Leo Man and Leo Woman in Bed: Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Leo man and Leo woman do have that type of bond but there are other things at play. Keep reading about the Leo man and Leo woman in bed.

Typically when one sign gets with the same sign, things go very well as they have an understanding of each other that no one else gets. Leo man and Leo woman do have that type of bond but there are other things at play. Keep reading about the Leo man and Leo woman in bed. Sex between them may not be what you think.

Leo Man and Leo Woman in Bed

As with any sign that meets someone of the same sign, there is instant attraction typically. They are drawn to each other naturally like magnets. There is so much likeness; it’s hard to resist the pull.

Leo is known for being quite beautiful, stunning, and remarkable in their looks. There is no mistaking a Leo when they walk into the room. By that alone, two Leos will definitely recognize each other.

The Leo man will find the Leo woman to be striking. The Leo woman will find the Leo man handsome. They will have no trouble being physically attracted to each other right out of the gate.

In fact, these two will sexually be attracted to one another. They will also feel like they’ve always known each other when they get to talking. This union could go either way.

Either they agree to have a fling or one night stand or they decide that there is more there that they’d like to explore and so it becomes quite a romance. It’s really up to what they choose together.

Both are highly charismatic and able to talk about anything under the sun. They have a whole lot in common and likely have lots of activities they both enjoy as well.

These two could have a really successful love relationship if it’s something they both want. They have what it takes to make it. Again, it will really rely on what each of them wants whether that means just sex or a love affair.

Leo Couple in Bed

The Pros and the Cons of Leo with Leo

Something else you should know if you’re a Leo woman thinking of going on an adventure with the Leo man is, what are the pros and cons of being together? Maybe you aren’t sure if you want a relationship or just sex.

The two are able to share their emotions quite easily. You can relate to each other and probably be able to communicate how you feel without even talking really. You can read each other like a book.

Your values systems likely line up quite nicely as well. What you feel is important in life will probably be very close to what he thinks or feels too. I’m also certain there is a lot you two have in common as far as interests and things to do.

Leo on Leo is a trustful match as well. Due to the fact that you two can understand each other, you’ll be able to trust in one another. Loyalty comes with love of course, but in time, this could be a wildly successful union, if you want it.

The cons include things like being unable to talk to each other when sometimes you really should. You both have strong intellect but you may not agree on some certain points which could create arguments.

If you cannot talk to each other about important situations, this could cause you two to hold back when you shouldn’t and maybe to speak when you shouldn’t. It’s just a matter of tweaking things and learning to be open with each other.

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Leo man and Leo woman Connection

The Hardest Thing about Leo and Leo Connection

The one thing that you are concerned with the most in reading this article is about what the sex is like between Leo man and the Leo woman. You’d think that since all the other areas of this match is fantastic, the sex would be too right?

The thing is, it’s not the best it could be to be really honest. It’s not horrible but it’s not one of the best matches sexually either. You’re both warm and really passionate with intimacy which is amazing.

The two of you may hold back on some aspect of who you are though when you’re intimate. This is a side of you that you’d normally show with an appropriate partner but since you’re both so proud, you won’t show it to each other.

This can dull things down a bit and not allow you two to have the best sex. If this is just a one night occurrence or a “friends with benefits” then it may be very satisfying and fulfilling because you’re not “attached”.

If you do decide to become more than that though, you’re going to have to start learning how to properly open up to one another communication wise. A lack of respect could be a problem as well.

Leo can sometimes think they are infallible or that they know what they’re doing without consideration to what their partner is capable of. This can make you two bump heads and this also makes sex less than gratifying.

If you cannot be totally present and open with each other, the sex may not be what it truly could be. The capability of having the most amazing sex in your life is there but you two have to work at it.

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Is The Sex Worth It?

The sex quality will vastly depend on how the two Leos approach each other. If they can open up to each other with trust and understanding, sex could be really amazing.

If they cannot and they hold back, sex won’t be what it could be. It may be alright but not earth shattering and mind blowing sex that it might be. The key is communication and it’s possible.

Remember, this also depends on if you as a Leo woman want a relationship or just plain sex. Sex with no connection with Leo man may work for awhile but if you two want more, you’ll have to work at it.

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