Your Match: Leo Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
These two are not a long lasting pairing. There is more about what planets say about Leo man and Virgo woman love compatibility. Keep reading...

When you think of “Scorched Earth” you can easily envision Leo man as a fire sign being entangled with a Virgo woman in her earthly bounties. These two are not a long lasting pairing. There is always hope but these two could not be more different and will require much work to get a lasting bond out of it. There is more but you should probably keep reading to find out what planets say about Leo man and Virgo woman love compatibility.


Though they are both amazingly alluring, the Leo man will probably be the one that makes the first move. Virgo woman is shy and may not be all that impressed with Leo’s “bigger than life” attitude.

She’ll be intrigued by him for sure because Virgo women are interested in human behavior. She wants to know what makes people tick. She’ll want him to go ahead and bust the moves so she can see what all he’s about.

Virgo woman is very picky about whom she chooses to sleep with and will take her sweet time. Once she does date the Leo man, he will want her to show him how she feels via intimacy.

She will likely keep him at bay because she’s not sure that he’s the one she wants to give herself to and because she’s also very shy. This is often why Virgo people are misunderstood and called the “virgins” of the zodiac.

They are of course not all virgins but they ARE extremely selective and will take their time. This will drive a Leo man nuts, as he wants validation and isn’t getting it easily.

So right out of the gate, the frustration will like come quickly for these two if they decide to pursue something more than friendship. Intellectually speaking, they are both very smart. They could have fantastic conversation but aren’t likely to have a whole lot in common.

Virgo Woman, Who She Is

Virgo zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Leo Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

The Virgo woman is intellectual, sincere, honest, perfectionist, and critical. She can be critical of others but she’s more critical of herself than anyone else ever could be.

Virgo women think they are the best of the best yet secretly beat themselves up in the closet. It’s a very confusing place for her to be but when she learns this about herself, she has to learn how to “let go” and enjoy life “as is”.

She’s very analytical and her brain is always in the “on” position. She believes everything happens for a reason and there are no accidents. When she does fall in love, she falls hard.

It just may take her awhile to finally fall in love. She’s very cautious and choosey when it comes to meeting someone who strikes her interest. Once she meets the Leo guy, she’s interested in knowing what makes him think or act the way he does.

In fact, they may find they have some things in common that they can do together and rather enjoy. She’ll find him intriguing enough to want to get to know him a bit more but love could be a hard thing to come by for her.

Leo Man, Who He Is

As an individual, the Leo man is outspoken, outgoing, and loves to be in the lime light much of the time. He has no trouble walking up to a woman and laying it on her. He’ll enjoy the hunt in itself.

He’ll love chasing a woman down that he finds very alluring and worth his efforts. Ultimately, he wants to find a partner that is strong minded, intelligent, and is fiery like he is when it comes to succeeding with a career or job.

Finding someone that understands who he is and loves him as such, is something that he has to have. Leo man enjoys being told how awesome he is and how good he is at doing what he does.

When he meets the Virgo woman, he realizes that she’s not an easy woman to pick up on. He knows he has to make the first move and he’s alright with it. In fact, it will probably turn him on to have to chase her.

Once he wins her though, he’ll start to feel rather frustrated if she doesn’t give in to him on an intimate level. He’ll want to get closer and she’ll want to keep him at arm’s length. If she does give in, there will be many roller coaster moments he will have to endure with her.

What Works Between Leo Man and Virgo Woman

Sadly there isn’t a whole lot going for this couple. Leo man and Virgo woman are not a soul mate match. In fact, the only thing they really may have going for them is one loves to chase and the other doesn’t mind being chased.

They have the ability to talk about lots of intellectual pursuits or interests. They actually are likely to have many things in common which makes it easy for them to talk hours on end.

In fact, there are plenty of activities that they will likely have no problems sharing. Going out and doing things that involve the outdoors is exciting for them both. Some sports may even be a common ground they have.

Activities that involve being physical are something that both will easily unite with. They can talk for hours about how much they love these things and they will have fun together when they get out and do them.

Virgo doesn’t find it necessary to be quite as social as the Leo man does. She’d rather do things alone with him that with a crowd. He’s alright with that to an extent but at some point, he wants to be around the crowd.

Communication may be something that they’re able to easily implement but unless they’re willing to compromise, there may not be much else that can hold them together.

They can talk about a whole lot of things effortlessly but when it comes to emotions, they really struggle. They do things very differently and don’t understand each other.

What Leo Man Thinks of Virgo Woman, Especially In Bed

Leo zodiac sign - Leo Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

Leo man thinks that the Virgo woman is quite intriguing. She’s really smart, funny, and seems to get how life works. She’s also motivated in life to enjoy it to the fullest.

Basically the Leo man LOVES the Virgo woman’s brain. She’s super attractive physically as well and so it’s easy to see why he’d be pulled to her in that way. Any man would be.

She’s not an easy woman to pin down and this thrill of hunting or chasing her is quite thrilling. She doesn’t make it easy for him to just sweep her off her feet. She doesn’t fall in love easily.

This feels like a challenge to him and he wants to see what he can get with her. If he can get her into bed, he’ll have to try to figure out what she likes in order to give her the best service possible.

The problem is, she’s not forthcoming in telling him what she likes or what she wants. She’ll figure that she should know these things of he’ll have to figure it out over time.

Leo man may become frustrated when Virgo woman doesn’t stroke his ego and tell him that he is the best as it gets in the bedroom. In fact, he may get his feelings hurt if she speaks the truth about his performance.

Leo Man with Virgo Woman Breakup

Sadly, I’d that there is a high breakup rate between the Leo man and Virgo woman couple. They are so very different that they don’t understand each other on most levels.

They’re both very smart and they can find plenty to talk about but other fundamental ways, they do not mesh well. Virgo woman will be plenty critical of the Leo man and this will hurt his pride.

Feeling so very hurt by Virgo woman speaking her mind, Leo man will decide that she’s too mean for him and will decide to break it off. If he doesn’t he’ll carry that hurt around and turn to another woman who will seem much sweeter and attentive.

Naturally it goes without saying that if the Virgo woman is the one breaking it off, she’ll not be nice about it. She’ll point out how irritating the ego of the Leo man is and how he really should be more humble.

There are many other nasty things that are likely to be said between these two and any chances of reconciling would be slim to none really. It would take a HUGE leap of faith in communication for them to avoid the ending.

Virgo woman may seem like she has a large ego but she doesn’t wear it like a badge of honor as the Leo man may seem to do. She won’t get it and she’ll never accept how he needs constant feedback to maintain his image.

Leo man will not understand why everything he does simply isn’t good enough for his Virgo woman. This is a rather painful match. It would take a huge amount of work for these two to make it and it’s typically not the best union to form in the first place.

Final Score

Needless to say, this is a very difficult and near impossible match. The Leo man and Virgo woman are just far too different and though they can find common ground, emotionally they are a horrible match.

When I think of the scoring from 1 to 10, I’d give this couple a 3.5. There is always a possibility of things being a bit different if they’re able to really open up to each other and not be critical.

There are also other scenarios that can be affected by things such as having different rising signs that could make them more compatible. However in most cases, these two are just not a good fit.

This is one of those relationships where both people would have to REALLY be in love with each other and they would BOTH have to want to work on it. Going to a third party that can help may save them.

What I mean by third party is, they could seek counseling or mediation. Perhaps if they are on the same spiritual page, they can try going to do yoga or meditation together.

Connection on a spiritual level may help them in understanding each other better. If they are of the same religion, they can certainly seek help from their church leader as well.

The point is, they need someone else to help them communicate better with each other as they are likely to fail miserably without such person. They don’t understand each other emotionally typically.

They really have to look at what they had in common from the beginning and try to focus on those strengths again. If they can remember why they fell in love in the first place, they could possibly save this relationship.

Virgo woman will have to learn how to not to be so hard on her Leo guy. She’ll have to learn how to think before she speaks if she knows what hurts him. Likewise, Leo will have to learn to live with having less positive feedback than what he really wants.

There can be common ground but it will be hard on both of them to adapt to a lesser level of what they’re accustomed to in their lives. Basically they have to both step out of their comfort zone and learn to live with what they aren’t used to.

Virgo woman will have to appreciate that Leo is a social guy and go out with him from time to time around other people. He’ll have to also appreciate the fact that she’d like to spend more time at home or alone with him.

There needs to be a delicate balance that will have to be achieved. It’s not likely but nothing is impossible.

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