How To Deal With A Leo Man In An Argument

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
It’s normal for couples to argue, but what to do when you argue with your Leo guy? Find out here how to deal with a Leo man in an argument.

Hello, lovely ladies! I know how tough it can be to have an argument with your man, but especially so when he is a Leo. They are fiery and stubborn! What a combination, right? Indeed, dealing with a Leo man in an argument can be quite challenging due to their strong-willed and assertive nature.

A Leo man after an argument requires special attention and care in order to mend the relationship. Knowing how to deal with a Leo man in an argument is essential to resolving conflicts and maintaining a healthy relationship with him.

I know arguing with a Leo man is never fun, so this is why it is so important that you learn how to deal with it so that it doesn’t cause greater problems in the future.

Are you currently in a fight with your Leo man? Then you have come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out more on how to deal with a Leo man in an argument.

Arguing With A Leo Man — What Happens When You Argue With A Leo?

When arguing with a Leo man, you can expect a fiery and dramatic exchange. Leos are known for their confident and assertive nature, which can make arguments with them intense and passionate.

Their strong ego and need for dominance may surface during an argument, and they might become stubborn, inflexible, and even arrogant. To effectively deal with a Leo man in an argument, it is important to understand the underlying reasons for their behavior and how to approach them tactfully and considerately.

Leo men are known for their strong personalities and desire for attention and recognition. In an argument, they may fiercely defend their position and opinions, often seeking validation and admiration for their ideas.

They thrive on being the center of attention and having their voice heard. Understanding these traits can help you navigate arguments with a Leo man more effectively. When fighting with a Leo man in an argument, it is crucial to keep in mind their need for validation and admiration.

It is important to approach the argument with a Leo man in a respectful and empathetic manner, his ego is sensitive and he won’t forget anything you say, so it is important that you tread carefully.

How To Deal With A Leo Man In An Argument (5 Steps To Take)

Don’t Get Worked Up

One of the most important things you can do when things need to be discussed is to keep your cool and not blow up. If you blow up on the Leo man, his kitty claws will come out and you’re in for it.

A Leo man is easily agitated and therefore can rise to anger fairly quickly. It’s better to be careful and stay calm. The calmer you are the calmer he will be as well. Approach him with logic.

One of the ways you keep things calm is by starting out your conversation and discussing what the situation he did correctly. Complimenting him first will make him feel confident and secure you’re not attacking him.

By hearing something he’s doing well, he won’t take what he’s not doing well to heart. He’ll be more open to discussion and perhaps not so quick to jump on the angry train.

There is no guarantee as Leo can be rather moody. However, there may be some hope if you’re able to talk to him with a very chilled out approach. This is generally the best way to talk about anything.

If there is something that he’s not doing well, something he did that upset you, or perhaps something he’s not doing… keep it all calm. Think about what you’re going to say before you say it.

You can even vent to your friends or family in order to calm yourself down if need be. Try screaming into a pillow when you really want to scream at him. This will vent your frustration and make things less volatile between the two of you.

Listen To What He Has To Say

Part of communicating with the Leo man is getting him to listen. If you deployed the information I gave you above then he’s likely at your attention. As long as he feels comfortable, he’ll be willing to hear you out.

He is still a man so I would also advise that you turn off any external influences such as television, video games, or even music. You want him to be totally focused on what you have to say.

Talking about this while out and about probably isn’t proper. Find a time when the two of you can sit alone uninterrupted. Nothing will be more frustrating than trying to talk while out to dinner and the wait staff keeps popping up.

It’s a good thing to perhaps do this at home, out in nature, or somewhere where you know for sure no one is going to butt in accidentally. You might even insist on the phones being turned down while you talk.

Distractions will keep him from listening the way you want him to. Once you do have his attention though, you can speak your peace. Be positive and optimistic in the way you tell him he messed up or isn’t doing something you asked.

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Remember To Be Sweet And Kind

I know that sounds odd but if you do it in the “sweet” approach, he’ll be more likely to be responsive in the way you want him to. The other part of this is how well YOU listen.

When he’s talking, sit quietly and don’t interrupt him. Let him say what he’s got to say and then you can counter it or respond. Don’t attack him for what he says. He feels the way he feels and you feel the way you do.

Keep it calm and if you cannot answer him with calmness, tell him you need to reflect for a few minutes before you respond. That way you can hash it out with yourself and go back to him refreshed.

Not only do you have to listen but you have to understand. You may not understand it when he first says what he does but after you mull it over, you’ll possibly be able to see his side of it.

If he’s flat out wrong though, you’re going to need to argue with him using logic and reason. Again, appeal to an optimistic way of doing it and though he’ll get the message, he won’t take it hard and react with fury.

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Remember To Apologize

In the situation where you don’t know how your Leo man will take it when you talk to him about stuff, you may want to tell him “Sorry but I need to say this” or “Sorry for how this may sound but”.

This way they cannot say you didn’t have any remorse for what you said. Sometimes it’s hard not to piss the Leo man off or hurt his feelings. There are things that have to be discussed that there is no way to put a positive spin on it.

In this case, you’re going to have to deliver the blow as easily as you can and tell him that you’re sorry for what you’re about to say but that there is no nice way to get it across.

It will prepare him for an unpleasant conversation but the fact that you were actually cordial or considerate of his feelings should help lessen the blow of what you need to get out.

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Communicate Calmly

I know it may be hard sometimes not to just let loose and sometimes it’s unavoidable as you are a human and things just hit you. You may react very quickly and that’s alright.

As long as you do your best to keep the situation calm or quickly diffuse what has occurred. If you called him a name or said something that was probably unnecessary, you will need to apologize quickly.

After you do, remind him of the good things he does and why he’s such an awesome partner. He won’t like hearing the dirty stuff but when you counteract it with good stuff, he’ll calm down quicker.

While acknowledging his perspective, it is important to also express your own feelings and opinions in a calm and assertive manner. This allows for open and respectful communication, ensuring that both parties feel heard and understood.

How To Make Up With A Leo Man After A Fight

Making up with a Leo man after a fight requires sincerity, humility, and effort. First and foremost, apologize sincerely for any hurtful words or actions during the argument. Acknowledge your mistakes and take responsibility for them. 

Next, give your Leo man space to process his emotions. Allow him to cool down and reflect on the argument without pressuring him for an immediate resolution. Once he has had time to process, approach him with understanding and reassurance. 

Assure him that you value the relationship and are committed to resolving any conflicts that may arise. Offer to do something special for him or plan a romantic gesture to show your love and appreciation. Lastly, communicate openly and honestly about your feelings and concerns. 

Listen attentively to his thoughts and feelings, and make a sincere effort to understand his perspective. By actively listening and showing empathy, you can rebuild trust and strengthen the emotional connection between you and your Leo man.

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Will A Leo Man Break The Silence First After A Fight?

While every Leo man is unique and may have different communication styles, it is possible for a Leo man to break the silence first after a fight. Leos are known for their pride and stubbornness, which can sometimes make it difficult for them to initiate reconciliation. 

However, if they genuinely value the relationship and are willing to resolve conflicts, a Leo man may swallow their pride and take the first step towards reconciliation. They may reach out to express their desire to make amends, apologize for their part in the argument, or initiate a conversation about resolving the conflict.

However, it is important to note that every individual is different, and some Leo men may have a harder time breaking the silence due to their strong need for validation and admiration. It can be really hard for them to put their ego aside and take the first step towards making up.

Therefore, it is important for their partner to be patient and understanding during this period of silence. The space might do you both some good. Alternatively, don’t wait for the Leo man to break the silence first after a fight. If you feel that the silence is prolonged and impacting the relationship, you can take the initiative to reach out to him.

Express your genuine concern for the relationship and your willingness to work through the conflict. Let him know that you understand his need for time and space, but emphasize the importance of communication and resolving the issue at hand.

FAQs On Arguing With A Leo Man

Will A Leo Man Fight For You?

Leo men are known for their loyalty and protective nature. When in a committed relationship, they are likely to fight for their partner and the relationship. These guys are commitment-minded, they are willing to work on the relationship.

They aren’t the type to back away when things start getting difficult. Their pride may make them hesitant to admit fault or back down during an argument, but deep down, Leo men value their relationships and are willing to fight.

How To Make A Leo Man Feel Guilty For Hurting You?

It is not advisable to try to make a Leo man feel guilty for hurting you. Attempting to manipulate someone’s emotions, including guilt, is not a healthy or productive way to address conflicts. Instead, focus on open and honest communication about how their actions or words have affected you.

Express your feelings calmly and assertively, using “I” statements to avoid sounding accusatory. Remember that Leo men have strong egos and often respond best to admiration and validation.

How To Make A Leo Man Chase You After A Fight?

After a fight with a Leo man, it is important to give him some space and time to cool off. Trying to make a Leo man chase you can backfire as they value their independence and need for admiration. 

Instead, focus on rebuilding trust and resolving the conflict through open and honest communication. Acknowledge your role in the argument and take responsibility for any mistakes or hurtful actions. By showing genuine remorse and a desire to make things right, you can help create an environment where the Leo man feels comfortable enough to chase you again.

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