Your Match: Leo Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
A Leo is a fire sign and when he gets together with a Scorpio who is a water sign, she could certainly put out his flame and he can make her water boil.

The Leo man is a fire sign and when he gets together with a Scorpio woman who is a water sign, she could certainly put out his flame and he can make her water boil over. It’s important to know the Leo man and Scorpio woman compatibility.

While the Leo man Scorpio woman initial attraction to one another via looks and sexual appeal, they really don’t have a whole lot in common on a deep level. Keep reading to find out more about this odd connection and what planets have to say about Leo man and Scorpio woman love compatibility.

Leo Man And Scorpio Woman Compatibility

So the Leo man Scorpio woman initial attraction is likely due to their looks. Both are very sexy and just seem to exude passionate sexuality. One will spot the other and be pulled straight to the other.

The Leo will probably break the ice to get things started since he’s the outgoing type. He’ll be sucked into her sexual bubble just like any other man would. He can he resist such a hot potato?

While the physical surface looks amazing to the two of them, they start to talk and find out that they may not have enough glue to keep them together. However, they may try to date and see how it goes.

Scorpio women do not trust anyone usually. That’s how they are born and that is how they self preserve. However, the Leo man’s immediate loyalty will make her feel comfortable and so she’ll open up to him easier than most anyone.

The Leo man will easily feel comfortable around her as he’s not worried about having to censor himself or hold back. This is what initiates any type of relationship between the odd pairing.

In the early phases of dating, they won’t yet know enough about each other to really realize how mismatched they are. Over time however, Scorpio woman and Leo man start to learn the depths of one another and realize that they’re very opposite. Leo man and Scorpio woman in bed could be an erotic treat for the two of them. However, the Leo man and Scorpio woman compatibility may be something else entirely.

Scorpio Woman, Who She Is

Scorpio zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Leo Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

The Scorpio woman is very emotionally driven. She strives for success just like Leo does and she sees value in getting to know people who can help her to take the next step in her life.

Scorpio woman is untrusting of most people and it takes her awhile to feel comfortable enough with someone to form more than just a sexual level. She has to know that the man she gets with will be loyal and hers forever.

Scorpio women can be jealous and possessive so it can be a bit difficult to prove to her that she’s not going to get cheated on. She will also be temperamental. This means she’ll have mood swings that most people may not understand.

Half of the time the Scorpio woman doesn’t understand her own feelings. While she battles with this, she meets a loyal Leo man and is instantly drawn to him. He is certainly pretty to look at.

He seems to have it all together, confident, and possesses a strength that she’d like to also have. She’ll want to get to know him and find out what he could have to offer her in the future. She could fall for this easy to love guy.

Leo Man, Who He Is

The Leo man is a courageous and outgoing fellow. He strives at perfection and he feels that he IS darned near perfection. Leo man knows he can do just about anything he wants and can sell just about anyone anything.

Leo really IS that good. He’s charming, he’s sexy, he’s easy to talk to and a loyal man ready to give his all to the right woman. When he loves, he loves hard and he means it.

Leo man is trying to find a woman that will not only light his own fire but to help it burn brighter and warmer. With his personality, it shouldn’t be that difficult for him to find a woman.

The only difficultly he may actually have is deciding on which one of the women throwing themselves at him that he’d actually like to get closer to and build a life with. Scorpio woman gets his attention easily with her sexual energy.

When he gets closer to her, he realizes how intense this woman really is. She doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. She will have a wall up that he will have to work to get down though if he truly wants to love her fully.

Leo Man Scorpio Woman Marriage & Compatibility

The strongest asset these two may have together would be trust. Scorpio woman finds it hard to trust anyone and it takes time for her to open up and share who she really is with someone.

The Leo man is known for being very trustworthy. He’s not the type to play around, cheat, or flirt with other women. He gives his woman no reason to worry about where his trust is.

This makes Scorpio woman easily open up to him and feel she can always rely on her Leo man. The Leo man understands how hard it is to earn her trust and thus when he finally gets it, he knows he can also trust her.

They may have some things in common that allows them to enjoy time together. Perhaps they like the same movies, music, or other simple everyday life pleasures that they can share.

Activities may be a hit or miss with these two. Scorpio woman and Leo man can find some things that they share but probably not a whole lot. Leo loves to get out there and do fun things with a crowd of people.

Scorpio woman may want to be with a smaller crowd or have her Leo man all to herself. This is alright sometimes but sometimes it’s not going to work well when they cannot agree.

The Leo man and Scorpio woman marriage is definitely something that comes from their beautiful union. When these two work past or through their differences they can really complement each other.

Then again the Leo man and Scorpio woman may have too much drama between them which tends to make them want to run in the opposite direction together. It can go either way depending on their level of love and commitment.

Leo Man And Scorpio Woman In Bed

cute young couple embracing on white bed and having fun on weekend together - Leo Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

Leo man is turned on my Scorpio woman’s sexual drive and energy. It’s much like his own sexual energy… in a way. However, they seem to express it a bit differently. While Leo is passionate, Scorpio is intense.

These are similar words but can be different when it comes to physically expressing them. She will be emotionally tied to her sexuality. She will feel things on a very deep level when she makes love with her Leo.

He loves this to a degree but sometimes he just wants to engage in some really hot sex that doesn’t have to be a complete spiritual revelation. He’ll find her a bit confusing at times when they are intimate.

When Leo man and Scorpio woman in bed are not intimate, he will confuse her even more. Her mood swings may freak him out and cause him to want to take a step back. He also may feel she doesn’t really love him when she doesn’t show him appreciation.

Scorpio woman knows how to take care of herself and will take care of her man. However, there are times where she may seem as though she’s cold and uncaring when she’s actually trying to avoid feeling too much.

The lack of emotional response will make Leo man feel as though maybe she really doesn’t love him the way he wants and it could cause him to question whether or not she’s the right one for him.

Leo Man with Scorpio Woman Problems

Scorpio woman and Leo man are not very likely to have an emotional bond. They respond to life situations very differently. Leo man will think Scorpio woman is cold or shut off from things that he feels very strongly about.

Their connection will be mainly cerebral and initial attraction. Over time their real problems emerge. They find they have more problems than they do things in common.

If they argue, Leo may not admit when he’s wrong which will piss Scorpio woman off further. This can make for a volatile match emotionally. They could actually destroy each other deeply.

The only way that these two could still make it work is to remember their strength and why they fell in love in the first place. Remembering that they can trust each other, they can open up and communicate better.

Perhaps seeking out counseling would help them realize how they can take care of themselves as individuals therefore making it a bit easier to be together at the same time as a couple.

The Leo man and Scorpio woman marriage isn’t very likely. If they do miraculously work it out, then perhaps marriage will happen. Otherwise, this isn’t a good match.

Leo Man with Scorpio Woman Breakup

This is a highly likely possibility between the Leo man and Scorpio woman. They are not very much of a soul mate match. Leo man and Scorpio woman are a karmic match.

That means that Scorpio woman and Leo man are drawn to each other to probably learn some lessons about life and how they can improve themselves so that they can relate to others and enjoy life better.

If or when these two part ways, it’s probably going to be a nasty scene. Leo will have pride and not want to own up to anything he’s done wrong in the relationship. Scorpio woman will sting him with her stinger.

She’s very hurtful with her words and knows how to cut him in half verbally. She is also one for revenge and if he’s betrayed her in some way, she will do things like break the windows out in his car.

These two are not going to be nice to each other upon breaking up. They will blame each other and they will scream. As such, there will probably be some irreparable damage between them.

Getting back together is probably not likely with Leo man and Scorpio woman. Unless they get some help and sincerely talk it through, there isn’t much hope for them to find a way to a middle ground.

If they really want it bad enough they have to remember the Leo man Scorpio woman initial attraction. That may help them spark things up again. Perhaps even the Leo man and Scorpio woman in bed memories may help also.

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Final Score

These two are a really odd match. They really don’t understand each other and can push each other’s buttons. Scorpio woman will want the truth always. She knows she can rely on her Leo but she wants him to admit it when he’s wrong.

He’s not likely to do that and so this will tick her off. These two are very low scoring as a couple. From a scale of 1 to 10, I give this couple a 2.5. There is always a possibility but in most cases, this isn’t a likely match.

There are things that can change what the result is such as different rising signs that change their personality up a bit. If one is on a cusp sign, this can contribute to different personality qualities as well.

Never take your Leo man and Scorpio woman marriage at face value. While this is based on your basic sun signs, you shouldn’t feel discouraged by what is written. Know that each case is different and there are many other things that could be at play.

Each couple is unique. Keep that in mind if you are a Scorpio woman and Leo man. Perhaps the two of you have more in common than most Leo/Scorpio pairs. If so, that’s great! You have more of a chance.

Maybe you’ve both been through a lot of life and are both very mature and this makes it easier for you two to get alone. That’s also great! Wherever there is hope, there is no reason to believe in failure.

Consider all your man’s qualities and all of yours. Weigh the pros and cons. If you need professional help such as a counselor, don’t be afraid to ask your Leo man to talk to someone with you.

It may be something that can save your friendship, partnership, or even Leo man and Scorpio woman marriage. All is never 100% lost and you shouldn’t feel disheartened by the basic information offered in my article.

I believe in love and I believe that it can overcome everything. It’s whether or not you really want to work at it and make a go at it that will determine the success or failure in your relationships.

Leo man is a quality man who is loyal. Everything else can be worked on if he’s willing to compromise with you. Leo man Scorpio woman initial attraction is strong but without work, it may wither.

If you’re ready to understand more about how compatible are Leo man and Scorpio woman, check out my brand new Leo Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility Guide, and if you want to catch him and keep him click here to learn more about Leo Man Secrets.

By the way, this may be something you didn’t realize. A famous couple with Leo and Scorpio is none other than the mighty Leo, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his lovely wife and Scorpio, Maria Shriver. How cool is that?

Are you a Scorpio gal who loves her Leo man? Tell me about how you two hold it together to make it last!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. I’m interested in your books I’m a Leo man with a Scorpio woman and she wants to know more about me can I buy one of your books? where do I go. ?

    1. Hi Stephen!

      All you need to do is go to the main landing of Leo Man Secrets and it should give you all the information you need to know to purchase the Leo man books for her. I hope to hear from you or from her!

  2. When I was 20 years old, I experienced my first heartbreak with a much older male Pisces who broke things off. I’m a Scorpio. I consciously made the decision not to lash out against him with hurtful, vengeful actions and words. My view then, and now, was that such behavior only undermined the love I felt for him. The thought of hurting someone’s heart hurt my heart. I was married to an Aries for nearly 14 years. We were together a total of 17 years. Being in that relationship helped me to physically master in restraint and compassion (Aries = tendency to be hotheaded, impulsive & reckless). Being in that relationship also helped me become comfortable showing affection, expressing it verbally and physically. I love doing those things now!

    I have met a couple of Leos in the past, and nothing ever took off with them. The interest, the spark just wasn’t really there. But when I first met the Leo with whom I’m currently trying to develop a deeper connection, that spark, that connection was practically instantaneous. We both knew we had something different than we ever experienced in prior relationships. Our values, goals, beliefs, are very similar. We both have a love of music. We both sing, and he plays the guitar. Even the Phoenix, and what it represents, is of great importance to both of us. I had a gold Phoenix pendant custom made. He has a Phoenix tattoo, which I have wanted to get for several years now. The one thing we both agreed upon early on is that this thing between us can become much more and work, if we both want it. In the beginning, he was very much working to convince me that it would work (I believed it would too but didn’t want to get ahead of myself. He was looking towards forever. Problem is, he seemed to stop working on it (putting forth any effort) within a week or two. He has always maintained he is very interested in me and how much he likes me. He surprised me with a little nightstand he found to put on the side of the bed on which I sleep when I go stay at his place. I find his contradictory behavior so confusing. When I’m not with him, he doesn’t call or text or respond to my attempts to contact him. If I just show up at his place, he seems happy to see me and wants me to stay. I’m not comfortable just showing up at his place unannounced. I really hope that I can get things back on that initial track and moving forward with him. It’s weird, but this man has so many of the qualities I find attractive and desirable in a man. I love that he makes me laugh. It helps me maintain optimism and a lighthearted mindset. I just purchased “Leo Man Secrets” and I’m hoping it will help me figure him and moves things forward — if he still wants it.

    1. I am a Scorpio woman and HATE the Leo I dated I hope to never meet another Leo, they’re cheating lying controlling bastards.

      1. Hi Makayla!

        Yikes I am so sorry to hear you had such an awful experience that has now made you swear off the sign entirely. I do need to let you know that one bad one doesn’t mean they are all that way. Everyone has different moon, rising, venus, and mars signs. That also means that everyone is unique in their own way which does alter who they are in total. I hope you are able to let go of your hurt and anger so you can be open to love that can come from any sign. I wish you all the very best in the universe!

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