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How Does a Leo Man Show Interest in a Woman He Truly Loves?

What are some signs you can look for when a Leo man is in love with you? What types of things does he do to show you how he feels? Keep reading to find out how a Leo man shows interest in a woman.

Wants to Take You Out More Often

Leo man is often the center of attention wherever he goes. When he’s in love with a woman, he will want her to be with him so he can show the world who his lady is.

He will try to get her to go out with him more often to be in the public eye. It makes him feel confident, it makes him feel worthy, and it makes him feel as though his woman really cares about his need.

Being a woman by his side wherever he goes prompts him to feel like a king. As long as you are classy and behave yourself when you’re out with him, he’ll always be proud to have you on his arm.

He may buy you some nice clothes to wear for a special occasion as well. He really wants the two of you to look your best when displaying your love for everyone to see. He’s an exhibitionist in that way. He wants everyone to know and see you.

It’s also sort of a territory type of thing where he takes you to his regular spots so that everyone knows who his woman is and won’t mess with her. He’s rather possessive with the woman he loves.

Becomes More Protective Of You

How Does a Leo Man Show Interest in a Woman

When the Leo man is falling in love with you, one way he will show interest is by protecting you and making sure that you’re always safe. He may even go so far as to offer to drive you where you want to go.

He wants to protect that which is his. If you are his lady, he will make darned sure that no one is going to mess with you. This is where the whole public display of love comes into play.

Again, he may ask you to text him when you get home or to where you’re going. He may ask you where you’re going, with who, and when you’ll be leaving. If you aren’t living together, this may seem odd but it’s a protection thing with him.

He has to know you’re safe and that he doesn’t have to worry about anyone trying to hurt you, mess with you, or harm you in any way. He probably won’t be keen on you doing anything alone.

Showing such signs of wanting to protect you also shows you that he is in love with you and wants you to be his always. It can be aggravating sometimes but it can also be rather endearing to have such protection in your corner.

Shows You Romantic Gestures

When the Leo man is falling in love with you and wants to show his interest, he will go out of his way. He will do anything to make you laugh or smile. He wants to see you happy and pleased with him.

He will likely buy you gifts, take you on romantic dates, bring you flowers, and just be a true gentleman. He will want to spend more time with you so that he can adore you.

He will expect you to do the same with him also so if you really care for him, you better show him some appreciation for all he does to try to show you how much he feels for you.

He may want to take you shopping to pick out clothes to go on a romantic vacation with him. He really wants to give you the very best of everything. When he’s in love, he’s very generous.

He will often call you, text you, or post very adoring things on your social media to let you know you’re in his thoughts. He doesn’t like to wait though so try to answer as quickly as you can.

You should always acknowledge things he’s done for you and be thankful. He does it because he wants you to understand that he’s there for you and that he will gladly sacrifice time to make you feel special.

Gives You What You Desire

How Does a Leo Man Show Interest in a Woman

Leo man will spend lots of time getting to know you by asking tons of questions. He will find out what your heart desires and he’ll try to give it to you as best as he can within reason.

If he knows you adore daisies, he’ll make sure he brings you some next time he takes you out on a date. If you really love milk chocolate, he’ll stock you up on all you can eat.

He pays attention to things that matter to you and will do everything to make sure that you experience the things you feel interest in. He’ll gladly take you on a trip to your dream destination if it’s within his financial realm of possibility.

Leo man wants to make you happy and see you smiling just for him. Again, you really have to show him appreciation and do thoughtful things back for him so that he feels that you really care for him.

Don’t be surprised when he gifts you randomly with something beautiful you had talked to him about previously. He loves to surprise you and make you laugh or cry tears of joy.

Optimism and Hope

When the Leo man is in love, he will want to be an inspiration to his lady love. He’ll boost up your confidence, he’ll bring you gifts to make you feel special or cheer you up, and will tell you how amazing you are.

If he has known you for awhile, he’ll play on the fact that he really understands how fantastic you are and that you’re talented beyond measure. He’ll be a real cheerleader that is in your court.

If you have a Leo guy showing you any of these gestures, there is a real chance he’s in love with you. Enjoy it!

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