Secrets to Understanding Your Moon in Leo Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Moon in Leo man is one that is rather reserved, anti-social, slow moving, and nothing like a Leo but his Moon sign IS Leo? Keep reading for some useful knowledge regarding the secrets to understanding your moon in Leo man.

What happens when your guy’s sign is one that is rather reserved, anti-social, slow moving, and nothing like a Leo but his Moon sign IS Leo? Keep reading for some useful knowledge regarding the secrets to understanding your moon in Leo man.

More Outgoing and Popular

Depending on your guy’s sun sign, the moon sign in Leo will make him a bit more social than he might ordinarily be or it may make him extra social. This is why knowing moon signs is so important.

An example would be a Taurus man who doesn’t normally like going out that often happens to have his moon in Leo. This will make him want to be more active, social, and outgoing.

When you read the basics of any sign, just keep in mind that the sun sign is just touching the surface. If you find when you read descriptions on your guy that don’t seem to fit, know that their moon sign or even rising sign could change their character.

The Leo moon guy is good at what he does, he’s fantastic in social situations, and he tends to be the center of attention quite often. He’s funny, he’s charming, he’s witty, and he commands the room for the most part.

This may be quite a shock if you have a guy that is normally rather reserved or quiet and suddenly you see this side of him which is puzzling. It’s understandable but the moon sign controls emotions and how someone interacts with others.

You’ll find that your Leo moon guy is a bit more popular and likely very successful in whatever he does whether it’s work or fun projects. He seems to have a natural touch with doing things right.

He Naturally Draws Crowds

Moon In Leo Man Draws Crowds

This is the type of guy that will absolutely get a crowd of people around him when he goes places. Everyone is enthralled by his energy and his stories or experiences. He’s exciting and amusing.

He’s probably also very creative and full of fantastic ideas. Leo moon guy is not normally the dull type. He’s fun to be around, he’s fun to do things with, and generally well liked by most.

The Leo moon guy wants to have fun often and may decide to venture out more than what you’d be used to seeing from his sun sign, whatever that may be. It’s a positive influence that may help him to get things done and be more socially accepted.

He’s a natural leader somehow and will motivate to get anything done that needs doing. He loves being around people and they seem to really listen to what he has to say therefore the workplace is often uplifted by the Leo moon guy.

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Romantic and Loves to have Fun

Romantic Moon In Leo Man

Despite the guy’s sun sign, the Leo moon guy may want to dive more into things that are fun and exciting. He loves getting out and doing things that bring about a wave of thrills through him.

He is also very romantic. So even if he’s a sun sign that dictates him not being the romantic type, the Leo moon may change things and make him more amorous than you would believe he could be.

Truly it’s a blessing for a guy to have a Leo moon as far as love, romance, sex, career, and progress goes. He’s probably going to be very optimistic and possibly inspiring. He’s full of fantastic advice as well.

This guy is one that will manifest his own success by his endeavors or interests in life. He’s going to be a very driving and passionate force. You can bet he’s going to go all out to show you how romantic he really is.

He’ll find ways to sweep a woman off her feet so that she feels very special, cared for, and amorous with him. He is likely a lion in bed too ladies! Don’t take his sun sign too seriously because with Leo moon, he’s more interesting and hot.

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The Drawbacks of Leo Moon

Keep in mind that the Moon is an emotionally energetic energy. That means that there are good and bad sides just like there are with the sun. With Leo moon guy, he could become rather temperamental. He can get angry fast.

He may also get pouty or displaced if his lady isn’t giving him a fresh stream of adoration and affection that he secretly craves. He may also be in a bad mood for other reasons outside of the relationship.

He relies on his partner to be able to talk things out and help him to feel better about his life, his work, and whatever it is that he got upset about. He wants a very caring woman who will give him the hugs and kisses he needs.

The Leo moon guy may need more engagement with his partner than other signs. He can seem clingy or needy when it comes to attention. This may drive some women nuts.

Even when he has a sign such as Aquarius or Capricorn who need lots of personal space, when they have Leo moon, they will typically want more time with their partner than you’d expect.

This can be rather confusing for sure. This is why it’s so important to get to know more than just your guy’s sun sign. Find out what his moon is or even his rising sign because these are planets that effect his personality and how other see him.

In fact the rising sign is the “outer” personality that others see or how people think someone is. The Moon is show they FEEL they are, and the Sun is who they try to be as a whole.

So there are some differences and is why you can never rely on someone’s sun sign alone. The sun is only the surface and just a piece to a very large puzzle. Leo man moon is successful, romantic, loving, and seeks attention.

Add this to your guy’s sun sign and see how different he truly is. You may find more appreciation for him.

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