To all my sisters who want to increase intimacy & connection with a Leo man...

The Secret To Making Leo Man Share His True Feelings And Become Emotionally Available (To You, And You Alone)

Ever feel like your Leo man keeps a thing or two for himself? As if he’s not yet ready to share his true feelings or thoughts…

Well what if you had a ‘magic talk-potion’ that would make him open up all the way… and reveal his true feelings?

The secret is asking him the right questions. (more on that in a moment)

As a loving and compassionate woman, I know you yearn to really understand what makes your Leo lover tick.

Well, this time I won’t simply reveal to you what makes him tick…

Instead, I’m going to give you a more useful tool…

Instead of giving you the fish, I’m going to teach you how to catch it yourself (every single time).

In other words, in just a minute, I’m going to teach you the method you can use to discover what makes him tick – firsthand!

When I say firsthand, I mean you’ll learn it from your Leo in the flesh! He’ll happily reveal his most intimate secrets and feelings to you. 

I know what you’re thinking:

  • I tried that already, but I have a feeling that, even when he’s sincere, he’s never 1000% open and I can’t fully read him.  
  • What if, for some reason, he doesn’t tell the truth?
  • What if he doesn’t know what makes him tick or… what if he lies? 

Don’t worry. He won’t lie and even if he doesn’t know what makes him tick, you’ll be able to guide him to that knowledge… so he can share it with you…

You’ll read him like an open book and he’ll love you for it!

How can I be sure of that?

Well… the 4,000 years old science of Astrology and decades of experience in psychology and relationship counseling have unveiled to me exactly how Leo intimacy works.

Through my career, I’ve counseled thousands of women and I’ve helped hundreds of them increase intimacy and transparency in their relationships with Leo men.

Of course, intimacy and transparency were prerequisites to long-term relationships and marriages that my sisters now enjoy.

Yes, intimacy’s the keyword when you aim for a long-term relationship built on solid grounds.

That’s why I’m going to reveal to you exactly how you can increase intimacy with a Leo man.

Before I do that, however, I need to tell you:

1. How to perceive intimacy if you want to align with your Leo's astral psyche.

Here’s something you probably know about the Leo man by now. He loves sex. He really, really enjoys it, right? All guys love it, but he’s really sexual… ESPECIALLY after he’s opened up to you (don’t worry, we’ll get to the opening up part).

Now, you may think that an adequate sexual approach is the key that will unlock his intimacy… and yes, passionate sex can work as a good prelude, but the main course is… a simple talk.

Yes, you’ve read it right – talking. Communicating. Exchanging information. Conveying your emotion, your thoughts, your wishes, dreams, traumas, fears, pleasures, etc.

Actually, when your communication is impeccable… sex is WAY better because your emotional connection is more intimate...

And without the right communication… well, let’s just say that no matter how good your physical experience may be, it’ll get you nowhere on an emotional or spiritual level.

Yes, communication is what distinguishes a successful long-term relationship from a short-term fling.

That being said, intimacy is not just physically getting naked and being kinky (that’s just a part of it).

Intimacy calls for psychological nudity between you two. When you undress emotionally and bare open your mind…

When your flaws, your insecurities, as well as you advantages and your deepest yearnings, show… that’s intimacy.

Without it, sex feels like mere dry humping. It can be exciting and pleasurable… but it can never substitute for the real thing.

That’s what many couples get wrong… and it’s where many women fail to captivate a Leo man.

Luckily now you won’t have to make that mistake since I’ve just told you how true intimacy grows with Leo man.

Intimacy is about communication… and so is sex.  

Sex is in its essence a form of communication. It’s a physical and psychological exchange. It’s not just physical penetration.

You should also psychologically open up to receive his being into yours and merge your two souls into one.  

It’s about being naked, vulnerable, unprotected, and flawed… but safe and accepted in the loving arms of a Leo.

Just like you can’t have sex with pants on, you can’t communicate intimately with your (or his) guard on.

You’ll need to make yourself open and vulnerable in order to communicate intimately with your Leo.

Now that we’ve discussed that… let’s see…

2. How you can get HIM to be intimate

It’s really important that you do that because once Leo REALLY grants you entry into his inner world…

He’ll start perceiving you as a lifelong partner…

But in order to have him open up to you in the first place… he has to trust you.

This is an insider info about him:

Leo man is big on truth and loyalty… and he severely dislikes having to lie or hide anything from his lifelong partner… 

Lying is torture to him and he doesn’t enjoy it… BUT… until he starts seeing you as his Soul Mate, he might keep a few things from you.

That’s why your first step is to have him trust you.

Here’s how you do that (it’s simple):

Just reveal a couple of your most carefully guarded secrets to him…

It’s best that these secrets relate to some extreme emotional experiences (pleasant or unpleasant) that you had…

You could also share some of your dirtiest fantasies with him or something really, really embarrassing. A safe bet is to go for your greatest weaknesses or insecurities.

But the key thing to do is to emphasize that you never ever told this to anyone before. Actually, feel free to beg him not to share it with anyone.

It’s also important that you really reveal something that you really never shared before so that he really feels your natural tremors.

He’ll then feel the ripples of your catharsis and he’ll see that you value him enough to trust him.

That sort of thing touches Leo deeply. I guarantee that it will also move him to trust you.

He’ll also feel a certain need to reciprocate by opening up.

Neat, huh?

Now that you got him to allow you the entrance to the maze of his being, you'll need to navigate in order to get to the treasure in the center of that maze.

I'll tell you how to set your course straight so that you don't roam the maze in vain forever.

In other words, you got him to open up… but what now?

Unless you ask him the right questions, his willingness to open to you will dissipate and the conversation will just pivot into meaningless chit chat.

You’ve surely experienced that before… at least once.

It’s like just a few steps separate you from fully clicking with your lover…

Your communication might be ok, but… something’s missing for it to really be great!

I’m sure you know how it feels when you have those perfectly fulfilling conversations after which you feel that something meaningful has happened in your life…

Imagine having a deep, meaningful conversation and feeling that you’ve suddenly really bonded with your partner in dialogue.

Now he’s a soul-companion for life.

I’m going to tell you the secret to having meaningful communication such as that…

If you want to shatter the layers that keep you from truly bonding…

3. You need to ask him the right questions! 

Why does asking the right questions matter?

Because questions are the way to kickstart the conversation and his interest in you just right…

You see, indirect questions are a non-invasive method of getting him to pour his heart out.

There are some conversations that you should avoid starting directly with your Leo lover.

For example, it’s best to talk about your relationship indirectly. You need to make it look like the conversation naturally gravitated towards the question of how he perceives you.

If it looks like you’re forcing that question it’s not good. Leo men don’t like that.

Relationship conversations with Leo men are best when they appear coincidental. 

The way to make appear coincidental is to use ice-breaker questions (I’m going to reveal one to you in a second) to get him to talk about something else… and derive the needed clues out of his answers.

By doing so, you’ll also facilitate a deeper communication during which he’ll not only share information… but also bond with you.

Have you ever seen the movie Inception?

Inception means using the subtle art of suggestion to plant the seed of an idea in someone’s mind. Instead of conveying the idea, you should lead him to come to it on his own.

You do that by asking questions such as the one I’m about to reveal to you.

Anyway, when he gets to a conclusion on his own, he thinks of it as his own idea and he becomes so sure of it that he’d bet his own heart that it is so.

And bet his heart he will… and you’ll win that bet! You only need to read this letter very carefully.  

Here’s one thing that you can ask him in order to kickstart a communication in which he’ll open up to you like a clam:

“Honey, what’s the dearest memory that you have? Can you describe your happiest memory to me?”

When to use this question: You can use this question in almost any moment when you’re alone and when he’s focused on the conversation. Just make sure to arrange for decent foreplay and not ask it straight out of the blue (although that too has worked for some of my friends and their Leo lovers).

When not to use this question: Don’t use this question when he’s distressed or preoccupied with something. You need to make sure he’s relaxed, focused, and that you two are all alone and in a secluded place where he’ll be able to slowly tap into his memory pool and present you with his most precious jewel.

How this question works: First of all, it bids him to invoke the serenity and joy into his being. When that feeling re-emerges in him, he’ll associate it with the one who asked him about it. He’ll also feel like you relived it with him which will bond you by powers of feel-good hormones and a flash of sudden intimacy. Nostalgia will make him feel vulnerable and yet sensitive to his surroundings and to the fact that he loves you deeply.

I don’t want to bombard you with information. This is your first step towards becoming a master communicator that will melt a Leo's heart. 

I have more questions such as this one… questions that are specifically designed for his sign.

I’ve compiled them all in a special guide that will make sure that you never ever again have a dull moment of unnerving relationship-questioning silence in your conversations...

Heart Opener: 21 Questions To Ask That Force Him Share His True Feelings, And Become Emotionally Available… (While Developing Feelings Of Devotion For You In The Process!)

DISCLAIMER: “Leo Man Heart Opener” is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn inside:

  • The sneaky ways to modify these questions so you can constantly generate new topics for you to talk about (you’ll never have an empty conversation again with these),
  • Clever ways of finding out what you want without asking it directly,
  • How the right question (and the right way to ask it) can grow your relationship… and how the wrong one can break it… and how you can prevent that from happening,
  • The best way to adjust these questions to each given situation and how, when and why to ask each question to really get him to form a long-lasting emotional bond with you,
  • Foolproof patterns that can kickstart conversations just as you like them – deep and meaningful,
  • Stealth step by step combo that will allow you to peek into his deepest secrets… and get to know him better than anyone ever has in his entire life,
  • The most often overlooked topics that get him to spill the beans on what he really needs his lover to be,
  • Questions to ask him when you’re already dating,
  • Questions to ask him when you are not YET dating,
  • Questions to ask him to get him in his comfort zone and soothe him when he’s distressed (he’ll reward you with so much affection for this trick),
  • Questions to ask him when you want to get him out of his comfort zone and get him to act,
  • The simple and amazing tricks that’ll trigger him to tell you what he REALLY feels for you,
  • Ice-breakers that are some of the biggest attraction triggers for Leo man,
  • 10 secret words that will inspire him to talk to you all night after which he’ll feel that you gave him one of the best emotionally-charged orgasms in his life (this one will make him so relieved that he’ll instantly fall in love with you),
  • The surest way to lead him to the conclusion that you’re his Soul Mate – one he definitely wants to spend his life with,
  • All this and much, much more...

These questions will be such game-changers for you that your Leo lover won’t know what hit him…

And he won’t care…

He’ll just give in to his newly found devotion for you… and the joy that your conversations bring.

You’ll awaken in him a curiosity which will propel him to explore himself… and you.

He’ll think that you two are meant to be together and that something just clicked… and you two fit like two perfect pieces of a perfect puzzle…

And it will be our little secret that all of that is due to you being a master conversationalist.

Your words will kickstart a mechanic reaction that will release the desired hormones in him… and get him to automatically fall in love with you more than he ever did before.  

And what’s more, you can use these even when texting… which works perfectly in a long-distance relationship…

Although it’s better to use these in real conversations.

It’s my aim to make you skilled at attracting and keeping a Leo guy and skills of communication are a key relationship-garnering tool.

That’s why my fans who read my newsletter will be able to get these ‘Leo Heart Openers’ at the special price of just $17.

The general public can get it for the standard price of $27.

Although my guide is specifically designed for increasing intimacy with a Leo man, it will teach you so much about communication in general that you’ll consider it one of the 3 most important things you’ve read.

That’s why I’ve made sure that no financial difficulties keep you from obtaining this Leo man emotional-connection kit.

I want you to use this amazing opportunity to solidify your relationship with a Leo man and really, really bond with him deeply.

That’s why in the next few days, it will cost less than you’d pay for a coffee and a muffin at your local Starbucks.

I personally think that getting to know how Leo's mind functions and how you can bond with him is infinitely more valuable than any cup of coffee you’ll ever have…

...but it all depends on how much you’re into him of course.

And there’s more!

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Make sure to let me know how much you’ve learned about Leo man and how much of his heart he has poured for you.

You can start reading these secrets in a matter of minutes… and by tomorrow you’ll have knowledge that can provide longevity, safety, and warmth to your and your Leo man’s relationship.

This will be our little secret. He won’t even know that you read this book, but he’ll be forever grateful to you that you did.

See you inside!

Sending you love,

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

P. S. Caution: Use these questions one at a time… don’t throw them as a bundle, because you want to have a conversation instead of an interrogation.

When he shares something intimate, reciprocate, but only after you’ve listened to his last word about it. 

P. P. S. No you won’t run out of questions.

I’ll teach you to modify them and derive new questions out of these patterns that I’ll give you.

By the way, even if you did somehow run out of all questions (which is pretty much impossible) by the time you ask these 21 Leo heart openers… he’ll already have remembered you as an incredibly interesting person that’s the only one he wants to be around for… for the rest of his life.

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But, however you decide,

I just hope my guidance proves as valuable to you as it has to thousands of others.

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