and will know you’re there for him when he needs it.

If you do not do these things, he will see this as a betrayal and will not hesitate to retaliate with the same type of behavior and he may also decide it’s not worth it or you’re not worth his time. This would be when a Leo man breaks up with you and decides he’s done with you .

  • You Are Not Being Appreciative

If Leo man does things for you on a regular basis and you don’t respond with compliments or gratitude, he will think you are using him and you aren’t really that thankful.

This makes him feel as though there is nothing he can do that will make you feel happy enough to reward him for his exemplary behavior with you. He knows he’s doing his very best for you and yet you don’t care.

When you don’t care, he may seek out someone who does care and then decides to leave you behind in the dust. Why would he want to be with someone who doesn’t care whether or not he does things for her out of love?

All these reasons are huge ordeals to the Leo man and are things he considers when he wants to end a relationship or even to find someone else who will fill his needs and desires.

What To Do When A Leo Man Breaks Up With You? 

Tell him you’re sorry for having not thought things through and that you were frustrated. Tell him the reasons you love him and why he’s so fantastic. Remember compliments will get you just about anywhere with Leo man.

He lives on adoration and so when you’re able to give it to him with an apology, you may still very much have a chance with him provided he’s still single. It’s said to say but Leo man is a sucker for a woman “kissing up” to him.

If you want him back bad enough, you’ll do exactly what needs to be done. In the case that he’s moved on already, you’ll have to wait it out and see if the relationship he’s gotten into fails otherwise you can just decide to move on.

Love is a crazy thing with the Leo man. As long as he’s always getting what he wants, he’s a happy lion. If he isn’t, he starts to seek it elsewhere.

If you are trying to avoid a breakup, you’ll need to pucker up those lips and start kissing his arse. But if you refuse to do so and he perceives lack of some kind, he will break it off or find someone new.

I know that doesn’t sound like pleasant options but it all depends on how much you love your Leo man and what you’re willing to do to keep him or get him back if you’ve messed up.

Leo Man After A Breakup — How Does He Act After A Breakup?

Leo man is known for his pride and confidence, and he can be deeply affected by a break up. He may feel hurt, rejected, or embarrassed, and his ego may be hit. As mentioned earlier he may try to save his pride and hide his vulnerability either by starting to work on some new project or even starting a new relationship.  

However, it is important to keep in mind that every Leo is unique and may respond differently to a break up. Some may choose to heal by processing their emotions, while others may prefer to move on quickly. Healing and moving forward takes time even for him.

Leo man is willing to go above and beyond for the woman he loves but he does expect some adoration to pay him back for all his efforts. It’s the least she can do, in his mind.

Does A Leo Man Move On Quickly After A Breakup?

Well, you’ll be lucky if he hasn’t already moved on. Leo men are known for moving onto the next very quickly. He wastes no time putting himself back on the market after breaking up with you.

The next woman who pays attention to him and gives him what he wants, he’s willing to see if a relationship can happen.

3 Steps To Help You Fix A Relationship With A Leo Man

Be his support system. Leo man needs his partner to be the one person to uplift him more than anyone else on the planet. He expects you to be his support system so when he’s upset with you; you’ve got to prove you’re still there for him. Tell him how much you appreciate him, what he does for you, and how he’s there for you when you need him. Maybe if he hasn’t been, he might be after you say this.

Be honest. It’s always a good idea to be honest with your Leo guy. Tell him how you honestly feel about him and how much you want him in your life. Explain to him that what happened is something that was hard to get through but you’re glad he’s by your side. If there is something about him you do not like, try telling him in a very sweet way. Use sweetness and you’ll find that Leo man is more than willing to sit and listen to you.

Show appreciation. He needs to know that you absolutely love his presence and every moment you spend with him is a gift. For some women, this will seem rather overboard but if they really love their Leo guy, they’ll do what it takes to keep him.

How To Get A Leo Man Back After A Breakup — Is There Still A Chance?

Perhaps you broke up with him in a hasty manner because you got fed up with his rants or temper. Yet you remember why you fell in love with him in the first place and it leads you to want him back.

This would be bad for you naturally. However, if he IS still single and you want him back, there may still be a chance. How do you work it though? Well that’s easy, remember what he needs.

To get a Leo man back is a challenge but not impossible. You need to be confident and to radiate stability and success. Leo man is attracted to confidence. He’s not going to trust you that easily. You need to put in an effort to make it work. If you still love him you’ll do everything you can to regain his confidence in you and your love.

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You need to be willing to compromise. Leo man can be very stubborn and if you are flexible enough he might be willing to meet you half-way. 

Show your Leo man love and affection. Giving him love all the time may help you to win his adoration back. Again, there is no promise that he will actually forgive you and take you back or ask you back into his life.

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