Falling in Love with a Leo Man Too Fast: What Are the Flaws?

Falling in love with a Leo man can be a very easy thing to do. It really isn’t hard to fall very quickly with a Leo man due to his charming nature.

Falling in love with a Leo man can be a very easy thing to do. There are things you need to know about it though because if you fall too fast, there may be some issues waiting to haunt you. Keep reading for more information on falling in love with a Leo man.

The Sweet Romantic & Sexy Leo Man Characteristics

It really isn’t hard to fall very quickly with a Leo man due to his charming nature. He’s very attractive, funny, warm, fun to be with, and romantic. What woman can resist that?

He’s the type of guy that will take you out on a date you will never forget complete with flowers, meal, drinks, and perhaps dancing afterward. He’s a “Don Juan” and filled with excitement.

Certainly any woman would be swept off her feet when a Leo man is interested in her. He always makes himself quite noticed when he’s into a lady. He will show her how special she is.

He may even write her poetry, songs, or do a piece of artwork for her. He will take her out and show her off like the princess she is, and it will be nearly impossible for her to not start falling for him almost right away.

He’s successful in most everything he does and he knows he can do just about anything he puts his mind to. This can create a playboy or player too if he truly isn’t ready to settle down.

Leo man is also not opposed to having a “friends with benefits” type of relationship with a woman he finds charming but isn’t ready to commit to her or anyone else.

The Negative Side of Leo Man

Falling in Love with a Leo Man Too Fast

Just as he is absolutely the type to charm the panties off a lady, he’s also not perfect. He appears as though he is because he’s really confident. He does have short comings though no matter how fantastic he may seem.

He can come off as arrogant when he says things “matter of fact” like. He flexes his expertise and even when he doesn’t have expertise in something, he pretends to know what he’s talking about.

This can be very frustrating for anyone honestly. He’s self aware which makes him look like he’s stuck on himself and can also make him very selfish. He’s a giving man as a general rule unless he’s not totally into the person.

He’s a humanitarian which is great but, he can also be downright rude to people as well. He gets angry, he gets cocky, and he is quick tempered. He doesn’t handle criticism very well even if it is productive.

In the bedroom he is fiery but he typically wants to be the one in control. He wants to call the shots and sometimes that results in women not getting their fulfillment. He may be the type to get his then roll over to go to sleep.

So as you can see, the Leo man has amazing qualities that can make any woman fall for him. However, there are negative traits you need to be aware of so that you don’t move too quickly.

Why You Should Be Very Careful Falling for Leo Man

Leo man is hot for sure but even if he seems like the most awesome guy in the world, there are things you really need to pay attention to. The thing is, if you fall to quick and too hard for a Leo man, you may end up disappointed.

He’s a great guy who will appear to be able to give you everything you’ve ever desired. However, he’s the type of guy that can fall fast for someone as well. Sounds divine right? It would if he also decided to stay with her forever.

The trouble is, he can fall out of love just as quickly as he fell IN love. If this hasn’t scared you enough yet, you really should know that you could be a temporary thing in his life or you may be someone that ends up with him forever.

There is no certainty which way the Leo man will swing. It’s really best that you take your time, get to know him as best as you can, let him get to know you, be sure that you two have great communication, and be sure.

I know it’s so easy to let go and jump on the Leo express. Just watch it though because you really don’t want to end up broken hearted and unsure of what life has to offer going forward.

Leo man can either be your most exquisite dream or he could end up being your worst and painful nightmare. It really depends on how you take him and how careful you are or are not.

He may start out heavenly and makes you feel he’s the most perfect guy out there. Then one day he may start acting like a total jerk, is cold, and starts cheating on you.

Leo man is known for loyalty but that’s only to the woman he is 100% committed to at the time. The trouble is, if he feels like he isn’t committed, he won’t tell her that, he’ll just move on in his mind thus causing him to sneak around.

The lesson here is, you’ve got to be careful with Leo man. I’m not bashing them or telling you not to date one or fall in love with one. I’m just trying to get you to take your time and ease into it.

It’s better for you to hold off in the bedroom and wait for him to prove to you that there IS a future with him. Let him romance you and also show you that he’s the guy for you. That cannot happen overnight.

He’ll respect you more if you aren’t willing to give in and dive into bed with him anyway. Just don’t wait for too long because then he may lose patience and decide to move on.

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Leo guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

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