What Can You Do When a Leo Man Ignores You?

Are you seeing or dating a Leo man who has gone very quiet on you? Find out what can you do when a Leo man ignores you and how to prevent it.

Are you seeing or dating a Leo man who has gone very quiet on you? Perhaps you aren’t even aware of anything having happened but suddenly he’s just ice cold. The following are some things you can do to help you get him to talk to you and figure out what can you do when a Leo man ignores you.

Why is he ignoring you?

The first thing you’ve got to figure out is if he’s mad at you for something you did. Did you have a nasty fight and he’s hanging on to what was said thus still angry with you? Did you say something that really hurt his feelings or pride?

Naturally if you wounded his ego, he will likely return the favor by ignoring you or giving you the silent treatment for awhile as a punishment. However, if you didn’t do anything wrong nor fought with him, there may be another issue.

Sometimes when Leo man ignores their woman, it’s because they’re feeling as though they’re not getting enough attention or affection so they decide to seek it out elsewhere. This can include flirting or even sometimes cheating.

With all this said, what is his reason that you’re aware of? Look at his recent behavior and see if you can figure it out. Do you thing that the Leo man is cheating? Is the he just hurt or angry?

Is it possible that he’s very busy and perhaps hasn’t found the time to contact you quite yet. Perhaps you’re being impatient with him and expecting him to respond to you quicker than what he actually can.

I’ve had many women write in that get used to their Leo man being all about them then suddenly become more quiet. They end up just being held down by other things in their lives and so it makes it harder to communicate.

When you’re not sure what is going on, ask your Leo. He will tell you most likely. Some things can simply be solved by communicating with him. If he trusts you, he’ll talk to you. If he doesn’t, he may lie or not talk at all.

Stay Calm and Collected

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Until you are able to figure out why your Leo man is ignoring you, the last thing you want to do is fly off the handle. Becoming too emotional or accusing him of things will only result in him figuring you’re too dramatic for him.

Stay calm, give him a little space, and when the time feels right, ask him if everything is alright? He should at that point let you know if he’s mad, if he’s hurt, if he’s dealing with some other issues, or if maybe he’s just busy.

Any which way you spin it, you’re going to need to keep a cool head when you talk to your Leo guy. He doesn’t take well to someone getting in his face and being too crazy emotionally.

He could be re-analyzing the situation between you two for some reason and needs space to figure out what it is he should possibly do next regarding the two of you. If you interrupt this or throw accusations at him, he’ll assume he’s right to question it and walk away.

How Long To Give Him Space

This is one of the hard parts is trying to figure out how much time to give him before you say something to figure out what his problem is. You’ll have to know him a bit better to understand how much time he’d need.

Look at his other behavior to determine how much time may be right. If you don’t live with him, you probably want to give him a few days to a week before you try to text message or call him.

When you do, you’ll be very light and airy about it. You should say something like “hey there! Hope everything’s alright. I miss you!” and see what he replies with. If he doesn’t reply, he needs longer.

Naturally if he keeps putting you off and not answering you, he may be very well done. This is when you just out and out ask him if it’s over. If it is, he’ll say “yes” or he’ll continue to ignore you.

If it’s a temporary situation with him, he’ll likely explain to you what happened and why he hasn’t been talking much. Ultimately you will have to decide how long you can handle him ignoring you.

If it’s something that goes on for weeks then you may want to just give it up. If it’s only hours or a few days, there may still be hope he could just be dealing with some things he isn’t ready to talk about.

There is no need to blow your stack if he hasn’t messaged you back right away or has gone a day or two without so much as a word. Wait and see what happens. He may have a very good reason.

In the event that he was hurt or angry with you, you’ll need to apologize and explain why it happened the way it did. Perhaps letting him know the truth of the situation will help him get it and move on.

When I say move on, I mean from the reason he was upset, not from the relationship. Then again it may be something he sees in you that he doesn’t like and may take that route.

So as far as space goes, when it comes to days, wait it out. When it comes to weeks well, you should shoot him a message and see what you get back. If you hear nothing for weeks on end or months, you may as well hang it up. It’s likely over.

Leo men get wounded easily if they aren’t feeling they are appreciated. You can try the approach of getting him a gift and telling him how wonderful he is. Tell him how much you adore him and appreciate him.

It may actually draw him back in enough that he will tell you why he was upset in the first place. Give it a try!

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Leo guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

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