7 Ways to Get Your Leo Co-Worker to Ask You Out

written by Anna Kovach
Is your coworker a Leo Man? There’s nothing quite as sexy as a Leo man on the job. Whether he’s a director, manager, officemate, or supplier, if he’s making you weak at the knees, you’re hoping he makes a move. These 7 tips will have him asking you out in no time! 

There’s nothing quite as sexy as a Leo man on the job. Whether he’s a director, manager, officemate, or supplier, if he’s making you weak at the knees, you’re hoping he makes a move. These 7 tips will have him asking you out in no time! 

The Leo man is not for everyone. He’s loud, proud, and not afraid to be the leader. But a woman who admires a masculine man is bound to fall for the office Leo!

The thing is, it’s tough to get a foot in the door with a Leo man at work simply because he may have a slew of admirers wanting to do the same thing. After all, in nature, the Lion—Mr. Leo—is always surrounding by his lionesses! 

However, even though he adores attention and to be in the spotlight, your Leo crush is a generous, committed man at heart. You might even think it’s strange that he’s single. He’s so romantic and family-oriented that he often finds his mate quite early in life. 

But you’ve managed to spot a single Leo man, and you want to make him yours. Luckily, I have some useful tips to help you stand out from the crowd and make sure that he sees you! 

The Leo Man at Work

So, what is it that makes our knees so weak? What qualities could possibly tempt us to break that professional/personal barrier and take that forbidden step to a luscious affair with this guy? 

It’s a lot of qualities together, really. Let’s take a look at the most outstanding, attractive characteristics of the Leo man. 

He’s in Charge

Leo Coworker Leader

At work, he’s probably not going to be happy with being on the bottom rung. No—this man is heading for upper management, at the very least! 

He may be doing it in subtle ways, though, and even if he’s not technically in charge, there are very few that would venture to tell him how to do his job! 

This can make him very sexy indeed. It indicates that he will be in charge in your relationship, too, and if you’re a traditionally feminine woman, this can be the ultimate turn-on.

Many women really love it when their guy takes charge, and there’s no question that the Leo man does just that! 

He Has a Warm Attitude 

Being a fire sign, the Leo man is typically very warm. He’s never going to be detached, cold, or dispassionate about anything—and he makes you feel like you’re standing next to a roaring hearth fire! 

His warmth is apparent in his speech, his actions, and his energy. This is so attractive because you know your potential man is not someone who’s going to go cold on you! 

He’s Organized

Leo is one of the most meticulous Zodiac signs out there (next to Virgo). He likes to make sure that not only is his schedule is under control but that everyone else’s is, too. 

He shows up on time, he does his job, and he’s there to help the team. Reliability is so attractive!

He’s Generous

Leo Coworker In Charge

A true Leo man is a king. And true kings are generous and big-hearted. 

If you’re on his good side, and if he feels you are loyal, you and everyone he values and trusts will be treated to his giving side in the office. 

There’s nothing better than a man who’s willing to give, whether it’s tangibly or emotionally. Leo men seldom have a thrifty bone in their body! 

He’s Loyal

When working together, you’ll notice that the Leo man is incredibly loyal to you, to the team, and to the company. 

He will go to the ends of the earth to show that loyalty—and he expects the same. You need to be as equally as loyal, or else all that warmth will turn cold. 

Be sure to stay on his good side and have his back; this will make you stand out! 

He’s Sexy

Sexy Leo Coworker

Leo men are often drop-dead gorgeous. But even if they’re not physically attractive, per se, they have a fiery masculinity about them that draws women to them. 

He will also generally have great style. He likes to dress well, and he takes care of himself. 

How lovely would it be to have that man-trophy on your arm? Everybody loves a good-looking, well-turned-out man! 

He’s Charming

Leo is the sign of romance, so it’s not surprising that this man has oodles of charm. Whether he’s chatting up a client, a co-worker, or management, he always seems to win them over. 

This, combined with his warmth and looks, really makes the Leo co-worker quite irresistible! No wonder you have a crush on him! 

He’s Creative

Leo men are often very creative. I don’t mean in the typically artistic way—Leo men use creativity in their everyday routines to solve problems. They know how to make things work.

Fire signs are like that, and Leo particularly so.

Whenever the team is stuck, you can count on Leo to come up with a solution that solves the problem.

He’s Very Self-Expressive

Leo men are born performers with a strong sense of individuality.

This may manifest in his style of dress, his booming voice, or even his unique way of running meetings. Leo men make excellent actors, dancers, and singers—and one can see why! 

This sense of fun is attractive because it indicates that you will have a sense of playfulness and drama in your relationship—hopefully good drama! 

7 Ways to Get a Leo Co-Worker to Ask You Out

So, now you’ve reflected on all the wonderful reasons why you’re so taken with Mr. Leo. But how on earth do you snag him? 

It’s not always easy—especially if you’re not sure if he already has a partner. If you find out he is in a relationship, please, ladies, stay away. His heart is very loyal, and it will only end in tears—for you! 

He may also be reluctant to start an office romance because of how seriously he takes his job, so if you see signs of him becoming uncomfortable, let it go and just enjoy having eye candy at the office! 

But if he’s single and the office policy isn’t too strict, you’re in the clear to try my top seven tips for getting your Leo co-worker to ask you out! 

Tip Number One: Look Good

Looking Good For A Leo Man

Most guys are visual, but none more so than the Leo man!

He’ll notice if you have holes in your shirt or if you’ve mismatched your blouse and slacks. He’ll also notice your gorgeous hair; Leo men are proud of their own “manes” and like a lady who takes good care of hers, too!

Take the time to look after your nails, put fresh makeup on, and dress to your strengths. It will not go unnoticed by the equally well-groomed Leo man!  

Tip Number Two: Stand Out

Leo men are true individuals, and they appreciate a woman who stands out, too—a woman who is unique in her own right. 

He wants to connect with someone who has something different and special about her, not a woman who’s just like the rest. 

What special strengths, talents, and skills do you have—and how can you showcase these to your Leo crush? 

Tip Number Three: Praise Him (in Front of Everyone)

Let’s face it—Leo men (and women) love, love, love praise. 

Even if they seem super-confident already, they crave validation and affirmation from everyone around them. You don’t have to overdo it—he’d pick up on it right away—but taking the time to let him know you think he’s doing a great job and why is a great way to get his attention. 

Better yet, do this in front of people! You’ll likely see him sit up straighter and brighten up, particularly if he has recently made a (rare) mistake. 

Tip Number Four: Flirt—a Lot!

It’s the oldest trick in the book. Leo men do not miss a flirt signal; they’ll pick it up and flirt right back. 

You don’t have to be too subtle with this, as long as he’s receptive. Toss your hair, touch his shoulder, flatter him, and laugh.

Don’t be scared to make suggestive comments—but keep it very classy and SFW.

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Tip Number Five: Show You’re High-Value

A Leo co-worker sifts out the gold from the dross easily. He likes a woman who is secure and strong, able to stand on her own two feet. 

This ties into setting yourself apart from the crowd, but even when you’re blending in, make sure he sees that you contribute and hold your own. 

Later on, if you get romantic, he will be thrilled to take care of you and provide in your life together, but don’t let him think you expect to be carried at work. 

This is important in meetings and projects—you don’t need to dominate (especially not over him), but show you’re not a girl to be messed with. This will help him to respect you more. 

Tip Number Six: Let Him Lead

Couple at Work Man Leader

The Leo man was born to lead. 

If he’s not already at the top of the food chain at work, he likely will be. And he doesn’t take too kindly to sharing the power. So, when you can, let him take the lead—without making him do all the work.

This is tricky territory. You never want to make yourself small for a crush and halt your own growth, but you also want to make him feel powerful. It’s a balance you’ll find over time. 

Tip Number Seven: Have His Back (Just Like He Has Yours)

Leo men prize loyalty. If there is a division or problem and you’re on his team, he will expect total solidarity. 

If a boss or a client complains, for example, and you take their side even though you know your Leo man was in the right, he will lose respect and feel that you have no backbone. 

At the end of the day, just stick to your intuition and do what’s right. Usually, Leo is on the noble side of things, so it’s not hard to support him. 

Are you crazy about a Leo co-worker? Have you tried to get his attention? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

And if you’d like to see if you’re compatible with him, try my fun quiz:


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