5 Shocking Things a Leo Man Wants

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you ever dated or thought about dating a Leo man? Ever wondered what it would be like? What kind of kisser are they? What type of boyfriend or potential husband they can be? Well, luckily for you, I’ll be sharing all the secretly shocking things you may not know about the Leo man and what he wants.

Have you ever dated or thought about dating a Leo man? Ever wondered what it would be like? What kind of kisser are they? What type of boyfriend or potential husband they can be?

Well, luckily for you, I’ll be sharing all the secretly shocking things you may not know about the Leo man and what he wants.

From what he likes and desires in a partner, to his ideal relationship setting, I will be sharing the top five most shocking things you may not have known about dating the notorious Leo man.

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5 Shocking Things a Leo Man Wants

1. Someone Who Is Actually Laid Back And Chill

I know, I know, you’ve probably heard that the Leo man is dramatic, loud, sometimes obnoxious, and fiercely outgoing.

But what if I told you that the Leo man can be the shocking opposite, especially when it comes to choosing his potential partner?

With the Leo man being known for his extremes, he wants a partner who balances out his characteristics.

Rather than choosing a partner that is flashy, attention-centered, and always focused on having a good time, surprisingly, he wants a homebody.

He wants someone who enjoys life but also knows how to take care of the home and help maintain his high standards.

Because of his desire to attract someone opposite than him, he tends to choose partners who are water or earth based. They help mellow out his intense fire nature.

2. Someone He Can Lead

Leo Man Born Leader

Possessive, jealous, hot-headed, stubborn — all words commonly used to describe the shadow side of the fiery Leo man.

As a fixed fire sign, this explosive man has a lot of dominant energy to offer.

But what may come as a shock to you is the cause behind the Leo man’s controlling nature.

Known for his ability to become the center of attention in any setting, the Leo man wants a partner that he can lead.

With the Sun as his personality ruler, he wants to be the dominant influence in and out of his home. He just doesn’t know how to express (or control) his desire for influence sometimes, so it is projected in a negative or domineering way.

Nevertheless, it’s a shock to some when they learn that underneath the fire is a sensitive man who just wants to make a positive impression on others.

He just wants someone who acknowledges his light and allows him to lead.

As a relationship astrologer, I’ve found that if you get past his loud roar, you will be overwhelmed at the amount of protection, loyalty, and unconditional love the Leo lion is ready to give and receive.

3. A Serious Relationship

Leo Man Want's A Serious Relationship

If you ever heard that Leo men were players, you weren’t thinking about the complexity of all Leo men.

Known as the children of the zodiac, Leo men need more time to develop than others.

They have big hearts and playful minds. No matter how intellectually capable they are, they often choose the more tenacious route because it comes with more adventure.

But after all the fun and games, Leo men are shockingly loyal and committed lovers.

Known for their grand gestures of affection and glamorous gifts, Leo men without a doubt aim to please.

However, what most people don’t know is how sensual and emotional they can be, especially when they have found someone they love.

In fact, some of the most notorious married men are Leos.

For example, Barack Obama married for twenty-eight years and Bill Clinton married for forty-five years. Both are famous Leo men.

4. Someone Who Makes Them The Center Of Attention

It’s no secret that the Leo man has to be the center of attention, but what you may not know is that he expects his love partner to make him the center of their world too — no exceptions.

Even if you and a Leo man are married with three kids, he will still expect you to drop the kids off and make time for him whenever you can.

It’s important to understand that the Leo man is not trying to be needy or codependent, but instead him asking for attention (and complaining about it when he doesn’t get it) is him just being vocal about his fundamental needs.

At the same time, I’ve found that Leo men can have a hard time expressing their feelings in a healthy way. They don’t feel comfortable being vulnerable.

But when you give a Leo man attention, he opens up.

So, if you thought that playing hard to get and ignoring him was going to make him play your game, it probably won’t work.

Remember, he likes to be the one in control. He likes to be the one to call the shots.

So, if you want to avoid any unwanted surprises, give him the attention and physical affection that he needs.

He craves it much more than you think (and that he lets on).

5. He Wants Quiet Time

This may come as a surprise to you, especially after reading my last point, but the Leo man actually likes quiet time. He needs time alone at least once a week to feel good and like himself.

You may be wondering, why does he need alone time to feel good?

Well, the Leo man can sometimes have self-confidence or emotional issues, regardless of if he shares it with you or not.

When he spends time alone, he can unwind and let his walls down. This is the only time he is truly one with himself.

As much as the Leo man loves to share his feelings and spend time with friends and lovers, he needs to remember that he’s an individual too.

It’s easy for him to get lost in the crowd.

If you find that the Leo man is acting moody or emotionally distant, suggest he take some self-care time.

He may not say it, but he will be turned on by you thinking about him.

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Final Thoughts

Whether it’s his attraction to someone opposite than him, his chronic need of attention, or sensitive nature, what did you find surprising about the vivacious Leo man?

Are there any shocking things you’ve learned or experienced when dating a Leo man?

Let me know in the comments.

And if you’re curious to know how your zodiac sign pairs with the mighty Leo, take my free compatibility quiz here.

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach

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