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7 Ways to Get a Leo Man to Share His Feelings With You

Wondering how your Leo man feels about you, or anything else? Always positive, the Leo man may hide his true feelings beneath a façade of strength and optimism. However, he’s far more sensitive than people think. Here’s how you can get him to open up and trust you with his feelings…

Let’s face it—generally speaking, most men aren’t naturally the emotionally expressive types. However, you may have one of those men who always keep you guessing when it comes to emotions! 

The Leo man is especially good at hiding feelings. This may mean that he’s just not all that good at opening up, even if he’s the most wonderful provider and protector! 

Leo men also have very strong egos that may prevent them from dropping their defenses and showing you what they’re really scared of, what makes them angry, or what makes them feel weak. 

You may be wondering if there is any way to get him to really open up and tell you what he’s truly feeling. After all, sharing feelings creates intimacy, and intimacy is what we all really want from a relationship, right? 

There are certainly ways—based on a Leo man’s astrology—to gently pry him open. Here are my top seven!

7 Ways to Get a Leo Man to Share His Feelings With You

1. Ask Him About His Passions

The first way you can get a Leo man to show you his real feelings is by simply asking him about his passions. What lights his fire, what excites him, what inspires him? 

Leo is the sign of hobbies and play, so he’s guaranteed to light up like a child over Christmas! 

When you ask him, watch closely for his reactions in terms of whether he succeeded or failed, and specifically ask him what he loves so much about his passions. 

Getting to the root of what he loves is going to help him to forget his ego and really tell you what’s going on! 

2. Talk to Him About His Family Life

Getting a Leo man to talk about his family will almost definitely release a whole lot of feelings.

These men are bound to get misty-eyed when they talk about their kids if they have them, especially, and he will have no issues showing his love for his “pride” (remember, Leo is a lion!). 

Most Leo people in general have powerful family relationships, and it truly unlocks all of their emotions. If you’re ever in doubt, just pull out some family pictures or get him to show you his—instant emotion! 

3. Allow Him to Take the Lead

Leo man are leaders, in case you hadn’t noticed. 

Sometimes, just allowing him to lead the conversation and not trying to force him to open up or control the situation will naturally lead him to share himself with you. 

The more he trusts you to let him stay in his natural role, the more willing and inclined he will be to let you know what he really feels inside. 

Give it time and be patient. Fire signs like Leo don’t take too long to open up. 

4. Never Laugh at Him or Make Him Feel Small

To get a Leo man to open up and trust you, never laugh at him or make him feel ridiculed in any way. 

These men have a lot of pride, and any slight to that will have him shut down and respond with defensiveness quicker than you can blink. 

Whatever he talks about, big or small, meet it with an open mind, even if you have a small giggle inside. He needs to feel confident and safe around you, which will help  him tap into that inner child who is always there. 

5. Boost His Confidence and Make Him Feel Good

7 Ways to Get a Leo Man to Share His Feelings With You - Boosting Leo Man's Confidence

By the same token, most people don’t realize Leo men are often actually a bit insecure. They need constant affirmation and appreciation of their skills to feel confident and worthy. 

This sense of confidence will be closely linked to his feelings, of course. If he feels pathetic, he will never be able to share his emotions with you—he will be too scared to be vulnerable. But if he feels like he’s on top of the world—and you can put him there—he will tell you all! 

The truth is, Leo men are actually emotionally expressive—just not right away, and not until they feel comfortable.

6. Let Him Know You Care and Are Listening

If you really want a Leo man to trust and open up to you, let him know you really care

Send him morning messages to wish him a nice day. Drop a text if you know he has a big meeting ahead. Ask him how an ill relative is doing. 

Small check-ins like this make him feel safe and cared for. And when he feels safe, he can just bloom like a flower! 

The other thing you can always do is listen. When he talks about anything, just listen to what he’s saying, and let him know you’re hearing him.

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7. Never Interrupt Him When He Shares

Once he is finally sharing his feelings with you, just let him share. There’s no need to interrupt him, or interject your story in the middle of his. 

We all do it because we want to relate and connect. But he may get fed up with feeling as if you aren’t focused on him totally, so rein it in while you’re working toward getting your Leo to share.

Yes, he can be a little attention-seeking. But if you really want him to tell you his feelings, it’s best that you practice mindful listening, and when he does share, give him your undivided attention! 

In conclusion, ladies, most Leo men will open up and be expressive with their feelings—when they trust you. They do have strong egos, but they are also profound romantics, and when they have a mate, they will want to tell her everything! 

All it takes is good listening skills, trying not to interrupt, and making sure he feels strong and confident around you. Talking about his hobbies and family are good subjects to raise to see how he really feels about things, too.

I’d love to know your stories about your Leo man. Have you gotten him to open up to you? Share your story—I would love to hear it, and you’ll stay anonymous.

If you’d like to learn more about this proud, warm, and generous sign, check out Leo Man Secrets:

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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