An Opportunity For Women Seeking A Leo Man’s Heart

Finally A Proven And Guaranteed Way To Strengthen Your Love & Grow Your Relationship With A Leo Man… Feel A Real Difference in Your Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Connection… In Just 30 Days Or Less!

Now here’s the fastest, easiest, and most practical way to communicate your love to a Leo man... in a way he just can’t resist. This “hands-on” 30-Day Love Challenge gets Leo ALL OVER YOU in no time… even if he is currently cold, unsure, or emotionally distant.

I know this may sound a little crazy… but

What if you could make Leo chase, love and worship you even more, and even faster.


Imagine for a moment how it feels to be his Dream woman…

… his Soulmate,

… his One, and only

It’s only natural that he treats you like GOLD, and starts showering you with love and affection… when you show you are his Dream woman.

Astrology secret: if *functional compatibility is there, you CAN grow into Soulmates with knowledge and with time… even if your Moon positions aren’t in conjunction!

What if I tell you that there is NOW an exact, proven, definitive step-by-step process to develop a real and lasting connection with him…

And what if you don’t have to wait YEARS to figure out if he’s right for you or not because you can discover in less than a few weeks…

In fact, there’s no reason to wait YEARS for Leo to realize his love & commitment to you when you can hop on the ‘Love-Expressway’ and become your Leo man’s #1 priority in the next 30 days…

The “30 Day Leo Love Challenge” Makes It Possible!

Yes, even if you don’t yet see how you could be really compatible.


When you discover his most secret desires… 

And when you unlock these exact desires, needs and fantasies boiling inside him…

When you tap into the unmet emotional needs of a Leo man…

He almost instantly develops a whole new set of feelings for YOU.

Feelings he has most likely never felt before for any other woman.

Feelings he cannot ignore nor wishes to… because you speak to his heart and act in ways he reflexively responds to… in the exact way you want him to.

If you’ve ever seen a man ‘hypnotized’ by a woman, that’s what I’m talking about. 

As if you’ve put a spell on him. (don’t worry, no wand required).

I will give you the exact, easy things to do, and the specific daily ‘moves’ to make that are proven to take your relationship to the next level.

The truth is…

For his Dream woman, Leo isn’t just ready, but he is WILLING to move Heaven and Earth.

And what if… 

You could have the closest possible emotional, physical, and spiritual connection with a Leo man in just 30 days or less? (I’ll tell you all about it in a moment.)

Because each day you’ll have a new little ‘assignment’ (part of The Challenge) that will tap into his secret desires and access his heart.

They compound like dominos… day by day making his resistance to you and the walls around him fall and evaporate into thin air.

Like his resistance was never there.

Let me challenge your love. Because I bet you can do it (*as long as functional compatibility is there, read below).

But first…

I’ll let you in on a little Astrologer secret: You don’t have to be 100% compatible to have a wonderful relationship!

In fact, as weird as this sounds… being too compatible is often BAD for your love!

When I’m doing a reading for a client that has near-perfect compatibility with their man, I never TELL them.

I say they’re about 85% compatible.

Wanna know why?

Because I don’t want to ruin their relationship!

If I admit top-level compatibility (anything above 85%), as a rule, they’ll immediately stop putting any effort into their relationship. 

They’ll stop trying to understand each other.

They’ll stop trying to connect.

They’ll take their love and partner for granted. And that’s when things begin to roll downhill.

Every Healthy Relationship Needs Some Challenges, The ‘Trick’ Is Knowing How To Overcome Them

There must be some friction and some opposites in your chart otherwise you will both get BORED. 

These challenges are something you can (and should) overcome as they serve as building blocks for lasting love.

So don’t get discouraged just because you have some differences or misunderstandings with your Leo man… that’s OK as long as these differences are not DOMINATING.

As long as you have more POSITIVE than negative aspects in your connection, it just comes down to your ability to face challenges forward… instead of letting them catch you off guard.

I repeat: You DON’T have to be 100% compatible…

In fact, and this also may come as a surprise… some of the BEST relationships are ‘only’ 60-85% compatible!

Women in 60-85% compatible relationships are ready…

  • to build a stable, fulfilling relationship with him,
  • to create a life of passion and adventure,
  • to know how to inspire his best qualities,
  • to ‘read’ and understand Leo’s true feelings,
  • to take down those invisible walls around him,
  • to communicate with him in a language he understands, appreciates and responds to,
  • and to form a deeper, lasting connection that leads to commitment, marriage and a shared life journey…

Yes, you can grow into a Soulmate relationship with your Leo man IF and WHEN you overcome challenges together.

This is how you can speed up progress in your relationship with Leo.

The trick is to ‘speed up the process’ and instead of waiting for these challenges to knock on your door… generate them yourself!

It’s true.


Well, it’s because as long as you don’t have “hard red lines” — e.g. polar opposites in your charts — you then have solid potential to make things work.

And where’s a will, there’s a way. THE WAY is working on what I call “functional compatibility.”

And I know some Astrologers will hate me for saying this…

But your stars work for you ONLY if you work with them! 

You cannot and should not try to escape the ‘work’ part. Because those are just challenges each relationship faces and it’s about your ability to handle these that ultimately make or break your relationship.

Now about your charts…

Believe it or not ‘Love’ is NOT enough and NOT the main ingredient to a successful relationship.

It’s just not. 

I have seen THOUSANDS of charts where the love aspect is powerful, but they are SO different personalities and get into so many arguments. Their vision of life is a POLAR OPPOSITE.

Attraction is not love. Attraction is just lust.

Opposites attract… but only for a short while!

As soon as that initial attraction fades and daily life settles in… a good relationship is about effort and knowledge and willingness to work together. 

Without that, love is nothing!

On the other hand… 

Love can be developed. Love can be nurtured. Love can grow. Just like a seed you plant and a flower you take care of.

Ultimately, it’s functionality that we are looking for to determine if a relationship can prosper or not.

Here’s the ‘un-sexy’ secret to lasting relationship: FUNCTIONAL compatibility.

In other words… do you have enough things in common that bring you together, do you have similar traits? 

Look for commonalities! Similar character traits!

As long as there are more similarities than opposites… that’s good! More positive aspects than negative aspects make your love ‘workable.’

This means that you can agree on more things than you’d disagree, that you have similar values and similar life goals and a similar vision of the future. Similar interests etc.

In this case, your relationship has long-term potential.

And even 60% is enough if you are willing to overcome challenges and polish differences!

In fact, the struggle you go through in growing your relationship can cement your bond as couple. Ultimately making your connection bulletproof.

Are you at 60% or more?

You can usually tell this yourself by your ‘gut feeling’. Deep down, you know when a relationship is OFF.

But because you are here, I’m quite certain that’s not the case. So read on. Now it’s all about secret #2.

The second secret is KNOWLEDGE.

When you know exactly what buttons to push you have conscious CONTROL over your level of compatibility.

You know his strengths, weaknesses… his desires… and when YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, it is only natural that you have POWER over the outcome and control over your results.

It’s because you have direct influence over how he feels about you and your love.

So yes… with this knowledge, and enough functional compatibility, you CAN develop a Leo man’s love for you! (and, you can control the intensity of that love, too!)

And YES… you can do it in just 30 days or less!

Even if you have been together for years without much progress… THIS can bring the spark back into your relationship and pull him back like gravity.

It’s also how you make REAL PROGRESS and take things from “crush” to “dating” and from “dating” to “committed”... or from committed to Engaged and even HAPPILY MARRIED.

Because let’s face it…

If your relationship is not moving FORWARD and growing into the next phase of your love… then it is either standing still or, most often, it’s just about to hit a wall.

There’s no reason to let that happen.

Instead, let me give you The exact 30-day action plan… not just theory, but the exact buttons to push in his unique astrological code…

In fact, there’s nothing mystical about it yet its mechanical effectiveness makes it feel like MAGIC.

But it’s not. As I’ve said… it is functional, and very practical.

Push this button, get that result.

Push that button, get this result.

I want to give you the EXACT STEPS, the MOVES that are proven to bring him closer to you… FAST. 

I want to give you an ACTION-PLAN that is completely practical… and designed to turn a ‘regular mate’ into a Soulmate… because he is finally ready to open up to you like never before.

It’s the secret to taking 65% compatibility to 75%, 80% or even 90%… it’s that specific knowledge of the right buttons to push.

This makes Leo ready for a deeper connection with someone who knows how to communicate with him.

Someone who knows how to form that emotional, physical and spiritual connection that he desperately desires and imagines in a soulmate.

When you have your ‘Do this, do that’ action plan… just watch.

Suddenly you’re talking to another person!

Leo opens up.

He shares.

He is completely present.

He is 100% willing.

A client of mine couldn’t even get her Leo to skip a single day of work… even though he runs his own business and could take ANY day off or come home early, IF he wanted to… but he just wasn’t willing to.

I gave her this exact 30-Day Leo Love Challenge…

NOW he’s making her and their family his #1 priority… Above & Beyond anything else… all just because she pushed the right astrological buttons and satisfied his unmet emotional needs.

She didn’t just become his partner in success… but more. 

When you have such deep knowledge about who he really is… who he can be… who he wants to be… it’s very easy to help him become that person.

This is when Leo realizes the GIFT he has in a person like you: his Dream woman.

You are like Yin and Yang, Soulmates. Together forever in the miracle journey of life.

All the love he has to give is there, it is just hidden in his lack of clarity about what you really mean to him.

I am personally amazed over and over again what a few simple changes in your approach can do to your relationship with a Leo.

And his response… his behavior change is nearly INSTANT.

If you do as I say, he will be ALL OVER YOU.

The only way this challenge doesn’t work when you have no functional compatibility.

But if you do… Leo will worship the ground you walk on in just a few weeks from now.

I have seen it so many times and I am so happy for all the women that have used astrology to get the kind of relationship they want.

Some of the clients I have guided have been together for over 15 years now. And I have been following them from just ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ to marriage and a big family.

And I also have women who just wouldn’t listen no matter how many times I tried to warn them that he’s not right for them. They would rather be miserable in a loveless relationship than opening the door for their Mr. Right.

Deep knowledge of a person is the only thing that can make you objectively comprehend the quality of a relationship and whether this is the one you want to pursue and grow.

Or if it is indeed time to let go and move on to be the Dream woman for the Dream man who deserves you.

I will teach you how to tap into his love regardless of whether he is right for you or not. But ultimately, you will have the power and knowledge to make that decision yourself.

And if he is the right choice for you, you will know exactly what to do to make Leo chase, love and worship you… fast!

It’s all inside The Challenge.

What Is The 30-Day Leo Love Challenge?

After over a decade of guiding women like you to their Leo man’s heart… I have created the practical, step-by-step guide that shows you the ‘buttons’ to push that create this shift in how he feels, sees, and behaves around you.

There’s no other course quite like it. 

The Challenge is probably the most fun and counter-intuitive way for you to grow your love.

Instead of just gaining theoretical knowledge about him (which is valuable, but may not ‘sink in’ as easily).

On each day of The Challenge…

I tell you WHAT the challenge is and HOW to perform it.

I then tell you WHY this tactic works and WHEN to use it.

And in this process — you discover something new and valuable about him, his personality, likes, dislikes, needs and desires.

Then I prepare you so you know what to expect from his response. You are always one move ahead of him!

Finally, just to be safe… I give you some “damage control” back-up guidance in case things don’t go as planned.

Remember, while each challenge is proven to work time and time again… if the timing is ‘off’ and the wrong transits are active in his chart, or when there are strong influencers in play, his response might also be unexpected, delayed or less receptive.

This has nothing to do with you, he may just be disturbed by current planetary movements outside of your influence.

In this case, my ‘back-up plan’ helps you take a step back and regain control, and then slowly retreat so that you are able to take two steps forward on another day.

By the end of the 30-Day Love Challenge… There Are Only 2 Options.

1. Leo will either show that he is not responding to you and thus clearly isn’t the right guy for you. 

While this may hurt… it’s better to know sooner than later. You are then free to confidently move on and open your heart to finding a man who is right for you (and I will gladly help you do it).

Or… (and way more likely)

2. Your compatibility will go through the roof!

As Leo finally realizes what an amazing match you are for him!

Either way… you risk nothing and have everything to gain by taking the The 30-Day Love Challenge with your Leo man.

Now keep this in mind…

Your relationship with Leo man will have unique challenges whether you like it or not.

The question is… will you face them forward or will you let them trip you over?

As I’ve said before, there’s no point in waiting YEARS for these challenges to knock on your door naturally and pray you pass…

Each challenge is a ‘to do’ designed to provoke events in your relationship that inspire positive change and make him realize how AMAZING YOU ARE.

Each challenge is more crystal-clear EVIDENCE for him that you are The One And Only woman that ‘gets’ him to his very core. The Only woman who knows him better than he knows himself.

An automatic response is that he develops feelings towards you. Feelings of “I need this woman”, and “God I love this woman” are his natural response. 

“I have to lock this woman down before she figures what an idiot I actually am.”

See how this turns the tables on your relationship with Leo man…

And makes him wonder how HE can sweep you off your feet.

“How do I find her ring size without her knowing?”

And it’s easy to do… just follow the daily challenges (simple instructions of what to do and say) and SEE for yourself how Leo sings your favorite songs in no time.

“Anna, how do you get The Challenge?” I can already hear you asking…

You can start The Challenge TODAY when you click “Add To Cart” on the button below.

The 30-Day Leo Man Love Challenge comes in electronic PDF format so you can begin learning and start the challenge immediately. Just follow instructions each day, and see what happens!

I won’t go into the value of him seeing you as his Dream Woman, as you probably know yourself what it would mean to you to flip things around or finally get them moving in the right direction.

But the good thing is that access to The Challenge is yours for just a one-time investment of $17.

That’s less than a ticket to the movies for two. But instead of watching a romantic comedy with your Leo… live it yourself!

You Pay Only $17

NOTE: The 30-Day Leo Man Love Challenge comes in PDF/electronic format. You receive immediate access upon checking out. It all comes at just a one-time investment of $17. Click “Add To Cart” to automatically take advantage of this unique opportunity to transform your love.

Another great thing is that you can keep using variations of The Challenge even after the first 30 days to perpetually grow your love & relationship for years and years to come.

The difference is that now you’ll instinctively know how to tap into secret desires and needs of his over and over again in an infinite loop of love.

I have been using The Challenge myself. And our relationship has never been stronger.

Hundreds of my clients are using it every day to pull their Leo back and keep him closer than ever before. Now it’s your turn.

Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button above and start growing your love immediately.

After You Click ‘Add To Cart’ . . .

You’ll then immediately be sent to a special page that contains your copy of The 30-Day Leo Man Love Challenge.

The guides are in PDF/electronic format so simply click on the links and they’ll start downloading immediately. You can access the files on your computer, phone or tablet.

You’ll will also receive an email with a Direct link so you can re-access your purchase anytime in the future.

You Pay Only $17

You get instant access to everything upon checkout, because all is delivered in digital format. This isn't just better for our environment, but also more convenient for you. No shipping or waiting. It doesn't matter wether it's 3pm or 3am on a Sunday, whether you're in the US, Brazil, Germany or New Zealand . . .

Plus, My 100% Satisfaction & Money-Back Guarantee

As always, I want to make this an absolutely easy and risk-free decision for you. Take The 30-Day Challenge yourself, and if you don’t feel that it has helped you better understand, connect, and communicate with your Leo man - simply email me and I’ll return every penny. No questions asked. It’s that simple. 

I personally guarantee you’ll love it and gain heaps of new & valuable insights about growing your love. There’s nothing quite like it.

You have nothing to risk and everything to gain by giving The Challenge a fair try. It’s easy and you’ll have fun doing it, too.

Click “Add To Cart” above to get started. I promise, your relationship will never be the same again.

Sending you love,

Your Sister & Relationship Astrologer,

When you order right now, you get The 30-Day Leo Love Challenge for just a one-time payment of $17.

I promise you'll love this and regret not taking action today.

But, however you decide,

I just hope my guidance proves as valuable to you as it has to thousands of others.

AnitaThank you for putting together such an amazing, comprehensive tool kit for understanding and satisfying the Leo man.”

Dominica “I needed to better understand the man I love, see what I am doing wrong and to help me be a better partner. All I can say is Thank you for your wonderful and insightful books, they have made the last month or so much easier and have kept my mind on track.

KarenIn reading all your resources and you describe my recent relationship interest perfectly and all that I read was super helpful.

Anastasia “This is great, thank you so much! You are absolutely amazing! I did not want to lose my man forever, I truly love my guy and didn't know what to do bring him back to me, and I wanted to better understand what I'm doing wrong in my relationship that I maybe cannot see without an outside, fresh set of eyes and ears. I did exactly what you told me and based off your book and it worked. He's in all the way!”

Rachelle “I am so happy I found you Anna! Your emails have helped my relationship tremendously. I understand my guy so much better and have seen a definite improvement in our relationship since I have been reading your articles. Thank you!”

Kyra “What you do to help people is amazing. Thank you. I never put too much stock in astrology because the usual description of me is so far off the mark for me- but after reading a few things on Him and realizing it fit him to a T, I decided it was time to look more deeply into it. Your book is an amazingly valuable resource.”

Janine “Thank you so much for these wonderful series and information. It is so informative and I have loved reading your book, especially on how to get him back.”

Lea “I want to say thank you for your whole series. I wish I had this series when I just turned thirty twenty years ago. I met a wonderful Leo man.”

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