How To Get A Leo Man To Marry You (5 Must-Follow Rules)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you been dating a Leo man and really want to become his wife? Are you trying to figure out how to get a Leo man to marry you? Keep reading and find out.

If you have ever wondered how to get a Leo man to marry you, I have some very important and helpful tips for you. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for you to know so that you can take your relationship with a Leo man to the next step?

Of course, when a Leo man wants to marry you, he’ll use overt gestures to make sure you know how he feels. But he may not specifically say the things you expect him to say. So how do you know if the Leo man is falling for you so hard that he actually considers marrying you?

You just need to encode your Leo man love language to know if he is inevitably hearing the wedding bells. Keep reading for some tips on how to win a Leo man over enough to commit more or even marry you.

When A Leo Man Wants To Marry You — How To Know For Sure

A Leo man is looking for a specific woman and won’t marry until he feels he’s found her. The good news is, if he feels he’s found her, he won’t wait too long to snag her up and marry her.

The first thing to remember is that you need to show him why he should marry you. Be everything a Leo man needs and wants in a partnership. If you are doing these things, then it shouldn’t be too long or too difficult for him to want to marry you.

A Leo man is romantic and will want to show a grand gesture upon asking for your hand in marriage. How do you get him to want to do this, though? It’s likely that if you’ve been with him for a while, he may want to but needs a little nudge.

Leo men aren’t good at picking up on subtle suggestions, so pointing out engagements on television or hinting about the future may not really get you too far with him. You’ll have to employ another tactic.

3 Clear Signs A Leo Man Wants To Marry You (Even If He Hasn’t Said It Out Loud)

He says ‘we’ rather than ‘you’

That is clearly a sign that you are important to him. Even if he does it instinctively, it still matters. This means that he loves you and thinks that he can have a future with you.

A Leo man has very high standards that he is looking out for. This is a man who knows he deserves the best of the best in life. He wants to come out on top in everything, and won’t settle for anything less, and this includes his relationships.

When a Leo man starts referring to you as ‘we’, he will want you to meet important people in his life, followed by the phase of prioritizing your needs and wants, so one thing unravels the other and everything leads to setting up a wedding day.

He wants to be a father

A woman a Leo man will gladly marry is someone who ticks all of his boxes. She needs to be attractive, ambitious, independent, loving, open, honest, and very loyal. Basically, a Leo man is looking for his Unicorn.

This means he has already developed a close bond with you. You can relax and hear the wedding bells in your head! All seem to be moving in the right direction.

Leo men are fun and wonderful with kids. We live in a modern world where the decision to have a kid is increasingly optional, so when your Leo man says he wants kids with you, know that he means it!

He starts to make big commitments

Leo man’s ideal woman needs to stand out from the crowd and leave an impression, but the most important thing is that she is herself. He wants to be with a woman who can comfortably be who she is 100% of the time.

If he doesn’t hesitate to share his plans with her and then actually implements some of his ideas, that is a clear indication that he considers her to be a part of his life for ‘to have and to hold’, even if he didn’t say it out loud.

When this happens, you can be sure that his primary focus will be on providing you with the life you deserve.

How To Get A Leo Man To Marry You (5 Must-Follow Rules)

If you want to make a Leo man marry you, simply follow these tips:

Talk About Marriage And Bonding

If the Leo man hasn’t already thought about or planned out a proposal in his head, he’s probably thinking about other things. It’s not that he doesn’t love you or doesn’t want to marry you; he’s just comfortable and likely busy with other things.

If you are marrying a Leo man, you may need to give him some ideas. Instead of hinting at being ready for marriage, you may try talking about all the people who are becoming engaged as of late.

I’d look for some examples if you can, because he may ask “Oh yeah, like who?”. If you see a proposal on the news or anything like that, point it out to him! Tell him how romantic you think it is and how it makes you feel happy.

Basically, you are dropping hints but being a little more forward about it. You can stop and look at rings one day for fun the next time you go to the mall. Tell him you just want to look, and then point out the ones you love.

He’ll start that ball rolling in his head. He does want to please you, and if he loves you, he’ll start getting the impression that maybe it’s high time to go ahead and pop the question.

Make Him Think It Is His Idea

Leo is a born leader, and he will not respond well to you just outright telling him you’d like to get married. Don’t ever propose to him, either! For some men, that works well, but for him, it will destroy his pride.

Leo wants to be “the man” and that means being the one to propose. He’d be embarrassed and somewhat hurt if you took the lead in asking him to marry you.

It has to be his idea or at least think that it is. If you plant the seeds as I mentioned above, you give him the power to choose when and how to propose, thus making you both happy.

You can also try leaving some bridal magazines lying around. If he asks why you have them, tell him that you have a friend or co-worker who is getting married and she wants your opinion on some dresses.

You can even flip through them while he’s sitting next to you and ask him which one he thinks you’d look good in. That’s a way to get him fantasizing about you in a wedding dress, which could get the conversation moving.

It’s a way of putting ideas into his head without being too aggressive. This allows a Leo man to do what comes naturally to him and be an alpha male. Slipping him little ideas will be a big inspiration.

Don’t Pressure Him

If you’ve never been married before, you can simply say things like “I wonder what it would be like if we ever got married”. It may make him think it over on a much larger level, which could bring you some results.

You can say, “Do you ever see marriage for us?” and see what he says. You’re not pressuring him, and you’re not telling him “Marry me or else”, You’re just simply bringing up a good topic of conversation.

By the way, do NOT EVER try to give him an ultimatum. If he isn’t ready or it makes him feel like less than a man, he will just give up the relationship entirely. It’s best to avoid putting that type of load on his shoulders.

Bringing marriage up casually is probably alright as long as you don’t dwell on it and make it seem as though that is what you’re fishing for. Remember, he has to think it’s his idea and that he actually wants to.

When he wants to, he will absolutely plan out a wonderful way to propose to you. He’ll also likely want your family involved if you are close to them. He’s a bit traditional when it comes to these types of things.

Let him be the man, and let him take charge. Just plant your seeds very carefully, and if nothing changes, bring them up a little more, and keep doing it periodically. At some point, he’s going to “get a clue” and decide to take some action.

Be Supportive Of Him

His idea is that you’re all his, even if he hasn’t told you that he’s all yours. He may still flirt with other ladies or even entertain the idea that someone else has the possibility of being the one for him.

You’ll need to ask him for exclusivity if that’s what you seek. If you do not, he may not give you what you want. Be forward and upfront with him. He needs to know you mean business, and you’ll be all his if he’s all yours, and later it will lead to marriage.

The more you are able to show him that you love him for who he is without expectation of change, the more you’ll prove yourself worthy of him. A Leo man wants a woman who doesn’t want to change him.

He wants a woman who loves him just as he is and will continue to be his support system. Show him you are his rock, his inspiration, and his partner in this life. He will respond with lots of love.

The worst thing you can ever try to do is push him to commit faster than he’s actually ready. Either he’ll respond badly to it or he’ll run away, thus leaving you behind.

Be Mysterious

‘Leo man wants to marry me’! How often do you hear this? A Leo man wants to marry a woman who doesn’t tell him everything about her life story up front. He wants to figure her out over time. It’s more exciting, like a game he can play for a while.

The less he knows about a woman from the get-go, the more into it he may be. He’ll take a woman who can lay on the charm but hide things about herself so that he can work on trying to solve that puzzle over time.

The less he’s told while getting to know a woman, the better. Holding back will make him push forward, which could then enrich and build a relationship with him.

A woman can dazzle him with her knowledge of all things that are enigmatic to him. It will be a complete turn-on for him to see a confident woman who knows her stuff talking to him about it.

Draw him in and then keep him guessing. He’ll absolutely take to it like a fish to water, thus helping you reel him in.

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FAQ On Leo Man In Marriage

Are you struggling to figure out what to do about your Leo man and if he is ready to tie the knot?

Well, luckily for you I have compiled a list of questions that might come up in your relationship. Hopefully, this can help you navigate your relationship with him.

Are Leo Men Good Husbands?

Leo is outstanding as a husband. A Leo man knows that he is a king. He is royalty. This is the type of guy who wants the best out of life and knows exactly what he deserves when it comes to work, play, and especially women.

A Leo man will treat his wife as a queen. It is her confidence that is most important to him. He needs to know that she loves herself because when she loves herself, she can fully love him!

Leos want to be with someone who knows how to respect herself above everything, and this is what makes their marriage great. Mutual respect!

What Does A Leo Man Want In A Wife? 

The Leo man wants a woman who will be all about him yet still maintain her own self-image. He wants her to be independent and strong, and able to handle her own life. Leos do have high demands, but if you really care for a Leo man, you won’t mind him being this way.

Learn more about what a Leo man looks for in a woman here.

Are Leo Men Faithful In A Marriage?

A Leo man is faithful in marriage. He is a family man and, usually, a devoted partner and father. He tends to wholeheartedly love his person, and although he loves attention from others, he’s usually extremely loyal. A Leo man cheating isn’t common.

It takes a lot for him to actually stray, and it may only happen if there is a huge rift in the relationship or if he is feeling ignored or insecure. But this man is not a coward, and often he has the courage to own up when he’s done wrong.

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But with this program, you’ll have the tools to get him to commit quickly. And if he doesn’t, you’ll know he isn’t the right man for you and can set him loose to find your true soulmate.

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Wishing you so much love and happiness

Your friend and relationship Astrologer

Anna Kovach

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